Saturday, January 30, 2010


I decided since my office was right next to the kitchen and so small, that I would paint it red with white trim like the kitchen. I mean, why not? I already had two rooms and the hall in Haystack gold so..might as well. It worked for me.

This is a view from my office into the kitchen. You can see part of the bifold doors in my office below...

Below is the sample of the carpet..

Well, after several trips to Lowe's and about $20.00 worth of samples I settled on
Tradewinds, the Earth Elements collection by Velspar. That green keeps changing colors on me. That picture is NOT the true color. Oh well...
Green makes me crazy! Why do I use it? Desperation? (I feel the urge to giggle when I look at it..)

The carpet is this mossy green. The name is Grand Teton Green Clover from Lowes.

Two rooms and the baths left to go. Can't put things back...because you KNOW the reason why. They (the carpet layers) won't move ELECTRONIC equipment. Doesn't fall into the "basic furnature" catagory. I was just thinking, I don't really have a whole lot that falls into that catagory. Antiques in the guest room have to be moved by us also. Every single dish...I mean EVERY SINGLE DISH had to be removed from the curio cabinets and hutch.
So we got dish barrels and used every piece of paper we could find and every rag (and we have a ton of them thank heavens) we could find to wrap those dishes in.
We used dishtowels, bath towels, anything at all..but it's done. I might as well have moved!

Now for my paint HORROR story.
This happened in Bakersfield, CA. We hired a painter, "Dave" was his name and it took Dave three months to finish the painting. Dave had developed a habit of showing up tipsy, looking around and saying he would be back in a minute and not showing up until the next day. Dave had been painting our home for two months and the carpet HAD to be delivered and installed, and in spite of our misgivings we went ahead with the installations. We had no choice.

Anyway, Dave was busy painting and chatting away and climbed down the ladder and put his foot into a gallon bucket of snow white enamel paint, spilling the entire can onto the new 3 days old carpet very expensive carpeting!

What happened? Well, I quickly began scooping the paint from the carpet with both hands like you would gather spilled beans from a floor. I pressed and scooped as fast as I could, then ran to the garage for the shop vac and a bucket of cool water. Then he vacuumed while I poured the cold water and worked all the white out of the nap. The carpet was very thick and it did not get through to the backing. We got it all up. We got lucky, I think. I'm afraid my husband was on the verge of thrashing Dave! The straw that broke the camels back?
When I near panic and in odd situations I laugh. I know it's terrible but I do. And I laughed and couldn't seem to stop. The giggles kept coming even though I knew I was looking death in the face!
"It could have been worse. It could have been RED paint!" I said, still giggling. Frank did NOT laugh! I do walk a fine line sometimes...

Hey, my glass is half full! *smile*

I admit I am a bit, just a bit mind you, worried about that green in the bedroom. I never have had great luck with greens. I'll post a picture tomorrow..ok?

Did I tell you I can't find anything around here?

Hugs to all...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


No..I am NOT kidding! We moved FOUR book shelves full of book, and I do mean full!
This is just a bit of it out in the garage.
In front of the books were family photo's and knick knacks. We had to empty them (the top was crowded with pictures and more STUFF! I have not a clue..never mind..yes I do!
Three marriages and 60 years of collecting and buying stuff I thought I had to have. Not to mention gifts of bric a brac my sweet children thought I needed for every birthday, Mothers Day and Christmas, yes and Easter.

You see, tomorrow morning at 7am sharp, dear sweet SIL will arrive to paint the office. We still have my giant size desk which has book cases on top of it, the return, stuff all over the place, not to mention the walls crammed with a very large bulletin board, family photo's, clocks and heaven knows what else.
There also is a large closet which is also full of shelves filled with my Easter and Christmas decor, sewing things, a million coats (in California?) and clothes I will wear again when I get thin. Never mind! Don't say it!!

The carpet people called today and my lovely (I hope) carpet is in and when can they deliver it? They can't! We are still painting! They were great and said they could bring it out on Monday...and I said it would be better next Thursday. They agreed.
They also informed me that they will be moving only "basic furnture items."
But of course. I knew that! In my imagination I guess I hoped they would come in, look around and say "Oh my goodness! Such a lot of stuff you have! Not to worry, we will move it all for you because you have GRAY HAIR and shouldn't be working so hard and lifting things and *pop*
I wake up about there... :(

I KNEW I would be punished for buying so much stuff one day! I bought things I didn't need and would probably NEVER need..but I just keep on collecting. My usual excuse was "My girls would just LOVE to have this some day!" (again in my over active imagination) and I would then buy the item feeling good that I was buying for the girls. Bull!

