Friday, January 28, 2011


I have to tell you, things are still a bit of a mess..with painting, etc. still to be finished, but...the Redwoods are growing.  They seem to love this time of year.  We planted two coastal Redwoods...nearly two years ago.  They were just little sticks...I'm SO proud!   
Wish I could be here in fifty years to see what they look like!  I won't be of course, but take pictures and send them to me ...will you? :) 
Will mine look like this?   But of course they will!!  I'm counting on it!

Then I I would love to have one of those little Radio Flyers for the shopping around. 
Now I know full well these little wagons have never been inexpensive, but goodness, I guess it's been a very long time since I bought one!  Maybe I don't need one for my flowers on the front porch after all! 

Sweet Husband painted the second coat of
"Pomegranate Red" on the fascia boards today....(LOVE THAT  MAN!)
The little shelf you see is now gone..and poor fern is recovering.  These shutters will get a coat of paint tomorrow...and the trim will remain the brown..but a little different shade. 

So...we are coming right along.  Um...Sweet Husband is coming right along!  Yes, I do some painting...just not today.  Actually I think he would rather I just go do ....whatever.  He really is having fun! 

I almost don't want to go to the garage sales tomorrow...I can't wait to get it all done and back to normal. 
Wow!  Did I just say THAT?? 

Hugs and love,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Are we bloggers "collectable?"  We certainly have we?

I've wondered about that.  There is such a warm feeling when one gets a new follower and such a feeling of ..momentary sadness when we lose one.  We wonder what we did wrong.  Did we not post enough?
Were our subjects BLAH! 
Did we not change the subject often enough?  What?  Did we talk to much?  Not take enough photo's?
Well, anyway I wonder.  But then I am a worry wart at times.
Much has been written on this I am not alone.  I know this...and yet I wonder..

Then there are the hugs.  Once a woman wrote how silly it all was.  She thought it stupid and rediculous and said so.  I tiptoed backward when I read that...and made myself scarce.  It's not that I don't think that others have the right to think it silly...they do.  It's just that..I like it!  I think in this world of so many NOT nice things...that having nice things said about your home, your family, your yard, your pet.....anything you choose to post about, is just so nice.  This is an impersonal world, for the most part...and getting those hugs sent to me is just so neat.  But that's just me...

I worry when I don't get around to visiting everyone.  I have lain in bed and suddenly thought of someone I meant to visit and forgot..gotten up and trotted right in and visited them.  I am learning that the sweet blogging world is a wonderful place to be..and that people understand when you don't show up for awhile and sometimes they come to see just what the heck the matter is...and they really DO want to know you are alright.   Especially when you don't post for a long stretch and they are used to you posting often.  I think that's also nice.  I knew you thought so too! :)

I am really pretty darned happy.  Of course there are things going on in my life.  There are things going on in everyone's life.  Nothing terrible and I thank heaven for that.  A few highs and lows.  But over all..not bad at all.
I want to give you an example of the kind of folks we blog with.   I know you know.....but this is extra special.  Every now and then someone in our community of bloggers reaches out to help.
A prime example is SMB.  Do you know her?  If you don't, she is a neat person to know...and she is just one of so many!!  SO MANY!
SMB or Smart Mouth Broad has a story you should read if you haven't already.  No one wants to read about Breast Cancer because it's frightening...but as awful a subject as it should go read her story.  It just might save your life.
Then there is Di@ The Blue Ridge Gal.   She will make you a gorgeous header...and she does it for NO charge!  Especially nice for those of you who might be like me..not so good on the computer.  Or you just don't want to take the time to make a change.. :)  A warm and sincere thanks is all she asks..  She made mine.  Thanks again, Di!

Ok..I'm done. 
Hugs :) to all of you.

I couldn't get Di's link to work..but she is on my sidebar. 

Monday, January 24, 2011


A bit of color showing at last and the roof is going on..and by this evening it was nearly half done.
The end is in sight. 

You can see lots of painting is to be done...

