Monday, July 28, 2014


Well, I'm almost there..but..not quite.  However, the seller is another story!

I have had this pretty set of dishes in mind for a very long time.  I love roses and I also love a deal.
This was a set that I really could not justify getting.
Some people have things, other people have children.  I had children.  Seven to be exact!

Then a few days ago I came upon it on ebay and it seemed to obviously be someones collection.
It was a "best offer" sort of thing, which I hate because if you don't know the value of makes it difficult.
So I began looking at other dishes in this pattern.  Some were very expensive and others were..not too bad.
In other searching and comparing didn't help me one bit.
I decided to throw my hat into the ring.
I put in my (I suppose) rather low bid and held my breath
The next day came and went..and still no response at all.
I began to think ..."Either they are not at home OR they are insulted and refuse to answer!"
Another day went by.
I kept peeking but no response.
Then I noticed there were LOTS of "watcher's"
Why so many and what were they watching?  Maybe to see if I got told off by the seller.

There are 134 pieces of china in the set.
Two tea pots.
One coffee pot
Three covered sugar bowls
Three creamers
:)  "Oh, do go on!"  you say??  Okay. :)
11 dinner plates, 11 luncheon plates, 12 salad plates, 18  bread and butter plates, 12 cereal bowls 8n soup bowls, 8 berry bowls, 8 regular tea cups and 8 saucers, 8 extra saucers, 4 large coffee cups and 4 saucers,  and six extra saucers, 2 serving platters, 1 oval serving bowl, 1 round serving bowl, 1 covered serving bowl, one gravy boat with 1 underplate and 3 votive candle.  One mug.  ??
Another day passed.
Panic swept me and suddenly I found myself just hitting the button that said "BUY IT NOW!"  and it was over!
I owned them.
I was so darned excited!

Very shortly thereafter a note arrived from the seller.
It went something like this:

Dear Seller,
Thank you for your purchase and prompt payment.  They are a lovely set and I know you will enjoy them.  I am traveling over the weekend but will get them packed and shipped to you by next Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest  and will send you the packing number.  Thank you again, and I can't WAIT for you to see them!
I was so pleased that I wrote a short note back thanking her for her note.  Said I was sure I would enjoy them.
Not a chip!  Not a crack!  Not a scratch!
She wrote in her ad on ebay "This set is extensive!"
and it is.
One hundred and 38 pieces.
I was really excited, and then another letter arrived.  This one was longer.

Dear Wsprsweetly*of*roses,  (this is my ebay name)
Thank you for the note.  I'll make sure they're well packed so they make the trip safe an sound.  We're moving and have company over the weekend but I'll get them out early next week.  They are one of the prettiest patterns Johnson Bros. made, in my opinion.  If you like to use complementary pieces , they mix beautifully with the Chippendale in red.  It's a big set and if I were you I would put some aside for "company" and get a small set you can use whenever you want and not feel guilty.  If you're a tea drinker, it's soooooo relaxing  to make a pot of tea, sip it from one of these graceful cups and nibble on a snack from one of the plates!
I love this set and hate to see it go but I'm so happy you like them!  They look like a Victorian Garden when the table is set with these and a few bouquets of fresh flowrs.  Just lovely!!
Use the dishes  Theyre too beautiful to save for only special occasions!
Awww...bless her heart.  She really hates to part with them.  I feel a little bad..but I write to her assuring her they will be well cared for.  I promise her this.
Another day passes..
Another letter arrives from Sara.  About the dishes.

Dear Mona,
Hi again!

I also wanted to tell you that while you can put these in the dishwasher, I wouldn't advise it....every day!
It will speed up the crazing process.  They are JUST not used to the heat.
Also, not a great idea to put them in the microwave.  Again, they'll be okay but it will take a real toll on them.

To keep them looking their best, avoid using sharp knives on them that will leave utensil marks.  If you do get scratches on them, you can rub them out with a stone polish.
Remember, they are basically ironstone so they're pretty strong and tough.
I think I mentioned it in the listing but many of these pieces came from Canada and are from the early firings of this pattern.  They are true antiques and not the modern day refires.

