Monday, February 8, 2016


Just kidding!

I not only love babies..but I love baby showers..
One was given for my granddaughter, Rachel, so..yep..going to share a few pictures with you.
There were scones and clotted cream.
Yummy finger sandwiches of all kinds...over on the top side you can see the drink station.
Ice tea, cucumber water..etc. etc.

one of the tables of goodies..
(part of the table is missing!)

The candy table with little bags and ribbons for the guests to take home a bag of candy..

Another luncheon table..
And there were several more tables set up with tea sets.  Each with a different kind of tea.

The problem was,  I forgot my camera..and one of the guests sent these photo's to my daughter in law who could not be there and she sent these to me.  
Otherwise there would have been NONE!
I was so disappointed that I didn't bring my camera..
Ah well...another day in the life of me.  :)

In was lovely.  On the other side of the table were two of the most beautiful cakes..also a pound cake with two types of cream..I only remember one was lemon.  

All of what you see was made by my family.  Most was baked by my daughter Mary.  She and my granddaughter's best friend, gave the shower.
I wish I had more pictures..

  I'm just so disgustedly proud!


Friday, February 5, 2016


Miss what, you say? 
(don't listen to me, I'm babbling!)

Valentines is just a week away..ALREADY!

Dining room table...

I'm hanging on for dear life..but the world is turning faster and faster...

The breakfast bar..

I am not the only one that is feeling like that I I'm going to fly off into space..
Then again...could be.
Oh..and I've become a "shopaholic" and didn't know it.  Yep. T'is true!

The hutch top.

Great grandchild..(baby girl) is due in March and I've been in a shopping frenzy!
Tomorrow is the shower..  This is #9..and I'm as excited as when the first was born. 

Coffee table in living room.

It's been fun..I guess you know by now I LOVE babies to pieces!! I didn't post any of the grands or greats..but, yeah, I talked about one of them.
Sorry.  :)
You forgive me...don't you?

Love and hugs..

Thursday, February 4, 2016


 If you look on the sidebar..this little seven year old was just past toddling stage..she is the one holding the necklace and studying it in my daughter, Mary's,  powder room.  Her Auntie Natalia, who is her mother's sister, was getting married to her daddy's first cousin.  Yep..two first cousins married sisters.  Can you follow that?
Emily is changing..

yes...changing so fast.  I hope I get to see her as a grown woman..but it's unlikely.
My great grandmother never got to see me past this age.  I remember it well, that last time I saw my great grandmother. I was just five.

Columbian and Irish are a great mix, aren't they? :)
Thanks so much for stopping by, what a great feeling to know I wasn't forgotten.

I need to take pictures I know.  I mean, I cannot keep showing you the grandchildren and greats..but I admit it would give me lots to post about and bore everyone to tears!

I just don't want to drift to far again..I'm hanging on.

...that silver thread..

I had a dream once.  I dreamed that I drifted up into the sky..I could feel the breeze..see for great distances..and I kept drifting higher and higher,  I wanted to keep going farther and farther but 
I was teathered to the earth by a silver thread..and it kept me from drifting away...and then I remembered. 

... my babies, and my beloved and my friends..and I allowed myself to slowly float back to earth.  I was needed.   It kept me from cutting that silver thread.
Maybe it was to see my great grandchildren...maybe?