Wednesday, October 7, 2015


First, I want to say that it has been so sad hearing on the news of the floods.  What a terrible thing to happen..and the lost ship.  

A bit of rain in California but not enough to do a lot of good.  Still, it was wonderful to hear it on the roof and to fall asleep with it pattering away!
I must count my blessings.  
Tomorrow I will begin my 80th year on this earth.  I've had misfortune, had my heart broken by loss, but I've really been fortunate too.   I have had love.

Loved by three wonderful husbands, by seven sweet children and fourteen grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.
I told you about my new great grandson, Ethan Daniel, born in August,  but  I don't think I told you about the wonderful phone call I received a few days ago.  Granddaughter Rachel is expecting and 
great grandchild #9 is on the way.  We will know next month if it will be a baby girl or boy.  March is the expected time he or she will arrive.  
This is an exciting time. 
That will make 23 grandchildren altogether.  
Makes me smile. 
The thing is, they are all GOOD and kind people.  

I have two wonderful brothers and a sister.  All younger.  My brother and his wife arrived from New Hampshire!  We had a wonderful visit and hard to see them leave.
We both know the time of traveling long distances is coming to an end.
We promised to see one another again soon.
We always do that....

I must tell you  why I am writing this.  I didn't give this birthday much thought and then I suddenly realized that when I turn 79 tomorrow, that I will actually have completed my 79th year of life.  Yes!  What a shock that was!  For some reason I have never thought of it like that.  When it hit me, I sorta had to sit down.  Hard!  VERY sobering to realize that.

  Wish me luck, I'm rounding corner this year.. :)  I'll be sure and let you know what it feels like.
yep.  I will.

Big hugs and love,

p.s.  I could not mentioned this birthday.  I wanted to just let it go by but then I thought.."wait!
There might not be another?  I should make the most of this one.   I should be glad of it, thankful."...then I laughed at myself, and decided to have you celebrate with me. Okay?

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Part of the mystery is solved.  Anyone's blog name put in the search bar comes up with your blog and many of your posts. 
I found some of my pictures on Pinterest from this search page.
Balisha's address...I've no idea  but  perhaps it was on one of my posts and they just kept adding it.
Who knows.  
Amazing what one can learn when one remains CALM!!!  Sheesh!!
(I admit to a tiny bit of paranoia! :)

I think this would be so cute on that little peak on our roof.  Why don't I do it?
Because I'm chicken.  I don't want my neighbors looking at me strangely, although they probably already do, or burning me at the stake.  Maybe nothing so drastic but..why make waves..
I know Joyce wouldn't give a least I don't think she would...but every year I get closer to buying one and having it put up there.  
LOVE Halloween...
The first year I lived here...I put my witch collection out as always...but it made me a bit nervous because I was new in the family.  Who knows what they thought.  Now I do it every year.

So..should I do this..or shouldn't I?
I've a feeling that most out there  would not.
But...but...I think it would look so cute..and I enjoy Halloween so much..

I don't remember where I saw this Fall cake..but I'm glad I saved the picture of it.
I know it was back when I first began blogging and had NO idea I was supposed to give credit where credit was due.  :)  If it's yours...just yell.  
Can you imagine a  Fall wedding with a wedding cake like this?  I can!
A Fall flower bouquet.with mums, trailing  ivy and.....ahhhhh...lovely.  Can't you see it all now?


Friday, September 11, 2015


Tonight I'm busy trying to find my way in the new Windows 10.  Just finding my blog is a trick in itself. I would go into the details..but it's not important.  
Example..if I am on AOL..and go to my blog..I cannot download photo's  on my blog.  I must exit AOL  and find my blog on Google..never's complicated.

Here is the point.

Tonight, while looking for my blog, I typed my blog name into the tool bar on AOL..and my blog came this is the strange part and if you have an answer..please, please put my mind at ease and tell me what you think.

The name of my blog..and the name of  each of my posts shows up and on each of these are the words..
.(.something like this...)
"write to me on "Simply Balisha" and gives the email address of Balisha.  Balisha passed away some months ago..and it was a shock  to all of us who had followed her and cared about her.  
HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??  Did someone do this?  If so, HOW did they do it??  It isn't just on there once...oh's on there over and over.  
I do not even know Balisha's on line address...
I cannot bring myself to even try out that "address"  to try and see what happens.  I'm spooked that someone would do this.

Do any of you know anything about this?

I don't understand and it's upsetting.  

How do I get it off the internet..I don't even know how to fix this.