Here you can see where the beams were raised..and the painting that will have to be done on the porch.  You see some of the beams..AND my house sign done by Penny. 
Doesn't our garage look neat and tidy!  Yeah, I thought so too. :)

A couple of weeks ago I showed a doll that I bought for 50 cents.  Remember?  A lovely little 16" Berenguer.  She needed, not wanting to spend a fortune on doll clothes, having nothing that really fit her, I began to look on ebay, and I found something so cute!
I won't put out the name of the Ebay I don't have permission..but I do want to show it to you and tell you that it is just adorable!  It's all knitted by hand and I just love it.  It fits her perfectly!  I will be happy to send the name to you if you were to want it.  I just don't want you to think I am pushing anyone's wares. 

Is it not the cutest little knitted outfit?  It came all the way from Gloister England. Did I spell that right?
I fell in love with it!  The tiny jacket with bit buttons.  The little pants with ties at the ankles...and the tiny booties to match...

This tiny jacket comes to above the waist.  Sleeves and bottom are scalloped ..and I love that tiny collar.

The sleeves on the little jumper are capped..and there is a ribbon running all the way around that ties in the front.

The cap has a darling little round crown edged in scallops.  There is a ribbon running around behind the brim of the hat that tightens, keeping the little hat from falling off the doll.

The back of the little jacket dips in the back but is short in the front...and... buttons down the back..

Note the little matching booties...oh..I already mentioned those?  I did?

Now if you are not into dolls, I understand.  But to find a little doll of quality and take the ink marks off her and remove the grim and have her turn out so fun.  I have a tiny Great Granddaughter that will love her. 

Well..darn it all,  I'm tired of construction and this little outfit came in the mail today.  I loved dressing her and seeing how sweet she turned out.  A bit of a diversion?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

~I SAW RED...~

Tired of construction?  Not half as tired as we are!

We had a bit of an incident yesterday.  Just one of those things that happen when you are trying to keep up with a bunch of constructions workers. 
You see...we came up short on beams, because I suddenly noticed (idiot me) that two of the beams were rotted and needed to be they went to the lumber yard to get two more. 
It was late.
The two extra's would need to be primed and painted with two coats of brown before the carpenter came in the morning.
 Early the next morning..we were up bright and early to get started.  We set up the sawhorses, Howard and I managed to carry those large beams out to be painted...and Howard went to work.  I went back in side to make coffee and start my day.
Suddenly (and this happens to me fairly often) while working on the computer and drinking my first cup of coffee of the day..I had a vision.  Yes.  I did.  I had a vision of Howard painting the beams RED! 
If you look below you will see BROWN beams!  Chocolate Brownie brown, by Frazee.

I thought to myself, "that cannot be true.  How silly!  He would never paint the beams RED!" and I went back to my work and my coffee.
I was in the gargage starting my washing.  Sweetie Pie comes in and says, "Um..I did something and I'm not sure if I should tell you."  I said (forgetting my vision of earlier), "..well if it's bad, don't tell me because I'm having a really nice day!"  He looked at the garage floor and said softly... "I painted the beams red!"
My poor baby!  I felt so bad for him! 

Later.  The dust had settled.  He had a rather dazed look on his face (as you can see in the photo above) but the beams are now brown. 
I did notice that when they were finally installed...they had a bit of a cast?  LOL
Oh well...the porch has a roof!
I would give details...but I'm sure you can pretty much imagine ..basically, I pointed,  he rolled paint. 
All's well that ends well.  Right?  Right? :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Here are the porch beams all painted and ready to use.  The plywood that will form the roof of the porch is all finish being painted and double coated...and now the facia boards...(did I spell that right?)
No problem with fear of color here!
Maybe later?  I hope I am not sorry ...getting a wee late for that I would say!

The flash sort of faded out the brown...