I have wondered, and I hate to admit this, but I have wondered if I have a tiny problem? Just a passing thought you understand..but the dead of the night when I wake up in a cold sweat and wonder.

I remember one time about six years ago, before Frank passed away, I discovered ebay. (Ask Rebecca! She knows me from ebay before I ever heard of blogging)
I won't go into detail but two years later I went through withdrawal in a self imposed intervention. I STOPPED buying on ebay for a full year.

At first it was awful. I would get up in the middle of the night, couldn't sleep and creep downstairs to the office, turn on the computer (and sometimes forget to turn the sound down) and "YOU'VE GOT MAIL" would boom out of that computer and shoot through my bod like a bolt lightening! I would nearly have a heart attack trying to turn down the volume! Then I would sit and listen for footsteps above me see if I had awakened Frank. Had it been Howard, the jig would have been up! He is the lightest sleeper I have ever known! I can whisper "Howard, are you awake?" and in the middle of a HUGE snore he will calmly say "Yes, what's wrong?" Are you kidding?
No! Honest to God! S'true! The man is amazing!

Of course Patrick was deaf in one ear (big guns in Korea) and a hearing aid in the other with a 96% hearing loss. I got by with a LOT!! I can't tell you how many times I called him a bad name and flinched and the man never even blinked. HE DIDN'T HEAR ME! :)
No more. Howard can hear. AND Howard is FRUGAL! AND Howard gets the mail every day! And..Howard looks are me weird sometimes. I have to say he is good about it.
I mean at least he doesn't punch me out! :)

SO..after this little experience I am going to try and lay off the buying. I mean it! Absolutely! I won't even brouse! I will ONLY go to garage sales...when I can't stand it. I mean this! Do you believe me? No...I'm NOT kidding!

I have to wonder when the heck this GRAY hair is going to start paying off! Basic furnature indeed! Hrmfffff!!

I think I'm tired! G'night sweet bloggers!

Monday, January 25, 2010


The Kitchen has been painted but it's still piled high with stuff from the family room. Or great room as some call it. That is why I have no photo's of the finished kitchen. Stuff EVERYWHERE! I can finally use the stove..but that's about it. The counters are still crowded with...stuff!
Some of the kitchen mess below. I'll try and get some more pictures tomorrow.

Below are two (as usual) rather bad pictures of the kitchen...

The color I chose is a sort of rose red. Laura Ashley's "Raspberry". Did you know there are hundreds of reds? I've never been so confused over color. The white trim is Moonlit Snow by Olympic. Yeah..and there are hundreds of whites too!! They are calling me by my first name at Lowe's. It's strange how the paint counter suddenly becomes deserted when I show up. Do you think I ask too many questions??

It was enough to drive me nuts and I still have more color to chose.

Can you see the color in these pictures? The light changes the color all the time. It is hard to get a good picture of the exact shade of gold it is. Yellow? ish? The name of the paint is Laura Ashley's "Haystack".

The next rooms to be painted are my office and library and the living room. Then the bedrooms and two bathrooms.
The problem bathroom with the pink tub and toilet and tiles from the 1950's, will be white. Every pink or green I tried next them looked terrible. I just finally threw up my hands and decided on white. Moonlit snow is just fine. I guess.

Can you see the color of the walls here?
See sweet son in law over there working? I had more questions about greens and pinks but maybe I best leave him alone. I don't think he wants to go to Lowes with me tomorrow. NO idea why...

Poor sweet son in law who is doing the painting is getting worn out, can you tell?
He finished the great room today. I don't think now is the time for questions either! Maybe tomorrow.

Every room is torn up as all the linens had to be removed from had to be removed.

NEVER again! (famous last words! :) But you know what has been so great about all of this? I am getting to know my son in law. I have known him since he was in the seventh grade, and yet not like now. We talk from room to room while he's been great! He is Alex's Dad. The one that just got married to Natalia in a previous post. Life can be so good....and so sad in other places. It's a strange world. And so life goes on. Another day of painting tomorrow.

