Monday, August 31, 2009


I deleted a lot of yesterdays post. Sorry..but the kitchen got too hot for me. :)
I am sort of doing some serious thinking about much as I have loved it..I ended up taking a lot of my post off yesterday. I haven't got what it guts! :)
I love you guys...but my skin is too thin.


There is so much on my mind this morning. Do you ever have things on your mind..and decide not to write it down for...reasons that you ALSO don't write down?
I do.
I do it a lot.
I usually end up posting about something else. I mean, how can one argue with a lovely deep red quilt? you are not into reds. :) No problem. It's a lovely soft 100% wool and those are not always easy to find in perfect condition. A Saturday estate sale turned up this gem. I love it!

This little clock was just .50 cents at another garage sale. It works perfectly. It was very dusty and one hand hit the other. Easily fixed. Cute? :) Keeps perfect time!
*note the fruit on the little pendulum. :)

I get temped to vent now and then about things...political and religous and otherwise..but..I cannot do it. Peoples feelings mean a lot to me. I care how I make them feel.
Thus this Saturday garage sale. It's good though. I mean, it's a part of my life and I enjoy doing it. Do garage sales hurt feelings...gosh..I hope not! :)

And so...on to my box of childrens book that were also in perfect condition. I am shipping these to Georgia to my Great grandchildren. :) Ok..not exactly a steal at $10 but worth every cent if you consider how much they would have been in stores. NOT even a smudge on them. Believe me I checked them all out!

Lastly, a couple of beautiful books for me. $2.00. Perfect least I have found not a single flaw yet. There were even lovely unused book stickers inside of them. I do love books and my collection is getting quite large.

That is it for the day. I expounded a bit...but hopefully nothing that will hurt feeling. I tried to post what was happening in my life without causing pain to others. I hope I have done that. It IS my blog but keeping the balance can be daunting at times. I will keep a private diary if I ever feel I must do serious and angry venting. Now..that is stupid because I won't do that. I always tear out the pages! LOL

Love and hugs to all..

P.S. I have deleted much of what I wrote on this if some of the comments seem strange to you and seem not to is because I backed off. All the comments on here were totally appropriate ...I am the one that is off beat here. :)
I used to do it a I am back to doing it again.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Thank you to Barb at
Bella Vista for hosting this delightful event! What a great idea!

I am going to make this easy on you. Nothing to get all excited about..however I do want to share this with you.
Today, just a few hours ago..I went into a little store called Gardners Cottage. Of course I have my eye out for roosters...and THEN...there HE all his glory!
YES! The king of all roosters. He was white..and stood about 2 feet high.
Now..would you believe I actually considered BUYING that rooster?? He was wonderful!
He was GLORIOUS! As I reach for him...I came to my senses...when I saw the price! $499.00!
I didn't walk out of that store! I RAN! :)

My first and newest offering is this sweet little tassel! I love him!

And a dishtowel? Does this count?

Does a tablerunner count? certainly should! :)

And then there is this one...

...and this one...

Yes...and this one...

This one....

and this one...

(Yawn...and this one...)

Uh huh...

I'm almost done...


Are we almost there? Oops! "She is a chicken, Mamsabe!" (Out of Africa quote!) Oh well, she is the mate of him...below. I couldn't leave her out. I mean, how could I do that! Anyway...


No..I don't know the names of them. I know there will be others out there that will name these cuties...but not me.
I have a beautiful painting of favorite one..and it, naturally didn't turn out. No matter.
There are going to be soooo many roosters to look at that you cannot possibly care!
NOW..the good part. I'm shakin' my tail feathers all the way to your blog to look at YOURS! You ready??


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Thank you to Susan from BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH for this enjoyable event. Sorry..but this is something that has brought out the best of what am I doing here? Ya got me! LOL

It's early..but I just thought I would practice a bit. My Fall things are not even I used the newer things I have just bought and what I had stored in the house.

Yep.they are blurry. To use the larger photo's you most definitely need a good camera..however...

...this will just have to do. Below is a sweet little pumpkin tea set from my daughter, Mary, when she first got married. She knows what pleases me and makes me smile...and she decorates like I do.

She did say I needed a bit of updating...and sort of suggested I use fresh flowers instead of silks..but..I won't. At best I will mix them. If I grew them..I would use them.

The placemats are from Pier 1 Imports. They are heavy felt pumpkins. I thought they were so cute. I also found the sweet Fall leaf napkins rings there. Usually I am too late..but this year...I started looking early!

The little metal haunted house is from Victoria Trading Post I think. It came with a light but I ended up using a tea candle. The other didn't show up.

I love my Blue Willow china with the orange placemats. This was fun to put together...and it seems that the Fall/Halloween things get used such a short time.
I will put the Halloween away until October but the rest stays out.

So...Tablescape I come! (Sorta. I'm beginning to understand that this sort of thing takes one heck of a lot of stuff..not to mention practice!) But it's so much fun!

