Friday, August 26, 2011


Tomorrow is once again garage sale day.
However I wanted to share the rest of last Saturdays sale with you......

To paint or not to paint...that is once more the question.

  We were nearly home when we saw one last garage sale and though tired, decided to stop.
I'm glad we did!
And...there it was.  Exactly what I needed.  I thought it looked familiar...then it hit me.
We had one exactly like it at home.
  All I need is new matching pulls for both cabinets and it's going to be just fine.  (I'm still fiddling with where I put what.)

I REALLY needed the space for my dishes, etc. 
(In the photo it looks like a large scratch on the cabinet but there is nothing there.  Something must have been reflecting off the wood.

...should I paint them black or not?  Gotta feeling I will.  Patient husband isn't saying a word this time.
The new one is a bit darker in color than ours. 
So....should I??  I think I should. 

I'm not insecure.  Not a bit!  LOL 
Price $25, but got it for $20! 
Finding the right pulls is going to be a challenge...
I TOLD you it was a great garage sale day!
I also found this oil painting for 50 cents, frame and all!!  I think I will Google "Cantrell".
It's probably not worth anything..but thought I would check.  It's on canvas on some sort of board.
I hung it in my office.  Snow paintings are my favorites I think.

Watching the storm's progress.  Wouldn't it be great if there was not one person hurt?  I pray that will be so.

Love & Hugs,

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I have the sweetest neighbor that lives across the street from me.  I consider myself lucky to have her.  She is a great deal younger than I am and has a little six year old girl.  Her husband works out of town and is gone for a week at a time.  I have known the family for about a year now.

My friend comes over nearly every day.  She is lonely I think.  Her family lives near by and I also know her family.  Very nice people and close knit. 

She has a little girl that is just adorable.  From the first day they came to visit it was difficult to carry on a conversation with her mother.  She would stand between her mother and I and demand attention.  Not knowing them I just did the best I could to hear what the mother was saying as the little girl talked OVER her mother non stop. 
I gave the child my attention as much as possible, reading her stories, playing with her etc.  I have dolls and many childrens toys, such as play dishes...etc.
Even giving her lots of time new things to interest her..nothing worked.  She talks non stop from the time they arrive until the time they finally leave.  I say "finally" because it become very wearing.

The little girl was a premature baby and the mother is in her 30's with no intention of having more children.  Not that I blame her as this cute little girl is a handful.

It's been a year now and nothing has changed.  The mom just has difficult time disciplining her at all.
Here is the worst part.
The child is often insulting!  Not just to her mother but to me as well!  She speaks more like an adult then a little girl.  I have seen other children in my life that were somewhat like this one...but not this bad by a long shot.  
Recently I have begun speaking up.  When she begins to get  mean I attempt to stop her.
I tell her "that's not a bit nice!" or some such thing.  It seldom has any impact.

I have even, of late, given her little talks such as "you are so cute and I love you.  But..I want you to be as sweet as you look..." or some such thing.

Here's another thing.  She seems to be easily distressed at times and gets a very hurt look on her face and it's sincere.  So I back off and just let her go on...and on...and on.
I know her mother adores her...and doesn't want to upset her either.  That's obvious.
Now and then the mom will say "STOP!"  but in a few seconds it starts all over.

I have begun to...and I hate to say this...find reason to get back inside the house to work after just a few minutes of a visit.
It makes me feel bad.  I mean REALLY bad because I love the little girl AND her mother.

I have even told my friend in a laughing way that "I think God knew what he was doing when he gave children to the very young." 
We have even talked about how the constant adult type insults and such get to the mother badly at times. 
She says she talks to her about it.  Tries to get the little girl to understand.  Nothing works!Q!

It's the hands on hips, squinting eyes, sassy back talk that finally gets to me.

I do not want to lose the friendship...and I keep thinking she will outgrow she is now going on seven.  But nothing changes, only seems to get worse.

My would you handle it.  I feel so bad when I make excuses to disappear. 
Any suggestions? 

There have been times I don't answer the door!!  That's NOT me! 

Thanks for listening.
Love and hugs,

Monday, August 22, 2011


Saturday was garage sale day.  We both enjoy getting out and having a little treasure hunt. 
I found some things I really liked this time!

This little oval silver box was the first thing I came across.  It is quite heavy and was so tarnished that I didn't even realize the name "Rosemary" was inscribed on the lid. 

I photographed it on my hutch and the floral arrangement reflected in the lid. I took another..

This inside is lined with deep blue velvet.  I just put a necklace inside so you can see.
(Wherever you are, I will take good care of it for you, Rosemary!)
Next I found this oblong lovely silver jewelry box.  No inscription on the lid this time..but once again very tarnished.  The inscription plate was blank but now gleams.

