Tuesday, September 24, 2013

~AUTUMN MANTEL..wanna see? Hmmmmm?

I did not touch those crates of Halloween "stuff" today.  There are four of them..and after spending the morning in the dentist chair, I was in no mood to decorate.
However...  :)
I DID do a bit yesterday?  On Saturday (I think, I lose track of time lately..) I found some of the stuff that I love and will not part with..you know..until I HAVE to.
I did mess around with the mantel a bit..but of course it will continue to change...bit by bit..but I have a beginning...

It does not shine.  I wanted some sparkle...I don't know..
I think I am a habitual malcontent...I do!  Never quite satisfied with the results of my attempts at decor!  Everything always looks better in someone else's home..and I wonder "now why can't mine look like that!"  LOL...
I think these are considered "Prim's" and our home is really not Primitive decor..but there are just some things that I think are so cute...

A wonderful crafter made these and I found them on ebay a few years ago.  Seems these talented people come and go, most never to be found again.
 There are little owls on each end of the mantel, but they don't show up much in the pictures...

 My cinnimon covered cat is another of favorites..and Halloweeny..(oops, forgot to remove his
par-tay hat!  He probably would not look any less Halloween if I did that anyway..so what the heck.
Trying to stick to Fallish things for a couple of weeks.  NOT easy for Miss "Hurry Quick!" here.
That's it.  Oh, and the painting..my gorgeous Fall painting.  I posted it last Fall and I will post it until I croak!  I LOVE that painting.  Again...where did my artist disappear to?
So..tha..tha..tha's all folks!
HUGE hugs..and lotsa love..

Monday, September 23, 2013


A perfect 76 degree's at the beach and at 3:44 Autumn was officially here. A lot of family and friends came and it was a wonderful first day of Autumn!  I think there were over 40..maybe more more..joined us.
This was just the beginning and by the end of the cooking this pot was filled with the GREATEST tasting sause that we dipped homemade bread into!  HOT though!  Spicy!
Time to empty the pot and add more!!
It was all delicious, but I wasn't too fond of the prawns..their little buggy eyes were looking at me and....I passed on those.  The shrimp was another matter.
You cannot imagine how great this all tasted!  I ate until my poor tummy was hurting.
 And I had already devoured my bread pudding by the time dinner was ready!
I'm terrible!! 
As quick as we filled our plates more food was added.
The artichokes were added to the pile of food and everyone dug in...
PH is wolfing down a hunk of homemade bread and butter from son and Daughter in laws bakery.
It was also wrapped and put on the fire...YUM!
Daughter in law, Cheryl and I.  This is NOT a good picture of either of us..but oh well.  We could have smiled a wee bit prettier ..LOL  Aw well..who cares!  The wind had come up and was a bit cool..and after the heat we have been having, I felt it. 
We had SUCH a nice afternoon.  We really did.  One I will remember for a long time.
I am so looking forward to this season! 
Love'n hugs,


Saturday, September 21, 2013


I'm REALLY motivated now!
You see, I got out there in that shed today...(the temp high was only 78 degree's!) and pulled all that junk out and went through all of those plastic bins to see whatever happened to all my Halloween stuff.  I kept thinking of stuff..and wishing I could figure out where it all went.   TONS of Christmas, but no Fall or Halloween. 
Well..be careful what you wish for.  I found it! 
I am NOT, I say NOT, going to put all of that stuff out. 
Monday I am going through every bit of it and what I don't put out is going to GOODWILL!
I'm not kidding about this.
 These are the new Fall placemats I found on ebay..and napkins.
 ...and on the back?  Halloween, of course!
 The napkins are black with tiny stars on one side and a pretty Fall tiny print on the other.
 This is my pumpkin tea set that daughter Mary gave me many years ago..and which she has borrowed...uh huh, indeed she has!  :)  I finally got it back..
I love it! 
Isn't this exciting???  LOL  This is what you post about when you really have NOTHING!  :)
Remember...I said "motivated" not "inspired"...  :)
Do I REALLY want my hutch decorated with this?  Maybe...I 'll add a spider to his head ...:)  Oh why not?!!  heh heh! :)
Today I saw homes in full HALLOWEEN dress...I mean ghosts and all!  Already!  Kinda tickled me to know I am not the only one that rushes things!
Big Fall hugs,
P.S.  BIG Fall bon fire Sunday night at the beach..family and friends will all get together and celebrate the first day of Autumn!
Isn't it wonderful?? 
I am so appreciating my wonderful family!!  The bigger the better my Mom used to say!
I'll take picture!  (if I remember)

