Monday, April 29, 2013


This past Saturday was the BIG garage sale event of the year.  Every year a Real Estate Co. invites an entire neightborhood  (specifically one known as the Wood Streets here in our city) to join in.  It is free, and the company furnishes lovely "garage sales" signs for the event.  They place them on our main street, known as Magnolia Ave. which becomes Main as it reaches downtown.
 At the end of the day they retrieve them.  The homeowner or renters have to do nothing but put their things out to sell and take them in at the end of the day.  NO sign hassel which is one of the big tasks connected to having a garage sale.
So, of course, bright and early Saturday morning found us out and about...having the time of our lives.
All one had to do is park on a block..and walk the street and it was pure UTOPIA!  Yes indeed!
The first sale I bought ...
..the perfect pinky ring!  Exactly what I have been looking for...IN STORES!
It fit!
Sterling silver with rubies.  925 is clearly imprinted on the inside.  Synthetic or not, I have no idea..but they are beautiful.  They don't shine in the photo but they really are shiny.
$3.00  A REAL good deal!
Two little bracelets.  One of pearl type beads.  Attached was a heavy metal heart with a lobster clasp attached.
The other is made of wooden beads and silver beads.  
25 cents each.  Great deal!
Sweet patio table ..and my umbrella from another garage sale last year...fits perfectly
She wanted $15 but took $10!  A deal?  YOU bet.  the legs even still have the plugs in them.
After a good bath and a rub down of WD-40 and it was lovely.  The chairs are used everywhere's ok if they don't match...isn't it?  I stuck the froggy there along with some green matching know for the fashion wise.  heh heh!
I am a sucker for a pretty storage box.  This one is heavy duty and will work perfectly under my desk for this and that.  16x11x7  Price $1.00   I am going to use it to store my packing tape, boxes of cards, boxes of checks,  and other odds and ends I like at my finger tips but don't like to look at piled on my desk.  A good buy!
See? This kind of stuff. :)  Journals I don't use..yet...My Weight Watchers book. etc. etc.
At the same garage sale, she was selling flags.  LOTS of them.  Price was 22.99.  These cost a bit in stores and can get up there in price so for $5 I picked out one I really liked. 
The berries match the house trim.  So...anyway...*silly grin*  on to the next one. 
A frame, velvet backing and very heavy..25 cents.
The pumpkin...$7 but a high end piece.  And..I really wanted it.  It is medium sized  with a opening in the back and of course a removable lid.  It's really nice...and the woman said "but you can't use it until Halloween?!"  I just looked at her and she grinned and said "oh..well...I guess maybe you can!"
Getting pretty tired by now and wanting things I don't need, have no room for, etc. etc.
Then at the same place I bought the pumpkin, I discovered these...and PH and I just stood and stared...
a whole kitchen worth of sliding shelves!!  Rather pricy at the store..and here they were..
PH got three of them installed yesterday and I am so happy..
NO more bending, emptying shelves to see what I have..and it's wonderful.
Yeah, I know, nothing unusual but for me it was like finding a bit of gold.
The cabinets were just so deep to be convenient.
Price for all  7?  $45.00  Since we know the price in the stores...we were happy campers and these looked like they were never used. 
Ahhh...garage sales, a shoppers paradise!
Big hugs,
I know I am late, but I am joining my Marty for @ A Stroll Thru Life

Friday, April 26, 2013


Remember when I planted those little 7 inch roses not all that long ago!  My daughter, Maryalice has given me two lovely arbors that she didn't need after she moved..
I discovered a pretty rose that I loved while living in Bakersfield and when I had to leave there after my husband died,  I gave up my rose arbor and rose garden that I had spent 6 years growing.
It broke my heart to say goodby to all of them were gifts from my children and husband, Frank. 
So...when I married and moved to this little home I began anew and here, finally I have another arbor of roses.  This is the first year it reached the top and bloomed  and I am so happy!! 
Those two tiny little climbing rose bushes...which were about 7 inches tall, finally reached the top this years. 
The name is America.  I bought them from Heirloom Roses.  
 ..wish I could find that first photo. 
It's somewhere on here..on one of my posts... oh well...
I am in love with my rose arbor!  I never thought I would have another one.
I planted two more America's in the back yard by the patio...remember?  Well, this is what it will look like one day. 

