Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Everyone should have one! 
On Sunday we joined my next to youngest daughter and her family at Dana Point, not far from where we live.  It's a really beautiuful area.  It's the channel where all the boats and other sailing devices come in and out of the harbor.  Lovely.
We just sat and gazed out at the water.  As you can see by the jackets, it was a bit cool.  Not cold, just cool enough to wear something cozy.  You can also see by my wild hair that the breeze was up much of the time. 
SOME people take issue with their picture being taken!  Sheesh!
Oh wait!  He was looking at my hair!!  lol
 ..and the boats drifted by..

 ..and daughter Mary began to dream of owning her own boat...and would we all be willing to go out on it with them? Of course we all agree we would!
(I agreed as long they stayed close enough to shore so I could float there if need be.  Then I began to wonder about sharks!  I am NOT one to be up close and personal with water!  I just like to listen to it run and look at it.

 We ate big Subway sandwiches, chips of all kinds, cold drink all brought by my grandson's and their wives.  The cupcakes were made by my daughter, Maryalice!
(who, by the way was very camera shy because she didn't look her best!  Well...heavens! Who does when at the sea shore! 
At the last moment when we were loading into the cars, I managed to grab a quick shot of my two grandsons and their wives (and  their  mother.  The wives are sisters.) and little great granddaughter Emily!  Got that?  It's complicated.  Two first cousins married two sisters. yep! :)
 Adam, on the left is Emily's daddy and Cristina next to him is the Mommy.  Uncle Alex is holding Emily.  Alex's wife Natalia and their mother are standing to the left of them.
I am SO proud.
Taking pictures when on an outing is where I fall WAY short.  I am always caught up in the moment.
I ate TWO of those cupcakes, by the way!
A very nice Sunday afternoon!
Luv'n hugs,

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I almost can't stand it when I go out and look at what a few waterings of Miracle Grow can do for my little wheelbarrow Fairy Garden flowers!  I am SO dingy dang pleased! 

 Those little Johnny Jumpups and violets just make me smile.
I highly recommend a Fairy Garden.  Mine is not structured..and does grow a bit wild for some fans of Fairy Gardens..but that's the way I like it.  However, I admit to losing tiny objects such as a wheelbarrow and little tools. :(   You would think I could find them in such a small space..but..all that has turned up in a tiny pitch fork.  Ah well...
Remember other old garage sale wheelbarrow that I dumped the Roach infested soil into??
Well...guess what?? 
This is what it looks like now!  All ready with brand fresh soil and ready to be planted!
NOT only that, I painted that old faded yellow bench..
PH fixed a broken board on the back and it's as good as NEW I tell you!!
I've had it for...ages and ages and still like it. 


Here it is on the front lawn..I just had to show you so I took my camera and ran out there in the DARK (and I am afraid of the dark!) and used the flash to take this picture.....
JUST for  you!!  :)
(Sprinkler just went that's water you see dripping.)
Do you love my red bench???  I KNEW that you would!!
I hope you are "spraypaint" inspired.  What an easy way to make changes...
Big hugs,
I may be a bit late but I am joining my friend Marty at:

Saturday, May 25, 2013

~A TIME TO REMEMBER...updated...

I miss you..Patrick.  I always will.
Feb. 1934- Dec 1997
I have decided today that I want to add a few things about my first husband of 43 years.
Pat and I met in high school.  San Diego, California was where both of us were born.
In the same hospital, two and a half years apart. 
We were both taken from California  to opposite corners of the United States.  Him to Florida and me to Oregon.  In our grade school days we were both brought back to California and ended up attending the same high school
Pat join the Marine Corp after graduation in June 1952 and was sent to Korea at 18 years old.
He served 13 months there and when he returned in March 1954, we were married that June.  Him barely 20 and me 17. 
  He was a Ranger in the Marine Corp, spent three years as a D.I. at M.C.R.D San Diego.  He spent a year in Okinawa and three tours in Vietnam. 
I miss you my beautiful brave daughter!  My Sandy Rae.
April 1959- Feb 2013 
Sandy was the eldest of my four daughters and the third of my seven children.
She was the mother of two wonderful children and the grandmother of 3 when she died.
Shortly, within three weeks after her death, she became the grandmother of a beautiful baby girl.
She never got to see or hold her.  She was a dedicated and loving daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother .  She was also the office manage for several doctors.  She loved gardening, cooking and decorating her home.
She and her husband (since high school) had just bought their dream home and she just finished decorating it. 
She was my protector, watched out for my health and probably saved my life more than once.
She watched over me and her brothers and sisters from 3000 miles away.  She was a wonderful daughter.
She loved to surprise me by just suddenly appearing when I least expected it. 
You were my rock, Frank.  Your last words were "I love you" and when I think of you I always say "I love you too!"
Oct. 1933-Feb. 2007
I seldom ever mention Frank.  I married Frank four and a half years after losing Patrick.  He married a very sad and heartbroken woman, and gave me six years of his love and life.  He was kind, honest and loving.  I am grateful to have had him in my life.  He was loving and kind to my children and together we had six brief and wonderful years. 
He served in the 3 years Air Force.   
*Balisha dear, my heart goes out to you and to all of us who have lost one of our babies or one of our loved ones...

