Friday, March 27, 2015


I can remember when I did what I do now without giving it a thought.  
For the past couple of days things have been a bit of a mess due to all the wall papering going on.  
So far, both bathrooms and the halls are completed.  In April I will try and get the master bedroom done..then the guest room.  
It's so nice to get things done I've been wanting to do.

I love these...and haven't a clue what they are called, but they are perennials and return every year, Both front and back yards. 
Please click on picture for detail. 

  Did you notice I got my mantel finished?  I'm done!  No more tweaking, no more's over for the season. Wrong.  I added the eggs to the garland. You can see them in the new header.  I cut off the antlers when I took the picture.  After Easter I think I will just remove the eggs and leave the rest.  I think with the Easter baskets removed..the bunnies will do fine through to July.  
Like I said, I used to do it all with one arm tied behind my back.  Now my arm is behind my back trying to make it not hurt so much. :)

It was 95 degree's here today.  Outside on the porch for a second cup of coffee after having my virtual cup of coffee with my blogger friend, Jean, who doesn't blog.  She visits.  :)

I sort of over crowded the mantel..but..Penny is having an effect on me..never turns out like her's though.  :(  
OH MY!  I know whats missing!!  Lace!!  No matter..I am NOT redoing that mantel.
All done!  

Big hugs and Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


The last five days have sped by..I've been a bit under the weather so I haven't been blogging and my Easter decorating has been very, very slow.
I will feel better does the song go?
"One day at a time, sweet Jesus? " :)

I found this charming little lamp on Etsy in the same little shop as I found my other things on a previous post..NO garage sales..bad knee!  
(ho hum..)
.  I visit her shop frequently.  She makes her shades.  Fascinates the heck out of me.  I wish I could do things like that!

I also bought this little Mother Goose pillow and the sweet lacy pillow next to her.  I am a sucker for silk ribbon roses.  bobby was kind enough to give Mother Goose a new  head dress for me. 

I am also having fun dressing up my doorways.  This is the hallway and the light had to be on because there is no natural light.  If you look up at the ceiling over the valance, you can see the huge ceiling fan.  I thought the curtains would get pulled up into it..but..nope.  
 I've done two more doorways since I did the hall.
The second bathroom will be papered on Thursday.  Same paper as the little power room

That's it.  That's all I've got.  The days have been beautiful and when I'm feeling better I will start on the patio...right now I have to be content with sitting on the porch in the early  morning sun.
I'm afraid the bunnies will end up being my summer decor.   

I'm loving my wall paper.  I really am!!

I wish I had something profound to offer, but my brain and bod are in low gear! 
Until next time.
big hugs..

Thursday, March 19, 2015


The old wagon in my header belonged to my daughter and she had it for many years.  I had found it at an antique mall and when I insisted she look at it..she immediately bought it.  
As you can needs to be emptied soon and some repairs done.  She and I have both babied it along.  Time is catching up with our old wagon and's catching up with me.

 I'm so tired of limping around and taking pain pills for my knee.  
This morning when I was feeling sorry for myself, a bit of self pity had set in, when  a package arrived...
..and it was from my friend Joyce at October Farm.  The box was FULL of surprises.
First there was the card above and inside, as delicate as a butterfly wing, was a transparent leaf.
So beautiful.  It is my second one from her.

The box was stuffed with wonderful maple products...from her recent foray to the secluded Maple Farms.  Thank you, Joyce!!  Thank you SO much! 

There was a little hand painted heart box with chocolate candies in it, Made by Joyce, plus two beautiful bejeweled hearts, also made by Joyce.

Just in case you have not discovered her blog..for heavens sakes, drop by and try some of her fantastic recipes!  I have started a cookbook made up of my favorite recipes she has shared over the past couple of years.
Every one of them has turned out delicious.  

 She loves Fall and Halloween and this is the tissue paper all of the goodies came wrapped in!
Is that cute paper, or WHAT?  

 To go on my toast in the morning..(oh, I'll share with PH! You know I will!)
(maybe :)
 Gold wrapped delicious chocolates..handmade.
(Yes..I shared.  No..I didn't want to but I did. ) 


 And Buckwheat Honey...can't wait to try this!

 ,,,and this maple leaf shaped bottle. :)  Isn't it just beautiful?

It made my heart warm to think of such thoughtfulness.  Such friends precious, 
and rare.  Joyce has her ways of making the world a better place.  

Needless to say, I had a wonderful, wonderful day.  Two Asprin and tasting all these goodies and I forgot all about my knee!
How in the world can one feel sorry for themselves after such a sweet :) start to a wonderful day.

Not going to watch the news tonight...
Do you know what I mean?
Of course you do!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I love having company.  I really, really do!  It's wonderful to see them come and as I've gotten older, it's kinda wonderful to see them go.   I am one of those "gotta have everything just right" types that drive husbands nuts.  
Not yours?
Well, good for you!   I've had three wonderful husbands and there is not one of the three that I didn't drive crazy when I know company is coming.
I want to be "kick back" but I'm not.  
I'm a blasted fuss budget!

