Monday, July 29, 2013


 I wanted to share my new wind chime with you.

I have this thing about wind chimes.  I don't overdo it, but I do have several around the property.
I found this one in a thrift store.  It looks very handmade..
There is a beautiful turquoise cross the second strand from the left..but it is turned the wrong way so you can't see it.

 Spoons, forks, crystals and even a silver seashell.
 The wind was moving it around so it was difficult to capture all of the pieces..
I wish you could hear it better..very, very soft sounds.
I am losing my hearing and this has me wanting to get hearing aids, soon!
I can still hear birds, just not well..and I want to hear the water fountain and all of our wind chimes.
Age is running faster than I can..and it's catching me.  :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013


I thought of all sorts of things to make this outdoor area into a room of sorts.  Hanging drop cloths tied back with decorative rope..(saw that somewhere)...
 Finally..I have decided that a living wall will do it.  So..
I have begun making my wall of hanging plants that you have to push aside..and even when it is's really rather nice out there.  I wet down the flagstones..and it stays very nice even at 100 degree's.  Ok..yes..I'm telling you a gollywogger...but it isn't bad.  At least not THAT bad!
I have two fans because the tin roof won't support an outdoor ceiling fan.  Did you know that tin gets HOT!!  HOT! HOTTER???
 Slowly the vines and roses are closing us in..
 This is outside the actual patio area..over to one side next to the shed. 
 On the left (behind that chair back)  you can see where you have to push the vines aside to get past.
This is the vines from the other side.

Mercy!  I never remember to roll up the hose..We have two out there..a double faucet..and I love it.  Can water the lawn which I water the patio.  I want one of those.."Pocket Hoses"...One of the bloggers has the cutes story about hers.  Must go find it and put a link on here.
The extra footage we added to the patio..about seven feet..has been quickly filled.
I promise myself that when I get the patio enclosed..I will stop my Saturday forages for plants to it up? 
Today I used my clothesline..the kind that is attached to one wall and pulls out to attach to the other side.  I hung up my jeans to dry..(don't like what the dryer does to them...) and suddenly realized.. is QUITE cozy enough.  Perhaps...just a WEE too cozy??
I must think on this.  LOL


Well, I'm not sure what this was originally used for...perhaps to cover a baby's bassinet..or..
 ..who knows..but I am using it to cover this little table.  You know, just for a change.
My living room is very long it will stay here..I have no idea.

It has this ruffled bottom on it with a trim of rose ribbon...which goes in this room nicely.
(for now)
I was delighted to pay just one dollar for this Quaker table cloth.  NOT a thing wrong with it.  I just washed it up and smoothed it out flat to dry, hanging it over the ironing board and moving it every now and then..blocking as I went.  It's really neat.  HOW I do love pretty linens! 
Here is another view of the pretty Fall floral arrangement I found.  I feel so lucky that I don't have to wonder what to put on the table for a touch of Fall..(yeah..I KNOW I'm early)  Just playing house is all...just playing house.. :)
 Blogger won't allow me to download any more pictures.  WHAT on EARTH is wrong with them??
Peanut butter and strawberry preserve sandwich anyone?  Anyone? 
LOVE those. 
PH has gone off to find something to clear our drain. 
You don't's those tree's I insisted he plant right over the main sewer pipe you?
Noooo...can't be that.  (eeshhhh..I hope not..) 
Did I ever tell you that I lived in a log cabin when I was a child...(one room and a loft) that  my Granddaddy and Dad built with help from a few other uncles?  I was telling my dear friend Gail about it last night.
Yeah...I was.  She called me long distance from Arkansas!!   Gail at the Farm?  Do you know her? We talked and talked and talked!!
My dear friend Lilly..Saucy Kodz just lost her brother recently.  Lilly is brave, but this has crushed her.  I hate being so far away from some of the folks I've come to love and care about.
I cannot believe the loss we have had in blogland this year.  Makes me cry at the heartbreak..
So many have lost dear blogger friends, children, relatives..
Count your blessing.    Cherish the is just so delicate. 
I am off to water some flowers that are calling me.  Watering them is thereapudic.
My love to you,

Friday, July 26, 2013


It's less!
Well, I give up!  I've sent the past hour and more, trying to download my pictures.  Mostly of garage sale finds last Saturday...and none would download except the ones below.  Most came up with a black X on them and I had to delete them.  So..I just give up.  It's stressful when this sort of time wasting thing happens.  GRRRRRR!
However, something is better than nothing..right? :)
I found this pretty Fall centerpiece at one yard sale where the lady was closing her floral shop.  I only bought this and now I wish I had bought more.  The compote is nice and heavy and BLACK!  The silks are beautiful.  This picture does not do them justice.  I had a better pic. but it wouldn't load.
Price? $5.00   I couldn't buy the makings for that price..not at all!!
A large clay pot.  Heavy.  With a sturdy iron stand.
I quickly spray painted the iron as soon as we got home..and I LOVE it!  Those very large pots are expensive..

A few flowers to plant..25 cents each.  I bought two flats.  The other flat of six was Impatients.
It wouldn't load! 
I put some in a little flower pot for the table ..and it LOADED! 
Yippee!  (doesn't take a lot to make me happy! :) 
If anyone of you who happens by, has had this happen to you know what the problem is?
I retook every single photo that would not download..and nope.  Could not get them on here.
Dunno whatta do! :(

Monday, July 22, 2013


You are probably a lot better at this than I am..I hope so.
I hope you get out there early and have your choice of the pretty things for the coming season.
No..of course I am not rushing Summer ...not at all.  I love Summer, but I can take just a bit of it and then I am ready to move on to my favorite seasons.  Fall and Winter.. 
 Just not a hot weather person is all.
I love crows...and was pleased to find a nice country rustic one on a wreath.