Thursday, May 23, 2013


HE speaks to us every why don't we listen?

When I'm supposed to be sleeping is when I think of things I want to do.  I've even been tempted to get up and go turn on the outside lights and do things in the middle of the my pj's...and it's just plain silly!
So..last night..or rather at 4 this morning, I began to think what I could do with that little Fairy House I love......
I've been putting this off until tomorrow ..for ages.. 
I bought some sheet moss... this morning I got out the glue gun..and scissors..and the sheet moss I bought.
I laid it on the little roof and cut the moss to fit..then hot glued it down. 
MUCH better!  Now to touch up the trim..add some tiny vines...maybe tomorrow
Yes..much, better..
Do you see the hanging haphazardly under the arbor..because I had lost the hook it had been hanging on in all that growth.  I'll look for it tomorrow..

Then when I took this picture and enlarged it...I SAW IT!  See that metal hook there through the greenery to the right of the little's brown... YIPPEE!, I DON'T have to look for it tomorrow!
So I ran right out and retrieved it and hung the lantern back where it belonged. 
I need to REMOVE the pink faux flowers on the arbor.  NO unreal flowers in our garden!  That's just plain ugly!!
Tomorrow...I'll do it tomorrow!  
 See all the gardening I have to catch up on?  The little stone path is all overgrown, the hen and chicks plant and all the other pots are all out of place..lots of work to do and that little Fairy there is NO help at all.  She just sits and looks at me helplessly.
She said she would help me..tomorrow..
And the kitty...Where is that kitty??
She better watch her tiny steps, because I've been shopping around..and there are some mighty pretty little Fairy's out there.  Would I do that??
 (no..but she doesn't know it!)
Yep..lots to be done still...and Mele's no help either! 
Mele, get your little furry fanny over here and help me!
No,  don't tell me you'll do it tomorrow!  I NEVER put anything off until tomorrow!
I just LOVE it when I finally finish a project.  I really, really do!!
Lov'n hugs,
P.S.  The other Fairy Garden (Cockroach Haven?) is still sitting around the corner...waiting..waiting...for me to stop doing something I never, ever do.  Procrastinate.
OKLAHOMA!  Please put shelters in your schools!  Do NOT procrastinate!
LISTEN when HE speaks to us!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Tonight's dinner was SO simple.  I just sat at my desk and finished up yesterday's left over's from Irelands graduation dinner.  I was so involved with the party that I forgot to take pictures.
This might not look so great..but it was delicious.  Finger food for big people who want to read blogs and not eat their dinner in the conventional way.  What is it?  Well, it's BBQ fresh pineapple, steak, chicken, cherry tomatoes and in short ..a shish kabob off it's stick! 
The base of this California Coastal Redwood is now taking up two of those trunk protectors. 
Daughter, Erin, was here last night and looked at the trees....
...and said "Mom, you DO know that those tree's have reached the end of their alloted space..don't you??"   Of COURSE  knew!  What did she think..I was blind??
A neighbor across and down the street one house, has these same ferns in her flower bed in front.
The other day I got a shock when I noticed that she had whacked them off so that they reminded me of a boy's 1950's flat top haircut.  I mean...what in the world was she thinking and don't tell me that everyone does things differently!  It looks terrible and I will take a picture if I get a chance just to show you.  I mean..WHY???   :)  It takes all kinds I  guess.'re right!  They're her ferns!  Sheesh!!
That's it for today.  The graduation party was a success and my tiny great grandson took his very first steps in front of our home with all the family cheering him on!  Daughter took pictures...but me? Oh well, as usual I was caught up in the moment and didn't get a single picture of anything or anyone.  Have to depend on daughter for pictures...and that's PIE IN THE SKY!  (same daughter that told me my trees had "outgrown" their space!  Grrrr..I hate it when she is right!!
Can you tell I'm tired??
Nite nite!
p.s.  She also told me I gave a utube moment when I decided to ride down our driveway (it's slanted) in my husbands old desk chair that rolls!  Not at all sure what I was thinking....but worked great and I didn't have to stand on a board!!  I did however have to be rescued before I hit the street... probably saved me from breaking my hip!

