Friday, April 26, 2013


Remember when I planted those little 7 inch roses not all that long ago!  My daughter, Maryalice has given me two lovely arbors that she didn't need after she moved..
I discovered a pretty rose that I loved while living in Bakersfield and when I had to leave there after my husband died,  I gave up my rose arbor and rose garden that I had spent 6 years growing.
It broke my heart to say goodby to all of them were gifts from my children and husband, Frank. 
So...when I married and moved to this little home I began anew and here, finally I have another arbor of roses.  This is the first year it reached the top and bloomed  and I am so happy!! 
Those two tiny little climbing rose bushes...which were about 7 inches tall, finally reached the top this years. 
The name is America.  I bought them from Heirloom Roses.  
 ..wish I could find that first photo. 
It's somewhere on here..on one of my posts... oh well...
I am in love with my rose arbor!  I never thought I would have another one.
I planted two more America's in the back yard by the patio...remember?  Well, this is what it will look like one day. 

Yes, I whisper of roses and will one day have another rose garden.
Irish Hope arrived today.  It will be planted with lots of hope for the furture..tomorrow.
Roses have always made me smile, but then all flowers do.
Hugs and love,


  1. OMYGOODNESS, Mona, this is sooo beautiful. What beautiful don't do this well on the plains of West Texas. :)
    I remember visiting my aunt that lived in Calif. and she always had the most beautiful flowers.
    And, in case you might wonder...I am TOTALLY lovin' your red gate..:))
    xoxo bj

  2. hi mona! your roses are gorgeous! i love america and have one in my lower gardens. i had a rose arbor of new dawn growing in front of my house and both bushes died. last year i planted two new bushes. one is new dawn and i forget what the other one is but i know it is red. in another year or so they should reach the top and then intertwine so i will have reds and pinks together. i can't wait! joyce

  3. So beautiful Mona . . . I think Roses are your speciality. I can't wait to see your Irish Hope in bloom . . .
    Love the arbor with the cascading roses . . . yum!

  4. OH roses make me smile also:) Loving you arbor filled to the top with gorgeous roses! Have a blessed day sweet Mona, HUGS!

  5. Hi Mona, that is hard to believe they could grow so well in one year. All your love and attention must have paid off. They look just beautiful.

  6. Beautiful.

    America is the rose Mom and Dad gave me...also left at my other home.

  7. Oh Mona, your arbor is absolutley fabulous. I love it and the roses are so beautiful. You have such a green thumb and I think the roses love you back. Hugs, marty

  8. Oh how I LOVE this rose arbor. Wondering if I should do something like this and if it would grow here in our mountain home. It's just sooo pretty, Mona and so VERY YOU! :)

  9. Hi Sweet Mona,
    This is just BEAUTIFUL !! I remeber you pointing this out to us while we were there !! AMAZING !! And, they are PINK !! My favorite .. From 7in. plants to this !! Unbelievable .. All your sweetness andlove for them took root !! I can't wait to see them again .. Miss you sweetie, and I'm soo sorry to read about your scare with Mele.. What a sweet little girl she is too . You take good care of yourself Mona. I'm jealous you got a BIG batch of rice pudding ... do you think of me when you enjoy it now ?! The BEST EVER, and the sweetie that makes it up each day too. Enjoyed meeting your children ..
    Off today to a home and garden tour in Floral Park, go every year with girlfriends .. Always a wonderful day .. Enjoy your week-end, and have an amazing do whatever you can kinda day ..
    Love you ~Tanza~ xo

  10. Your arbour and roses are magnificent and so perfectly complemented by your red gate, Mona. Too, too beautiful! Happy planting tomorrow xxx

  11. Gosh I am trying to think of a word for those - magnificent??????? YES.

  12. Thoe are the prettiest roses I have every seen. I think of you so much. I hope that you are doing okay. You have been through so much. Just know how much we all care. (((((HUGS)))))

  13. Hello Mona! Thank you for coming for a visit! Wow, we go back a few years now with blogging don't we?! Thank you for your kind words also. My son and his family live in Bakersfield. Where do you live now? We lived in Walnut for 27 years and now have lived in Murrieta for almost 8 years. I LOVE your pretty roses! You have done a great job growing them. I have a few roses growing in our yards also. They remind me of my Mother. Take care and hope to stay in touch! Hugs, Maryjane

  14. PS...

    It's Maryjane again. Oh Mona I have been reading your blog and want to tell you how very sorry I am of the passing of your sweet daughter Sandy. I can't image what you are feeling. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I am so sorry. Hugs, Maryjane

  15. Oh dear Mona,
    Simply amazing, simply gorgeous!
    Oh my you have a green thumb friend.
    I think of you so often.
    Big Hugs,

  16. You do whisperofroses and does this mean you are also the rose whisperer? Oh, such beauty - each and every flower and leaf so lovely. Your arbor is very special indeed.

  17. Oh,these roses are just so beautiful! Thanks for sharing their, and your, story with us. Hey, you should share this over at The Polo House "Favorites on the First" blog party on May 1. Alison's theme for this month is flowers.

  18. These are just beautiful- what a romantic arbor! I'm so jealous-you must have a magic touch!


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