Sunday, March 27, 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016


I've always loved Easter..
My mother used to decorate the middle of our large dining room table with Easter grass and baskets for all of us children.  There were four and I was the eldest.
Still am. 
But my mom is gone now and Easter is a time I remember my parents and our Easter's.
This year, Easter is at PH's and my home and it's been a long time since that happened.
A new baby girl that will be born this Thursday to my granddaughter, Rachel, will keep us in town.
No going to the beach this year..
when a dear online friend, Jean, sent me a photo she had found of an umbrella arrangement for the front door...I decided to try it.  Jean sent the picture and wrote "It's got your name all over it."  :)
I had to wing it.  Could not find's no wonder.
Simple as heck!
Thank's Jean!!
I found this umbrella at Target for $12 and the flowers I had around the house.
(got lotsa flowers!)
The hanger looks black in the photo, but it's gold.
 I should probably buy new ribbon..found this in the bottom of my sewing basket and it looks it.
Most of the flowers...ALL the rose stems go clear to the bottom of the umbrella..
I tucked Spanish moss every place I could tuck it...
No hot glue at all..if I take everything out, the umbrella could be used as intended without a speck on it.

AND I did have to buy the fern and nest.  Pier 1 had it.  
So..I'm just...about...ready.  Working on that patio now.
Hope you like it.
It's not much of a post but it's better than nothing at all...right?
Right?   :)

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Most of us are lucky people.  We have homes..enough to eat and families to love us.
I try to lose myself in the little things..the sweet things.
But...I will not stick my head in the sand and pretend all is well.
Our part in all this?
Love one another....
The Coastal Redwoods are getting big.  Sometimes I just walk into their branches and stand.
They are soft and cool.  Even though one day someone will come along and cut them down...I won't have to see it.
PH  and I planted them one day in December 2008.  They were only 5' tall or so and now they are taller than the house...MUCH taller.

The grass is trying to fill in again.  Lack of water had all but killed it.  It's still sparce in places..but reseeding helped and our recent rains.  I hoped the rain would be more plentiful...
Some folks are getting way too is so unpredictable.
It brings joy to some and heartbreak to others...

Interesting orbs show up on the lawn..and a really large one in the tree. 
Dust?  The rains just past.  Due drops?  Yep..HUGE ones.   :)  Light refractions of some sort.
Sure.  All of the above probaby. 
What a bright sunny morning this was.  I took these the morning after the rainy day a couple of days ago.
The stones were still wet..I could almost hear things growing..
The grass is getting thicker and greener.   There are so many things I would love to do to this little home.  This is just a little home..nothing outstanding about it ..except it is SO loved.  That always makes things special.  

We are all in this together...hang on, dear friends, it's going to be a bumpy year.
This one's going down in the history books...and it's the first time in my long lifetime that it makes me want to cry.  If family values are important to't hate.  
We ARE one!