Thursday, December 19, 2013


Company time this past week..and it was all so much fun.  The only part is the getting ready.  Seems when someone is coming to visit, I suddenly see every little thing,  every speck of dust..I check the carpet for any spot that may have appeared that I didn't notice.  
That sort of thing.
No one cares but you!  I promise!  Little great granddaughter didn't care one single bit. gotta love them!
"You want me to wear the Santa hat?  GRANDMA!!..."
(When you ask your little great granddaughter too many times to pose..and she suddenly gets a silly streak..
typical in this family!)
"How's this, Grandma?"
"This???  *giggle*"
"Ok...*giggle* can I have a cookie now?"

"This is it...just one for all that work?"  
(..she didn't really say that. Well...not exactly!  :)
What a joy she is!!  She made us all laugh the whole afternoon!  

Love'n hugs,

Sunday, December 15, 2013


The tree is done!  I got sloppy at the end I guess, but I was so tired.  My little great granddaughter won't care anyway!   Loaded it with candy canes and hopefully she will like it.  
I am missing a LOT of ornaments but the tree has plenty anyway.  It's just that those were my favorite ones.
I HAVE to find them.  It's really bothering me.
Well, this is it.  It took me the better part of the day to hang them all..but I got it finished in time and I am pleased.  There are a lot of ornaments missing so we have to go search for them in the garage.  The missing ones are my favorites too.  We thought we had all of the cartons down..but I guess not.  At least I had enough to cover the tree pretty well.  I must not have added every single thing last year because the tree is FULL.   ??  It's a mystery.
Sorry my photo is so dark.  I am just NOT a photographer!

I am on a quest to find ALL of my decorations and put them in one place. (I say that every year!)

P.S. When I get tired I repeat myself.  :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Some of what I have done in the family room..
 I THINK I am finally done with the fireplace, but you know me..things could change before morning!
Can you believe that my snowmen were purchased in a little house in the desert that someone had turned into the most charming shop, EVER!  I am serious about this, and I've been in a lot of shops.  
After my husband, Frank, passed away, I never returned to that area again.  Frank would park out front and patiently wait for me each time we passed through on our way home from Riverside.  

The greenery is fresh.  I saved the trimmed pieces off my own tree and the men gave me all the boughs from other tree's that had been cut.  The rest are out back in a pan of water where it's cool and cold.  When these get a bit dry..I will change them out. I do that every year. 
The chairs look a lot more burgundy than they are.  The color is more cranberry. 
No idea how that tray got behind the chair.  :)  That's my favorite red cup on the end table.

The little sleigh with the dolls was a gift from my youngest son, Danny when he was young.  It's a music box that plays "Let It Snow".  Each doll is china/bisque and has totally removable clothing..even the tiny hats.
I always find a place for it.  The greenery in the bowl and pitcher is fresh.  The hydrangea's are silk.
My coffee tables are ALWAYS a challenge.  The cloth on the table I found at a huge Antique Mall in the heart of downtown Riverside across from the famous Mission Inn.  I believe one of our Presidents was married there.  Was it Reagan?  

 This is the sofa table that sits behind my little red love seat that faces the fireplace.  It used to be white and I painted it black.  The knobs are going to be replaced with MacKenzie-Childs knobs.  Just you wait and see.  HOW I would love to find some at an Estate Sale.  :)  Those things are expensive.

 This is my Christopher Radko Christmas tree.  I didn't get the best picture of it.  It has gingerbread men all over it.  Each year I just press the ribbon and plug it in somewhere in my kitchen.  In this home it is on the breakfast bar.  (I painted the bar stools black when I painted the sofa table.)  Wonder what color they will be next.  I have a thing for painting stuff.  Yep...I do!
The tree was a gift from my boss when I was in property management.  They did give the most lovely Christmas presents each year.  (plus bonus!)  

 And of course these are Fitz and Floyd.  I collect the red and clear crystal and I CANNOT remember what it is called.  (I just hate getting old when this happens!)  Shoot!!
(little temper tantrum there!) 
We have "cottage cheese" ceilings..and one of these day they are going to get scrapped and painted again.
It's something that I mentally change every time I look up. AND a beam is going to be installed to divide the room in 2014.  Uh huh...(PH hates that I always have a project!)  

