Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Maybe I didn't get my fresh peach pie..but those peaches were so wonderful that I could easily peel them with my knife needed.  Then I sliced them..and just ate them plain.  There are two left for sweet husband. 
Who knows why it happened like it did..but like one of you said...I won't complain.  I usually don't get to know the neighbors well like I did as a young wife.  Just a pleasant "hi" but that little girl loves to have me read to her...and I give her bear hugs and we have a good time and besides if anyone got them I'm glad it was her Mommy and her.  I'll live without all the peaches.

We planted this little beauty a few months early Spring.

Even if I'm not here to reap the beautiful harvest...someone will be.  We could get lucky though and have peaches one day to share with our neighbors... :)

Lotsa love,

I think Mele has decided to wait right there for those peaches!  Can't say as I blame her...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Actually she is.  She really is.  She likes me a lot and she has this rather ...advanced 6 year old little girl that thinks she is 30.  They come to visit ..probably oftener than sweet husband would like.  But...I like her...and the tiny "30 year old"  child.

So Monday morning I went out to water my plants and my "Peach of a neighbor" was out watering her lawn.
She waved at me and then sort of motioned for me to walk across the I did.
She said "Your neighbor on the left came to your door last night while you were gone and knocked.  She knocked and knocked and I finally shouted over that you were not home and walked across the street.  She had a box of peaches for you from her tree and I said I would take them and give them to you today...but...when I admired them she gave them to me and said she would get you more.  I tried to refuse but she insisted.  So I took them."  
I said "Oh"....

The funny part of the story is that my neighbor on the left is closer than the neighbor across the street.  So...why did she offer to take them.....being neighborly I guess.  Bless her heart!

But...the neighbor on the left never came.  I guess the neighbor across the street knew this...because in her words, they "spy" on me! :)

So this morning my neighbor across the street came over with....

...four peaches.  Wasn't that nice of her? 
I thought so too! :)


We'll have them on our cereal in the morning....


June has been a crazy month for me for many reasons. 
Here is just one....

A couple of weeks ago when preparing for a graduation party for the two grandchildren, I began looking for tablecloths, white linen ones to be specific which were requested by daughter Mary who was bringing the table settings..and since I had loaned two of them out some time back and never had them returned to me, I was doubtful if I had any, but, I did.    (puff puff! Take a breath, Mona!)

You know when you want something and you keep thinking you will get out there and find it? well, I wanted a red and white checked tablecloth for my July 4th decor.  I kept thinking I had one..but decided I must have misplaced it and that I would keep an eye out at the garage sales for one.  I have been doing exactly that, but no luck...and then...

....while looking for the white ones for the party...and going through the linen closets, THIS is what I discovered!
Yep!  I found five!  Yes, FIVE red and white checked tablecloths...and another one later after I took this photo.  I mean...what the heck???



Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yep, it's here!  It arrived yesterday...Summer, that is.   One day early just but that's just fine.  It topped out at 99 degree's and today edged over 100.  In a way, it's good.  It would have seemed really strange to keep going without our usual Southern California HOT weather.

See?  Just exactly what I was looking for...
I had everyone on the lookout for a little wicker coffee table.  I had resorted to using a little round metal table..and then Saturday the call came.  Sweet husbands daughter in law called to say she had "found exactly what you are looking for ....I think!"   She was so excited! 
Sunday we went for dinner and she proudly escorted me into the garage and here is what I saw!!

It even came with a really lovely piece of glass specially cut for the top.  
I was delighted!  My search was over!  Price? $12.00!!
I call that a deal!

 Two coats of white Satin spray paint later...and it looks like this.  I am just so pleased.
It matches exactly the little end table I bought at another garage sale a few weeks ago. 
The glass top was not even scratched.

Even the items on top of this sweet little table are from garage sales..ok..well...the froggy was $3.00 at an Estate sale..but...the silk African Violet was just 50 cents. 

I must tell you this.  It is getting more and more difficult to buy ANYTHING from a regular store.  It really is!  (except undies and shoes.. :)

See the little end table over there?  Matches!!  :)

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately...just lost my "git up and go" know?  So..some of my followers "got up and went" and I don't blame them one single bit! 


Sandy is doing well..pain is now controled.  We are pleased with that news.
Thank you, always, for your prayers.  Thank you!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


It always amazes me what a couple of little things can do to make something look...cozier.
These chair pads, I finally found them at Kmart.  I usually go to Target when I am looking for some little thing like this..but I went with a friend and the red toile caught my eye..and home they came.  They just happened to be the only two somewhere in my town, someone else is sporting them on their patio too! 

They were soft, not the kind that flatten out and get hard and only $11.00 each...such a deal! :)
Yeah...I flagstone yet.  You see, dear Son in law works on our home when he isn't working on someone else's.  He is a contractor with his own business and with the economy like it has been..we have been grateful ...yes..I said grateful, that he hasn't had time to do our flagstone.

We all sort of teased him at the graduation party on Saturday...

I had to laugh because when he walked out onto the patio he said, "Wow, the extra space is great, but you know what?  It would REALLY be great with flagstones!"   The BRAT!  LOL

Hugs, and stay happy!!

P.S.  Our precious Sandy is now in the fight of her life...our minds never stray far from her...
Bless all of you who continue to pray!  I love you for it!!  You cannot even begin to know how much it means to all of us. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today I painted.  I have been looking for a table to sit in front of the swing..and so far nothing I liked..
Today..there it was just sitting in the corner of the patio with a big fern on it...getting rusty.  I removed the fern to a cozy corner under the evergreen tree in the corner of our yard...and got out the white spray paint. 


