Monday, August 31, 2015


I know I've been a bad blogger.  There are times when I think we are just overwhelmed with life..good or bad, it can become that way.  Overwhelming.
It became an effort just to get from one room to the next...but I'm slowly getting better.
This is the first time I have really felt my age.  Inactivity from a bum knee is probably the cause.

  That amazing little shot sure helped.  

The tiny girl in my header is great granddaughter.  I am searching for my pictures..and then AOL said they were getting rid of their picture storage so to find another place and suggested one I was not familiar with..
made me want to cry. 
Do you ever feel inadequate on the computer?

You see, I downloaded Window's 10 and if I thought I had troubles before that slowed me was nothing to what I have now.  
Lost my pictures..
Lost my favorites.
I finally did find my address book, I can't remember how I did it!

So many things I cannot figure out.   I think if I had been feeling better, I may have been more patient and would not have panicked like I did.  It has been emotionally tiring to try to figure things out.
What possessed me to be think "upgrading" was going me make things easier..I have no idea.
I am just not computer literate enough to pick up on things like that.  

Think I'll go to bed.  

Friday, August 14, 2015


It's one thing I would do all over again.  I would have all seven of my children.  What a joy they have been.
 It's days like July 12th that make it all worth everything.
What a life!  I mean it.  I would do it all again.  I 'm so grateful!

Great grandchild #8, Ethan Daniel Duffy.  Born August 12, 2015

What a wonderful way to be awakened!  My eighth great grandchild has been born!

My eldest grandson, Adam, his wife Cristina and great granddaughter Emily.    Tiny Ethan Daniel is just five hours old.
Born Wednesday morning at 6 AM.  

Here is my son..and his wife Cheryl seeing their new grandson for the very first time.  Yep..that full bearded gentleman with the gleam in his eyes is my Patrick.  My first born.  

This old white haired lady walked into the room and insisted on holding my great grandson.
The nerve!!
What a happy day for all of us.  I hear the heavens gave a light show to help us celebrate.
A tiny Duffy boy!!  
Go ahead..ask me if I'm happy!!  


Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Be very careful what you say you will NEVER, EVER, do again!  For me this seems to always be EXACTLY what I do.  When will I ever learn?  At this stage of my life, probably....never.

This past Saturday started out ..lovely.  Daughter #3 and dear son in law came to pick us up and take out to breakfast..and then perhaps if there was time..why..we would just cruise around and see if there were any garage sales.  
I'll cut right to the facts.

I swore to myself that I would never buy another bird.  They live a long, long time..and besides I did not want to clean a cage and vacuum up bird seeds ever again.  
We stopped at a garage sale and the next thing I remember was bringing these little guys home in a tiny white cage...
You see...I have lots of cages at home.  
My patient husband just looked at me when I got in the car..along with worried looking daughter who had had the good sense to go ask her husband if she could buy one and he emphatically said NO and that was that.  I didn't ask.  Yes, yes, I know I should have..but, I mean, he wasn't paying for them, he wasn't going to have to take care of them and I just couldn't see why, under the circumstances, I should have to "ask"...

So..I didn't.  

So far he hasn't asked me for a divorce..but..he did softly say "I thought you were NEVER, EVER, going to have any more birds!"  
You see, the dear man has not been married to me that long.  Otherwise he would NEVER, EVER, have said that.

The same thing happened when I had my children...I wanted two..just two and when the seventh one was born...well..never mind.  You get the idea.
All I'm saying is BE CAREFUL!!