 See???  My STILL untrimmed tree except for the handmade teddy bear angel on top.
A lady in Palm Springs made it.  I have had her for..the late 1970's.   She was at a craft fair I went to.
I am using her this year because little great granddaughter, Emily is going to be here on for her mainly.  Table, lamp, sugar bowl, books and bookends. table topper (matches the livng room topper on the coffee table) are all garage sale items.  The lamp was $30!
All of my drapes were made by a lady that does great things for me and a reasonable price.
Everyone needs someone like her.
I divided the family room with garland.  I love it but this is not a good picture because of the flash. 
So...that's it.  Just the tree is left to do.  When I took this picture I was still decorating..I ALWAYS get in a rush.  Even left my water pitcher on the floor by the tree...When get the tree finished I'll take another picture. Don't expect much..I'm getting worn to a frazzle!  

So...until next time..
Merry Christmas!
Love'n hugs,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


  Sunny and cool here in Southern California..It's been cold at night but by 8am it's about 40 degrees on the back patio.   But sitting on the front porch and chatting with a good friend and having a cup of's perfect.
Then it hit me..just two days and visitors would begin to arrive and a family dinner on Sunday.  I NEED to finish the decorating. 
Thursday.  It's has to be finished by Thursday!!
I'm still in pj's when I realize I need to get dressed first.  I have a coffee buzz going on and the need for speed is overwhelming!
I got started and finished the Living Room..except for some minor tweaking.  I collected a few of these hand made Santa's ..sculpted little faces..I fell in love with them.  

I always have a table with "A Cup Of Christmas Tea" on it.  It's one of my very favorite Christmas stories.
This copy is an autographed copy.  Of course the lady in the photo is my Grandmother.  Her name was Lilly.  She was a school teacher.  She was Married on New Years Eve 1900.  I was married New Years Eve exactly 100 years later.  (Not really important to anyone but me. :)
This is the top of my piano.  I've decided to make it a Candy Cane Christmas so I began by filling every container I could find with Candy Canes..  The little Christmas tree you see is a white feather tree.  It's been missing for the past two years ...I think.  I found it this past weekend!!  Maketh me happy! *smilin'* here.
The baby girl is my Erin Kathleen.  She is the third from the youngest.
This is the little sofa table I found at an Estate Sale.  I can't remember the price but it wasn't much.
Every single thing on the table is second hand...except the skates.  No, WAIT, those are second hand too.  Every single thing in this picture is second hand.   Garage sales...yes, even all the books and the Mandolin.  I think that's what it is.  Has a rounded bottom.  ??  I play the piano..nothing with strings. 

 Yep..second hand..even the coffee table..pillows, but not the furniture.
Again..lamp, little pitcher, picture frames, plate, plate stand, crocheted doily..all bought at garage sales.  The end table was bought from a friend many years ago.  I bought both end tables from her.  The flowers...I bought from stores over the years.
The other little end table I bought from the same friend.

Living room...  Yikes! The coffee table needs help!
I've already changed the coffee table since the picture was taken.  :)    Tweak, tweak!
I added this candy cane to the center of the front door wreath.  It added a little something. 
I showed most of the front room.  I skipped the doll house, table and chairs and dolls, doll carriage, wicker highchair with the doll in it the old antique wicker buggy, blah, blah, blah.
I will show them when I finish decorating them.  *puff puff*   
I'm getting there..:)  

It's fun to do it for the family..and yes, I do it for myself.  It's fun!  A LOT of fun.
See you tomorrow...
Love'n hugs,

This post was a wee long...sorry...

Sunday, December 8, 2013


...well, sort of.  I'm trying but every year when I try to fix up this porch..I have to wonder what the builders were thinking when they designed a front porch with the bathroom window right next to the front door.

 You hear the door bell and THEY hear the toilet flush!
My dear friend and neighbor across the street never fails to shout "ARE YOU IN THE BATHROOM, MONA??   How does she know I am in there?  The flippin' lights on!  
I always shout back "NO!  I'M IN THE KITCHEN!"  
:)  (A little bathroom humor, you don't mind do you?)

 I took a garland and turned it into a wreath.  I kinda like it.  I do!
I am resigned to the fact that I will never have one of those beautiful front doors..and the older I get the less it matters.
Our security door was PH's choice and I mean, after all, he DOES live here too!  :)

 This very old wagon belongs to daughter Mary and even though it is falling apart..I hang onto it for her.
It needs some repairs..but like me, it's being held together with bailing wire and a bit of glue that keeps falling apart anyway.  This wagon and I have history!

