Wednesday, March 30, 2011


And that is exactly what I did!  Sent my Sweetheart off to Home Depot for paint..and got busy.  A LONG time back I bought a cute little shelf at a garage sale for $3.00 and before that a quilt rack that was in poor shape..with the thought of...painting them...of course!'s done...

...and there they are...all freshly painted and in my bedroom.  I need to tweak the shelf a bit...but was in a rush to get it done so I could take a picture...
You KNOW how that is! :)
Love and hugs,

Today is 3/31/2011 is another very HAPPY BIRTHDAY for a dear blogging friend!~ 
Balisha @ NEVER ENOUGH TIME is having her 73rd birthday today!  Can you imagine?  And her just a kid!  She always has time to make wreaths for her neighbors, send cake recipe's to her blogging friends (like me), take care of her neighbors little dog..and is a wonderful Mom and Grandma and an avid gardner!  I love having her in my life!  I learn from this woman...and I am older than she is!
Happy Birthday, Balisha!!  We love you!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Happy Birthday....

dear Desiree!
Happy Birthday to you...

~You are so special to all who know you!~
Have a wonderful day...

Go wish Desiree @ a Happy Birthday.  :)  She is one of the sweetest bloggers in our community.  If you would like a lovely South African adventure...this is the blog to visit! 


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


First I want to tell  "Lavender Dreams" that I am sorry it took so long to do this post. 

I have no explanation why I love dolls so much...  It began when I was a child, my love of
dolls, but it was nothing any more than any other little girl. was something I eventually outgrew..or so I thought.

I married Pat in June, 1954 and six months later I was pregnant with my first was a boy.
Back in the 1950's there were not a lot of really cute clothes for baby boys, but I managed to find some.
Also, no money to spend made the search a bit difficult, but, no cute little girl things were to be used by me for a long time. it seemed to me.

Then I had my second boy..I had "hand me down's"  but once again was  in constant search for cute little boy clothing....tiny ducklings, little building blocks..choo choo trains..etc.
When babies were very young back then..cute little Carter's outfits were the thing...and I had several I loved.
VERY baby! 
We didn't dress our baby's in BIG BOY clothes until they were walking.  Not so today.  Babyish things are not so popular today.  Not like back then.

I spent much of my time dressing and redressing my babies and combing their hair..making them smell sweet.
As a nursing mother I didn't have to contend with the sour milk spit ups...but when and if they did...into the tub they went with a baby lotion follow up. 

I was totally into babies. probably KNOW that by now if you know me at all.  I mean...I did have seven after all! 
Why?  Because I got pregnant?  NO!  Because I wanted them and every single one of them that came along was absolutely the most fun.  The best time of my life was having and caring for my babies.

It has only been a few years since I discovered that I like dolls.  Especially when I discover the artists scupts and beautifully redone to look so real.  And the clothing!!  I was least to a point. 
When I saw this little doll for sale...I fell in love with her.  Not because she looked anything like my own babies because she doesn't...but because she was different.  She had this quizzical little face and seemed to be looking right at me.  Sort of like my lovely gift from new bear and apple of my eye, Abagail. 
Everything about this doll appealed to me..
The tiny feet, those big black eyes..

The tiny bracelet has her name on it.  Actually,  I did name her Elizabeth..but Lizzie for short.
The material this outfit is made of is...just amazing...I could not believe how soft it was and the detail. 

Little rosebud mouth...

Tiny feet and the artist even made the skin look so delicate..and real!  Look closely!
Not a toy.. :)  Well...except for me of course.. 

Little chenille romper.  So sweet...and all of the clothing fits 0 to 3 months.  A tiny new Granddaughter could wear them....NOT that I am pushing anyone! :)
This is another outfit she came with.  The trim is black velvet ribbon and the material the little dress is made of is something like a very soft wool material.  Not sure exactly what..but it is beautifully made.  The little headband is also velvet..

All of her outfits pictured, plus the one on the doll came with her.  Her hair is all rooted one strand at a time.

Now...end of story. 
When daughter #2 came to visit and saw the doll..she just said.." Mom!  You should give these dolls to your little Granddaughters!"  and shook her head.  Is she kidding?  These are not toys...even their little eyelashes are applied one at a time...
Oh well.  :) 

As I said, I wish I could explain my love of dolls and especially their clothes.  I wish there had been clothing for dolls or babies like that when I had mine.  So...I learned to sew. 
Whatever the case, I am having fun with my dolls and it has become a hobby I really enjoy! 

The rain has stopped and tomorrow I am going to do some painting...
More rain tomorrow they say.  Are they kidding??
I hope everyone out there is doing fine.   Are you? :) 
Hugs and love,

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Yes...I think last Saturday was exactly what happened.  Some really good luck.  Below is the rest of what we found!