Seems by the time I am ready to buy something pretty for the wreath for the front door..they are all gone..or at least the good ones are.
I prefer buying things like this from artists that make only one of a kind.  I spotted this loose and flowing wreath on ebay and I loved the way this person did her things.  Not tight little circles..but loose...natural looking.  I know this style is  not for everyone...but it is exactly what I love.

This year I am not going to be left behind and wishing I had acted quicker.
This pretty floral beauty will adorn my front door...rather our screen door.  I say "my" because PH does not care a whit what I put anywhere.  NO interest in decor at all.  I sometimes think he thinks I have a screw loose.  :)    I don't REALLY think he thinks that..but I do think he wonders about WHY on  earth I would want to decorate so much.  I even sometimes wonder...
I ...have no answer..none!


I am joining Marty's Inspire Me Tuesday party! 

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Misty water color memories....:)
This is the very Mission where I rolled down the grassy hillsides with my high school boyfriend on several afternoons after summer school.
He would pick me up in front of the school and we would go get a coke and a "Cup of Gold" which was my favorite candy bar back then. 
This Mission is in Mission Valley in San Diego County where I was born.
He and I would rome all around the grounds..peek in the doors...
You can see the bells there in the tower.  I will always remember the sound of them ringing.
This month is the Celebration of the Bells in San Diego.  I would love to go.
All the missions will be ringing their bells.
I LOVE San Diego! 
Patrick and I were both born there.  In the same hospital!  :)
I found this photo online and the memories began to wash over me.
What fun we had.
The only problem back then?
How to roll straight!  I tended to roll off to the a large curve.. :) 
What fun it all was!
I was engaged to Chuck at the time. 
Pat graduated from high school and went directly into the Marine Corp..
It's a long story as most romances beginning in teen years and culminating in marriage are.
But..I have wonderful memories of those days..
Those romantic days of the 1950's...
It's complicated... 

Monday, July 8, 2013


...sometimes come from Mele.  She loves to lay out on the cool grass in the morning and watch me play with the flowers, still in my pj's.  Clipping here and there..while I sip my coffee..
 I watch her and it suddenly occurred to me that I haven't done that in years..and years..
In fact...not since I was a teenager.
I think one day soon I am going to join her out there on that shady grass where it's cool and just a bit damp.  I'll watch the clouds and wonder where the years have gone.
THEN,  I'll try to get up!

Friday, July 5, 2013


My 4th of July began with a bang!  Or rather I should say, a ring!  This blogging thing is an amazing thing.  A dear blogger friend of mine from way up in Canada called me this morning at 7:30 our time, and sang me her own version of a 4th of July celebration song.  It went to the tune of Happy Birthday...   We have never spoken on the phone before..and I had no idea the phone call was coming.
 We talked and talked and talked and only hung up because I had to be somewhere at nine and she was off on a bike ride.  What a PLEASANT surprise.
Thank you, Lilly..I smiled all day long!  Lilly's blog is Saucy Kodz
After a morning at Starbucks with PH's family, this is where I spent the rest of the afternoon,
dozing and watching movies.  Lots of lovely AC.  Cool, cozy and lovely!

My Kindle Fire, a cup of coffee with vanilla creamer and a huge chocolate chip cookie baked by daughter in law, Debby.  
It was quiet and in no time I was fast asleep for a long nap!  Let the young folks zoom around celebrating.. :)  We were invited but decided to stay home and kick back.  Last weekend was very busy...and so was the week. 
PH was in the family room on that couch.  You could hear the Grandfather clock ticking nice.
Isn't she sweet?  This little doggie is very, very old and was sent to me by my dear blogging bud, Gail at The Farm.  She sent her to me for my little fairy garden and  said she was as close to Mele (our little dog) as she could get.  :) Adorable.  The note that came with her was as dear as this little treasure!
Thank you again, Gail!
After my long quiet afternoon, I made potato salad, baked beans, big turkey sandwiches for dinner, and we watched the fire works in Washington D.C.  on TV.  Nope, we didn't join any of our children.  This was our own quiet, peaceful July 4th.  Ice Cream for dessert.  (I already ate my cookie!)
Everyone texted or called with sweet greetings.  What more could we ask for? 
Love to you,

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Please, God, help us reunite as a nation and to stop hating and trying to destroy one another.  Give us the heart to compromise and be what our nation started out to be.  Bring PEACE back into our vocabulary.  Remind us to be what we profess to be in church each Sunday.  Sometimes I think we forget when we walk out the front door.  I think we are mostly all good folks.  At least I like to think that is so. 
So please help us be a bit more grateful for what we have and be more supportive of our democratic way.  Help us show the world what a really
GOOD country is!  I think we get lost along the way sometimes and start sniping when we don't have our way.   
I love our United States, our people and what our country and our flag stands for. 
I want to be really proud once again, not just sometimes, but ALL the time, so give us a hand God. Ok?
Sweet blogger friends, you don't have to agree or disagree..this is just how I feel.  The news is so disheartening.  I feel so sad  hearing the Government, the President, and it seems everything, constantly put down.  Nothing positive to say.  All negitive and not supportive at all!
It seems we sit around and just wait for an opportunity to go for someone's throat.  The hatred in this country is so sad!  My mother used to tell me, if you cannot say something nice, don't say anything at all.  I wonder what the country would be like if everyone practiced that.  If we don't like something, we can change it..but we don't have to behave so badly in the process is all I am saying. 
Yeah...I'm a pollyanna! :)  It's's my blog..or so they tell me.   :)
God Bless..