Wednesday, September 28, 2011


...and first I want to thank Diane @ Lavender Dreams for featuring my dolls on her post today..
What a sweet, sweet thing for her to do!  She understands me...she is also a lover of dolls.
Thank you SO much, Diane!

...and my time with the lovely old wooden wagon  is over.  It went back to it's original home. 
My daughter, though she would deny it, I think, was very happy to look out her front door and see it parked in it's usual place. 

So..maybe no old wooden wagon, but this will have to do.  I like it.  I mean it IS  a Radio Flyer after all.  Maybe it doesn't have the same character holds the pots..and pumpkins...and everyone is happy..

Briefly :) ....  ok..not so briefly...I was in my little truck and on my way Sunday to pick up my little doll carriage..when there, right in front, next to the street was this lovely little wagon.  RED WAGON!!
Sweet neighbor from across the street, with precocious  little girl,  said "don't stop! They ask way too much for their things!  I've been there!  They're much too high!"
So on we drove.
On the way back, as we approached the same garage sale, again I say "I'm going to stop and check out that wagon..."   Again my friend said " It's a waste of your time..I'm telling you!!" but being a curious person and having learned the hard way to just ASK..I pull over, turn around and park the! 

Everyone piles out and I head for the wagon, my friend heads in a different direction. 
I ask about the little red wagon and the woman says "$20."   Quick as a wink I hand her the money, not even bargaining, and walk off pulling that little red wagon.  I usually bargain a bit but fair is fair and I KNOW the price of these...and it isn't $20.00, believe me! 

My friend sees me pulling the little red wagon, bless her heart, asks how much and then says..."WHAT???"   We had a rather quiet ride home.. but then a bright orange house caught our attention ...and the day got back to normal.  Yep, a very bright ORANGE house!  I will have to snap a photo of it. 

Ah well.. :) next time she will probably stop and ask.  I learned this from Patient Husband..and now I am glad I listened to him.  One never assumes ANYTHING when going to garage sales..


Mele: "Um...Mom...this Teddy Bear??  She has socks on!!" 

Oh, she does.... :)

 Mel has appointed herself the watchdog of our back yard..and has decided to keep an eye on Abby even if she DOES have socks on! 
Mele is either in under my chair, trailing me from room to room, looking out the front window, or under my computer chair as she is this moment.  I can reach my hand down..always..and touch her soft fur...
Love and hugs,

P.S. I've been no uncertain terms, by folks who know, such as Prudence at The Bears Blog) that BEARS DO NOT WEAR SOCKS!   Ah well.. :)


Monday, September 26, 2011


..hardly ever...but I did this time!  My bid was the highest for the antique doll carriage..and..
here it is!

They called me on Sunday afternoon to say I had won...and was really surprised.  I bid $50 below the asking price..
No..this was not a garage sale steal! :)  I paid..but not really all that much for something so old and in PERFECT condition.
:( WHY didn't I hide that cord???)

Not a single solitary broken piece of wicker..the wheels...perfect.  Mint original condition.
I went over it with a fine tooth comb before I bid...$125 got it.  The lovely material that covers the inside (which I didn't show but should have) the original as well. 

Showing off my doll...I mean her dress.  The bedding in the carriage was found on ebay and came in a  set.  Two pillows..the first layer is a satin trimmed in lace..then comes the lace covered mattress and cover..then other coverlet and then a final layer of lace.  The tiny pillows and their covers are just beautiful..
I thought it was perfect for the carriage and I have had it for some time now....just waiting! 
I am SO pleased.  I have wanted one of these for years..and years..

I wanted to show you the label that I found on the bottom of the carriage.  I hope you can read it.
It is from J.C. Penny's Inc.  Says it was made by a baby carriage factory and holds (I think) up to 150 pounds.  Then it says to see picture on the left,  and shows a man standing in the doll carriage holding onto the handle. 
VERY old picture ...

You can see the lace topper in this photo..the lace on top is my dolls dress.

I wanted to show you the little bonnet up close.  All those roses are hand made by the seamstress...You can see the edges of the little pillows.  You can sort of see the hand dyed roses on the gown..

Unfortunately this little gown does not show up well in the photo.

And there you have doll carriage..and a couple of dollies..

Did I NEED this little carriage?
Do I feel guilty for buying something like this at my age?
Will a tiny Great granddaughter get it? 
 No..not this time..
I have always decorated with toys because that is all I had around my home for many years and got used to sitting the childrens playthings around.  The family room in our home looked a little like a toy store..with the room turned into a play room with little tables lining the walls and tiny stools I painted different primary colors for them to sit on.  A library of books to read and crayons, chalk and little chalk boards.  Dolls, blocks..the works...and they looked beautiful. 
It's where my little ones learned to keep house...tiny refrigerator and stove..little dishes..trucks..:) 
 I still play with a truck!  Toyota 2000 Prerunner to be exact!  Mint condition! :)

Maybe I miss those days...I DO.  I miss my babes.
So..I continue to decorate with toys..

