Thursday, October 29, 2009


A bowl full of kitty heads...and a few spiced apples...cute..but a wee gruesome. The prim artist that does these does such a good job!
Next year it will be different. That is what I keep telling myself. Next year will be better! It isn't a lot of comfort because I had so many plans for this year really will be better for me! Thank heavens I have all of you out there to go visit and enjoy the fun! I'm visiting as fast as I can. Today was a good day!
I have just two days to rush and see as much as I can... :)
Everyone's home looks so FALL and just beautiful! Cold winds blew all night last night..and I slept like a baby! It was wonderful! Not like Fall on the East Coast..but Fall none the less!

The little ghosts arrived...and finally, today I hung them...sort of.

The sweet little stuffed bats are up...and again, sort of. :)

This Halloween kitty smells like cinnimon and spices and all things nice. He arrived a little late and between that and my situation..the poor thing got sat on the table...and that was that. Next year! year!

Hugs and love..and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I purchased this painting from a wonderful artist on ebay and when it arrived a couple of weeks ago, I was absolutely delighted! It's wonderful! She had other items for sale as the weeks have gone by..and I wanted them all..but settled for this piece! Please do click on it to see the details! It is what I always imagine Halloween to be like. Do you agree? Of course you do!! :)

Note the tiny leaf blowing on the wind toward the warm and cozy home. When you enlarge it be sure and scroll it to the left so you can see the home. The real thing is much better as my camera did not do it justice.

I am slow to heal but I really do see progress. My doctors visit today went beautifully...and he has decided to take a "wait and see" position. I am grateful for that!
I tire easily...but that is to be expected, I think. Everyday it progress and I am looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas!
My love to all of you!
I am definitely on my way back and it is to all of you that I owe much of my attitude and gratitude!! :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I read that somewhere recently and I thought how true it is. I want to thank all of you for your sweet comments with all your words of encouragement! You are all amazing and I appreciate you so much.

I was so happy to at least get a few pumpkins and my candy corn lights out before I got so sick. Every day I try to get out on the porch and look at them for a bit.
The children come and a bit of dusting and put things where I want them. I would feel spoiled something awful if I felt better. As much as I love their attention I wish I didn't need it. I know they talk about me to each other...who will do what.."if" ..and that sort of thing. I hate to see the worry on their faces...and their extra bright smiles when I look at them. I thank God for all of them...every single day!
My daughter in Georgia has guided me through all of this from the very beginning back in July. She talks to the doctors office...the hospital...and saves me and my husband the stress.
I am beginning to feel this recovery is never going to will! It is just slow. Back to the doctor later this afternoon for the results of the CT scan. My eldest son has busseled me off for acupuncture this past Monday, and Friday I go back. It's interesting.
They are bringing me food and more food made daily with all sorts of fresh goodies...

I wanted to show you these adorable Halloween dolls that I bought from an artist on ebay. I am always so fascinated what some people can wanted to share..
I love the little crow with the stars on his hat. The pumpkin is precious with is legs, feet and hands all gangly! Of course they are his vines! Both are needle sculpted...
I know they are strange but to me that makes them special...I have one more coming...and I can't wait. :)
If they are a bit too strange for you... :) I understand! The spookier looking the cuter! HOW on earth did she make those long fingers...what work went into these! sweet blogging angelic friends... I miss you! This is about all I can get done...and I want to say that I am so sorry I cannot do more at this time. I feel if I can at least get a post of sorts up, ..... :) I nearly promised you that I would never get sick again...and that I would visit you every single day...and how I wish I could make you that promise. All I can do is thank you over and over again for everything...and I will be so happy to start catching up.
I am going to try and visit a few in the morning...I MUST catch up a bit at least!

Many hugs and all my love goes out to you!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

~TIME TO THINK..A FEW PRAYERS...and lots of BBC movies~

I refuse to fret! So...let me tell you the most important things..first. :)

I have just finished watching the BBC series "The Pallisers" and it is simply wonderful! I will watch it again. I am now just beginning the series of "An American President." Though dry, it is a wonderful study of photo's of authentic old homes and lots of History! I love it! IF you have not watched "The Pallisers" believe should do it! I bought it at a garage sale some months ago for $2.00 and the man said "YOU are getting a deal!" and indeed he was right! :) What I bought was only four video's and after watching them, I was HOOKED! So...I went online and bought the entire series...I believe there are 26 episodes! What a joy it was to watch, especially since I had to be in bed!

So next, the not so good news. An early morning trip to the doctor. Not good. The doctor is puzzled and upset. My daughter, Sandy, who manages the practices of five doctors and has access to their opinions, says...yep...something is amiss! Wouldn't you KNOW it! :) If anyone can get into trouble without doing a thing, it's me. I go for tests.

I won't go into details...suffice to say that something caught me by the tail of my pj's as I slipped under that garden gate! Wish me luck...pray for me...whatever you must do, and I will be forever grateful. I want to live and I admit to being just a little frightened. Did I say "a little?" :)

Me on my 73rd birthday on October 8th. I know I have a nerve publishing myself in my robe...but I was just so proud of being up and about!
My daughter (I have four!) came over and made a little tea for me. Yes...sandwiches and all sorts of pastries. I didn't eat much but it was so wonderful just looking at the lovely way she laid it all out for me. My daughters and grand daughters share my love of cottage style in variations.

PLEASE DO CLICK on the photo's so you can see my lovely daughter, Mary and the lovely goodies she brought from my son and daughter in law's Bakery!

This about all I can do for today...back to bed..but it made me feel wonderful just doing this little bit.

Many hugs and much love to all of you!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


As I slowly made my way to the kitchen for a glass of orange juice to take my pills with, I passed my computer, all dark, I suddenly felt it!
I began to miss you and I felt that wonderful stirring need to at least take a few minutes to thank all of you for helping me through all of this with your wonderful and loving comments. I wanted to feel like visiting with old friends...and new! I want to blog! I want to take pictures, and buy my pumpkins and bake cookies for later frosting and do all the things that I normally do this time of year...but...although I am just not up to it as yet, the fact that I am feeling the need to tell you this, and feeling that wonderful "need and desire" to DO just so good! SO good! YOUR comments made me feel like this!

I bought this little witch from a crafter on ebay before I had my operation. Tiny wooden buttons on her boots and her little face is all needle sculpted. I added several of these wonderful Halloween things to my Fall collection this year...isn't she cute? know what I mean by cute...:):) Lucy's Lazy Daze Primitives is the talented woman who does these. Just wait until you see a couple of other creations she has made. I add a few things each year...

It has been a very rough couple of weeks...not too much mattered except to escape the pain. A few extra bumps sent me back to emergency, but I slid under the garden gate on that one and I am doing fine. :) I have so much catching up to many visits to make! Isn't it wonderful?
Blogging...what a joyful thing it is!

I am sending you my heartfelt thanks, love, and hugs! ...