It works just fine and I didn't spend a dime.  I always have white spray paint around....
Needs a different table's getting dark outside.
Hmmm...maybe a pretty round tray??  or...
That doily just doesn't do it.  Yuk!'s coming off!  I'll think of something.

This poor old bench was out under a tree and not in great shape.  I bought it many years ago and it was old after a scrub job and a paint job...extra seating on the patio.  (Don't look to's battered and broken..but strong.
Mele is arguing with me about something in the background...I think she is inviting me to play because I see she has her little toy with her..."sorry Mele, no time, maybe later!"  :)

Yep...I like it.  (How I wish the patio deck was finished..but it just cannot be helped. 
(Graduation party preparations are what's happening here for two Grandchildren.)

What a busy day it was.  (maybe I can find another rug or something to cover that concrete...shoot!)

I did a bit of visiting today and found many are doing the same thing I am...fluffing the outside pillows...or in.
I really do enjoy playing in the's not work to me. 

Retirement is better then I dreamed it would be.  Different..but really nice.  I used to dream of days when all I had to do was putter around the yard and's wonderful~!!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

~A SWEET GIVEAWAY..made with love~

I have known Rebecca for years now and have some of her creations  in my home.  She never fails to amaze me with her talent and eye for beauty.  Her pillows are lovely and her skills as a seamstress and  painter are wonderful.  Truly, her pillows are made with love, and it shows! 
This is one "GIVEAWAY" you do not want to miss!  Go see!

Monday, June 6, 2011


When Pat and I were married in June 1954, we had nothing. Everything we owned was in the back seat of a little Ford business coupe, which wasn't much.
I quickly learned to make do with things I found or that were given to me by relatives.  I didn't discover Goodwill until many years later...lets say, fifty? 

So...two years ago, just after I began blogging, I decided to redo my old lawn swing that I just could not throw out...rusty though it was...and the awning in shreds after I moved it..and the same with the seat..
So..sweet husband put it together for me..and I painted it white. 
It sat for another year with the seat covered with a quilt.  I added lace ....and wanted to do more..

...a couple of weeks ago I found two bolts of yardage at a garage sale.  Both were probably close to 8 ft or so...I like the butter yellow the best so decided to make a cover for my poor lawn swing. 
Each bolt cost $2.00!  Honest!  And it is the heavy drapery like material.  Wonderful!  Finally, last week, I did it!
The crochet over the back and in the front under the just a tablecloth that I draped over the whole swing seat.  Worked for me. 

The butter yellow afghan was another wonderful buy from the same woman.  It cost me .50!  Yes, fifty cents.
My daughter bought three more from her at the same price.  Some folks just want to get rid of stuff...and she did.  She said she used to do sewing for people but was going back home to Missouri and she was anxious to get rid of it.  This happens often.  
I covered the top of the swing with two lace curtains last summer.  I added ties at the corners made from the material I used for the keeps the lace from slipping.
The pillow covers were made for me by Debbi @ ALL IN MY COTTAGE. 
Everything is easily removeable and washable.  The swing cover is made like an envelope.  It slips on the seat part and over the simple. 

The wicker table..though a bit battered was a garage sale item. also.  As was the Froggy planter...AND the silk flowers.  :) 
The rug was five dollars.  I found it about three weeks perfect condition. 

The chairs were garage sales items..but I paid more for those.  The butter yellow one was $13.00 and the sage green one was $16.00.   I covered old pads with the same fabric I used for the lawn swing. 
FINALLY...I was done!  In time for Grandson's big college graduation party this coming weekend! 

Don't you love it when a project is finally finished?? 

Sorry this is so long...
Thank you for your's always so nice to have you stop by!

Love and hugs,

P.S.  The flagstones...well...still waiting for my son in law to find the time to do them...soon..soon... :)  But at least we have more room...and I am grateful!  I can wait....tap, tap, tap....honest...

Thursday, June 2, 2011


~Sorry..but I HAD to add that silly song from long ago... *smile*~

YEP!  I finally found one.  A few scratches, but I love it.  I've been looking at garage sales for a couple of years..and Saturday  this one turned up at an Estate Sale.
Ok.  I paid $35  but just look at those wheels.  NOT a single scratch on any of them. 
There is some wear on the side..but I'm leaving it.  I am so pleased!

It was a good shopping day...but a bit higher in price than usual.
These were pricey for $10.00, but faux flowers, good ones, cost a felt this was a deal not to be passed up.  They are out on our patio now...
(this tablecloth will be changed out for a summer on  :) Something..40's ish??  Wait until you see my vintage linen... So sweet! I had five lovely little table toppers..but daughter #3 know...
They were very stained so am working on those. 

This lovely large very sturdy (wooden) $5.00 
12 lovely napkins, all hand knotted..and 8 placemats... 25 cents each.  Just lovely.

This metal painting I found at a garage sale for $6.00!  We bargained and that is what I paid. Actually, she ran to the curb to catch me when I thought it was too much money.  Thank heavens she did.  You meet some of the dearest folks at garage sales.   The only flaw I could see is that little dent near the bottom right side.  I love it anyway. 
I put it out on the patio... over the table and it looks wonderful least to me! :)  It is signed.  The entire painting is metal. 

I'm still fluffing the outside pillows...oh..and did I show you that I FINALLY covered the old lawn swing?  This time with real fabric...LOVE it!  Gettin' ready for Summertime!
Love and hugs,