I am off to bed..and like a little girl again, I will sleep peacefully.  My dollies, Teddy bears, my husband and all my family are safe and tucked in.  I know.  I checked.
Love and hugs..

P.S. for Prudence and Joyce at The Bears Blog.  Just be claws..I mean because. :)
(..just wait until she tries to take me out!)

Sunday, September 25, 2011


...You just never know what you might find.   For me Saturday's are an adventure.  If you don't do that and it isn't your cup of tea and you prefer expensive little shops...then I understand.  I used to be like you..but I have now discovered a way to find lovely, useful things for my home...and it doesn't cost me an arm and a to speak. 

First stop of the day and I found this lovely little harness that fit Mele...and with all that fur I haven't been able to find something that is both cute ..and fits her fat little body.  Price? 50 cents!

Last Saturday started off very slow..I found just one novel..a harness for Mele and  were headed home when we stopped at one last yard sale...and I found the following items.. This lovely little siver jewelry box...

 ...all lined in scarlet velvet..notice the pretty etching along the edges...

A round deep silver tray, very heavy

 I love the feet...that is always a plus with me...the name on the bottom says "Raimond" and has a is silverplate but very nice and I love silverplate.

 Everything was black and it took awhile to get it to return to it's beautiful self..but worth it.
(sorry my photo's are blurred...I should have taken them over..)  The tea set was found in among other items and matched perfectly so I imagine they belong together.  It doesn't match the tray..but that is good.  I like mismatched silver.

I also found this lovely very soft well made afghan.  Handmade!  And such a lovely butter yellow!  Perfect on my patio swing!  

All of the above was exactly $11.00!  Now to me this was a wonderful deal.  The tray was five dollars but she took $4.00.  The tea set was also $5.00.  The little jewery box was $1.00 and the afghan was just $1.00!
What an adventure and one I can afford! 
Today we went again..and I will share my find with you later in the week. 

Oh..before I forget..I did go to an Estate sale..which I will share later...but...I gambled a bit.
I put a bid on a gorgeous little very old wicker doll buggy in perfect condition.  Will I get it..who knows.  I may be outbid.  If so, it wasn't meant to be.  :)  I have been looking for one for a long time.

Why?  Oh heavens, I don't know!  Still trying to replace those lost toys of long ago I imagine!
Love and hugs,

P.S.  My prayers go out to my dear friend Gloria at Happy To Be.  She is in need of your positive thoughts and prayers. 

Friday, September 23, 2011


This old wooden wagon was a gift from my daughter when she thought she was going move from her home..
It is something I could use every season, for Fall blooms, for pumpkins and Halloween displays, for Thanksgiving bundles of Fall leaves and pumpkins and of course for Christmas boughs of greenery and pinecones from our big pine tree..

I brought it from under the old cyprus tree in the back yard, hauled it around to the front..

..hosed it off and filled it with potted Mums and pumpkins...
HOW easy was that?

My sweet daughter has decided not to move at this am trying to return it to her as I know full well she wishes she had it. 
I will miss it. But it should go home. 

This is my daughters pond at her home..

 Another view of the pond.  It is very large.  Usually there is a fountain that is shooting water into the wasn't on this day...(I must get a photo of that pond.)

 This is the front entry to her home..and the wagon used to sit here...
Mary says she gave it to me...but I can see the look in her eyes...she DOES miss her wagon.
She will have had it for 14 years this December.

Much love,

I am joining Tootsies @

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Maybe not...but it's fun to play with dishes..and Fall flowers and silverware..
I'm playing with the big girls now...and it's intimidating...very intimidating..but what the heck..

A few days ago, daughter #3 came for a short visit and in no time flat was opening pumpkins with lids and searching every container she could find for "Candy Corn." 
It is something that is always in our home from September on...

...there was NONE..not a single sweet kernel! 

I got a sad look..when she heard I had not bought it yet...but soon...I promised...soon Sweetie...
So..yesterday Sweet Patient husband brought home two large bags...

I feel better!  You know??

The Chargers are from Pottery Barn..and oh how I wish I had bought six of them!

The little Quail salt and peppers are from Fitz and Floyd...
My tablescape was very quickly put together.. it really is fun to do!