I hope some of you come up with new Fall idea's for decorating. I am so ready for a change! It is 102 in Riverside, California right now.

Happy Tablescaping and lots of love!


Monday, August 24, 2009


I realize this is of no interest to anyone but first born turned 54 yesterday. No, it isn't difficult for me to believe. I am finally beginning to feel it, KNOW it in my heart. I remember being shocked when I hit 50. Then 60, it seemed overnight. Now, 72, 73 in October!
When they brought him to me he looked as though he had been in a bad fight! He was born nearly a month late. He was due July 28th and was born August 23rd. His little hand gripped my finger..and we knew one another. You know what I mean? Of course you do... I said..this only means something to me. Just feeling my age..and that is a foreign feeling to me. I wonder why I am suddenly, or it seems suddenly, feeling like that. A year ago I was still jumping off things..and running up the driveway. Howard and I moved two entire storage, the biggest they have and the second a smaller one, with my little pickup truck. Just the large items such as the refrigerator....never mind. I am rambling. It's just that I can't imagine trying to do that today. So...what's up with that??

It's just that he, we used to call him "Little Pat" is now sporting a beard. Now he is just "Pat." His grin is still adorable..and he still looks at me with such love in his eyes. That look makes me know that the years mean nothing. He is still my baby boy.
I think I'll go put on a Beatrix Potter or Jane Austin movie and that will make me feel better. It always does! You know what I mean? Of course you do!

Love and smiles..

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Baby Mele showing her true colors! I cried when I looked this up and posted it. That's Frank, my second husband who's old sweats she is trying hard to shred. She was a gift from him for Christmas. Thus the name..."Mele Kalikimuka." I hope I got that spelled right. Its been a long time since I have written it out. She is registered under that name. It means Merry Christmas in Hawaiian.

And Mele today trying out my new wicker furniture on the patio... At times like this I wish I had the stretch minima so you could see her lovely coat better. It drags the ground..and takes brushing at least every other day. In the mornings she comes in all damp from the morning dew. I love her!

I am so proud of her coat...I think I have "coat envy"

I added a couple of wicker chairs, a little table and an umbrella that was on sale at PierI Imports.
I brought out my little rooster lamp for a bit of soft evening light...wrapped the swing in a more Fall like quilt...and I'm just getting started...

Notice the little hanging froggie? He bounces on and on and on when you pull him... :) A bit of whimsy.

Changing things for Fall. In California we can sit out here all year long. I will add a couple of lap robes...some hot chocolate or a mug of coffee..and we are all set.
Oh...and the fire pit. But..that's for LATE Fall use...if we are lucky! I also have East Coast envy!

I guess I am a little melancholy tonight..I get like that when I go through and look at pictures. I don't think grieving ever ends...not really.
It was a beautiful day again today. Perfect weather. Howard weeded and I clipped and played with the patio. I'm happy. I really am. Just lots going on right now. :) Fall is on it's favorite time is just around the corner..and I can feel the joy when I think about it. Can't you? Of course you can! So...bring on the candy corn...I'm ready!!

Many hugs and lots of love to you...

Monday, August 17, 2009


Thank you to Diane at A PICTURE'S WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS for hosting this fun event!

.....the second time around...or the third.
This is just a little 1950's tract home but I love it and it has made me feel welcome. We are coming to know one another..this little home and I.
I think it knows I love it...

A very simple and humble little home. It was purchased when it was just a few years old...and it has only had two owners. Two children were raised here to adulthood by hard working parents. When the mistress passed away..I came to start her on a new life. There is history here.

There was nothing on the front porch but two plastic chairs and a little metal table where my husband and his wife sat, ate their lunch and lived a simple and life.

There may be nothing remarkable about this little fifties home..but..I consider these gorgeous Cyprus trees VERY remarkable. My husband planted them when he was about 26 years old and we have pictures of them as little seedlings. He is now 75. These trees make our home stand out..just a bit. They make us feel protected and special.

I did not preplan these pictures or I would have rolled up the hose (we were watering the side where the system does not do a good job. I also would have replaced the pot of flowers to little metal shelf under the window.

When I arrived there were no flower beds, no flowers and no roses..the block wall was two feet shorter..and no vines were growing on it. One day I hope the wall is covered and the rose bushes many and full. I like to think her late Mistress would have loved the roses and been pleased. Everyone has their own style...and this is mine.

The rest of the pictures are also nothing remarkable..just chairs and a cozy feeling. And...

that is all any home needs.

It really does not take much...just a little bit at a time. A love of fluffing and adding. Nearly every single thing in this little home is doing a "Second Time Around" and it makes me smile. New things hold little charm for me. I like history..and both this home and my husband and I have history...and love.

It's what makes a house a home!

Peace and love!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Just to be able...and feel good enough to get out and really enjoy it once again!
I would make a terrible long term patient...and yet folks do it all the time. I know some of this lovely warm, perfect weather day, was wonderful!