Yes, I whisper of roses and will one day have another rose garden.
Irish Hope arrived today.  It will be planted with lots of hope for the furture..tomorrow.
Roses have always made me smile, but then all flowers do.
Hugs and love,

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Last Saturday I bought several books at garage sales.  One was a book that probably many of you have read or if you haven't, you've seen the movie or at least heard of it.
By Sunday evening I had finished it. 
I cried several times while reading it..for several reasons...
First because I love animals so much.  Would have many more if I could, and partly because I am probably in a very emotional time of my life.  Marley and Me was a touching book and I was amazed at the patience of the young couple who bought a little puppy that brought them so much grief, but joy as well.  They struggled to understand their dog and went to great lengths to fix whatever was causing their beloved pet to be so difficult.
Just raising a puppy, kitten or any pet can be a daunting task but Marley was a HUGE undertaking. 
I have had dogs AND cats as a part of our household as long as I can remember.   My children slept with our dogs at their feet just as I did as a child.  Some may disapprove and that's alright.  This was just our way.  Not everyone's.
Mele still and always will sleep at my feet.

The beautiful little white Pom I owned for years before Mele, was  "kennel trained" because the book said that is what Poms wanted.  Winnie HATED it from the very first day but she was locked into it each night.
I have to wonder now WHY I continued with it when she so plainly hated it. 
I used to say it was because of Earthquakes and if one occurred, I would be able to find her quickly.
Now I am sorry.  So sorry.
She was in her kennel one evening in the other room.  She became very ill from something (we never found out what she ate) and to make a long sad story short, she died.  She was ill all night long and we slept right through it.  She died at the Vet's two days later.
  NO more kennels for me. 
When I finished the book Marley and Me the following night, realization suddenly hit me..that once again I was going to lose someone I loved.  My Mele.  Mele was a Christmas gift to me from my husband six months after Winnie died.  I think of Mele as young but she is now nine years old and beginning to show her age.  She is slowing down..doesn't romp as often and after a few barks, quickly lets guests alone.  I used to have to put her into the bedroom for a short period until she could get a grip on her joy at having company, someone new to smell and greet.  No more.  She takes it all in stride.  Greets with a wagging tail..recieves a pat and is gone.
I looked down as I munched my morning toast and drank my coffee loaded with creamer, and there she was...patiently waiting for her treat of toast this morning.  So I snapped her picture.
Day or night, she is never far from my side.
Several weeks ago I had a terrible scare.  Mele suddenly became terribly ill.  Her tail hung down and she shook terribly.  I quickly called my Vet to find his office was not open on Friday's and his help said I would have to take Mele to the Vet Emergency Hospital.  Nope, I had lost two pets there and though it  was not their fault..I just couldn't.
I called my son in law, Jim, and he gave me a Vet's name close to them that he knew.  I called and yes they would take her.  Come right in. We jumped in the car and headed out. 
TRAFFIC!  After work traffic.  We were stuck!  It was late and the office was near closing.  I called son in law back for the Vet's number...he said he would call them and say we were on our way.

Finally we arrived and rushed inside.  They were waiting for us..and in a short few minutes they took Mele from me...
Here what happened next.
A few minutes later the door opened and in walked my son in law AND my daughter Erin.  He had picked her up at work (she is a high school counselor and school had just let out) and they came straight to the Vet's office.  When I looked up and saw her I burst into fresh tears.  She sat and hugged me.  I was not expecting them to come and when I had calmed a bit she went off to the bakery my son and his wife own for some hot tea and when she returned she had my daughter in law, Cheryl in tow and not only tea but a big container of rice pudding from the bakery!  It's my favorite next to the chocolate bread pudding.  More tears, but this time tears of happiness that they were all there..
I was not alone.
There we all sat..sweet Patient Husband, me, daughter Erin, Jim, my son in law and Cheryl my daughter in law that owns the little bakery.  All for one little dog who is very loved.

Since losing our Sandy, we are all gathering at the slightest hint of hurt.  We were close in the first place but it's different now.  The impossible has happened...the absolutely impossible!
The concern on their faces suddenly made me realize...I HAVE to be careful where all of them are concerned.  One sniffle from me ..and they are on the alert. 
I do NOT want them to worry.  They have been through a lot.  No more.
They watch me carefully.

Mele is fine.  She has some problems but she has taken her medications and is doing well.
She has a condition that is common to all Poms... a collapsing esophagus, plus her pancreas had something wrong with it. 

I know full well what is ahead of me where Mele is concerned and I dread it.  I hope she lives many more years and she will get all the care I can give her.

Family and pets.  What a great thing to have.

And then I read "Marley and Me"...  *smile*  I may have cried but I also laughed.
Yep..laughter is the best medicine of all.

