Monday, April 14, 2014

~BEGINNINGS AND ENDINGS.. was time to call it a day..
Last night, PH's eldest grandson got married.  Would you believe we actually got out on the dance floor..and my sweet husband crooned " Unchained Melody" in my ear!  It was lovely..romantic. 

 Here we were 77 and 80 years widowed twice and him once.  Lots of heartbreak and yet here we were ...helping celebrate a new couple just starting out..
It was a precious evening.
It went so well..and then an awkward moment arose.

There we were..dancing, lost in our little world of a beautiful song..the music ended and before we could get off the dance floor..
the DJ pointed us out and said into his mic..."How long have you folks been married??"  
We froze!
We looked at one another...speechless for a moment..and then I said.."Well...actually just six years but there are circumstances..."   The poor man looked shocked and a little embarrassed.  I don't even remember what he said.  I just remember getting off the floor knowing that everyone there probably thought we were a very old divorced couple...who knows.
So...should I have said "Well..between the two of us one hundred and one years!??"
I sort of wish I had.  

 They had a photo booth and PH and I found our way into it.  I ruined the first set of pictures by hitting the cancel we had to go back when we found out and do it again.
The hat?  One of many they had in a box there so I popped one my head.  PH had a top hat on..but it fell off or something.

By this time we were beginning to wear!  Shortly after these pictures were taken, we stumbled to the car and went on home..
Today went by in a blur of saying goodbye to his daughter who was here from Maryland for the wedding.
Since I didn't get to sleep until about 4 this morning...I am off to bed.  It's been a long and hectic week.

The pictures are pictures taken of pictures because dummy here does NOT know know to get them onto the computer.  So I took pictures with my camera  and did it that way.  
Ho hum!  You cannot teach an old dog new tricks they say.  
I now believe it!  

I did a darn good job camouflaging my black and blue right cheek from an infection I am fighting.  The doctor said NO MAKEUP and of course...being me..I obeyed him!  :)  HA!   
I never get by with believe me, I will pay the price.  
I just could not go to a wedding  looking like I'd been in a cat fight!  At least the swelling has gone down.

I love weddings...and yes, I always cry.  That was our Sunday.  
Bless all of you for your support and kindness to me.  
I am so blessed to have all of you in my life.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


"We need the tonic of wilderness; to wade in the marshes where the bittern and the meadow-hen lurk, and hear the booming of the snipe."
Henry David Thoreau

This is a quote that is on my Susan Branch calendar  for the month of April, and for me it is so true.  Raised in the country, I miss it terribly sometime.  
This morning I was treated to a rare sight.  
Mele began barking and ignored me when I tried to stop her.  That is usually a warning that there is something important going on and I'm to come and see...
I have her trained, and usually just a "shhhhh!" from me does the trick.  Not this time!  She glanced back at me but turned and continued to bark.  I called but she didn't respond. I walked out to see what was causing all the alarm..and there on the wall under our old Cyprus tree was this little Possum. 
I sent Mele to the house and started back to take a closer look and remembered my camera and rushed back inside to get it.
Surprisingly she had not moved.  I kept edging closer and spoke very softly to her..then I realized she was NOT alone!  

She stayed watching me while I snapped pictures and after a few minutes..she sounded a low clicking and I stopped taking pictures and backed away..

I was reminded that I really was not all that far from the wilderness..even though I am in the city.  Her nest is just behind the tree.  At least I think it's hers.  I see that it has been improved.  It was a tunnel good sized tunnel of twigs that lately has been filled in.  Now it appears cave like.  

She turned and headed that way.  I counted at least six, perhaps seven.  As she left I whispered " I know just how you feel.  I've been there!"  

What a really wonderful treat it was!   I needed that.  I really did!  :)  Have a wonderful Sunday.
P.S.  I'm so sorry I haven't been posting.  I've been ill, tummy flu and then on top of that an infection on my face..a bad one!  Two different  antibiotics have made me feel terrible much of the time.  It's nearly gone now and I am grateful.  The whole side of my face has been swollen...  poor, poor, pitiful me!  :):)  Beginning to look human again.