Wednesday, June 17, 2015


..that don't bother me at all...
smokin' cigarette's and watchin' Captain Kangaroo,
now don't tell me...

I've nothin' to do...

Now..don't tell me...
I've nothin' to do...
That song keeps popping into my head lately and I've NO idea why!!


P. S.   Does that song date me or what?  The 1970'  or was it the 60's?  Oh, and I've never smoked in my life.  :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Done, done, done and I'm so happy.  I'm NOT going to do any more projects for awhile.
I always love the results but having rooms torn up starts out to seem so simple and then you realize how much "stuff" you have  when you start trying to put it all back...which... (puff puff) never, ever goes back the same way. 
Also...I am GOING to catch up in my visits to you, I promise!  I am so very far behind.
I guess I could "peddle" faster, couldn't I.

Accent wall before~

 Of course Ray arrived  exactly at 8 am.  Me, thinking I was being funny, met him at the door smiling and said "I've got great news!  You don't have to work today after all!"  
Ray didn't laugh!!  He looked at and the smile faded from his face and he said "THAT does NOT make me happy!"  
I quickly said..."I'm kidding!  I'm kidding, Ray!  It's a joke!"   
Well folks..:( Ray never completely gained his humor back the rest of the day!)  Lesson:  Don't try and be funny with folks you don't know all that well.   It can backfire on you.

" He spoke not a word but went straight to his work"...really fits the start of  the wall papering day.
As the day progressed..things got lighter..but..since I wanted my wallpapering done..

 Here are the after pictures...  :)  The roses in the wallpaper look much lighter in the light from the window.

This is one of the pictures that the colors of the roses in the wallpaper was the most true.
In most of the photo's they looked sort of washed out a bit.

Both the living room and guest room accent walls are done..The bedroom still has to be put back together..tomorrow for sure!

The wall colors are the same as the couch..but I had a difficult time getting the lighting right. get the idea...
Aren't you pleased it's all behind me?   I promise  (oops, the bedroom)  well, I'll show that later when it's all presentable.  Okay?
Red, white and blue isn't exactly going to look great in here, is it?  :)

Big hugs..

Friday, June 12, 2015


Finally!  It's done!
My wonderful paper hanger arrived as always, exactly on time.  
 This is Ray working on the stove area.  I suddenly remembered to take a couple of "before pic's"...

 So I caught the entry into the dining room and family room before the paper. 

After.  I hung the valances to off set the red..and now I'm I really need these anymore.  Probably not.  I'm rethinking those.  

 ..looking into my office.

 Turning to the left..looking into the family room.
 Ray insisted that we only remove the breakables..everything else he would move.
He took that heavy little bead board shelf off the wall and put it back!  

 Looking to the right from where I was standing.. into the living room.  The door into the garage in on the right.

 Looking into the family room that will eventually have RED SCOTCH PLAID wall paper.  LOL  
Get off the floor!!  I'm teasing you!  

 It's okay,  You can say what my kids will say..  "well, if YOU like it....."   :)

 I do.  I really do like it.
The kitchen witch was a gift from a very dear friend many, many years ago.  She has to stay.  Being Irish and Spanish makes for a bit of superstition on my part.  

 Bless Ray's heart.  He even covered my switch plates!  

Okay, NOW, at the last moment there was a roll of left over wall paper and Ray said it was enough to paper one accent wall in my office..and that's what you see on the left of my little 1950's Tappan oven.   I was SO delighted with the whole thing!  It really looks sweet in the office.

Now, listen.  It's perfectly okay if you hate it.  And even if you can tolerate it in  MY home, but never, never in your home...I mean, that's fine too!  I don't mind a bit.  
In a few years I may change it..but remember..I'm old and VERY sensitive be kind.
LOL  I'm kidding you!  All of you are always so kind...I'm not worried all.
 Maybe just a bit!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Not just any red..but ROSE red.

So much has kept me preoccupied this week.  First, was reading my blogging friend, Diane's new novel!
I know many of you are probably doing the same thing.  I cannot get over that she actually didn't just talk about it, she DID IT!
Congratulations Diane!  
Nana Diana Takes a Break is her blog...she'll make you smile..
(I can't get the link to work..but will work on it.)
If I wasn't making a bed or doing dishes or other household chores, I was reading Diane's new book.
It grabbed me and kept me interested from beginning to end.
I finally finished it night before last and refused to go to bed until I found out what happened in the end.
I even answered the book club questions.  :)

A couple of days of feeling ill...then I got busy and baked my PH some chocolate chip cookies. 
My neighbor got some..the gardener got two this morning.  They go fast!

THEN MY FLORAL arrangement arrived.  
The woman who did this arrangement's name is Terri.  She is on Etsy under "Beguiled Again" which I think is just charming.  After scouring both Etsy and Ebay..she is the absolute best I've found.  The small white arrangements in the silver spooner and sugar bowl..were done by her.  
It's in an old compote with tiny baby roses and green leaves trailing on it with ornate handles on each end.  Perfect for my flowery living room.  You can tell this lady loves what she does!  It shows.

See the wall behind the couch? It will be covered with my roses wallpaper by tomorrow evening.  
My pretty red toile wallpaper went up in the kitchen today.  
It came yesterday and my paper hanger, Ray, agreed to come at 8 this morning.  It is just..
BEAUTIFUL!  Just wait until you see!

Just remember..what goes up..must come down...spinning wheel...  LOL  (sorry).

The family room?  How about red plaid?  I'm kidding! I'm kidding! :)

Big hugs,