Big hugs!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


  Warm, balmy breeze, not a cloud in the sky..or so I remember.  Whatever the case, it felt good to get outside.  A PERFECT day for sailing..from one garage sale to Estate Sale thrown in.
We didn't find much at the garage sales..but as always, it was a treasure hunt.  It's amazing how just the littlest treasure can cheer one up...especially when it's under a dollar! Or most cases.
Ah Saturday is another day....
Here are my don't get wasn't much...but it's the hunt that really is fun.
A pair of SINGER new!  $1.00  They are wonderful!
I had never seen Singer scissors like these before. 
  Cast iron skillet  $4.00  Beautifully cured.  I gave all of mine to my daughter in law..HUGE mistake.
HUGE~!  lol  I needed something to make my pineapple upsidedown cake in...should have saved one. 
 Alfred Meikin  7" creamer.  (daughter Maryalice couldn't talk me out of it, and believe me she tried!)
 Not a chip, not a flea bite.  Perfection!
My milkglass story~
At an Estate Sale I found this nice sized candy dish/compote without a price on it.  So I took it to the dealer who owns the business and whom I am familiar with and asked her "how much?" She took it from me..looked it over and said, "well, it's a Fenton it's expensive...." and I said "no, it's Westmoreland Milkglass, the tag is still inside.."  so she opened it and took out the well worn two inch folded card and opened it and read a bit..put it back in the dish and said "well, it's a REPRODUCTION so you can have it for...three dollars."  I smiled and said, "thank you." and walked away.  It is a tri footed dish with the raised WG, one letter on top of the other clearly embossed on one leg.  GOOD heavens!  Of course it is a "reproduction!"  It's supposed to be!  (said the Milkglass snob!)  *smile*
I win!
  Worth $48 on ebay..not sure otherwise.  I only found one.  Mostly just the lids or the bowl were available.  Only one intact.  Can you imagine not knowing Westmoreland from Fenton? :)
This pretty old lamp for $2.00 at a garage sale.  The roses are raised.  I love it.  I found the shade at Vintage Bliss.  The same little thrift shop I took Marydon and Tanza to when they visited.
Price of the shade was $10.  $12 for a pretty lamp is not bad.  There are tiny pearl like beads on the lampshade fringe.  Not sure the shade will stay on that lamp..but for now...what the heck!

 A cat. Price..I think$8.00 at an Estate Sale.  There was something about her sweet face and big eyes that caught my attention.  She is sitting on my piano.  She may be goofy looking but I love her.
Maybe it's the roses?
Crock..50 cents. 

 Little milk glass basket..hob nail bottom...$1.00
I also bought a few books.  I seldom come home after a Saturday adventure without at least one book.
One of them I had read through by Sunday night.
I'll show you which one tomorrow.
Tomorrow is Thursday.  Wasn't it JUST Thursday??


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 The photo below is of a TV screen.  The show is "Body of Proof" and my grandson landed a tiny part in it.  He is a kidnap victim and this is his picture and to the right is the information about him. The second photo was of him in a bodybag, unzipped...showing how he was killed.  I could NOT make myself put it on here.  Not a fan of those shows.

My daughter Mary, watched the show but was so interested in whether he did this or that right that she wasn't even horrified.  Me?  I had VERY mixed feelings. have to start somewhere..and when he got the casting do the part..he certainly did not turn it down.  I haven't seen the episode yet and don't watch crime shows..(they scare the heck out of me) so ...but I guess I really should watch.  I don't know...yeah..I probably will.  I mean after all, it IS just a TV show and he IS my grandson and I AM proud..still.....  :(

The name of this rose is Irish Hope.  It means a lot to me.
It should arrive shortly. 



Sunday, April 21, 2013


Well, the tiny bicycle arrived, but it's green and doesn't really show up against all the green of my little Fairy Garden.  Also..a new wheelbarrow, yeah, also green!  WHY didn't I get the little red bike instead?  I don't know.  Red is one of my favorite colors..and it would have looked cute as heck there..but no..I had to get the green. 
Anyway, it's cute and since my brain cannot think of much to blog about, I will just show you the tiny bike...
Yeah, I know.  Hard to see it..  grrrrrrr :(

The tiny wheelbarrow is difficult to see too.  NO MORE GREEN!  It just does not show up either.
But...I am hoping you can enough of it to see that it is made to (if it isn't) look like wood.  I placed a tiny real clay flower pot inside.

It didn't change my Fairy Garden from a sure does bring out the child in me..
What fun to add those little things.  Now for some moss.  Thinking of adding the real thing to the roof of the little house.  Also on the floor.  What fun this is, messing with it. Clipping tiny pathways ..

A birthday from my daughter, Erin Kathleen, two years ago has grown and grown...

 ..clear to the patio...I LOVE IT!

Saturday while out doing the garage sales, I found this old pitchfork which I hauled home and placed against the wall under the tin picture..  I already have one, but this one was slightly different..and old and rusty.   
I also found with it an old scythe.

Neat, huh?  :)  Ok, I know old rusty tools are not for everyone...They were just 50 cents each!

View from the lawn to the patio..sort of wish I had had the entire end of the backyard flagstoned.  Now I want a stone pond and waterfall. 
I am never satisfied and always looking for a new project....however, Son in law says I will get it!! :)  Bless his heart.  He is the one that did our patio..and all the other concrete work for our home.  Nice to have a contractor in the family!

