Sunday, September 30, 2012


The word "cancer" was one I would never say.  I didn't know why, but I didn't even want to look at the word.  Perhaps I knew that one day, it would be in my life in a huge way. 
It has robbed me of two wonderful, apparently strong healthy  husbands in a matter of days, my great grandmother, two Aunts, my parents, two dear friends and now plagues someone in my life that means the world to me.   Our family is in holding pattern.  Watching, waiting, fearful...hoping ...praying...
Our morning paper was PINK this morning...and this feeling of thankfulness that people were fighting, people cared and the proof was right in front of me.  And all of you out there...those of you who have continued to keep our family in your prayers, you have NO idea how it makes me feel. 
I know you would fix it if you could.  Make it go away.  That's what I want to do, make it all go away, but just LOOK at how folks are keeping hope alive...doing all they can.
The only other thing I would ask for, dear God, is a cure! 
I thank God for people like you!
My love to all of you,

Saturday, September 29, 2012


I promised my self that I would not buy a single new thing this Halloween, but, I could not resist this overlay of webs and spiders!  At first I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it...but the size of the piece and the fact that all the edges were so nicely finished...made it perfect for the table. 
Sometimes when I see photo's of homes, I often wish they would back away so I can get the full scope.  We have a lot of windows in this room and the light is very bright all day.  I've tried darkening the photo's but I don't like the colors not being true...thus, the glare. 

This painting is a favorite Halloween decoration of mine.  I believe I showed it last year and I looked forward to getting it out this year.  The every present daylight glare takes away from it but it's still beautiful to me.   The woman who painted it is a wonderful artist.  I wish I could buy more from her.

She's never very far from my feet.  My constant companion, and I've a feeling that her time alone with PH while I was in Georgia, helped do a little bonding.  Mele came into this marriage with me four years ago and it's been a long road.  She lost her Master when Frank passed away and my heart broke watching her wait for him by the back door.
When we came to this new life and new home, I counted on her sweetness, faithfulness and loyality to win PH over.  I sort of think it has.  He still does not pet her or give her any attention but I can tell he likes her, if only a little. 

I adore her.  She was as big as my hand when I got her.

I've been very meloncholy lately.  I love Fall.  I've waited for it but of course it signifys a sad time of year for me. 
Would you believe...that we are expecting 109 degree's on Monday and Tuesday and maybe that is what is a bit depressing.   :)  Ya think????   :)

My love to all,


Saturday, September 22, 2012


  It takes me DAY'S to decorate and it seems  as soon as it's's time to take it all down.  That's why Halloween goes up early for me.
And besides...
Joyce @ October Farm said it was just fine to do it early!  Thanks Joyce.  She inspired my mantel.  :)
For the past week I've been trying to catch up on housework and get my Autumn decorating back on track before it's to late..and to day I made a huge dent.  Finally.
It's good to be home!
Our fireplace mantel is an really an old coral post.  I found it on a ranch that belonged to a friend.  It was burned by a forest fire and had to be cut from the barbed wire.  We hauled in home in my truck and cut off both ends to the length we wanted and began to sand. 
I love the results and it came with me when I moved back home.  
It's all decked out for Halloween and I am not changing it ANYMORE.  :)
I've had this hutch for at least 37 years now. 
Nearly everything on this hutch was gifts from one of my daughters.  Brambly Hedge dishes and books. The pumpkin tea set. 
The book ends I've had so long I cannot remember when I got them.  They aren't a set.  I bought the cats at two different times and just ended up using them as bookends. 
Oops!  I forgot to tie my black and white checked ribbon on my cloche. 
Coffee table decor is not my strong point.  Nope, not at all!   The skull?  I don't know...
We were at Target..and suddenly it was in my basket.  ???  Sheesh!  Maybe I should change that.
 I got lazier as the day passed...can you tell?
Living room.  This room isn't really the easiest to decorate for Fall. 
I admit to trying black at the sort of spooked me.  I'm living in a haunted house you know.  You didn't know that?  Let me tell you about it some day.  It's been a real adventure.   Honest!
I am so please to have gotten a post done...finally!
Love to all,

Thursday, September 13, 2012


...or rather ONE thing I can never seem to remember...ever.
When we left Atlanta, the leaves were just beginning to blow softly across the highway.  I cannot even begin to discribe how I felt leaving.  She promised me she would come to California soon.  I believe her.  She does her best to come to visit often.  She always has.
My eight year old great granddaughter and 11 year old great grandson greated me as though though I was someone they knew and had missed very much.  Two sweeter and loving children I have never known.  Tiny two year old great grandson was shy...but ended up giving me sweet little  kisses on my cheek.  I hope they remember me ...I hope, I hope!
The thing is...I cannot ever seem to remember to take a camera with me. 
Why is that??   I am sad because when I arrived in Georgia I remembered my forgotten camera sitting at home on my desk.  The story of my life.  WHY didn't I  just put it in my handbag??   I am still mad at myself.  I don't understand when it was so very important.
Sandy took lots of photo's and has promised to send them to me. 
Our stay was wonderful.  Her home is gorgeous.
I didn't know that my daughter loves to paint.  How could I have not known that??  She has her own light bright studio over looking the yard upstairs. 
It was a wonderful visit. 
I was happy to get home, of course, but much of my heart I left in Georgia.  I wish you could put daughters in a suitcase and bring them with you.  :)
I guess that's all I have to say.
Love to all,

Monday, September 3, 2012


Finally, I'm going.  Only one more day and we board the plane for Atlanta. 
I will feel better when I can hold her.
I want to be with my daughter....yesterday!
I will be back after the 11th of September.  I know I won't want to leave her. 
My love to all,