This a beautiful deep red brocade tablecloth I found for $1.00!  I dug it out of a box..unfolded it..I think it is about 110X60.  Wonderful for my holiday table.  The material is just gorgeous...but for some reason I passed it by thinking.."I do NOT need another tablecloth..yes, it's beautiful..and no I don't have one like it but...

And so I left it there.  We went to breakfast at the bakery...I could not get it off my mind so back we went and it was STILL THERE!  That never happens to me.  If I pass something's gone!   :)  This time I was lucky!

These nice shoe shelves for my closet..$2.00 each.  I shared with Sweet Husband as he was look ..a bit jealous when he saw how nice they looked in my closet.  :)

Two hard back novels for a quarter each but the paper cover on one was a bit ravaged...however the book was perfect.  A pair of very soft and comfy knit gloves that stretch to fit my hands perfectly.  And..a lovely turquoise, bead and silver necklace for a dollar.  Just beautiful after I got it home and cleaned up the silver...LOVE IT!

Christmas decorations...ALL FOR JUST $1.00!!  Nothing really unusual...but...I honestly could not believe the price for ALL of it!  When we got to the yard sale...they made it clear that they just wanted to get rid of the what I don't children will!

She threw these in for free!  I have never seen a glass candy cane like that.  And..I know that little bell is very old.

This entire "school box" was filled with stuff...and every single pen worked perfectly.  Cost?  25cents!!
It said 25 cents on the lid...and when I picked it up..she said..."look inside!"  I said "you are kidding" and she said "nope..not at all!" 

So into the pile it went.  I have a daughter who is a teacher... :)  Oops..I mean a Counselor...  I keep forgetting.  She could use these and Granddaughter, Rachel is a brand new grade school teacher...:)  It will NOT go to waste!

Now here is the difference between a garage sale and an Estate Sale.  These flowers at the Estate Sale..cost $3.00.   At a garage sale, a quarter!  After that we went STRAIGHT home!  Whatta day!  And...Saturday is almost here again.

Another set of silver plate us a lovely breakfast at the bakery, but I already told you about that didn't I? was a very good day!

P.S.  Sweet husband got tons of stuff don't really want to see wires and you? :)
Ok..maybe Christer does...:)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


There is a precious blog written by a wonderful woman.  It is called "The Bear's Blog" and she makes Teddy Bears.  A fantasy place where bears rule. A bear called Prudence pretty much runs things and oft times gets herself into trouble..but she tells the truth..
While I was off playing sick in the Emergency Room of our local hospital, a package arrived.
Meet my Abigail!

You should probably click on the photo if you are a lover of beautiful Bears...because this one is just amazing!
When we arrived home a big box was sitting on the floor of my office...and Sweet Husband was grinning from ear to ear.
Joyce had told me ahead of time so I had been watching and waiting for Abigail.  I was not sure what to expect but knowing Joyce just the little I do, I knew it would be something special.  AND was I in for a surprise!

I have never owned a hand made Bear.  Her paw pads are of suede..and her fur is like nothing I have ever seen before.  She is silver..almost a lavender blue color.
Difficult to explain but the photo is pretty true.  This Bear is amazing.  Her little nose so carefully stitched...her body is so sturdy and heavy.   She is weighted..and feels wonderful when you pick her up.  Her eyes are so real looking that I could swear they follow me around the room.  I cannot even imagine the work that went into making her.   
She came with the following letter of introduction...

I sat here crying...and nearly had my husband in tears. 
It had been such a horrible three days...lots of emotions...and Abigail just brought so much love with her...and sort of represents  all the wonderful bloggers out there who care for others and give so much of themselves.   Joyce sent me a part of her heart when she sent Abigail to me.

"Abby and me.."

For all of you who do so much for others...share your lives, your homes and your families, your pets and your talents, and most of all your hearts...thank you!
You make my day, every single day. 

Anyway...I just wanted to share Abigail with you 
because she represents what blogging is all about.
Loving one another.
See you in the morning for coffee?  :)

Monday, March 14, 2011


Saturday morning bright and early we started out on
our treasure hunt..but before we even made it to the first garage...ESTATE SALE caught our eye...

Now I ought to know better..and usually I pass these by...but..something pulled me...and STOP we did!
Right inside the front door...there it was...exactly what I wanted...and had wanted for a long time..
but the price was always way more than I wanted to pay...but not this time! $75.00 later..we crammed this adorable little item into our CAR trunk. 
Yes..we did that!! :)
What a nice place to store my movies...
What's bothering me?  I can see an adorable bowl and pitcher on it...that's what's the matter with me!
And gorgeous hand decorated towels hung on that sweet little towl rack...

