Friday, April 25, 2014


Yesterday a package arrived from a dear blogger friend.  I would like to tell you who, but since she is very private to some degree and I haven't asked her permission..I won't mention her name other than to say I was and am, always overwhelmed by her generosity.  
She has said to me at one time, that she likes to give back a little of what she has been fortunate enough to have been given in this life.  

I had never tasted natural syrup before..just what I buy in the super market and this was such an unexpected treat!  I seldom am at a loss for words..I thanked her but it didn't seem to be enough.  It just didn't convey the feelings I had when I opened that box.  She went to so much trouble and expense to do this for me.
 There was a sweet note touched me.
Though I have never seen one, I know that is a maple leaf!
This goes in my book when I get my blog printed..which I hope will be one day soon.  ( I always say that and never get around to it, but one day I will!)

This is the little glass log cabin.

This lovely lady feeds men in a homeless shelter several times a week...a LOT of men.  
She is a great cook..and some of you may know her ...or not.  But let me tell you, I feel so blessed to have her in my life.  I am proud to know her.! 
There are a lot of you out there..many of whom have heartaches, share their joys of home, children and grandchildren, decorating and cooking skills and computer and camera knowledge with  me.  I have learned so much from all of you.  You have all added an amazing amount of joy to my life.  I can be gone for days and days and yet when I can come back..from whatever it is that has troubled..OR blessed my all are here.
I never fail to be amazed at the heart felt support you all are so willing to give to me, to one another.    
I cannot thank you enough!  It makes me glad I have lived long enough to meet all of  you.  You add to my world.
I don't even have to wonder if you understand.  
I KNOW you do!
God bless.


Congratulations to Lynne @ Irish Garden House, on her new baby granddaughter!  She is beautiful.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I didn't even get to wish everyone a Happy Easter.  If yours was as nice as mine, you had a WONDERFUL time.

Easter Sunday was good except I could NOT walk..
A family gathering at Corona Del Mar was delightful..except..I had to hobble to the beach wall..and my daughters had to help me to a chair which they conveniently had situated  not too far from that wall.
I thought I could walk on sand better...WRONG!  It was like walking on stones.  

I couldn't walk in the sand to the shoreline, couldn't wade in the water..couldn't play with tiny great grandson...NOTHING!  
This is PH and I sitting on the sea wall, me in my Sunday best (I stole my son in law's hat trying to keep the sun out of my eyes..)
Sitting with my feet all propped up on a chair was all I could do.  Poor me...AGAIN!
My sweet daughter, Erin, practically carried me to a chair..even brought me a plate of food!   This senior citizen stuff is not half bad, especially when one's foot is out of order!  (Actually, this foot thing is driving me nuts!  It's one thing after another don't has anything to do with...age.  Do you?? )

Did I tell you that we had a bit of a flood?  Yep.  A couple of inches of water in the bathroom and bedroom, soaking our new carpet.  I helped PH move dressers..and screwed up my foot by pushing against the wall with my feet and my back against the dresser...IN WATER!  LOL
Made for a great week! :)
Daughter in law, Cheryl, brought these from their bakery..and since they were sitting on the table right next to me..I made myself feel better every now and then with one of them.  Lets see, only half a box to go! :)

...and then of course there were these delicious tidbits right next to all the cupcakes..oh..and those were not the only cupcakes...three layers of lemon, lime cupcakes were further over just out of my reach!  Darn!!

See those big lemon cupcakes over there to the left??  Yep..out of reach!
My girls DO bake good things.

Sweet daughter brought me an Easter Lilly!  That's son in law, Brock in the background.

Just some of the family, a scruffy looking bunch, aren't we?  Some had already left when I remembered to take a picture of them.. Three of my daughters and two of my son's are in the picture. Two sons in law, one daughter in law and two grandson's.  At least 21 of my immediate family..that is, my children and grands and greats, are missing from the photo..all in other states and  I miss them.  
My daughter Sandy is at every family gathering in spirit and always will be.  We feel her presence.  I miss her little family terribly.  I wish they lived closer.

I love my family so much.

P.S.  Have I told you I am never, ever, going to get in an airplane again if I can help it?    I gamble every day by living in California.  Heh heh!!
Yeah, I know, it's not funny, is it?  

Monday, April 14, 2014

~BEGINNINGS AND ENDINGS.. was time to call it a day..
Last night, PH's eldest grandson got married.  Would you believe we actually got out on the dance floor..and my sweet husband crooned " Unchained Melody" in my ear!  It was lovely..romantic. 

 Here we were 77 and 80 years widowed twice and him once.  Lots of heartbreak and yet here we were ...helping celebrate a new couple just starting out..
It was a precious evening.
It went so well..and then an awkward moment arose.

There we were..dancing, lost in our little world of a beautiful song..the music ended and before we could get off the dance floor..
the DJ pointed us out and said into his mic..."How long have you folks been married??"  
We froze!
We looked at one another...speechless for a moment..and then I said.."Well...actually just six years but there are circumstances..."   The poor man looked shocked and a little embarrassed.  I don't even remember what he said.  I just remember getting off the floor knowing that everyone there probably thought we were a very old divorced couple...who knows.
So...should I have said "Well..between the two of us one hundred and one years!??"
I sort of wish I had.  