It's the little things, isn't it?
Love and hugs,
p.s. I hope son in law still loves me when this painting thingy is over.

Friday, January 22, 2010


This is my oldest, my youngest and my middle child.
What gets me lately is that my children, MY CHILDREN, are getting gray! I'm sorry, but it's shocking to me.
Look at oldest son. He is Emily's grandpa. Where did my baby boy go? Where did they all go?
I guess if we are lucky we get to see our children age, I just thought it would never happen is all. Three of my children are grandparents. My two sons in this photo are both grandparents. Did you know that my youngest daughter of the seven turned 40 this past August?!! Of course you didn't. I need to calm down here...
I need to get a grip!
Patrick, Dawn and Danny. If you do a close up you will see that all three have very green eyes. I have green eyes and so did their father. So it figures that all seven would have green eyes..

The kitchen is painted. The hall is painted. All those cupboards, inside and out...
It's been a long day. I need to visit a few of my bloggy friends and call it a night. I'm tired I think...
Smiles and love,

Monday, January 18, 2010


Little Emily helping her Aunt Natalia get ready for the wedding between her father's first cousin, Alex, and Natalia, her mother's sister. Did you follow that? I am having this one framed! I will put it beside my favorite photo of her father. See below...

Emily's daddy and my eldest grandson, Adam, when he was her age exactly.

I BROKE my beautiful new apothecary jar and can't bring myself to get rid of the lid. A sweet blogger told me to put it on a pretty plate but so far everything I have tried just looks like the "broken lid of an apothecary jar sitting on a plate..." You know?
There has to be something that it will look good on.

I thought this magazine was a bit expenisve, but the cover was nicely made and thick and I wanted to look at everything more bought it! I cringed but I bought it. Thus my floors! I have to say, I'm glad I have it. I need all the help I can get! :)

Daughter and Granddaughter are here from Atlanta, Georgia. It's all about family lately. They are leaving on an early morning flight and how I hate to see them go!
There will be another large family gathering in May, I think, but I am not sure if they will all come or not. Families are not supposed to be so far apart. I think Kristy was getting afraid she wouldn't see me again. :) I smile at that. She will!

Can you tell I had several different subjects and could settle on anything?
Ah well...
Hugs to all of you..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

~DECORATING ....and more...

Would you look at these?! I am pretty much a failure at gardening, so when I plant something and it grows, I get darn well excited! I actually grew these little paper whites. So cute. (Really funny smell though. :)

My sweet husband, has finally decided we need new carpet, kitchen and bathroom tiles and paint in every room. The bathroom floor are finished and so is the kitchen. Waiting for the grout to dry. My sweet son-in-law is doing the work for us which really pleases me because he always does things perfectly! He is not a tile layer, he is a mason (BC Masonry) but he does a beautiful job with tile.

I was elated when I learned work was to begin and the carpet I had picked out a year and a half ago was going to become a reality, off we went to actually order and not just look. And yet...
...this apathy hangs over me. This sadness. I visit blogs, look at the pretties and wait for the joy in the simple pleasures of life to return. I'm sure it will...I never stay down long. *smile* I just wish things like the horror of Haiti didn't happen! We did what we could...but it's difficult to watch the nightly news.


Son-in-law Brock begins tiling my bathroom. Choice was off white tiles with pure white grout.
Finished bathroom floor. Now for the paint. Decisions, decisions.

Would you look at this tile?? :) Are you jealous?
Brock starting on hall bath. The tub and toilet (rose porcelain) and the tile is from the late 50's or early 60's. Actually, the house was built in 1958. Can you imagine the original fixtures and tub surround tile still intact..and in good condition. The wall tiles and tub are staying. The toilet also if we can just get it to flush consistantly. Got a mind of it's own! That cabinet may just have to go. We are still deciding. Paint? Maybe.

All done! Now for the painting. Since the tub and toilet and tiles a shades of rose.. what paint? HELP!! White is all I come up with.

Tiles have been chosen. Now, which way to lay them...this?


I chose this pattern with Netmeg grout.
The darkest one. On the back of the tile it says RIALTO TERRA made in Italy.
I hope you like it.