This lovely box was $4.00

This lovely silver dish was another find.  My favorite pattern.  Again..very heavy but very tarnished.
Price?  $2.00

I have MORE to show you tomorrow.  I tell you, it was a GOOD day!

I also have a story to tell you and I want your advice.  It's a "what would you do" story.
Ok? to bed to do some reading about King Henry the 8th and his wives.  Love that English history.
I think it's the photo's and descriptions of the palaces that fascinate me.  Nothing like I envisioned at all.  Cold, dark dreary.  And the antiquated toilet system...horrible! 

No more Fairy Tale idea's.  Reality sets in with History.
Really fascinating!
..nity nite!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


..and this is the last time.  Not that I wouldn't, but time is now running out. 
A chore completed!  Patient husband and I got to work and got it done.  What a great feeling..AND it's great to find the roses I have been searching for.  I did have to buy them online..but they got here fresh and I hope one day to enjoy them as I once did at my other home. 
Not easy to see, but the arbor is UP... 

See the pretty scrolling?  I LOVE it!  So sweet and my daughter was sweet to give it to me.
Those tiny metal brackets will be touched up. 

The roses arrived and are now planted on either side of the arbor...and yes, I know they look puny, but one day (if the creek don't rise) they will cover this arbor and be lovely.  People will stop their cars and gaze in AWE at the beauty of our roses.  Ok, maybe I am being a wee dramatic..but, hey, it could happen.  :)
"America" is the name, and they are climbers with large double blooms and smell so sweet. 
As you can is still a work in progress..the stones have to be laid in the area around the roses forming a sort of porch like area in front of the fence...and the pathway leading to the front of our home has to be completed...but it will happen.  Just wait and see... :)

This is a (poor) photo of the arbor I had at my last home before it completely covered the top.  I have photo's but I cannot locate them at this moment..but you can at least see the size of these roses.  Can you sort of picture in your mind how it will look one day?  I can.

So all done.  Once again I am putting my heart into making this little house a home.  We are always working at it...but now I know that in a LITERAL heart beat, it can all disappear.  It has happened to me in the past...actually twice, but I have learned something valuable at this time of my life. 
I understand how people persevere when all is suddenly gone..and how they can get back up and start all over again.  Some may wonder why and how they can do it.  But I KNOW how they can do it.
I know very, very well.

Like that little ant..that moved the rubber tree plant?  I've got high hopes. :) 

Love and hugs,

Monday, August 8, 2011


These are my favorites..sitting high on my dish cabinet.

The silver seal on these says "Royal Copley"  If anyone knows anything about that name..I would love to know.

I cannot even remember where these came from..  Oh well. 

I bought this little lamp from a catalog.  I've seen a few around blogland..

I rescued this metal planter from my daughters pile of things she was taking off to Goodwill...

These were bought at different times at Antique stores...oil painting..

This grand old man was another item headed for Goodwill or a garage sale..
I think my daughter was overwhelmed by so much.  She will get it back one day.

This sits on the counter by my sink...

I have many more Roosters...but I thought this was WAY to speak! :)

Thank you to our lovely Hostess Shelia!  I am sure you probably know her, but if you don't, do yourself a favor and hop over and become addicted!

Love and hugs,

Saturday, August 6, 2011


It was actually 108 the day I started trying to post..two days ago.
Out of desperation I dug into my little chests because I am just plumb out of idea's.  I hope you don't mind.
"Precious Patty"

There was a little baby pig
Her name was baby Patty
But as that baby piggy grew
They called her "baby fatty"

Now this baby pig was very small
she didn't hear them saying
How very chubby she had grown
She just smiled and kept on playing.

For baby pigs are meant to be
Cute and sweet and chubby
She didn't know that as she grew
Her friends would call her tubby.

As time went on, the days flew by
And our baby Patty grew
Then one fine day the time had come
For her to go to school.

Now years ago all folks knew
Not to hurt each other
To not be cruel and say mean things
Treat all folks as your brother.

This was a time of childish joy
And all our Patty knew
That is was time for friends and fun
A time to go to school.

Our baby piglet smiled and smiled
Expecting all was well
She laughed and ran and jumped and played
Now only time would tell...

The days passed by as school days do
And everyone loved our Patty
And do you know not a single child
Called our precious Patty fatty?

So you can see that loving ways
Can cause others not to sneer
To not be cruel and say mean things
To be nice...and kind...and dear.  

Thanks for taking the time to read this...I promise I won't do it again! :)

My sweet daughter, Mary, has moved and some of the things she decided not to keep she has bestowed on her Mom.  For the yard.  So..tomorrow I have something to share.  FINALLY!

I hope you are not cooking in this heat as badly as we have been.  My poor flowers have been burning to a crisp!
Hurry Autumn!!

Love and hugs,