~...but I hung lovely pillow cases on it...just seems a shame..but one day it will be put to a better use..
I promise.  You see, my movies and ear phones..well, they were cluttering up the place.

On top is a sweet little basket of flower that only cost a quarter (it's amazing what a little dish soap and water will I LOVE them garage sales! :)
and there was more...but I will show you later...
I know you have other blogs to visit and I am trying to make mine a wee shorter..
Love and hugs...

Oh..wait...I did find another handbag on ebay...I sold my rifle to buy this sweet little bit of leather..
but it had everything I wanted..outside pockets..Two inside slip pockets and two zippered pockets..and the end pockets...not to mention that it's 15 inches long, nearly 9 inches high and 4 inches deep.  Soft? Ohhhh..yes!  BUT...NO MORE PURSES! 

..wonder if I am know? I just may be a purse addict! may be interested in joining our sweet Rebecca@ A Gathering Place for her lovely Giveaway!  She does do some lovely ones!  Go see!  You won't be sorry.. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I think that is the state most of us are in while waiting for Spring!  All sorts of signs of it...the Hummingbirds are searching for places to nest and already I see the gathering of bits of flotsum and twigs going on.

Please click on photo to see the pretty view we have out our window now.. 
We have hung these hanging baskets in front of our diningroom end of our family room...and little Humming birds have been checking it out.  These were transferred here from the front porch...
Helps hide the roof of the home behind us.  That's Southern California for you!  Rooftops everywhere!

Until tomorrow...have a wonderful Sunday!
Love and hugs,

P.S. Tomorrow is garage sale finds!!  What a day! :) 

Friday, March 11, 2011


Garage sales (in the morning) ...  there should be more and more of them...and I am in my glory!
Looking for just that special item. 
For that special handbag for Spring and Summer...I went to ebay.  A penny saved is a remember that one..
So..I wanted something red..and pretty ...that would go with my blue jeans and T's.  Something that would go shopping with me, hold a bottle of water and a magazine if necessary. 

I found this was perfect...and I was delighted when I won it over ten bidders.

The blue goes great with my jeans.  I wear lots of white shirts over T shirts during Spring.  It has a zippered top..which I love.  Lots of pockets inside.  Vera Bradley..but...that's not all...

Inside has lots of pockets and...

A sweet wallet that matched...zippered coin pocket, very nicely made and...

The coin purse is nice and large and well made!

There it is.  My Springtime  (and Summer) bag. 

It isn't everyone's taste, but I wanted something just a bit different and there are few prints I really like.  This one struck me!  I won it for $41.00  total.  A deal?  For the brand, you bet it is!

Love and hugs,

My thoughts and prayers are with our neighbors in Japan.  It could be us here in California.
My daughter lives two blocks from the Ocean in Santa Cruz, California...and I paniced and began calling her.  Where was she?  With hoards of sillies that rushed to the beach to watch...for ...what???  Sheesh!
Boats were sinking at the harbor at Half Moon Bay...and damage to the harbor...I haven't heard more local news...

Daughter #2 called her son who is attending college and lives 1 block from the beach, and ORDERED him home.  There was an advisery in place...
Needless to say, Eian is home! :)


She said nothing was going to happen.  New from Santa Cruz just came in and the surge did arrive..
One young man of 25 was swept out to sea and is missing.  My answer on her cell...but I am sure she is alright as the worst, I hope, is over ...what the damage is I have yet to learn.  She NEVER listens to me.  Never!  I have a young 18 year old Grandson that lives with her and he and she live at the beach!  I hear Hawaii was hit pretty hard as well...


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I know it's not a BIG deal..but it just seemed to take me so long to get this accompished.  The small rocks..were smooth and ...I really enjoyed how easy it all went.  Lots of holes drilled for good drainage...
The little boots are finally planted and I am delighted with them..but it was a chore finding the plants I wanted.  So...I will be changing them from time to time.  No blue Lobella which is what I wanted..but it's early in the season..

I bought BIG RED Geraniums...and what a gorgeous red they are.  The first time I have found the true red I was looking for...

Since I loved them so much, I bought two large hanging ones for the front porch...
These are drought resistant, heat resistant..and every other resistant you can think they match the house of course. :)

I potted all the Geraniums and put them here and there on the porch...LOVE IT!

See?  Here ...and there..  and everywhere!
Yep..I had fun...and...the new roof keeps my things from getting ruined.  
At the far end of the one of the bird cages I had squirreled away.  I finally got it out yesterday and planted it.  Put in the rocks...put in the soil, put in the flowers..and my sweet neighbor showed up a bit ago with a darling little yellow bird with real feathers..
(maybe I should just run and check my canary... just to make sure! )  I'm being silly!

