Sunday, April 21, 2013


Well, the tiny bicycle arrived, but it's green and doesn't really show up against all the green of my little Fairy Garden.  Also..a new wheelbarrow, yeah, also green!  WHY didn't I get the little red bike instead?  I don't know.  Red is one of my favorite colors..and it would have looked cute as heck there..but no..I had to get the green. 
Anyway, it's cute and since my brain cannot think of much to blog about, I will just show you the tiny bike...
Yeah, I know.  Hard to see it..  grrrrrrr :(

The tiny wheelbarrow is difficult to see too.  NO MORE GREEN!  It just does not show up either.
But...I am hoping you can enough of it to see that it is made to (if it isn't) look like wood.  I placed a tiny real clay flower pot inside.

It didn't change my Fairy Garden from a sure does bring out the child in me..
What fun to add those little things.  Now for some moss.  Thinking of adding the real thing to the roof of the little house.  Also on the floor.  What fun this is, messing with it. Clipping tiny pathways ..

A birthday from my daughter, Erin Kathleen, two years ago has grown and grown...

 ..clear to the patio...I LOVE IT!

Saturday while out doing the garage sales, I found this old pitchfork which I hauled home and placed against the wall under the tin picture..  I already have one, but this one was slightly different..and old and rusty.   
I also found with it an old scythe.

Neat, huh?  :)  Ok, I know old rusty tools are not for everyone...They were just 50 cents each!

View from the lawn to the patio..sort of wish I had had the entire end of the backyard flagstoned.  Now I want a stone pond and waterfall. 
I am never satisfied and always looking for a new project....however, Son in law says I will get it!! :)  Bless his heart.  He is the one that did our patio..and all the other concrete work for our home.  Nice to have a contractor in the family!

Did you notice that I lost one of my plants??  Dang!!
 EVERYONE needs a water feature.  Large ones are wonderful as they don't have to be filled every morning...this one is under the patio cover which probably helps keep it from evaporating so quickly.
All the plants around the fountain are in pots..easily moved for whatever purpose if we need to.   
It's so nice to sit in the lawn swing and listen to the fountain.  The pump I bought new some years ago and bolted it to a board that we cut to fit the top of the old half barrel.  The board is bolted to the barrel so that it won't topple over as it is very heavy.  The pump when new worked,  but of course it has long since rusted though I haven't tried it.  It cost $9.99 at Harbor Freight.
The barrel we bought from a was the most costly.  $30.00 five years ago and it is wonderful.  No, it does not leak.  The wood swells when wet.  Water features do not need to be expensive I find.  The pumps last forever..mine is over ten years old  now.
I am keeping very busy...lots of Springtime plans including another Fairy Garden...I mean..why not? :)
I really do need to keep my mind occupied.  I have a story for you tomorrow..of sorts. (rather on Tuesday...)  Okey dokey??  See? I told you I couldn't thing of anything to blog about.
I am joining my sweet friend Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life.  She is hosting a rather new Inspire Me Tuesday and it looks like fun!  Come see! A Stroll Thru Life 
I am also joining Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home  for "Amaze Me Monday"


  1. I am so glad to see you going forward with your day. Keeping busy doing the things you love is the very best therapy for you. Your little garden is precious. I'm wondering if you would rather have a red bicycle could you paint it red? Just sayin...
    Enjoy your day.

  2. I love your little additions to the fairy garden:) So sweet! Oh I would love to sit on your patio with you! Beautiful plants all around! Have a blessed week dear friend, can't wait to hear the story tomorrow:) HUGS!

  3. I agree with Connie...paint them red...easy peasy!

  4. I love your beautiful blog It’s exactly what I was looking for!nice job for posting this.

  5. gardening is the best therapy! your fairy garden is magical. paint the little bike with red nail polish. then it will really show up! and decorate the bike for memorial day. i loved doing that as a kid. you have such a nice yard it would be fun to expand your use of it. that would be a project that would be good for you mona!

  6. Always projects to do when you have a yard, and it's fun if that's what you enjoy and you do it so nicely! I agree with everyone else, just paint the cute bike red and viola'..happy Mona! Love the look of everything and I have a fountain that I like also and I'm planning on a new one for the back yard. I've got a few projects beginning and hopefully some good blogging moments later in the summer to show them off!

  7. Oh I adore your fairy garden and the little bike and wheelbarrow look so cute. How fun. Your patio looks so inviting too and I love the barrel water feature. Glad you are enjoying the warm weather and working with your yard. God Bless. Hugs, Marty

  8. Your little garden is just adorable. I would love to come sit on your patio and take it all in.
    I am hoping that you are doing well. Have thought of you many times.

  9. So many beautiful things to look at! I love the tiny bike! Life to the full! Melissa

  10. Your fairy garden is wonderful and I think the bike and wheelbarrow look adorable amidst the greenery.
    Mary Alice

  11. You have a lovely garden and the patio is great: how wonderful to have a contractor in your family, I sure hope I had one!

  12. Oh what a wonderful post and I love your fairy garden even more this year. I think the bicycle looks great, but like many others said you can always paint it red. Milestone for me yesterday - watched a fellow show how to change cord and guts in lamp, bought stuff and did it myself YAY - everything is on youtube, Eh. Beautiful photos Mona my dear friend. lol

  13. I love your fairy garden. Thanks tons for linking up to the party. Hugs, marty

  14. Green IS a very healing color. Earthy and getting you grounded. And Mona, Mona how does your garden grow - it is so pretty! Love your patio. You sure do know what you
    are doing! sandie

  15. Hi darling, I know keeping busy is the best medicine for you right now, one day at a time darling, Know I'm thinking of you and send virtual hugs. Love your sweet bike, you know the wheelbarrow is just tooo cute. fondly ~lynne~

  16. Your fairy garden is wonderful. I'd love to put together something that looks as good. The little bicycle and the wooden cart with the clay pot are great additions and it all looks so perfect.

  17. Oh, Mona! You are creating magic as always! I am in awe of your beautiful patio with its absolutely charming furnishings and artistic features...the exquisitely tasteful fairy garden, delightful water feature, lovely rusty objects and your stunningly healthy plants that are only that way because they cannot resist responding to all your loving care. I would so love to be able to sit awhile with you and take it all in!
    Hugest hug ever for making my night!
    Desiree xxx

  18. Love, love your little garden. The wheel barrel is just perfect. My friend has a red bike in her yard, I made a post on it one time. I'll give you the link.


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