Friday, May 30, 2014


I nearly did just that!
Seems once I get started it's difficult to stop.  It does drive PH a bit nuts but changing things, creating a different look with paint or material or whatever, is not just a habit..I really do think it either becomes a passion or it doesn't.
I love it when I find that others are often even worse then I am when it comes to changing things..
  PH doesn't like all the
"projects."  It doesn't make sense to him.
But...I don't call him PH (patient husband) for nothing. :)  
It's amazing what you can do with old, sometimes broken things..and what a can of spray paint will do.  Would you believe that I ordered an entire case of spray paint from Home Depot.  Why? ..well...because the color I just LOVE is discontinued.  I nearly paniced.  I tried a different yellow and it didn't work for me.  
So now I have to repaint some things..but in the meantime..until the paint arrives...
....I do have my Apple Green left.

I LOVE bloggers!
Susie @ SHE JUNKS   told me I should not throw out the old umbrella..and described one a woman had decorated with lace.  She didn't have  pictures but was kind enough to try to explain to me the interesting umbrella she had seen.
Of course I don't have the same items to work with as the other woman..but..I did have spray paint and lace tableclothes (old ones not in perfect shape I had collected from garage sales with the intent of removing coffee stains and doing some fooled around with them..spray painting the bones of the umbrella.
It took a bit.  Some lace went on..some came off..I used straight pins because I want to be able to remove and wash the pieces.
As usual, I forgot to take before pictures.  The bones of this umbrella were found around the corner in the side yard by the fireplace all covered with dust and dirt and cobwebs.  I dragged it out onto the grass and began taking it apart.  The spiders ran.. honest!!

I pulled and pinned and ...

Yikes!  NO!  Too droopy..

I LOVE the green wood! 

...took more pieces off ..put different ones on...NOT an easy task but fun!  NO NO..too low..Nope too droopy.
The temp was 100+ degree's.  
I'm exhausted, my arms ache..but I kept at it.
I don't perspire ..thank God!
I'm least for now (my arms ache!  No..actually they are killing me!!)...

I dug out two old panels I had found on ebay and they matched my color scheme perfectly so down came the lace (I didn't like having them there at GOOD lace panels!)
These were perfect!

DONE!  All pinned in place...I folded and fixed and wore my little self out!!
I'm happy with it ..for now.
Thanks Susie,  for your suggestion and for taking the time to send me all you could remember.  I'm sure this is far from what you saw...but I'm loving it.  :) SO are my neighbors, by the way!  Big hugs for all your help!
I love all of you SO much that add to my life,
Thank you!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


*click for closeups*

What to do when you like warm and cozy.. but like light and bright as well?  
For me it's "stay cozy" and bring in the fans, listen to the fountain flowing in the old wooden barrel, surround yourself with lots of fern, flowers and soft pillows.
To make it perfect, I enjoy the company of.... sweet PH and...

my shadow, Mele

They arrived today!
  I think PH was as delighted as I was and in moments they were up. 
AND they matched my patio furniture PERFECTLY!
When I ordered from a online catalog photo, I was concerned..
I ordered "Dragonfruit" ...which is a color I had never heard of and I know there are all shades of red, 
so I worried!
 I needn't have...the color was perfect...

 The umbrella's with the tatters and holes ...are in the trash.
these have cranks!  No more pulling and tugging and pushing.
It was a very good day..
Much love,

Monday, May 26, 2014


Remembering our Servicemen.

I am proud to have been married to a United States Marine for over 43 years!
Patrick served 20 years.  Korea and three tours in Vietnam.
I miss him.

Saturday we went to the garage sales but there were only a few.  The threat of (ha ha!) rain made some decide to not take a chance..and some were into a long weekend of something or other.
Whatever the case..not much was happening. 

I did find this adorable apron for a quarter.  Would you just look at that crocheted edging?  
It has a little bib and a large pocket in front.  I love it

I decided to paint my old wood clothespins pink, apple green and strawflower yellow.   They really turned out cute only took seconds.  

This lovely Liz Sport sweater for $1.00!  Such a deal!
I will enjoy it next Winter.  I took the crocheted string from around the hoodie.  I knew it would drive me nuts.   I have one tiny thread to secure...and it's perfect.
AND it's machine washable and can be dried in the smells lovely.  
I love cable knit.

This pretty clay pot was a quarter.

This is the little pot of roses I got at the same garage sale for 25 cents.
So that is the few little treasures I found.  I was happy with my finds..and by now my poor foot was off we went to our favorite place for breakfast..where the owner always comes out and sits with us and wants to hear all about my finds! :)  
(He has never gotten over the $4100 set of "Prelude" sterling silver I found for $10!)
For that matter, neither have I!

I love these sweet tiny roses which are now climbing up and over the patio.  The buds on no larger than my fingernail.  They look much larger in the picture.  
I can't get enough of closeups.   Lovin' my new camera!

Sunday, May 25, 2014


We are being encouraged to use plants that used little water..drought resistant AND replace our lawns with rock, gravel or something that does not take water....  
Okay to PLANTS..but I just cannot let them dig up our lawn..not yet!
I've never been a huge fan of succulents..but these pots were pretty..and will get prettier with time.  I hope!
I bought two of them to hang on the arbor until the roses grow higher.  "   

 I  read that they are paying a couple of dollars a foot for grass when you have it removed and have stone and/or gravel and plants that takes very little water.  It's tempting rather than a dead and brown lawn..  I just haven't gotten there yet... it's plan is to just wait and see what happens.  You know.
It's called "laying low!"