Monday, September 16, 2013


Every year I say I am only going to add just ONE new item to my Halloween collection..and I NEVER keep my promise to myself. 
I invaribley forget what I have packed away..
It's a sad situation.

I found this little collage on ebay and fell in love with the baby crow in a cage.  I may replace the crystal ball with a real one..but otherwise I love it.  A real rose will be added as well. 
The book is a real one and is fascinating how they madeit. 

And then I found these Halloween pillows..

 A haunted house with a flying Witch was also added....these are for my front porch IF I ever get it finished! 

And these little shelf sitters..all dusted in cinnimon so they smell lovely.
That's IT.  I'm DONE I tell you!
Not another thing.  Nothing!

Then, heaven forbid, I stumbled across this artist that paints the most gorgeous things for HALLOWEEN ...but of course they are WAY out of my price range. 
I would LOVE to have at least one of her items.....you know...but they really ARE way too expensive.
Lovely as they are..I do NOT need this.  I am retired.  I have enough stuff !!  I will not buy anything else!  I MEAN it this time!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


 Anyone who has not had the experience of blogging, is just missing SO much.  IF you are not a blogger, but you have thought of doing it,  it is one of the most rewarding experinces you will ever have. 
Caring, love and acceptance at your fingertips.

We all have our dearest friends that we love and see in our every day lives, have lunch with, chat on the phone with, etc.  But Bloggers...are different.  They are just so loving, giving, kind and thoughtful, without ever having met you in person.  Some even travel miles and miles to meet you, such as Joanne from the OC, Marydon and Tanza 
An amazing group of people. 
I sometimes wonder...does the world know about us?
We are the way the world should run, don't you think?

 BJ!  Thank you dear!  The package came today..and I was just plain overwhelmed!
 I won bj's "GIVEAWAY" just before she took a short break and had tests done to make sure all was well.   PLUS, she and her Mr. Sweets are in the middle of a house sale..and anyone who has done that KNOWS how challenging it can be!
Still...bj had time to do a "GIVEAWAY"...  An amazing woman, our bj!
 This is what greated me when I opened the package.  First let me tell you that I was expecting a nice box of delicious Texas Gingersnaps..  and THIS is what was delivered to my door and greeted me when I opened package...
Just look at the beautiful box my gifts came in!  A box of Texas Gingersnaps?  :)
YOU sweet, sweet friend of my heart!  HARDLY a box of Gingersnaps!
Yes indeed! *smile*
 OH MY!! 
A wee out of focus, but I was just so excited!  Like Christmas!!

...and inside that pretty paper wrapping, each little delicious cookie is shaped like TEXAS, of course! :)

 This adorable mug with a cute hen on it.  (bj KNOWS me!) but ANYONE would just love this mug! 
Cocoa and Good Earth tea.  YUM!!

