Friday, April 30, 2010

~CROCHETING of Saturdays garage sale haul..~

I know that some think doilies are old fashioned and out of style etc...but for me they are mini works of art.
I love them. On ebay I spotted a seller selling doilies that her Dad made. She said he had begun as a little boy, some Aunt had taught him and he crocheted to relax. He makes one now and then...and I was fortunate enough to win this beauty. There are others out there much fancier..but this one is special. Do you know anyone who's Dad crochets? I do now...

And here it is on my coffee table. See that little green pitcher under the glass? My grandmother made and painted it many years ago. Her name, Alice Turner and the year is on the bottom in her hand writing. (and by the way I need a change here don't you think? But what?
I'll think about it tomorrow....)

I bought both of these pieces for 6.00. FOR BOTH! Both pieces are lined and of heavy brocade and velvet. Lots of detail but not too much. The large square piece has a tassel on all four corners..

I love the deep rich color of these...great for Christmas?

One was a large square and the other long scarf with the tassels on each end. Perfect for my sofa table. LOVE this deal.

I had a terrible time photographing and I know you can't get the full scope. I should have cleared off my big square coffee table and maybe you could have seen it better...

And that's my garage sale haul for this past Saturday. AND tomorrow day!
(sound familiar?)

The best part is when you tire of things like don't lose a hundred dollars...or fifty...or whatever. It's just a few dollars...and you had fun with it..for a season or?

Lots and lots happening in my life right now and concentration is not an easy thing.
Then I stopped by to see SMB's blog and found out my problem. I HAVE SASS! It's terrible!
I've probably had it for more years than I knew...

Ok..I knew. I was just in denial! (heavy sigh...)

Love and hugs,


Ok. Because of some of the comments I have gotten I need to be more clear. SASS stands for
Short Attention Span Syndrome. If your read WORDS OF WISDOM FROM A SMART MOUTH BROAD you will know exactly what I am talking about....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We have a lot of lovely homes in our town but few hold a candle to this one. This is the entry to my daughters home. It seems to be holding out it's arms to welcome people...
Please do enlarge for detail. You will love it!

My entire precious family has walked through here...and into the heart of this home.

On Easter Sunday we all gathered for dinner and play. My son in law was on the roof trying to fly a kite..I wish I had gotten a picture of it. I always seem to be in the moment and forget pictures...

One of the first items I found was this painting. The woman want $20.00 for it but took $12.00. It was love at first sight...and it now graces my family room. It measures 33X29. A really nice big size.

I am not a good photographer...but I did my best. It is beautifully framed and is signed on the back. I would really like to know more about it.

I always find beautiful books...and this time a movie also. "Kidnapped" is the movie..and I have kept my video player so I can watch these when I come across them. Folks are selling them for next to nothing. I have been able to watch so many films. I watch some movies over and over...same with a good book!

This adorable little rooster pitcher went into our trunk! It really isn't all that little, just a perfect size for a bouquet of Spring flowers! Sunflowers? Daisies?

...and of course silver!! This was the first of two footed trays I found. This one was quite deep as you can see and very heavy. It has a carving on the back of a craftsman at work and something written above it in a foreign language. It says silverplate. Very different than anything I have.

...and of course it has feeties. :) Gotta have feeties! Price? $2.00.

I fell in love with this lovely lacquered tray made of bamboo. I didn't get a good pic. of it..but if you enlarge it you can see how pretty it really is. I have already used this lovely piece! $4.00.

Crystal ash trays which I will use for coasters...VERY heavy! $1.00. White kitten Avon bottle was 10 cents. I washed it out. These things were all quite dirty had been in storage for many years.

The little sweet little relish dish and spoon, both for a dollar. The silver tray was $2.00 and all the pieces I've shown so far that are silver...were nearly black with tarnish. Loving care with silver polish and hot soapy water does wonders, doesn't it?

Here is a better picture of the tray....
...and there are the feet. I always look for feet! :)

This large basket ( really don't buy many baskets at all any more but this one came home with me. SO BIG and sturdy and can be used for all sorts of things. It is 24 inches long and 13 inches wide. Love it. It had a beautiful big red bow on it.

This is a set of six pleated placemats that would be great for July4th or Christmas...whatever.. $2.00. The tiny little floral make up bag was brand new for ten cents. What the heck said I!

A closer look at the basket. Nothing unusual...just neat.

And of course there was this adorable Christmas picture... yes. I honestly don't recall the price but it was very little. I think $2.50.

I grabbed this up for a dollar. It will go out on the porch for the 4th of July! It's tin and a nice size.

I have a weakness for picture of snow and this one looked Christmasy...cute as heck and beautifully framed. I think it was $2.00.

The pillow was free. Daughter gave it to me when I stopped by her home. Says she is tired of it. Well, I'm not!

And see....the cover can be removed for cleaning. I LOVE it when they are made like that.

Tell me...would you have been able to pass this up? It was in a box of junk, very dirty and the back was coming off. I took it apart, washed the class and put it all back together again with good tape. This is a treasure. Someone put so much time into making this...
Someone was proud of this once...and I will give it a good home and care for it. I thank the lady that made it. It cost a quarter.

A sweet lady was closing three of her mothers gift shops. The following things I bought from her..all so inexpensive. I love these fall flowers and the velvet backed Fall pillow.
Yes, it has the zippered cover! :)

Look at this brand new, still in the package tablecloth for Christmas. Napkins included. You can see the price it was originally. I paid $3.00 for it. It says $5.00 on the package but she sold it for less! It was getting hot outside and people were getting tired. The later it gets the cheaper things get! :)

And these two little framed cross stitched pictures. All hand done and backed with felt. $1.00 each. I was delighted with them.

Finally it was nearly noon and time for breakfast. We are not fancy folks and this is our favorite place to eat. Plus it is VERY inexpensive and sometimes they see us pull in on a Saturday morning.... And they have our coffee all poured and sitting on the table. Plus the rest room is clean!!

Don't you LOVE it? :)

Love and hugs. Have a wonderful Thursday! I would set a table..but to be honest getting this posted took all I had....and...I forgot one of the prettiest things. Tomorrow? :)

Love and hugs,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Saturday morning as usual, we rolled out early, made coffee and filled out mugs and we were off!

We headed to our usual starting point of the "Wood Streets" and got quite a surprise.

Yep. The entire main street of our town was lined with these signs! We were, needless to say, SURPRISED! Apparently it had been written about in our newspaper and we didn't even notice it. A Real Estate couple set the entire thing up.
As we headed down the first street, beside ourselves at the many signs, I snapped a picture of this home. I thought the stone work was wonderful. These homes are very old. Over a century most of them.

These tiny homes are very common on the Wood Streets..but some of the owners are now getting older and I think we are losing many of them. Tiny weeds have popped up on this one that would have never been there awhile back.

I even wondered if they were alright or still there.

This is one of my favorites!

I have always loved this home. It has not changed for years. I picked up two newspapers in front of the gate and put them over the fence. I wanted you to see the nice brick work on the sidewalk outside their yard! How nice!

I trooped around the corner to get a better look. Usually I am in a car zooming by. Husband's don't usually want to slow down for a look, but today sweet husband was SO accommodating and I was delighted!

Those darling little flower baskets...SO cottage!
Yep...going home and planting more flowers!! :)

Remember the little home I showed you last week and I said I wished they would have a garage sale?? Well, I ALMOST got my wish. At least their neighbor gave one.

...and our garage sale day began!

Tomorrow I'll show you some more little houses and what we bought! Let me tell you, I hit pay dirt! :) What fun!!

Love and hugs,