Thursday, November 19, 2015


Have you heard blogging called "pretty blogland?"  I have, not a whole lot, but the term is used now and then.  I do understand what they mean...still....
It always makes me feel foolish to take pleasure in the simple things, like new dishes, plaid wallpaper, etc, etc. especially when our world is upside down.  There is so much tragedy going on and I know I have not mentioned it..or given my sentiments on my blog.  I've exchange emails with a dear and valued friend  and dispite our differences, it went amazingly well.  :)  More than one friend in fact.  It's fun learning you don't have to "walk on eggs" with those that are really good friends.

I guess I thought  it was pretty much understood that the world is saddened by all that is going on.  
I just want to say that with all our differences politically and in so many other ways, showing respect is becoming more and more important and I'm seeing less and less of it.  On TV, in the papers, everywhere.  It's good to share one's views if you've a mind to do so, but I just cannot get into the unkind criticisms  that sometimes goes along with our politic's and views on all matters.
It's has become difficult to watch the news.  I often leave the room because I drive PH insane shouting at the television  But, you know him.  Patient Husband?
I like "pretty blogland" as it is sometimes called.  It's a bit of normalcy in a sad world.  It's fun to look at other people's homes and decor...and hear about their families and make friends.  Why not??  I mean, isn't that what we all profess to value?  Family life? 
So those who would criticize "leaders"  who are trying to cope with these terrible times,  please try and be kind and give those under pressure a break.  Don't perpetuate hate.  What good does it do anyone. 

Can you tell I'm up past my bedtime and getting a bit cranky?  :)

Not sticking my head in the sand here, just so, so tired of the anger and hatred in the world.



Sunday, November 15, 2015


Indeed it's not!  But, OH how I love it!  
Many, many years ago in the early 1970's I was "just looking" in a beautiful furniture store (Ethan Allen) and they had this thick catalog on their counter.  Several in fact which cost $10 each.  A decor magazine cost that much and more today.  After walking around the store..knowing full well I could buy nothing, of course I made sure the sales people knew not to spend any of their time with me, I picked up the catalog and began browsing through it.  My face must have shown my longing, because a nice man came up to me and said, "would you like to have one of our catalogs?"  I shook my head no, and said I was "just looking" AGAIN!
and the work begins..

That sweet man insisted that I take it.  No charge, he said.  The catalog was a beautiful book at least an inch thick.  The furniture was Colonial of course, with woods and finishes so lovely..that in time I wore that book out.  
The point is...there was a dining room...a PLAID dining room that was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and from that time on I have dreamed of a red plaid dining room.  Now I have it.  
End of story.
The first piece goes up!  (one of these days that cottage cheese ceiling is going to go!  I guess I could call it "retro" :) because it certainly is.

This picture was take at a different time of day, not so bright.  Later a neighbor came to visit and I took another picture..actually the pictures should be reversed. 
Some of you know I live in a home where strange things happen.  I don't like to go into a great detail because it always seems to get worse when I do.  If it were daytime..I wouldn't mind.  :)
But right now it's nearly three in the morning so the less said the better.  Believe me or's been very difficult at times.  I am now as used to it as I will ever be but I used to think about moving.  PH is at a loss so we try to ignore it most of the time.
Enlarging this photo might help to see them.  Some are on the move and they move FAST!  Only black or a white streak can be seen sometimes..but go unnoticed by those that don't know.  Long story and 'nuff said.

 This is a very, very bright room so the wallpaper looks washed out in photo's and if there seems to be some blue in it, there isn't.  It's the lighting.

 Perhaps the brightness of the room is the reason the camera picked up the orbs.  Look closely..some are huge!  A trick of lighting on the lense.  I wish!!  It is not.

...and the room is back together...finally!  It's going to take me a few days to recover. :)
The black and red braided rug?  I don't know.  Found it at a garage right now that is where it landed.

In some spots the deep red of the paper shows up more.  Wish  I could have done a better job of photographing.  I'm sorry about the lighting..and for so many pictures.  I usually don't do that.
If you are still here...thanks so much for dropping in.

Monday, November 9, 2015


I'm noticing it..more and more.  It's the holidays once more and I'm waiting for that sudden burst of enthusiasm, that excitement of what's to come...and with each passing day I wait.  
I know it's up to me.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, all of it, just doesn't "happen"...we have to MAKE it.
I know this.
So..why am I waiting when I know that what I am expecting will come, but not like it was before.
It's changing.  Children and grandchildren have moved away and it's hard to get everyone together.
Traffic, you know.  I'm joking of course.  
Some even have to work on that day.  What happened to the times when everyone being together was a given.  It was unthinkable that someone would not be able to join the family for these precious holidays unless there was illness.
I knew it would never happen to me.  Never to me.  Our family's losses, all the changes that have taken place were never supposed to happen.

....but they have.
I used to decorate for the holidays with every single thing I owned.  I don't anymore.
I could not find my Fall Leaves this year..and I didn't even have PH climb up and look for them.
I let them stay where they were.  I made do with what I had.

So many of us won't be together this year,  and this year more will be missing than last year.
I'm sad.
But being who I am..tomorrow is the day that the paper hanger comes and begins putting up that plaid wallpaper that has been giving me heart palpatations!  

I cannot believe I am going through with it.  An ENTIRE ROOM OF RED PLAID!  Am I nuts?
YES!!  I AM!

You see, this is my last "go around" and it keeps my mind off things.  I am determined to "make happy!" and so should you!  Holiday's are not always fun.  But in spite of all that has happened..I will decorate the living hell out of this house..bake cookies..and look forward to the ones that WILL be gathering together.  
I will be GRATEFUL!  Just watch me! 
"Live, love, laugh and be happy..."  isn't that the way the song goes?