Thursday, April 25, 2013


Last Saturday I bought several books at garage sales.  One was a book that probably many of you have read or if you haven't, you've seen the movie or at least heard of it.
By Sunday evening I had finished it. 
I cried several times while reading it..for several reasons...
First because I love animals so much.  Would have many more if I could, and partly because I am probably in a very emotional time of my life.  Marley and Me was a touching book and I was amazed at the patience of the young couple who bought a little puppy that brought them so much grief, but joy as well.  They struggled to understand their dog and went to great lengths to fix whatever was causing their beloved pet to be so difficult.
Just raising a puppy, kitten or any pet can be a daunting task but Marley was a HUGE undertaking. 
I have had dogs AND cats as a part of our household as long as I can remember.   My children slept with our dogs at their feet just as I did as a child.  Some may disapprove and that's alright.  This was just our way.  Not everyone's.
Mele still and always will sleep at my feet.

The beautiful little white Pom I owned for years before Mele, was  "kennel trained" because the book said that is what Poms wanted.  Winnie HATED it from the very first day but she was locked into it each night.
I have to wonder now WHY I continued with it when she so plainly hated it. 
I used to say it was because of Earthquakes and if one occurred, I would be able to find her quickly.
Now I am sorry.  So sorry.
She was in her kennel one evening in the other room.  She became very ill from something (we never found out what she ate) and to make a long sad story short, she died.  She was ill all night long and we slept right through it.  She died at the Vet's two days later.
  NO more kennels for me. 
When I finished the book Marley and Me the following night, realization suddenly hit me..that once again I was going to lose someone I loved.  My Mele.  Mele was a Christmas gift to me from my husband six months after Winnie died.  I think of Mele as young but she is now nine years old and beginning to show her age.  She is slowing down..doesn't romp as often and after a few barks, quickly lets guests alone.  I used to have to put her into the bedroom for a short period until she could get a grip on her joy at having company, someone new to smell and greet.  No more.  She takes it all in stride.  Greets with a wagging tail..recieves a pat and is gone.
I looked down as I munched my morning toast and drank my coffee loaded with creamer, and there she was...patiently waiting for her treat of toast this morning.  So I snapped her picture.
Day or night, she is never far from my side.
Several weeks ago I had a terrible scare.  Mele suddenly became terribly ill.  Her tail hung down and she shook terribly.  I quickly called my Vet to find his office was not open on Friday's and his help said I would have to take Mele to the Vet Emergency Hospital.  Nope, I had lost two pets there and though it  was not their fault..I just couldn't.
I called my son in law, Jim, and he gave me a Vet's name close to them that he knew.  I called and yes they would take her.  Come right in. We jumped in the car and headed out. 
TRAFFIC!  After work traffic.  We were stuck!  It was late and the office was near closing.  I called son in law back for the Vet's number...he said he would call them and say we were on our way.

Finally we arrived and rushed inside.  They were waiting for us..and in a short few minutes they took Mele from me...
Here what happened next.
A few minutes later the door opened and in walked my son in law AND my daughter Erin.  He had picked her up at work (she is a high school counselor and school had just let out) and they came straight to the Vet's office.  When I looked up and saw her I burst into fresh tears.  She sat and hugged me.  I was not expecting them to come and when I had calmed a bit she went off to the bakery my son and his wife own for some hot tea and when she returned she had my daughter in law, Cheryl in tow and not only tea but a big container of rice pudding from the bakery!  It's my favorite next to the chocolate bread pudding.  More tears, but this time tears of happiness that they were all there..
I was not alone.
There we all sat..sweet Patient Husband, me, daughter Erin, Jim, my son in law and Cheryl my daughter in law that owns the little bakery.  All for one little dog who is very loved.

Since losing our Sandy, we are all gathering at the slightest hint of hurt.  We were close in the first place but it's different now.  The impossible has happened...the absolutely impossible!
The concern on their faces suddenly made me realize...I HAVE to be careful where all of them are concerned.  One sniffle from me ..and they are on the alert. 
I do NOT want them to worry.  They have been through a lot.  No more.
They watch me carefully.

Mele is fine.  She has some problems but she has taken her medications and is doing well.
She has a condition that is common to all Poms... a collapsing esophagus, plus her pancreas had something wrong with it. 

I know full well what is ahead of me where Mele is concerned and I dread it.  I hope she lives many more years and she will get all the care I can give her.

Family and pets.  What a great thing to have.

And then I read "Marley and Me"...  *smile*  I may have cried but I also laughed.
Yep..laughter is the best medicine of all.

Big hugs!



  1. There is nothing better than the warmth and love of family. How wonderful that they live near enough to come to you when there is a problem. You deserve it. I'm glad to hear your little dog is OK.