I am off to watch the 5:30 news. Don't watch? No. Everyone needs to know what is happening. I wouldn't want you to turn away if it were us. So. California is on a massive fault that run within a very short distance of where I and my family live. My son is right on top of it. I will watch. As much as I hate to, I will watch.

Love to all,

Thursday, January 14, 2010


It really is difficult to discuss the importance of floor tiles and getting just the right laying pattern, grout color, and paint color. I'm giving it a day or so..I can share all that later? Just not right now...
Adding to the horror is the fact that it could have been us! There but for the grace of God...
What kind of person would say terrible and destructive things at a time like this! OR feel holier than thou...etc. Makes me sick at heart!
much love..

Monday, January 11, 2010


~This photo made me cry when I saw of those moments in life you want to remember forever.

My daughter, Mary, never looked more beautiful! This photo was taken as she watched her first born son get married in her living room on January 2, 2010.

A brand new Mr. and Mrs..

It's a joy just being in the same room with these two. You can feel the love...and I could not be happier. This is another of my favorite pictures of Alex and Natalia after the ceremony..

I know wedding pictures in someone else's family are not always what you want to see...but I wanted to share them anyway. I hope you like them. I thought these were special.

Smiles and love,

Sunday, January 3, 2010

~WEDDING DAY...and excuses...~

Don't you hate excuses? Well...

...last night at 6pm, my Grandson, Alex, was married to the beautiful Natalia Arrango. He is the eldest son of my next to the youngest daughter, Mary and son in law, Brock.
Unfortunately, I forgot to check and make certain the camera was charged, thus after just a few pictures, my camera died. Needless to say, I was frusterated...but didn't go outside and scream and break the camera and act like an enraged fishwife! (I have never claimed to be the most mature woman on earth and this was a wee upsetting)..just a WEE!!!
No..I just calmly put the camera away and did without it. Thus very few photo's to share with you. Do I hear applause? No? Well, I should because I wanted do some damage to myself for being so...irresponsible! Or to put it in bj's words... "BWAAAAAAAA!"

I am using this photo I took of them on Christmas day the week before their wedding and hopefully I will have their wedding portrait to share when I can get one from Grandson, Frank, who was the photographer at the wedding....(and please don't hold your breath as he is family and we take our sweet time with things and he is a very busy young man. (to brag a bit, he is a graduate of NYU film school and quite the photographer!) :)

Alex and Natalia taken on Christmas day.
(Wasn't he just toddling around yesterday and got his zipper caught....?? Never mind!)

The wedding theme was black and white. My daughter in law Cheryl made the cake! I thought she did a lovely job!

If you enlarge the photo below you can see photo's of my great aunt and my grandmother in hats made by my Great grandmother on the far left. Late 1800's. The center photo is of me and three of my four children at that time. There are also photo's of Alex (groom) in childhood days. The mantel is full of my ancestors, my daughters little family and myself. I do love this fireplace mantel! It is handmade.
The ceremony took place in front of this fireplace and the entire room was lit only by candlelight. Our Minister, Andrew Short, performed the ceremony for us...and said something very profound.
He told us that our job in this union was not just to "attend the wedding", but to be there for this couple while they make their way through life. WE, he reminded us, are a support group. Every single person in the room was a close relative or very close friend.
The groom, busy doing something with ...the music? get an idea of the table set up. Please enlarge by clicking on the photo and remember...this is also an historic home. It once was the old polo club here in Riverside back in the 1800's.
This is Christina, the bride's mother and the bride, Natalia. I thought she was just beautiful.

This is the lovely bride, Natalia and myself. The wedding bouquet was made by my daughter Mary, so please enlarge to see the tiny details. All the decorating, flowers arrangements and decorations were done by my daughter, her sister did the meat and daughter in law did the wedding cake. The wedding was in Mary and Brocks home.. which many of you already know was the home of Emilie Barnes the famous writer of "IF TEACUPS COULD TALK" and many other books. What a lovely place to have a wedding!

This was not the a very good post of the beautiful wedding that took place last night and I regret I didn't do it justice.

Our family is beginning 2010 with a brand new baby, a new life for a happy couple, the opening of the other half of my son and DIL's bakery. I HOPE and PRAY that all of you out there will have wonderful new beginnings and a wonderful year!
Love and smiles,