Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Here she is.  All the way from Georgia...

 She is Kristy, my Sandy's daughter.  We lost her mom and my eldest daughter two years ago in February and it seems like yesterday.

 She brought me love, smiles and tears..
We talked about things that were funny and we talked about her mother and we cried.
She is the eldest of my 14 grandchildren and the mother of my first grandson, Jaden and later a little granddaughter, Katie.
We were in hallway in our pajama's  when she was trying to show me how to take a "selfie"..didn't work of course. :)
I hated to see her go back to Georgia. 
I could not have a sweeter or more loving or more understanding granddaughter..

 I have six granddaughters and all are as loving as Kristy.
Am I lucky...or what.?
She was going to help me with the Fairy Garden but we got distracted.

You can see her comment under "Two Kiddo's"on my last post.
She is 3000 miles away from me..but right in my heart.


Sunday, May 17, 2015


My "lots of plans" are getting a very slow start.  Each day passes and some things get done..but SO slowly.  I'm still limping around...drives me nuts!
Very inexpensive rental.  Just a visit now and then is all I want.

It's that time of year, (time for Fairy Gardens) so today when I looked at my pretty Irish grass that I had bought several weeks ago for my little wheelbarrow Fairy Garden, and saw that it was dying, I knew I had to get started.
I hear tiny tappings on my windows so I know it's time.

I took the little Fairy House I found on ebay and headed for the back yard.  Since it has a lovely fireplace, it will be cozy right through Fall and Winter. WILL!!

Bad start since I could not, for the life of me, find my favorite little red handled trowel that fits my hand perfectly.

I found how I wanted the house to sit, (I had already cleaned the garden a few days ago.  
Then I chose the grass that hadn't died and pulling up a garden chair..I got started.
Yep..I got started!  I really did.  It was a great feeling!

I popped in some pretty flowers here and there..

Here I'm peeking through the ivy covered arbor at the house.  The tiny door you see opens and closes. *smile* 

Now to get this all more some tiny ferns and get them potted. ....
Decisions, decisions!
" kitty, kitty.."

More tiny flowers are needed..lots to do's a start.
I need tall plants for behind the little house..some English ivy to grow over the top and mingle with the other ivy I've been waiting to grow...and grow...and grow, and boy did it ever grow!

I found one of my tiny succulent's and potted it..on the front porch.  

It will change ..lots more to do..but it's a good start...  it will change...
( an aerial view!)

...and change..and I will never be completely satisfied.
I noticed that there is already one tiny Fairy sitting on a little bench.  A bench?!
I don't use things I don't think a Fairy would use. So would a Fairy have a tiny orange cat as a pet?
Or sit on a bench?
I haven't put my pretty FAIRY GARDEN sign out yet..or finished the planting around the little bridge where little ferns will be growing around the water.
The little bird bath needs water too, of course.
I have a tiny bike but...not would bother to ride a bike since they do a fantastic job of flying.  How do I know all this??  
Because they told me SO, silly!!  :)

Love and hugs,