Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The photo's above are a few of my grands and my children.  I thought it made a nice Autumn header.

I have no material...I didn't take any new pictures..at least nothing worth publishing.
I did go shopping and picked up a couple of cute things to add to my Halloween collection today.
Last week we went to the mountains..for  a Hoedown..and it was fun.  The dinner was great, the music was wonderful good old country Hoedown ..but the pictures I took  turned out blurred. They presented a stage play "The Haunting of Sleepy Hollow"  ..and not a one turned out.  
So..I'll show you the only picture that did turn out.
We arrived at the Riley's Ranch at Sundown..and it was beautiful.
 I live about 45 minutes, less without traffic, from these mountains and in the opposite direction to the West  is the Pacific Ocean.  I live right in the middle.  Then if we kept on driving on through the mountains we would arrive in Palm Springs!
We are four hours from Las Vegas, Nevada.
South is Mexico and Yuma Arizona where Pat and I went to be married at 17 and just barely 20 years old.
That beautiful young man will be gone 18 years this December 15th.  I lost him in Autumn.  Autumn Leaves was our song.  Those Autumn leaves are beginning to drift by my window...and I miss him.
I always do and most of all, this time of year.

These are the beautiful San Bernadino Mountains  where so many people come to spend time in Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, etc.  We have skiing and summer sports.  I was born here in Southern California, as was my mother and all my relatives, so these are places I've gone as long as I can remember..except a short time of my childhood when I lived in Oregon during WWII.
You must click on the photo to see how desperately our mountain ranges are suffering from lack of water.  I love California..and as much as I love to travel and was delighted with the beauty of other states..California is my home..it's where I belong.

Our subtle season's are wonderful in the sense that we can go find the color, or go to the snow in nothing flat...go deep sea fishing...or to a mountain stream..  We have the giant Redwoods...we can watch sea creatures at play, such as Seals and little Sea Otters, etc...and the Whales pass our way.
Anything that hurts California, hurts me.
If I go South there is Mexico.
Things have changed so much that it's sometimes confusing to me.
Makes me sad.

I don't think there is a state in our Country that I don't have a sort of connection to and that I care about and where dear ones live.
I have blogger friends in probably every state and through them I have come to know a bit about them and their state on a personal level.
We are one.  Why can we not remember that.
How lucky we are.   How lucky I am to know all of you.
Call me a sentimental old fool..it's ok, I don't mind one bit because it's true! :)
Lov'n hugs,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Every day I intend to do a post..just to let my blogger friends know I'm here..but every day I end up putting it off.  If I knew the reason why, I would say.  I don't.
I'm not ill.
I'm not really depressed.. perhaps a bit.
The week has not been bad..so..  :) I'm back.

 I did accomplish a couple of things this past week that I have had on my "To do" list for a long time.
(I don't really have a list.. well..except in my head.)
The little iron front fence has been removed and the rust chipped, sanded and repainted by a professional painter, and put back in place..

 ...and my little red bench has been repainted by the same man that did the fence and in the same paint as the house trim and placed away from the lawn sprinklers at the far corner of the garage that needed some interest.  This works for me. 

I saw this gorgeous Dragon Fly sitting on one of the tippy top branches of our peach tree and thought he was worth capturing.  Isn't he/she(?) just beautiful.  Matches my little red bench to a T!   :)

 Front porch cleaned, power hosed, stripped of overgrown plants and dead ones, fountain scrubbed clean and adjusted and all ready for the season.  EVERYTHING had to come off the porch and it was knee deep in old dead plants and pots and a foot high in clippings and gunk!

 Yep..came out of my doldrums and got busy and accomplished something!  

I love this little flower box on our bedroom window.  The button mums have finally bloomed..and I'm loving it!  

I LOVE taking care of a home..maintaining it..homemaking to me is a constant thing.  I am a closet cleaner too.  I confess.  I love to clean and see things sparkle.  I have never seen homemaking as a chore but as a hobby that takes some skill.  It's been a lifetime of learning..and something I never tire of.

Just a fact.  :)

If you hate housework...that's okay.  No two people enjoy the same thing.  To me, homemaking does not stop at the front door.  It's inside and out.  It's a full time job and I never liked working outside our home.  Many of my friends prefer it..I never did.

Do you still love me?  :):)