If you're interested in learning more about these types of dishes and the history behind them there are lots of great books.
Anyway, thank you again for your purchase.  I really hope you get much enjoyment from them.  I will miss them.
I really feel bad that she had to part with these dishes!  So I write to her again and at a loss as to how to make her feel better..I write:
Dear Sara..
I feel so bad that you have had to give up your dishes.  I want to assure you that I will never put them in a dishwasher because I don't own one.  I promise I will take very good care of them and I won't let people use knives on them.  Also, if you are ever in Southern Calfornia...please do come by and visit them.  My invitation is very sincere.
I hope this helps to keep you from worrying.
Mona :)

Have you ever bought something and just felt so sorry for the person you bought it from?
Poor baby!
Do I still want them?  Heck yes!!


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Come by and see all the pretties! ~

Friday, July 25, 2014


Paint in the air
Paint on the ground
Paint in my hair
Paint all around
No..not just a little bit..but covering the entire car !
White spray paint!
All I could think was "He's gonna kill me!  He is going to KILL me!
I KNOW he is gonna to KILL me!
I am dead woman walking!

I have been wanting to paint this awful black chipped up screen door for a couple of days ago
I began my project.  As usual I didn't take a great deal of time to think it through.
Dusted it off..grabbed the spray paint can and snapped on that wonderful invention of a handle that saves the finger from falling off and began spraying away..
Need newspapers to slip under the door!  Done!
More spraying..
Need to shut the garage wait..cover the window with paper.
So...I do that!
Back to painting.
"What a difference!" I think to myself.
"PH is going to be so surprised..."
Half done.  Getting hot!
Go take a break and get a cool drink.
Sit for a while...
I go back to painting....
Forgot to shut the garage door!
No problem...and I shut it!

I finish both sides of the door.  It looks gorgeous!
Sooo  much better than it did.
The entire patio looks lighter and brighter without that awful nasty black door.
What a great day to get all that done in nothing flat.

I rest a bit and go into the garage to put in a load of wash.
The door to the patio  is open?  Hmmmm..
I open the washer....and it feels like...sandpaper?!
How strange..I rub my hand over the lid...OH NO...I got spray paint on it.
I look down...the garage floor is covered in ..a fine mist of white spray paint.
I feel a slight bit of panic begin to creep upon me.
I grab a rough washcloth and towel and begin scrubbing the washer..
and it first nothing happens..but it  begins to come off.. and I get it
all cleaned off.
Then I start scrubbing the comes off the concrete rather easily.  GREAT!
Then it hits me!
I rush over to check...and OH GOD! NO!  The entire car is cover with paint.
Both lights go on in the garage and I frantically go to work.
My daughter in law calls for her evening chat and I tell her what has happened..
I'm out of breath and near tears, scrubbing frantically!
Several times I check on PH but he is quietly working on his computer.
Daughter in law offers to come and help ...NO!
"No!!" I tell her,  "He cannot know what I have done to the car!"
She feels so sorry for me...No need.  I feel sorry for myself enough for both of us!
I scrub, and pray, and pray, and least an hour passes..and I know it won't be long
before PH shuts down his computer and goes in the kitchen and he will know I am not in the house!
I work faster.
I check.
I double check!
I think I have gotten it all.  I turn off the lights and quietly slip in the house.
WAIT!  The front window...the wiper back I go and in another ten minutes I am through.
Just in time.  I hear his light click off at his desk.
Thank heavens, I made it just in time!

We head for bed and by the time I am ready to climb in..PH is already dozing off.
I can't do it.  I have to confess.
I tap his shoulder and say..
"I have to tell you, I did a terrible thing but I think it's alright..."  He says " To your computer?"
No! Worse!
I have his attention...
So I tell him the story and all he says is "Do you think you got it all off?"
I say "Yes, it's all nice and smooth so I think I did,"
"Well, that's good."
He smiles.  I smile.
A lovely ending to a wretched evening.

Then he says..."I let the dog out and saw you in the garage on a ladder scrubbing the top of the car,
and I thought to myself, she sure has more energy than I do, cleaning the car at almost ten at night!"

Big hugs!