Thursday, February 26, 2015


Panic set in when my blog address failed to work.  It's been a week since my last post and when I tried to get on my blog it DIDN'T name was up for grabs!!  Strange.  But..after fiddling around's back., far.

What's new?  Well, I was going deaf and now I can hear!  I am wearing hearing aids now, in BOTH ears!
I realized when I plugged my left hear..I could not hear the birds, could not hear the fountains water running, and my hearing just kept getting worse over the past two years.  In a group of people..words were garbled.
I struggled to hear people on the phone with my best ear.  
I am all better!  The birdies never sounded so sweet this morning and when I sat down to play my piano this morning, I burst into tears..of pure joy at the sound.  
The ability to do things I've always done..
To run
To ride my bike
To hike on mountain trails..
Go on long walks
Slowly, going unnoticed, they are all slipping from me.
My hands..and arms..there are spots on my skin that used to be so smooth.
My slender ankles..gone.
My dark hair, white as snow....'s going to be fine..because
I can STILL dress a baby doll. :)

This poor little girl looked like this when she arrived from a seller on ebay..
I thought she was a beautiful doll.  At one time, she was pretty expensive.
A Lee Middleton, Riva Schick creation.
"Princess Diamond"..without her clothes and tierra...

 ...and in nothing flat..she looked like this...
Click on the picture to see how really pretty she is..

Tiny white patent shoes with hearts..
My little great granddaughters are going to LOVE her!
I used to collect baby clothes that were doll size 0 to 3 months,  at a second hand shop just for babies.

Lots I can't do anymore, but I can still dress baby dolls! LOL

I know, I know..not much of a post, but at least I'M STILL HERE!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I would have never believed it would take so long to empty a bathroom.
Click on the pictures to enlarge and PLEASE oh please tell me it's pretty!
(unless, of course you hate it..then know...don't say anything. )
The photo's are taken with only the bathroom light the paper looks's white.
Soft white.
It had just plain pink walls before.  We still have the 1950's louvered windows.. 
At first PH wanted to change all of the windows....but I loved the 1950's look...

Finally, all back together again.
 I have new curtains but they've only just arrived..

It's still a 1950's bathroom..and I love it.
It hurt to put nails in that lovely satiny textured wallpaper...I only put them in the center of the roses.
All of the cabinets are white and the floor is  white porcelain tiles.  The other side of the bathroom is all dressing table.  More lace there...Tons of storage in this tiny powder room.    

All done..