Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I am so fortunate to have a home..and to have a son in law who is a contractor that can do curbing for us, pour sidewalks and enlarge and flagstone our patio.
My mind does not stray far from what is happening in JOPLIN and in other neighborhoods in tornado alley...
I appreciate what I have.  I know full well that I also live in a very dangerous area..

See that broken area?  The huge Cyprus tree's have grown a root under there and we had to have the concrete broken up and the root removed.  It was over about 8 to 9 inches in circumference.   

See down at the end of the walkway?  Well around that corner is all concreted in now with a new fence and curving flowerbeds to be planted.  OH JOY! :)
Now to pick out the stones that will cover the sidewalk, and the patio.... 
He brought me samples...
I want something that is cool and smooth to bare feetsies in the hot summer months...something that will look pretty in Winter with rugs for coziness.... 

P.S.  My daughter checked in with me  to tell me she is out seeing movies today...can you spell "DELIGHTED?"  I can!!  lol
A few of you out there know the whole story...so you know how happy I was to hear she is now trying to work again and is doing things.   Yes, I worry.  Of course I do...but my daughter is strong.  She is determined and she has love and support. 
Just wanted to let you know....and again...thank you for being there...for my Sandy and for all of us. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Every day I remember. 
I remember his leaving, waiting for each letter, watching the nightly news with fear in my heart.  I remember being afraid when the phone rang..
I remember when the General's car pulled up in front of our house with the flags on the fenders....they caught up with me half a block away and told me it was alright....it wasn't my husand.  He was alright.
I remember how kind the postman was when there was no letter.  The cookies I sent, the harmonica and the guitar and the hundreds of letters I wrote. 
But it was the nightly news...watching the helicopters land and the bloody wounded rushed to them...
The names Vietnam and  Da Nang will alway strike fear in me.
I remember.....

I remember when our fourth child was born and they sent Pat the news aboard the ship and later the  San Diego Tribune sent our photo to him with the caption beneath "Daddy hasn't seen him."  I have that Newpaper clipping.  Danny was walking by the time Pat held his son for the first time.
When we met the ship in San Diego Pat tried to gather all of us in his arms at once..

And I remember when he came home each time...the joy and the relief. 

The freedom we enjoy comes at a price.  A very high price..
That's all I wanted to say...but mostly..
Thank you.  Thank you to our young men and women who serve.  We care...

Thank you, Patrick for leaving me with seven beautiful children. 
I miss you.  I always will
I remember.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Ok, I cannot paint...it's just a fact....I am NOT an artist, but by gosh I can color in the lines...yes I can! 

I found this  garden sign at a garage sale on Saturday..I bought the nice iron (though faded) post for a dollar because I know they can be pricy and the nice lady threw in the faded sad looking sign. 

As usual, I forgot to take a before photo and I had already begun to repaint and refresh when I remembered.  You can see the difference in the leaves etc.  It had all faded to a rather interesting stonish gray color...

At first I thought I would throw the sign away..but decided against it and  instead of spraying it, I decided to just follow the lines of the raised design.  I like the way it turned out..but..as usual, I keep wondering if I should have painted a colorful background.....oh well... maybe next time.
See the before and after?

I left it the grayish color because the stone in front ...is gray..still...I keep thinking...

It's sort of difficult to see so you may want to enlarge, but the metal post the sign is hung on is a very sturdy piece, adorned with leaves etc.  It was faded too and dusty black so I spray painted it black enamel..and it turned out really pretty.

So...project finished.  Home projects have been something to keep my mind off things.

My daughter Sandy is, of course, not out of the woods..but she has a fantastic attitude, a family that is very supportive and she has her faith.  Again...thank you so much for all your prayers, sweet comments and emails.

I knew there were wonderful people in the world, but never did I expect to find such a loving and supportive group of people as I have found in blogging.  I thank God for all of you every single day. 

Friday, May 6, 2011


I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for their prayers during this time of crisis in my family. 
My daughter came through her surgery, has her sisters and family by her side.  It was wonderful to see her smile. 
I will see you soon.
Much love,