Did you notice that I lost one of my plants??  Dang!!
 EVERYONE needs a water feature.  Large ones are wonderful as they don't have to be filled every morning...this one is under the patio cover which probably helps keep it from evaporating so quickly.
All the plants around the fountain are in pots..easily moved for whatever purpose if we need to.   
It's so nice to sit in the lawn swing and listen to the fountain.  The pump I bought new some years ago and bolted it to a board that we cut to fit the top of the old half barrel.  The board is bolted to the barrel so that it won't topple over as it is very heavy.  The pump when new worked,  but of course it has long since rusted though I haven't tried it.  It cost $9.99 at Harbor Freight.
The barrel we bought from a was the most costly.  $30.00 five years ago and it is wonderful.  No, it does not leak.  The wood swells when wet.  Water features do not need to be expensive I find.  The pumps last forever..mine is over ten years old  now.
I am keeping very busy...lots of Springtime plans including another Fairy Garden...I mean..why not? :)
I really do need to keep my mind occupied.  I have a story for you tomorrow..of sorts. (rather on Tuesday...)  Okey dokey??  See? I told you I couldn't thing of anything to blog about.
I am joining my sweet friend Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life.  She is hosting a rather new Inspire Me Tuesday and it looks like fun!  Come see! A Stroll Thru Life 
I am also joining Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home  for "Amaze Me Monday"

Friday, April 19, 2013


A couple of weeks after my daughter Sandy passed away, our family did a Celebration Of Life for her at Corona Del Mar.  It's a beautiful rather quiet beach in a cove. 
I didn't show the memorial during the late afternoon, but just before sunset we gathered in a   prayer circle and released butterflies.
Then each of us that wanted to say something, tell a little story of Sandra,  anything at all, did so.
As difficult as it was a good thing for all those of our family and extended family that could not be in Georgia for her funeral.
 Look closely at the photo's below...
The sun set and the fire that we cooked on earlier for the family and guests, gathered around a bonfire and enjoyed each others company.  I took some pictures , pretty much one after the other and when I got home and looked at them the next day...this is what I saw!  Many, many orbs, everywhere..some huge, some tiny and bright..

It was an overcast day and evening ...
...and when I first saw the photo's I thought it was the moon and knew that there was I enlarged my photos..and the area over my children was covered with these orbs.  Some large enough to be a moon and others small. A tiny light one on my daughter in law. 
One very large one is at the top right of the photo above..and when you look closely you can see more and more of them.  They are everywhere.

In this one I only see one medium sized one next to my daughter in law..or so it appears.

 In this photo there are two of my grandson's , my granddaughter and my youngest daughter, Dawn with her hand on her daughters shoulder.  If you look carefully at the sky you can many, many of them..

Here dispite the poor quality of my picture, you can see the sky and area around my children is filled with them..  None showed up in photo's take away from my family. 

You can laugh and say I am foolish but I have to wonder if our dear ones who have passed on were there with us in spirit. 
I think we know little or nothing of our souls, our spirits, our essence when we die..but  I do know that nothing dies.  It only changes form.  I think that energy we each possess has to go somewhere...
Whatever the case, for me it's a lovely thought.  Perhaps my parents, grandparents were there, perhaps their father joined us, our friends.  I believe in Angels you know. :)

Perhaps my girl was with her brothers and sisters in their group hug.  That was a wish of Sandy's...and they fulfilled it. 

Much love,

Please click on the photo's for a really good look.
 I would be interested in your feedback.
It's ok if you think I am being silly thinking such things,  and you may placate me if you wish, I truly don't mind.  The odd thing is that they were not in all of the photo's taken at the same time..just in those near my children and grands.   I will show those later...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The rest of the pictures we took on my camera during our visit..
I could NOT have been in better, sweeter, kinder company then that of these two wonderful blogger friends.
(How I LOVE my home state, California!)
This photo is of one of the orange trees in the shopping area of the Mission Inn in Riverside.  This is just a few miles from my home and was my favorite stomping ground to shop for goodies.  Now I tend to hit the garage sales..or tag sales, as they call them on the East coast.  The prices are ..a wee bit better..
 Marydon was pointing up to a sign that announced that this particular Cupcake shop was the winner of the Cupcake Wars TV show..and there was a big banner announcing it.  She was pointing to it.
 Ohhh...I hate to stand next to skinny mini's ...Ah hates it ah do!! 
GOOD grief but I'm short!  Look how pretty and tall AND slender they are.  (NOT to mention the fact that they are blonds!!!  :)  *sigh*
 See, I told you they made me smile..
 These two are SO DARNED CUTE!
Y'all come back..ya hear??!!  :)
Marydon..thank you again for the lovely dishtowels!  I love them!