Makes me want to burst into song...  ~ YELLOW BIRD HIGH IN A BANANA ...wait......(LOVE that song!)  :)

Is he cute or what?!  Exactly what this little cage needed....and...I don't have to feed him or clean up his poop!  :) 

That's all folks...  :)
Love and hugs,

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I am getting old and I have had many, many moments in my life...that were full of wonder and joy, but nothing has touched me so deeply for a very long time as the comments I have been reading this evening.
I speechless! 
 I have been sitting here with tears rolling down my chubby cheeks and reading in utter amazement and joy.  I knew your comments were going to be sweet because that is just how all of you are out there and my Granddaugher, Kristy, had told me... but I was NOT prepared for this.  Never!
You cannot even begin to know how I am feeling! 
Thank you so very, very much!  
You are all just an amazing group of women... :) and men!  
I love you dearly!  So does my family!  They also are amazed!

P.S. I will be back visiting in just a couple of days.  HUGS!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


First of all, thank you so much for all your prayers!  They must have worked!!!

I am home and doing fine.  Not the BIG one! :)  Just a disk in my back causing the havoc...

At least I know now after many tests that my heart is strong and it was only a disk pinching  a nerve causing my arm pain and neck pain...NOT my heart.  Why the bad EKG's ?...who knows...who cares.  I am home safe and sound. 
I am on a series of pills to help correct the surgery at this time..thank heavens..  some sort of steroids... Methylprednisolone.  How's that for a name! :)

My poor primary doctor...I know he sent me to ER  for the best...and at least we know my heart is fine.
But what an ordeal to go through.  I dreaded having to go, and cried all the way!  I worked in an acute hospital for years...and ER is not a place for a vacation!   
I think they put me through every test known to mankind for the heart, and  I am home with a clean bill off health and almost pain free!

I haven't read my comments yet...but my granddaughter tells me they are so sweet and I believe it...I really believe it.  All of you are the dearest group of people I have ever known in my entire life.  It's amazing the goodness of all of you. 
I have just been sleeping non stop since I got home.    My family was...beyond wonderful. 

:) they LOVE me!!  :)


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Won't be blogging for awhile....but shall return

Hello friends of Mona,
My Grandmother has been admitted to the hospital due to an emergency with her heart. She will not be blogging for a while but she shall return.  She is a tough woman and I know she will recover soon.
I will keep you posted as information and updates come my way. As I am in Georgia I am not able to be by her side as I would like.
Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. 

Her Granddaughter,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The brain is not working very well lately.  I cannot seem to remember anything for more than five minutes..sometimes less.  Sometimes I forget right in the middle of ...see?  I did it again.
I'm kidding of course, but it's darn near that bad. 

Question.  Is there something wrong with:
1.  Someone who lives for rainy days?  They make me feel safe and cozy.  Of course I don't want any flooding..but otherwise...
2.  Someone who cannot walk by their paino without spending at least an hour fiddling with it.  I say fiddling because I certainly don't PLAY it well.   It's an addiction.
3.  Someone who loves baby dolls.  Mostly the clothing.  I just bought another doll..and then had buyers remorse.  But she had on the cutest outfit...and came with three others!!! 
I do that a lot.  Buyers remorse and it's a total waste of time.

4.  Someone who falls into bed and then cannot sleep because I didn't visit all the blogs  I wanted to today and may have made someone feel bad.  Lays there thinking...OMG!  I need to get up and go say "hey!"
5.  Thinks of something they haven't seen in several years, know darned well I didn't throw it out...and try to find it by trying to remember...where in the heck it could be.  I go looking...without moving from my bed!  STUPID!
I worry about me sometimes.  I really do.  I wonder if one knows when senility hits?  :)

Anyway...the holes are drilled in the little boots..but ran into a problem...(these were NEW Nine West boots!)  and that really sort of threw me...I mean I just destroyed GOOD boots. 
Also there was a lovely soft lining in them that the drill didn't go through so when Sweet Husband put water in them, it left a sopping wet mess in the bottom.  I got one out..but the other...I can't budge.
Surely something like this should be EASY! 

~L'il red boots turned planters~

I am hoping I can finish these tomorrow!  I need to get out and go to Lowe's!

One of these days I need to get out of my pajama's!!

Are there gardening pajama's?  There should be.  I LOVE to garden (in the back yard) in my pajama's.  AND slippers.  The old ones of course.  Good thing I have lots of pajama's!!
Retirement.  It is simply great!!