Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 The photo below is of a TV screen.  The show is "Body of Proof" and my grandson landed a tiny part in it.  He is a kidnap victim and this is his picture and to the right is the information about him. The second photo was of him in a bodybag, unzipped...showing how he was killed.  I could NOT make myself put it on here.  Not a fan of those shows.

My daughter Mary, watched the show but was so interested in whether he did this or that right that she wasn't even horrified.  Me?  I had VERY mixed feelings. 

Well...you have to start somewhere..and when he got the casting call..to do the part..he certainly did not turn it down.  I haven't seen the episode yet and don't watch crime shows..(they scare the heck out of me) so ...but I guess I really should watch.  I don't know...yeah..I probably will.  I mean after all, it IS just a TV show and he IS my grandson and I AM proud..still.....  :(

The name of this rose is Irish Hope.  It means a lot to me.
It should arrive shortly. 




  1. Oh, how wonderful to land a spot. You gotta take whatever they hand out and like you said "You gotta start somewhere". Congratulations and hope there are many more to come. Ya gotta watch - he landed a part in a show - that's a real big deal - remember, it's not real, he is acting :)

  2. Well I know you are proud and YES you should watch:) Love it that he got a part! Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

  3. Wonderful! So happy for your grandson and wish him all the luck in the world in this venture. It's not everyone that can say they were in a TV show.

  4. I love Body of Proof. Dana Delaney is one of my favorite actors. I have the last episode recorded...is that the one he was in? I will look for him. How exciting!

  5. Oh I have watched that show, I will look for him, congrats to him for landing such a great role. Hugs, Marty

  6. Hey girl - don't you think that everyone starts little like that - I see actors when they first started out - so congrats - he really has a chance of making it big - if it is meant to be - it will be. sandie

  7. I do enjoy that show. What a great start for your grandson. Just watch it and watch how talented he is. Hugs..

  8. how terrific....guess you just have to push yourself to remember it is just acting! can't wait to see where you plant the rose. it is gorgeous.

  9. I hope this leads to much bigger things! As you so rightly say, you have to start somewhere!
    I have been visiting your blog while waiting for our evening meal to cook. As always, I leave here feeling so in awe of you and contented! You are a truly beautiful soul and share so much of yourself. I consider myself hugely privileged to know you, Mona.
    Much love,
    Desiree xxx

  10. What a lucky break for your Grandson. I bet he is really excited to land a part on such a good show. It is one of the few TV shows I try to watch. You have to see his episode. Just keep telling yourself its not real.Please let us know when it airs so we can watch.
    The Irish Hope roses are lovely. I'm sure they have special meaning for you.
    Hope you get to spend some time in your garden this week while the weather is so nice.

  11. You be proud granny . . . tough work to be noticed and signed for a part!

    I like your Irish Hope . . . Where did you find it?

  12. How proud you must be of him. When you watch keep telling yourself it is just a story.
    Love the rose. Does it have a perfume.

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