...but I wanted to join in the fun...Fall comes but once a year...and it seems so short a time..
Autumn colors go so quickly...
The china is by Nortaki.  Its a set of 8 that I found at a garage sale for $35.00.  It came with platters, gravy bowl, vegetable dish, cups and saucers, salad plates and dessert plates!
The only thing it didn't come with them was a name.  On the back is the letter M and when I looked it up it said that Nortaki made china at one time that they didn't name.
It is simply called  "Mystery" china. 
Isn't that interesting?
This sterling silver is called "Prelude" and it from the 1930's. 
Some of you might remember this garage sale find, set of 8 for just $10.00.  It was even in a silverware chest.  I looked the set up on the computer and it was worth $4100.  And that was not including the four gorgeous serving spoons..  Not even sure the little butter knives were included in that price.
If that doesn't make you want to get your bottom dollar out of bed early on a Saturday morning and go to the garage sales...I don't know what will.
I love the delicate pattern.  Fall?  Spring? Summer?   I think it works for all seasons.
I'm joining (as always a bit late) Between Naps on The Porch for Tablescape Thursday...

 "Are we done, Mom? 

Yep, Mele, we're all done!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

~FALL HAS BEGUN WITH MY TABLETOPS..~ least for me.  I finally decided I'd best get busy and hit the shed in a serious way..

I won't even show you the cases I unloaded...I think I tossed out more than I put up!

Our little home is not really a great place to take daytime photo's with out a flash.  NO indeed.
You aren't missing much..LOL  It takes me days and even then I am never satisfied.  So..I blog hop!!

Yep...finally..Fall leaves.  I never can resist decorating the light fixture.  Would you call this a chandelier?    Again, I had to use flash. 

Since I love dolls...I decided to let my Scare Crow dolls decorate our family room mantel this Fall season.  (it could change any moment!)  :)  It take me days to decide what I want...
A lady made these.  I thought they were wonderful.  Everything is hand sewn..the eyes and all the features, if you look closely, are hand embroidered. 

Mantel top..and table top..

Friday, September 16, 2011

~FALL where's the pumpkins?~

 Tootsie...this was about all I could come up with..but there will be more by next Friday....I hope!
I was determined to make it this Friday...with at least something.

Little yellow wheelbarrow has found it's way to our new back patio...well..the walkway is new at least.
Just widened the patio about 6 feet or so and added the walkway  SO nice to be able to walk the full length of the house...and not get my feet soaked in the wet grass.

The piece you see hanging on the wall behind the swing was once out on the fence in the back yard...just rotting away!  So I took it down..a couple of days ago and added butter yellow pots and three different ivy plants.  I think it warmed that large area of white wall up very well.

And yes..the cover on the swing is an old bedspread...but sometimes one has to make do.
The ties are made from the material I used to cover the cushion on the swing.  I IS outside and I will never be a TOOTSIE! 
Thank you for inspiring me, sweet blogging friend!  There are flowers in the material...does that count?  :)

Hugs and love,

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Rooster..that is.  I HAVE to stop buying them..but there always seems to be one that I cannot pass up..such as this adorable (to me, of course) lamp!

Garage sale Saturday brought this my way...
So...what do you think..was he worth $30 or not.  I thought so and home he came.  Not a single "flea bite" on him..nothing.  Works beautifully.  Nothing loose.  The only thing I found was that the harp was a bit crooked and Patient Husband jumped right in and fixed to perfection!

I found sooo much this Saturday.
 Two novels, one of those little cardboard buildings, a lovely little white church that became so expensive.  This I am sure is not an old one..but I loved it.  AND Christmas IS coming you know!

...and...this lovely moss green jacket...
Ok...the second picture is not much better...(always raise your chin up when your picture is taken!) but who cares.  Right?  ME!  ME CARES!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I just wanted you to see the temperature at about 11 AM this morning. 
And this was in the shade.
I had to get a lot done before this point I was nearly done moving things.

I hosed the stones down hoping it would keep me cool until most of the work was done.

Mele has decided IF the stones are cool enough she MIGHT come out.  Can't say as I blame her one bit.  It's HOT out here!

There!  There's the stones! :) 
You see....
I just have so much stuff out on the patio that dear Patient Husband, I think, fears it detracts from the stones.  Is he right?  Oh...probably..  :)

Yes, yes, that's my old king size quilt on top of my swing.   Doesn't everybody put their old bed quilts over their swings?  And..their tableclothes under their swing cushions?  They don't?  :)

I need to put my hanging plants behind the swing...I think.  We'll see. 
No, it won't hit them when we swing.  (much..)

There..stone! :)

The water is drying fast...gotta hurry as it was getting hotter by the second!  Oh..and look at this!! 

I wanted to show you what happened to the grass when the men sat the umbrella's on the lawn to shand them while laying the stones..
They didn't sit there for days..just one afternoon...but better the grass then my family!

Looking back down the path toward the patio.  Our poor lawn is struggling. 

...and here we are back at the patio looking in from the path. 

I realize there is a lot of "stuff" on the patio, as everyone is so fond of saying, but every single thing there is absolutely....ABSOLUTELY...necessary.  Don't you think???   Me too! :)

It's sooo nice to have friends that agree with you.