Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Lots and lots of it!
Well..I have to say he has done a good job so far.  Bless his heart.  I don't know who to feel sorrier for..him or myself.  
You see, Duane, that's his name, is 80 years old.  He is just the nicest man you would ever want to meet.  
 This is Duane.. setting up to wallpaper the little hall.

 This is our dear Duane all set up and working away.  So darned nice!  Good at wallpapering too. 

 This is the before picture of the hallway to be papered.

This is another view, the T of the hallway..
It looks a bright yellow but the hall light was on and ..made it look really, really, REALLY YELLOW!

 To make a long story short..Duane began the job at 8:30..
By 2:00 the man was TIRED and said he had to stop.  I agreed.  He had kicked over a five gallon can of wallpaper glue on our new carpet....I told him not to worry..I would clean it up.  I am after all two years younger than he is!  Nope, not to worry..(worry, worry, worry)
By the time he was all packed up to leave and would  come back in the was already getting stiff.  We had gotten as much out as we could by scooping it up in a dustpan and I used tons of small towels in clear water to scrub it.  I thought he was going to have a heart attack.  I thought I was going to have one too!

Finally he left and I got out the shop vac..some warm water and added a bit of fabric softener..and went to work.  I did the best I could and kept changing the bath towels the rest of the day.  I have a stack of old towels I keep all clean in the garage for emergencies ...however...
I really am kind of worried... :(  You know, as in anxious?)
It never rains but it pours!

P.S. AND did it ever rain in Southern California today!  HAIL!!  It thundered and thundered and then it hit..  Hail in August??  Indeed it did! :)
...but the scheme of things if you watch the news...this is NOTHING!  
  That poor Journalist...and then the terrible problems with the shootings.

The dishes...mercy..that's another story.  That one really has me in a dither. :(
But...IT RAINED!! :):)

* hello?  did you leave??  You're gonna just LOVE the hall! :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014


 For three days they sat on the dining room table...looking neglected, lost, without a home.. PH was beginning to look at me funny.  I had to do something before the kids came by!  You KNOW how daughters are.  "WHAT ARE YOU going to do with ALL those dishes, Mom??"  That would be the first thing out of their mouths!   Piles of dishes..something had to be done!

I just bet by the title, you were expecting something spicy weren't you?
Gotcha! :)
yesterday I began finding a place for them.  Much easier than I thought it would be!
  I tend to procrastinate.  Not always...just sometimes.

 First I replaced the Old Country Roses tea set in living room with my new Rose Chintz..
Ahhhh...much better!
I've already changed this since I posted this picture.  :)  Ever changing world around here.

I moved little knick knacks off this shelf and placed the Old Country Rose teas set here on this top shelf..
Pardon the flash..but it's two in the morning and rather dark in the family room.
Yep another "sleepless in Riverside" night.

Another shelf...a little rearranging and PLENTY of room.  Today I found a lovely 13 1/2 inch platter in my Rose Chintz pattern, and it will be placed where the Secret Garden book is now.  I found it to replace one of the platters that were broken en route.

The second tea set fits perfectly right on the dining room table.  Love it!  Plus, I sat out the place settings..
Will finish off with napkins, maybe some silver..this set goes beautifully with silver...AND I have those pretty grapevine chargers......nice for Fall through to Christmas.  The fruit bowl ..gone to the breakfast bar..
Obviously I am not good at staging my pictures.  :)

Now all I need is my chargers, silverware, glasses, cups and saucers, food....and company.
(Does anyone ever use all those dishes?  We don't!  Just for now..)  So..well, I do need to find another shelf or two.. hmmmm...I can do that.

Then, I found a LARGE basket in my shed of "stuff" and lined it with linens and placed the dishes inside all soft and cozy.  They said "thank you!" :)  WHAT?  You don't think dishes can talk??!
I'M TELLING CHIP AND HIS MOM!!!  Walt Disney wouldn't like to hear you say that either!!
I wrapped a bit of pink braid around the handle..added one of the large tea cups tied with  crocheted lace
to the top of the basket.  Ah la Penny...
The tied up tea cup idea came from Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home
(I could NOT get her link to work.  I tried and tried.  I'm sorry Penny!)

The problem?  Yes..there is one.  

Well, heavens, it's obvious!  What's to happen when FALL arrives next month?  
Halloween???  This hardly looks Fall or Halloweenish.

Now look, be nice.  At least the dining room table is (almost) clear.  Besides I still have shelf room up there..just gotta move a few more "things".. 
Looks more Easter than FALL doesn't it?...shoot!!

P.S. don't go tell me you will not be adding any more dishes to your homes because you are plum
out of room!  I don't believe that for a moment!   I need a wire basket, don't you think?  
HUGS! :)