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Mercy, but it feels good to finally finish a project!  I haven't done much painting of LARGE places and I really dreaded this, but once I was into it..I really enjoy it!  I loved the final results.

Keeping busy keeps me sane!
I pulled out the medium ladder, PH got out the house paint and I masked it all off and got it done in a couple of hours.  What was neat was near the end when my arm and legs were beginning to give out, I came back out from a potty run to find PH up there doing the top edge where I was struggling.
I gave the shutters a fresh coat too. 
(Another goal is to have a larger flower box under that window one day!)
The trim on the garage door a couple of weeks ago...
How would a couple of potted evergreens do on each side of the garage door???  Shhhh..don't tell PH!

...and the front window a couple of weeks before that.
I really like the red trim with the rustic little front porch. 
I captured a picture of Mele on the back of the couch..barely!  That's her favorite perch so I have a little quilt over the back of the couch.  I didn't use the flash as I thought that might be the part of picture taking that alarms her....or..maybe not...

That's all I have today.  Nothing of great interest..I guess I'm just fishing for compliments on all that painting.  I know, I know, not good..but I need something to help me feel like all the pain in my legs, arms, and BACK was WORTH it!  Do you think all that red will be noticed?  :) 
Pain pills are going to be part of my diet for the next couple of days! 
Big graduation dinner here this evening.  Granddaughter, Ireland graduated from College last night.
It's been a long road..but sweet daughter Mary and her husband Brock have all three through college!
Good job!! 

Monday, May 13, 2013


was a snap...with a little help from my friends....
I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day...
..Coffee!   Always my beginning...otherwise NOTHING gets done! 
..and my wonderful PH... 
because when there is lawn to be mowed and the heat is rising in Southern California to 100 degree's...this man is up and out without coffee, newspaper, nothing....totally focused.  WISH I could do that!
I wandered off to Lowes for flowers to fill the little old wagon.. freshen up the baskets.. baskets to hang from the front porch..snapped this one while I sipped my coffee and PH drug out the mower..
Then I painted our little window basket with a fresh coat of red paint, new liner and new flowers...
..and PH mowed..some more..
New roses to plant.. (puff puff!) (later!)  There I go again putting off planting! 
Two new RED extra lawn chairs for extra seating.
They look pink in the sunlight, but they are actually dark red..inexpensive and pretty.
(Oops!  Mele's little skunk got left behind when Mele's zoomed to the other end of the yard!)
Yep..pretty but ran back and bought cushions!  Hawaiian print?  Oh well..
...and sweet PH mowed on...
(NOT voting for that friend of PH's.  Friend or no friend!  Would you believe stubborn husband would not take that sign away?!  I hate signs for politicians in our yard!)
Things are shaping up...
..and that was only the beginning..all this in preparation for our Mother's Day weekend.
*painted the bistro table and chairs
*ran and bought four new chair pads.
*rearranged all the patio furniture
*finished weeding the flower bed
*cleaned out the refrigerator 
*washed front room windows and back patio door windows. 
*vacuumed the and...
never get the idea.
NO photo's of us snoozing the late afternoon away...
Perhaps next year..
*a housekeeper
*a gardner
just for starters!!
So..are you inspired?  I mean for the housekeeper and gardner??
I am joining Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life for her Inspire Me Tuesday party!
A cloud hung over us this Mother's Day. 
Thank you to all of you for all the love you have sent to my family and I.
Grieving is a process and we are going through it.

Friday, May 10, 2013


It isn't that she doesn't love me....she does. She is my shadow...until I pick up the camera..then it becomes a bit of a challenge!   She just will seldom stand still in the yard long enough for me to get a decent photo of her.
Hey!  Mele!  STOP!  I wanna take a picture of you.....

Good STAY!  No, STAY!  I MEAN IT!!
There is NOTHING're faking it!

OK LADY!! You're in TROUBLE!!

Just another day in the life of Mele...
 (That's a blossom from one of the fruit tree's there on her little moving butt!)

My photography is just terrible.  Not sure how to take photo's of a moving subject. 
Doggone it ...WHY does she hate the camera!  Especially outside.  Huh?  Anyone?

So..a trip to Lowe's and I made a real dent in my outside tasks...
Monday I will show you just how much..
You are going to be SO PROUD of me!  I mean I am proud of me!!  :)

Love'n hugs.