 Mele's perch on the back of the sofa is all covered with a Christmas afghan instead of her little pink patchwork quilt.  The new cushions are not very "Christmasy" but it's okay.  In Spring they will be perfect!

I when you get all dressed up to go out..they say to remove one accessory?  My porch is like that.
I think one accessory has to go.  I think my sweet tall snowman has to go.  It's that bathroom window and the cords that are making me crazy.  (Oops..I see one has already slipped out of it's hook.
I am having an electrician install an outdoor outlet before too long.  As in SOON!
So, I think that's about it for the outside.  
  Now for the inside.  (puff  puff!)
I'm on a roll here! :)
Love'n hugs,

Saturday, December 7, 2013


I just wanna burst out singing HALLELUJAH!
I remembered just as it was getting dark that I wanted to take a few pictures of the tree's before I needed the flash.  So I grabbed my not so trusty camera and rushed out..
I have waited five long years to do this!  They now tower over the house.  All big and strong so they can hold the weight of the lights without damage.  I am SO pleased!
It had stopped raining and everything was clean and sparkly from the continual downpour all day. I loved it.
I took the first picture...not bad..but it was getting dark fast and my camera is NOT sophisticated.  

Oops!  Chopped off the tops of the tree's in both shots..had to rush..night was falling FAST!

I raced around..or..rather I walked as quickly as I could here and there, trying to find a good angle to show the front.  No lights outlining the roof.  Too lazy this year...and I don't want PH on a ladder.  (shhhh..he doesn't know that!  I just said .."we don't need all that!" with great conviction AND he bought it!
Then again...maybe he just thought he had lucked out BIG time!   :)
Is every single one of my pictures out of focus..or am I going blind as well as deaf???  
Oh well...
This one isn't quite as it? 
I mean this one below.  
I still have some tweaking to do.  More pine cones on the swag..etc. etc.  

Front window of our bedroom.  The little red bench sits right in front of here.
See you all tomorrow.
All done!
G'night and have a really nice, warm, safe and cozy Sunday!  Ok?
Love'n hugs,


She is so cute I almost can't stand it!  

Little great granddaughter, Emily, is learning to bake cookies!

She has her own handy little cooking baking set.

 I think she did a great job...

 Her Mommy, Cristina, can show you how enter the "giveaway" for this adorable set..

All of these things are included in the set.  If you are interested in entering, please go to

I'm still trying to get my decorating finished.  Company coming SOON and I in a decorating frenzy trying to get it done.  Gotta get the guest room all ready and fresh...  I don't have to worry too much about food.  It's wonderful having children that cook..and I see another member of the family is on the way.
(I just want to SQUEEZE her little self!!)
Have a safe and warm weekend wherever  you are out there!  It's even getting COLD in Southern California!  ( least by our standards!)
Love'n hugs,
P.S.  I these pictures from Granddaughter in law's blog!  I am a blog picture thief!!  I hope she doesn't call the Blog Police on me!  

Sunday, December 1, 2013


I got such a kick out of this picture of my youngest daughter,  Dawn.  She called several times on Thanksgiving to ask me questions about her turkey.  She had her fiance' with her and he had his version of how it should be done and between the three of us..I guess it got done.  :)
Her very first TURKEY!
My  baby girl has grown up!
I have not a clue what they put all over the turkey..but it looks a bit like some sort of cranberry sauce.  No matter, as you can plainly see, she was grateful when it was over.  :)  She had to carry it, in THAT pan to a friends house.  For Christmas I am getting that girl a nice roasting pan!  
She wasn't home for Thanksgiving...and I missed her.  We all did.  We had a lot of missing members of our family ...and our prayer was that next will be different and those living far away will be home.  
My children's Dad and big sister, Sandy, were missed beyond belief....
All told, we are a bunch of cut ups and there was never a dull moment in spite of our loss this year!  
I am so blessed to have a large and wonderful family...
and I am thankful!

Today is December 1st and I spent today decorating! 
Isn't it fun to decorate for Christmas with the fireplace blazing and a bit of Christmas music?
I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.