I have to tell you this..and please..oh please don't get all over me, shun me, or shame me, but I...really do have to force myself to go to church. I do! For the month that I was pretty much bedridden..and ill...I didn't go to church. My sweet husband went alone, and though he likes his "alone time" church isn't really one of those things he likes to do alone. So...this first day going back with him, I had a last minute personal delay.. :) and begged him to leave me so he wouldn't be late, (he hates being late to ANYTHING!) but alas and alack..he wouldn't. He stood firmly leaning against the dresser outside the bathroom door with his arms folded.
Sorry..but I wanted to laugh! I think he was onto me!

SO...I completed my potty break and followed him to the car...and off we went. I know, I know..but I never was a huge church goer. Yes, that's what I said. I just get so restless in church. I fidget and straighten my wallet..and have trouble concentrating. I'm as bad now as I ever was as a child. But..I think sweet husband is trying to make sure he gets into heaven and I surely don't want to be left go.
Truth be told...I would go to any church...or be content to just sit on the side of a beautiful meadow and praise the glory and wonder of "it all!" that was today!

Now, yesterday...yippee! Garage sales all over the place..but..we started out late..and I didn't find a thing..then..suddenly...last minute...I got lucky!!
Every year I add to my Halloween and Fall collection of goodies...and these two little things caught my eye...(I need to have a garage sale..not GO to one! ARGGG..)

This little black bucket...just right for floating pumpkin candles in..or filled with real baby pumpkins and fall leaves? I put apples in it for the picture..
In the picture it is on my will have a special place when decorating time comes. I loved it...and for 50 cents...what the heck. Right? Yes..I probably have something similar's a black witches cauldon ..I'm fine. No duplicate!

Another 50 cents bought me this adorable little Halloween ..something. Not sure what it I stuck a candle in it. A larger one will be in it when I use it. You get the idea though... :)

Another garage sale yield these brand new shopping list tablets...still in their cellophane wrappers for 25 cents. Actually she tried to just GIVE them to me...she had a boxfull..and I think she was hot and tired. I gave her the quarter in my hand...but I should have given her more. They even have the magnet on the back. Not Fall but cute and useful!

Then we were off to a hotcake breakfast. My favorite topping on our Saturday adventures. Life is good! :)


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Saturday I decided to go with my sweet husband to the garage sales. I was desperate to get out of the I watched from the car for awhile and then an especially interesting one came along...and I couldn't contain myself. If you have ever seen a particularly wonderful garage sale...and hadn't been out of the house in weeks...and had to walk rather slowly up the drive...then you understand how impatient I was with my slow progress.
Below were the finds at this one sale. It was fun! It was...wonderful, and just the fact that I felt I wanted to get out there and take a look...makes me know I am on my way back!

These were the first things that caught my eye. I am already looking forward to Christmas and these even came with the tags still on them and new tealights in packages in each. Note the brand for $2.00 each. Worth it! I do love candles!

I nearly left this little shelf. Actually, it is not all that small. At the last moment I got out of the car and walked back up and asked about the shelf. In a questioning voice she said "$3.00?" And smiled and said...SOLD! I would have been ashamed to quibble! :) It was very dusty and dirty but it had plate groves and the darling little rail sold me. Shall I paint it white? Maybe! When I am able I will consider it. :)
I had my post all finished...and then remembered the sweet little hearts on each end of the got my camera and snapped a picture of them. I nearly didn't do it but I decided I had to show you! :) I thought they really added to the shelf! How I love detail..

Frames! I am always in the market for frames. I got these for 50 cents each. I regret that I left one was very intricate...but I think it would have cleaned up ...ah well. I am happy with my lovely silver frames...and as you see, I was already putting family pictures in one when I remembered that I should take pictures. All of these were in NEW condition.

My second oldest daughter, Erin's children. My grandchildren, Frankie and Rachel over 20 years ago. Both are newly married now. Time is racing by me...but I won't be sad. How can I be when they are so very happy.
This is granddaughter Rachel now, taken just a few weeks ago as a new bride at her reception. It makes me smile to look at this picture.

And this was one of my best finds for $4.00. It was sitting on the table with tons of other stuff...without a lid. I passed it by and on the other side of the driveway..on another table with lots of other stuff...sat a glass.."is that a LID?" Picked it up and walked back to the other table...and it certainly was the lid! They wanted $6.00 after I put the lid on it...but I smiled and said "I would like to pay $4.00 and they said yes!! I have great plans for this...and very soon! I LOVE it! I mean..for $4.00, wouldn't you? :) Of course you would!

So...there you have my Saturday Garage sale trip!
How good it was to feel the fresh air...and see people...but I have to admit I was delighted to come home and lay down. My precious husband unloaded the car..and encouraged me to rest. I slept for three hours! :)
Next Saturday I will feel even better!
The doctor says it will take a couple of months to feel back to normal! I smiled at that. I am already planning what I will take to wear on our trip to Maine! :)

My love, hugs and gratitude to all of you for hanging in there with me through this. It makes me smile just thinking of all of you! How special you are!!