  2. Oh what a sweet bunch of loved ones to gather around their Mama:) There is nothing sweeter that the love of family! I have not read that book and steer clear of anything that makes me cry:) Your Mele is SOOOOO precious! I know that you are taking such great care of her! She is BEAUTIFUL! Have a blessed weekend dear Mona and I hope that Mele will be around for many years! HUGS!

  3. That is such a sad book...and movie! It's good...but sad. I hope you have a happy day with your sweet Mele! Come and visit again today if you can to see what I made! lol HUGS!

  4. Two grandgirls and I saw the movie..they had seen it before and wanted me to see it, too.
    I bawled my eyes out...and laughed, as you did. It was a little TOO sad for me.
    I also woke up this morning with you on my mind. I find I think of you often, throughout the days.

  5. I'm glad to hear that Mele is doing better and that your family was there for you and her! You both are much loved and I think that you have to get used to the fact that you mean the world to your family!!

    My Milo is 8 years old. My youngest daughter keeps saying he is old and that we don't have a lot of time with him. Hogwash! He may not act like a puppy all the time but he's fine and healthy. I know we will have him as long as it's meant to be. I've lost pets before and I certainly won't wait in dread of losing him...I'm embracing each day, each year.

    I could never read Marley And Me, nor see the movie, I get hysterical when something sad or bad happens to an animal! Lassie, Old, not for me! But I'm happy you had a few laughs! :)



  6. Such a precious story, and I love how your family all gathers together. YOu are definitely blessed. Hugs, Marty

  7. mele is such a pretty girl! marley and me almost did me in. no more dead animal stories for me.too too horrible!

  8. Animal movies and books are favorites of ours.We loved the movie "Hachi" too...starring Richard Gere. They are usually sad, but so loving.

    I wish you days ahead that aren't so hard.You are so lucky to have a loving family who know you so well.

  9. I am so glad to hear that Mele is doing alright. These pet children are so dear to us. I know you must be having a hard time Mona with your loss.I wish I could say something to help but I know that is not really possible. As they say only time will help but we never forget. Hugs,<3

  10. Pets truly become beloved members of the family. So happy Mele is doing better...such a precious pup!

  11. Also, thanks sooo much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!!!

  12. Thank you for sharing this post. I am a pet lover just like you. And, yes my pets sleep with me. Since I live a lone I feel very protected with them close by.
    Your little Pom is so cute. I think you are a Californian also.

    I am your newest follower. Have a wonderful week end.

  13. I read that book too and loved it even though I cried. I'm glad Mele is better and I hope she continues to bring you years of joy. The hard thing with pets is we know they don't live as long as we'd like and saying goodbye is hard. You've had enough sadness to last forever and I'm so happy your family is so wonderful to you...just like you are to Mele. Have a good weekend.

  14. That was a sad book - I didn't read it or go see the movie. I am bad that way.

    Families are so critical aren't they?

    I am glad your little one is okay.

    Love, sandie

  15. I am so relieved that Mele came home with you from the vet and that there is medicine to help her.

    We had a scare a couple of months ago where our Fuzzy pom's tail lost its curl-up and just drooped. He acted like he couldn't hardly walk. It scared us. I examined him, and felt some kind of lump. His fur is so dense and black you can't see his skin under it, but he acted like he was hurting so we took him to the vet. It turned out that the lump I felt was a "dingleberry". It had felt like it was part of the flesh to me. I felt so dumb at the vet's then. But they were kind enough to trim him up nicely. The vet tech calls him Fuzzybutt.

    My little Fuzzy pom has esophagus problems, too. I have to be careful around him with anything that has fumes. He knows to run away if he sees me getting the Windex or hairspray out. Even Vick's vaporub fumes, and the smell of peppermint toothpaste make him cough terribly.

    I have found that with Fuzzy, if I gently rub and kind of pull up on the flesh over his spine along side of his shoulders and gently massage that area, it sort of relaxes some of the coughing spasms. Sometimes if I hear the coughing spasms starting soon enough, gently rubbing his cheeks and jaws seems to help. I know that his problem is getting worse and I know a visit to the vet for it is inevitable.

    I pray you have many more years with your little Miss Mele. From seeing your pics it seems that she makes the same kind of Pomeranian happy faces that Fuzzy does.

    Fuzzy has some degenerative disc problems in his upper back, just like I do. I wish he would learn to take it easy jumping up on the bed and chairs.

    My husband and I watched the Marley movie a while back. It was a rough one to get through, but we couldn't stop watching until it ended. My husband's eyes welled up with tears. But I had a crying fit that gave me such a hot flash that I finally had to end up getting into a cool shower to cool off and settle down. The Marley story was even sadder than I remember Old Yeller being when I was little. Anyone watching Marley should have some anti-red eye drops on hand for those tear swollen eyes.


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