This is Lucy, our neighbors cat.  She loves our front porch.  Unexpected company!
She always shows up unannounced. 
We love her visits.

I zoom through the house checking bathrooms, fluffing pillows, checking counter tops..running the vacuum quickly through all the rooms and especially the kitchen because I have foolishly put in a black rug with back and white check border that is NOT easy to keep clean and after just fixing JUST  a sandwich, the rug has crumbs..on it and they show!  There are always tiny leaves on it from Mele' running in and out.

 Why am I showing you the front porch...again?

 I have NO idea except that...'s another area I rush around making sure it's up to snuff.  I dust the front door..the top of the mailbox,  give the chair cushions a good whack.
I vacuum the porch rug.  If there is cobwebs, down they come.

You can drop in any old time.  No problem and you are so welcome.

However, I do hope you don't mind being met at the door with me in my pj's. :)
If I don't get dressed immediately when I get up...I lounge around until noon..
Then I think, "Well, we aren't expecting anyone, so.."  and the doorbell rings!

Here's the thing.  If I kept everything up to snuff all the time and didn't let things get away from me there wouldn't be a problem.  
Right now I'm using my bum knee as an excuse.

I didn't mention it yet, but, Howard jumps right in to help me.  I need to check and see if that man has wings.  I'm beginning to suspect!

I hope your St. Patrick's Day was nice.  Ours was quiet.
Sunday was our beer and brisket day.  Everyone works.
No, no..I don't drink beer.  Most of it's yuk..but my son does.
Howard?  HEAVEN'S no!  



Sunday, March 15, 2015


I mentioned this book in my last post but had the title wrong.
I bought this book in 1978...OR some sweet person took pity and gave it to me.
Whatever the really did help.

Being married to a career Marine for 43 years, and one that was addicted to organization, kept me on track. I even let him put the groceries cupboards were always perfect.  Now?
Not so much.  They need organizing.

Our biggest fights were over my lack of housekeeping and organization skills.
Not dirty, never dirty..just not putting dishes in the sink rinsed, just little things like that.  Later when the babies came, there were toys scattered about on the floor, my young idealistic Marine husband was NOT understanding.  After all, what else did I have to do all day.  
He was right.  
To this day I still have "THE LIST." The one he made of all the things I was to do every single day.
My mother saw it and never did forgive him.  :)

My world was one of stress trying to keep life and limb in some sort of order..
I vacuumed at night when the children were in bed..I washed until 2  in the morning.  
I never, ever. caught up.
As they say "I made my bed and now I had to lay in it." 

Here is the real picture of my desk.  Yes, that's my bra laying there and I have no idea where I was headed with it.  This would NOT have gone over well in the old days.

Is this some sort of belated rebellion.  :)  

To be really honest here..I shoved  stuff away from the book for the picture. There is more to the side..and then I changed my mind.  I need honesty here.
I meant to start organizing my desk today but,
                                                1. the garage had to be totally vacuumed.  Heaven only knows it needed it.
                                               2. but that was after I checked my email while I drank my coffee and  read my friend, Jean's letter.  Each morning a note waits for me..with a cup of coffee.
It's all pretend..but it's fun!  
               3. Howard's Levi shorts had to be found...              
                                              4. I want to return the smaller LODGE dutch oven that I bought and can't use,  but I can't find the receipt and the search turned up nothing.   There goes the morning..into noon. 

The list goes on.  I should be able to think of something, an item, and know right where it is but
I can't.  The book really did help when I read it all those many years ago.  I've just slipped back into my old bad habits.   Yes, I should throw out those hundreds of magazines..  It's on my list of TO DO's.
You see, it's not the things you can see.  It's the things you cannot see.

The book says to make a list in the evening of 10 things to do the next day, in order of priority, then at the end of the day..move the ones that didn't get done to the top of the next days list.
Believe does work and it does help if you take a few minutes and make your list.
So, I did it.
Since they were all urgent, I didn't bother with the "priority" part,   I just listed everything I could think of.

Already I'm not following directions.

I must rethink this.  

Those magazines are going to be a problem.  I hate throwing my magazine away.  Maybe Goodwill will take them but  doubt it.  I simply CANNOT throw my beautiful magazines in the trash, even if they do date..back to the last century.  :(

I've noticed lately that I have gotten in the habit of saying "I'll do it tomorrow."
I've decided I am going to put all of my magazines in the trunk of the car in the morning.  It's on my list...
I mean, it's a start.  Right?

You just WATCH!  I'll lose the blasted list!!!

Oh, and before I forget.  The kitchen frig. magnets are GONE!
(except for just a couple)

P.S.  What does PH think about all of this?  He is the one that says, "Oh, do it tomorrow" :)

Thursday, March 12, 2015


It's called.."How to Get Organized"
I read it.  This is the good it did!
I should rename my blog "The Cluttered Cottage" because it would certainly fit.