I admit I dread the hot summer to come with so little rainfall in California this year.
We have to be reasonable here..
I've NEVER been reasonable.
Is that a good excuse for not complying"
Probably not!  :(

Second one.. hmmmm...

Then suddenly I notice BLOOMS.  Pretty yellow sunshiny flowers.
:) :)
The new umbrella's will arrive in a couple of days...I know they have been shipped.
"Dragonfruit" is the color ...I already told you that, didn't I?
It's a red..they say.  Hoping it looks good and that it is a pretty red.
Hard to tell from a picture, you know?

And ONLY within a day or two... :) flowers!

..they bloomed and bloomed!  I really rather like them.  :)

This is a pretty plant stand I found a couple of weeks ago in a second hand store.  it comes in two pieces..

 BOTTOM~  Not very pretty is it.  I like rustic..but..sheesh!!

Sitting on my paint table waiting to be sprayed.
I chose Strawflower, a very pale yellow.  


 Remember how I wanted a doily for the bottom of my tray? A search in my linen dresser turned up this little  piece and it's perfect!

We finally made it out to a few garage sales on Saturday..and this tiny POT OF ROSES for a quarter was just what it needed.. and I noticed there are roses of the same color in my tea set print. I DO love chintz!

I found a couple of other items..that were functional and sweet.  A pretty heavy clay flower pot with raised flowers on it, this little pot of roses and a pretty tomorrow..OH ..and a lovely Liz Sports sweater in cream for just one dollar.  It turned out gorgeous.  I will love it for next Winter...IF WE HAVE ONE!  I will show them to you tomorrow.
This is already too long!!  Are you still here??
If you are, I love you!!

Mona   :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Our lawn swing was old, weathered and the canopy had finally rotted.  After marrying PH and moving lay in a heap of  metal out back by the shed.  Finally we got around to putting it together..finding replacement springs the movers had lost...
I repainted it white..and fixed it up which I have shown in old posts..
Then once began to look ...shabby and though was on my mind to redo it.

 I chose my favorite Satin spray paint, Apple Green, and on Monday got busy early in the morning before the winds picked up.
The immediate difference was  wonderful!  I loved it!
 I finished in about an hour or so..I did the feet last by just slipping a piece of newspaper beneath each.
Then I dug out some fresh lace curtains.  I keep old curtains on hangers in the guest room closet.
Then those garage sale curtains that I bought some time ago.  Roses!  I love the print and the tiny polka dots.
I used two valances recently (striped with roses, in the living room.)  Remember?

A total of four lace panels form the canopy.

The with PH's help..up goes the center bar, and the canopy is complete.
Next comes the crocheted tablecloth.  Simple over the back and down over the seat...the height is adjusted so the tablecloth does not touch the ground when someone sits on the swing.  I just fold it to size.

Then the already recovered pad is replaced.  I pin the center crease to keep the material in the fold of the seat.  Then I flip the crocheted tablecloth back over the padding to match the drop in the front...and I'm done.

Would love to replace that security door.  Maybe one day.

The old ratty wicker end table is covered with the one curtain that has no match but deep ruffles...I just wrap the table and then add a white crocheted piece over the top of that and the plant is replaced.
Fat yellow froggie goes to the shelf of the metal plant stand at the end of the swing.

I repainted the wicker coffee table and left the crocheted piece under the glass so it never gets dirty..
A Chintz tea set in black with roses.
(today I added a perfect Battenberg doily to the bottom of the green tray..I will show you that later.

I also added the little TEA TIME rose sign to the clothes line.  I leave it across the patio to use..and to hang the lace piece on to filter the hot sun in the afternoon.  I have an idea to fix that problem too...soon.

I also added a cushion to my old bench.  A pillow and another crocheted piece add a bit to the little wood bench.  I have had it for many years.
Do you like it?  Even if it isn't your style...I hope you approve.
(I am sooo glad I'm finished with this project before the heat sets in once again.)

 That hanging white basket is gone and a huge ivy is now there as of today.  The afghan is protecting the fabric from the sun.

I've ordered two "Dragonfruit"  umbrella's.  After that.  I do have a table and chairs I am thinking of painting ..a butter yellow.
I still have things to do...but this has kept me very busy for the past two days and I am beat!
Sorry for so many photo's.  I do try not to do that.
Much love to all of you,

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I have been meaning to post these photo's of the lovely Mother's Day brunch my children gave me.
Part of my gift..with my favorite things to eat.

Eggs and sausage...called a furtada?  Fertada?  Whatever.  It was delicious.  

My favorite!  Rice pudding!

What's left of the blueberry pancakes.  (I always forget to take pictures...)  Note the syrup in the little glass log cabin?  That was sent to me by Joyce at October Farm.  She is the one that sent me a box of goodies from her adventures to the Festivals.  The best syrup I have ever tasted!  Thanks again, Joyce!

Gotta have lots and lots of bacon!  My son, Pat, did the honors!

The little glass bowl with the white sauce in it went on the egg dish..and it was amazing. NO idea what it was.  I should have asked before I posted this.  Shoot!

I redid our lawn swing yesterday...and finished it today.  Not as difficult as I had imagined.  Looks so nice.  I will show you tomorrow.
Happy Wednesday, tomorrow.
Mona :)

*Notice I didn't put my bunny and her babies away.  I couldn't, she is just so cute.  Or my baskets with eggs..or some of my other bunnies.  They all seem to go with know.  A good excuse to be lazy?  Oh...probably!