 They had a photo booth and PH and I found our way into it.  I ruined the first set of pictures by hitting the cancel we had to go back when we found out and do it again.
The hat?  One of many they had in a box there so I popped one my head.  PH had a top hat on..but it fell off or something.

By this time we were beginning to wear!  Shortly after these pictures were taken, we stumbled to the car and went on home..
Today went by in a blur of saying goodbye to his daughter who was here from Maryland for the wedding.
Since I didn't get to sleep until about 4 this morning...I am off to bed.  It's been a long and hectic week.

The pictures are pictures taken of pictures because dummy here does NOT know know to get them onto the computer.  So I took pictures with my camera  and did it that way.  
Ho hum!  You cannot teach an old dog new tricks they say.  
I now believe it!  

I did a darn good job camouflaging my black and blue right cheek from an infection I am fighting.  The doctor said NO MAKEUP and of course...being me..I obeyed him!  :)  HA!   
I never get by with believe me, I will pay the price.  
I just could not go to a wedding  looking like I'd been in a cat fight!  At least the swelling has gone down.

I love weddings...and yes, I always cry.  That was our Sunday.  
Bless all of you for your support and kindness to me.  
I am so blessed to have all of you in my life.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


"We need the tonic of wilderness; to wade in the marshes where the bittern and the meadow-hen lurk, and hear the booming of the snipe."
Henry David Thoreau

This is a quote that is on my Susan Branch calendar  for the month of April, and for me it is so true.  Raised in the country, I miss it terribly sometime.  
This morning I was treated to a rare sight.  
Mele began barking and ignored me when I tried to stop her.  That is usually a warning that there is something important going on and I'm to come and see...
I have her trained, and usually just a "shhhhh!" from me does the trick.  Not this time!  She glanced back at me but turned and continued to bark.  I called but she didn't respond. I walked out to see what was causing all the alarm..and there on the wall under our old Cyprus tree was this little Possum. 
I sent Mele to the house and started back to take a closer look and remembered my camera and rushed back inside to get it.
Surprisingly she had not moved.  I kept edging closer and spoke very softly to her..then I realized she was NOT alone!  

She stayed watching me while I snapped pictures and after a few minutes..she sounded a low clicking and I stopped taking pictures and backed away..

I was reminded that I really was not all that far from the wilderness..even though I am in the city.  Her nest is just behind the tree.  At least I think it's hers.  I see that it has been improved.  It was a tunnel good sized tunnel of twigs that lately has been filled in.  Now it appears cave like.  

She turned and headed that way.  I counted at least six, perhaps seven.  As she left I whispered " I know just how you feel.  I've been there!"  

What a really wonderful treat it was!   I needed that.  I really did!  :)  Have a wonderful Sunday.
P.S.  I'm so sorry I haven't been posting.  I've been ill, tummy flu and then on top of that an infection on my face..a bad one!  Two different  antibiotics have made me feel terrible much of the time.  It's nearly gone now and I am grateful.  The whole side of my face has been swollen...  poor, poor, pitiful me!  :):)  Beginning to look human again.  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

~RAIN IN CALIFORNIA...~ least for a bit...but that was last week.  Hey, I'm grateful!!  
I haven't got much to share..but you will be happy for us when I tell you we finally got rain.  A LOT but not as much as we need.  Our poor state is still suffering while in Washington they had too much.  

When I saw this hanging over our home...and not moving..I began to watch and hope.  God didn't speak to me and tell me to build an didn't get overly excited..  :)

I began to look around and saw this....

Then these began to drift in further over...

Yep!  Those looked like rain clouds to me.  I dared to hope....

They seemed to get darker by the minute...

The sky in Southern California is seldom this brilliant color of blue..and I couldn't get enough of it and I hoped the sun would not burn the clouds up...and they didn't.
That night..the sky opened up and it rained so hard that we got out of bed to watch as it came down "in sheets and buckets..  It rained all night...and then slowed to a soft steady rain the next day.
You probably think it doesn't take much to get me excited when I can be so moved by clouds.
You are probably right to think that...but..
 already I can tell that this rain will make for a pretty Springtime.  

I hoped it would rain more..but drifted off the the east...sadly.

Guess I have to do another naked rain dance. :)  I would like to say it works every time but...*shrug* it doesn't.  
Oh..exciting times in California!!  (yawn..)


A footnote:
Today was our Sandy's birthday.  Her sister came today and we cried, held each other and shared the dreams we have had of her.
In mine Sandra  told me " Don't cry, I'm alright Mom, I'm tending the flowers."  I woke crying.   In my Erin's dream she came very close, held her sisters face in her hands and said "Fill my heart with love".   Erin and Sandy  were extremely close.  I firmly believe our loved ones come to us like this.  
Sandy was born April 5, 1959.  She went to live with God and wait for us there on February 22, 2013.
She left behind a loving and devastated husband, son and a daughter, three little grandchildren and one that was born shortly after her death.  She left me, and six siblings that adored her.