Using the flash out in the garage tonight was not the best way to give you an idea of the color of the boards.
And...they will get another coat of paint.  The true color is really at the top of the photo.  Its a dark red...with brown in it that goes well with the dark brown of the porch and the roof. 
 The shutters will be the dark red...matching the trim. 
The white board is just a couple of the trim boards that have been primed and will be painted tomorrow.  Only two left to go...and we are done.  Of course there is the trim around the windows that has to be painted.  and the wood that is left on the porch.

With a little luck it will turn out alright.  The stones of the porch are is the wall bordering the property. 
The house itself is white...  Those red boards sure caught the eye of the neighbors..some drove slowly and some even came over to see WHERE those red boards were going.  Ah well....:)  They'll get used to it.

I have never chosen the exterior paint on a house before..but here's the thing.  You like Cindy's home APPLESTONE COTTAGE don't you?  I mean how could you not.  My colors are different shades...and our home is white, but...I was so in love with hers..I thought I wanted something like that. 
That girl never goes wrong!  So...I patterned mine after hers...or close. 
Thank's Cindy!!  Now...can you just send me a few of your deer?  Oh..and that little branch up on top with the tiny apples?  Hmmmmm?? 
Love and hugs..
Mona  :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The rip-off, of the roof that is, began on Monday.  The AC and is in and we are warm and toasty!  That was last week.  What a mess!  Or so I the real fun begins. 

They arrived bright and early on Monday morning with their cold drinks...and food...and were ready for fun with hammers and all sorts of ..whatever they use to remove a roof. 
I said "make yourselves comfy!" and they did!
Yikes!  MOVE the plants, quick!!!
OH NO!  My Rooster $300.00 Rooster rug! 

Now who could that be up there on the roof with "Mark, the Roofer?!!

This is the sort of silly look I get when I say "TELL me you were not up on that ROOF!" 

Oops!  I think "patient husband" just ran short on patience with me and my worrying!  :(
What is it about men that they love messes and high places??  Would someone tell me??
*REALLY heavy sigh*

Do you know how lucky I feel to have gotten a new AC and a new roof, new carpeting, flooring and interior paint?
It will be nice when it's all finished.

I choose Pomegranite and Chocolate Brownie for the trims!  Does that tell you anything about me? I am an absolute wreck about those colors...I KNOW I am going to have nightmares tonight that people stop on the street out front and have fits of laughter when they see it.  People will come from far and yon too see the wierd colored house!!

P.S. Did you notice that the porch is all torn up and getting a NEW ROOF TOO??  No more little slates with the sun burning my pretty flowers! He loves me!! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011


Good morning!  First of all, I have a new mug shot as you can see below.  I know it's not the greatest but I needed one that is gray headed..because that is what I am now.  Totally.  The other picture was only a little over two years old, but folks change in that length of time.  I know I did.

And at my age, I wasn't fooling anyone..and just in case I meet someone from blogland in person I don't want them to be shocked.  I am trying to start the New Year off right here...

I was just reading a wonderful and popular blog and was awed by her organizational skills!  It was inspirational...but..not sure I can equal anything so wonderful as updated photo is a start I guess.  I said "I guess"... :)

You know what?  I think I will just wait until all the construction is done around here.'s daughter is flying in tonight.  I HAVE to do that guest room and it's filled with "stuff" right now.  Even the workers have shoved some things in will be my first order of business.  Get their "stuff" out of there. 

What about all those Teddy Bears.  I hate to stuff their little bods into an trash bag..but...afraid I must!
And all those quilts?   ...still they look so pretty piled up on top of my antique dresser. 
Clutter...hmmm...where to start... 
This is all overwhelming.  Besides it's nearly 10 a.m. and time for the VIEW.  Maybe later? 
Have a wonderful weekend.  I hope there are some garage sales this weekend.  Oh wait!  I need to do some uncluttering first! 

I think I need to pop back over to Melissa's (Melissa's Heart And Home) for another shot of inspiration...
Anyone know where I can get some "energy?"  Another cup of coffee?  Coming right up!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


....but then so does the fun...