..not to mention the Gingersnaps...they are just delicious!!
See?  bj's little tutorial taught me something.  :)  I took my time and tried bj's way of photographing.
Nice, huh?  At least a lot better than my usual efforts... thanks for the photography lesson!
 I had to grin at the sweet extra's she added to my box of cookies!
But...that's bj!!!  (By now PH is VERY interested!!  I actually think he was a wee jealous!)
 ....inside was this little container of flavoring to add to my water bottles?  HOW did she know I hated water and the doctor is almost force  feeding me the stuff!  I cannot wait to try this...AND I drink everything with straws.  AND...AND..I adore polka dots!  These straws are just adorable.  I will add them to my jar of straws..but NO ONE CAN USE THEM!  They are just to look at and admire!  :)
Remember when we bought our polka dotted baking dishes, bj?

When I opened my box of gifts, the most fantastic aroma met me.  This is just plain delicious smelling and now my whole family room smells delightful!

As bj says..." Can you say OH HONEY!"
WILL you JUST look at the goodies??

...And this is the most WONDERFUL part of all...her note!!
I've won a lot more than those delicious Gingersnaps and all of the delightful gifts.  I've won your friendship, bj,  and THAT is the greatest treasure of all.
Love to ALL of you out there that take the time to visit me and comment and take part in my life.
You are the wind beneath my wings..unseen, but out there helping me put one foot in front of the other.
Hugs and love,


Monday, September 9, 2013


...and it's all small stuff, or so they say. 
I believe that, for the most part...but sometimes it's the small stuff that can get you down.  I hired a gardener on June 6th and he was terrible!  I mean really bad all the way around.  He did NOTHING but mow, blow and go and that was NOT what was promised.
Nor would he communicate, which was a headache.
So..I fired him and hired a new gardener. 
I think if it had been left up to PH that terrible gardener would still be here! :):)
Our hedges have never looked so nice!
The grass that had grown up around the fruit and Birch tree's is GONE!  The flowerbeds were all freshly weeded.  Mateo's wife said that each time Mateo came our yard would look better and better. (As opposed to worse and worse!)  I am so pleased. 

His business card says it all.   Corners were clear of weeds and leaves, dead branches were cleared away on the tree's...it was wonderful...and then..
Poor Mateo!
My beautiful ferns that I have so lovingly grown to lay over the low flower bed wall,

...were shorn off.  I looked out my front window, saw things flying through the air, heard a panicked yell and saw my new Gardener running across the lawn hollering at the top of his lungs to "STOP!"
His helper was chopping my ferns off even with the wall...and now they look like this..

My poor gardener!!  He was beside himself!

But..they will grow back in time, and at least the corner one is in tact!   A small irritation so small that I thought twice about blogging about it. 
Leaves are beginning to blow through the air now..and even though it's still so hot, it's an early signal that Autumn is on it's way. 
I actually went out to lunch with a dear friend today, then  off to my favorite little Vintage Flaire shop and found a pair of the sweetest pearls.  Searched a bit for pumpkins but nothing is out yet. 
Soon I hope. 

It was a good day.  I hesitated to talk about Sandy but it made me feel better to talk about her and how I am feeling.  Thank you for listening..thank you!


Sunday, September 8, 2013


This was Sandy and I exactly one year ago tomorrow morning.  We were having a cup of coffee on her patio in the early morning..just out of bed.  Daughter Mary took our picture. 

We had hope.  God doesn't let us look too far down the road...so we can smile today.  Last September, daughter Mary and I, flew to Atlanta to spend time with Sandy.  We shopped.  She helped me pick out a small make up primer.  I hold that container in my hand every day..and remember her handing it to me..and showing me how to apply it. 
Sandy was everyone's rock.  I wish you could have known her.

~my brave girl~
I still sleep a lot more than usual..but I am feeling better. 
I think reality just hits me. 
I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it was to get your sweet letters and notes of encouragement.
I wish there was a pill one could take for such a thing.  Some of you out there know what I mean.
It's a pain that only time can heal...but it certainly helps to have friends such as yourselves.
You bring tears of joy to my eyes and hope to my heart. 
In time I will be fine.  The world keeps on turning and I am glad all of you are in my world.
(There is only one set of footprints in the sand...HE is carrying me...)
My love to all of you,