I actually baked today!  Yep. Chocolate chip cookies...but...

Yep...after the rains finally passed and we saw that our ceiling in the family room was a mess..with lots of leaks...(sweet husband has been climbing up in the attic for much of the fifty five years he has lived here...and smearing TAR over everything...
Well...he finally gave in ..and called Mark the roofer...(he's waving while sweet husband watches!)

Mark the roofer says our AC is just  plain shot along with the roof AND he says it should be on the ground.  :)  Really?  I thought that when they first put them up there years ago!)  So...they started putting in the new AC on Monday morning! 

Saturday was COLD but we headed out to see if there were garage sales...and...I HIT the jackpot!
First...all of these books.  I paid .25 for most but .50 for others...still  they are all like brand new.  I was delighted!  Not all at one garage sale...

22 ornaments for just $2,00!  There was a beautiful little bird with down feathers...but he didn't show up in the picture.... I will show you later.  I thought they were gorgeous.  They were offered as a special edition...who knows when or where.  They were all in black silk but half were out just laying on top and I couldn't get them back in their places with the folded it and put it underneath.

And "Moosey!"  He was thrown on a blanket with a bunch of other stuff...He cost me a quarter.  A whole quarter.  So since we bonded immediately he came home with me.  I mean the idea!!...YOU cannot just THROW a baby moose around like that!! 

And then there was "Dolly."  She was laying out in the dirt.  Not even on a blanket and she was covered with ink marks..magic marker, and ground in dirt.  She was laying on her face outside a crate of other mistreated toys.  I picked her up...and as I did..I spied a name on her neck.  Berenguer.  She is a doll made in Spain..and one of my favorite makers of dolls.  I casually held her up by one leg :) and said "how much do you want for this?"  She said "50 cents?"  I said "will you take a quarter?" and she said sure!

A good scrubbing with paint remover, and then a nice hot bath in soapy water after being rinsed and then sprayed with antibactial kitchen cleaner..a fresh preemie diaper and some cute little clothes...and...well...
isn't she sweet? 
And by the way...she correct. :)

And entire set of Liberty Blue china.  Everything...even mugs..only two chips...but I can replace those.
There went some of my Christmas money..but all for only $50.00!
I had to sell mine some years ago..during tough times when the children were young and I had several in high school!  Now I have them back.  (please don't ask why!)

Last of all...this lovely Santa hat.  The bells were all tarnished but a little silver polish and they were as bright as brand new.  It is the prettiest one I have ever owned.  I love it!

Now I think I will go have a cookie...or maybe even two before the workers finish them off tomorrow.

My love to all of you in these rather sad days.  Like's on my mind and my heart goes out to the families who lost their loved ones and for the lovely young woman who is fighting for her very life.


P.S.  Um...did I mention that we have NO heat?  Well....we don't!  Ok..we have a fireplace.  But that bedroom gets COLD!  No!  Don't even go there.  He has a very nasty cold!!  So..that's out!

Friday, January 7, 2011


For some was really difficult to take the Christmas decor down.  I just don't remember it being that hard.  Yes...a little work..I remember that, but not this back breaking misery.  This seemingly never ending job.  I did hear a few calls for "HEP!! HEP!! out there..but by then all I could do was limp over, look in (holding my aching back) see everything all organized on the floor at Shelia's, (Note Songs) gasp at how great her's looked ...and limp back home.  I did offer her my loving sympathy...but I tell you, that's about all I had to offer!!
It was terrible.  Horrific!'s done. 
Now the first thing I want to do is say "NEVER AGAIN!" but I know full well that's a crock, because I WILL do it again. 
Now I know why my mother stopped doing it.  I remember feeling sorry for her..and thinking "that day will never come for me.  Ever!"  But..
I feel it creeping up on me.  I have friends already that didn't even put up a tree.  Now I think I am beginning to understand. 
Next Christmas I will need some encouraging words I think.  Please be there for me...ok? :)

Love and hugs...