I have spent the last few days puttering...putting up curtains, leaving them a few hours and suddenly not liking the way they look, dragging my step ladder over and taking them down.  The only ones I've left up are the ones I hung in that LARGE opening into the family room.
Don't men have to duck?  So??   :)
Like everyone, I surround myself with things and people I love.  I nestle in and warm myself in color and love.
Have you ever wondered where your traits to do this or that come from.  Most of my relations lived in their homes with the necessities, never a potted plant, and red in the 1940's and 50's was thought to be ...just wrong.  If you wore a red know, you were just flaunting yourself.
We had our idea's didn't we? I "flaunting" my kitchen?  I'm trying to think here.  Nope.  Not.  Now THAT made me laugh.

See? More clutter.

I always forget to "stage" my photo's..sliced oranges, coffee pot, my book, all sit where I left them;
you came to see me, not my home....right?
My Mom always used to always say that..and I never quite bought it.  I will always rush around making sure everything is ready for company.  Now if, I suppose, I did things right, I would always, ALWAYS, be ready for company.


P.S.  Would you just LOOK at that refrigerator??  I definitely need to do some uncluttering, but please don't hold your breath.  Okay? :)

Monday, March 9, 2015


Melancholy sets in as Easter approaches.
I sometimes wonder if this is just a part of growing older.
Broken hot water heaters don't 
My Easter decorating is way behind..
I did snap a couple of pictures...but nothing of any significance.  

 I love holiday's.  I always have.  Not just for their significance, but because it 's a family time.  My family gathers.  We have become wide spread across the nation now but there are still many of us together.

I just found this lamp shade on Etsy.  Another lovely hand made shade from The Girly Cottage. 
I fell in love with it.  

I should have take a picture of it with the light off..but as usual, when I remember to take pictures it's in the evening. get the idea.  I think the crystal finial just tops it off.  :) 

Bobby is the girly girl who sells these pretties and she added this gorgeous Lefton pin dish as a gift!

I have a lot of old pins I've collected over the years and they never see the light of day in my jewelry I decided to decorate with them.  I just leave them out.  
I s'pose I should put them away for Easter.
Tiny eggs instead?  

This is one of my favorites..I attached it to the tassel hanging from my piano light.
That little dimpled darling in the photo is my granddaughter and she now has a son of her own.
Time marches on.

Tomorrow I WILL dig out some Easter things.
This year Easter falls on my daughter, Sandy's birthday.  I have a lot going on inside
I miss her terribly.

Have a great week out there.  

Later then?

Monday, March 2, 2015


If I've shown these pictures before..although I just took them recently, just remember, my memory is slowly slipping away. :)  
Old folks do this.  They visit the past more and more.  Mull things over, remember things they often would just as soon forget.
Not me.  I don't want to lose a single memory, good or bad.
It's my life.

It was in 1942 and we lived in Portland Oregon.  The war was raging.
  It's been a long time ago and my memory, as memories do, has shut out a lot of what happened..but some things I do remember. 
My baby brother had choked on a peanut..perhaps some of you remember me writing of it some time ago.  
We had come home from the doctor's office where the Doctor had told my parents that Georgie   would be fine and not to worry, they were over reacting.  When my baby brother breathed, there was a whistling that came from his chest.  But they accepted what Dr. Poacher said and took their little boy home.  He was about two and a half years old.  I was six, I think.  
I had a doll with golden curls, and she was all dressed in a long red cape of velvet with a white satin gown underneath.  She was Snow White from the Fairy Tale.  
 At the side of the house was a water faucet and later that same day when we had returned home, I was outside playing.   As I walked down the driveway, I saw a bucket of water and as I came near I saw my beautiful doll stuck head first in the bucket of water.  Georgie had found her and probably decided to wash her hair..who knows.  Just as I was pulling her out of the water her hair came off in the bucket.  I was furious with my little brother.  I looked up and saw him coming toward me..down the drive.  I think I may have yelled at him...I don't recall but suddenly he fell to his knees and couldn't get up..I ran screaming into the house and told them that Georgie had fallen and couldn't get up.
The rest I've already written about in a much earlier post, but briefly, they rushed him to the hospital where they operated to try and remove the peanut that had lodged in his little lungs.  He died on the operating room table.

My guilt for being so angry with him was terrible.  I think I have remembered it differently for a long time.  
 I didn't go to school for awhile.  They said I was too upset but looking back over the years, I think my mother needed me near.  She was never the same after that.
 None of us were.

We moved to California soon after..I think within a year.  My toys were left behind.
It's things like this that I go over in my mind when I can't sleep.  
My baby brother would be 74 years old now
How I wish I had him back.

 I've slowly replace all my childhood toys..except for the little red umbrella with the scotty dog handle.  Also a composition baby doll with black painted hair.
I search ebay..some come close..but no.  It's not her.

 I found many of the things in the pictures above at garage sales.  Even the sweet little sofa table.
 The little wick buggy is in perfect condition.  Someone loved it very much.
The wicker highchair is really different.  I've never seen one like it.  $35 at a garage sale.

That's it.  That's all I have. 
We had rain and hail and wind today.  You would have thought we had won a million dollars the way we all yelled and celebrated.  Tomorrow..(too cold and drizzly today) we are going to go out and take picture of the snow in our mountains.  
You want I should send you some....hmmmmm?  :)

I'm just teasing you!


Sunday, March 1, 2015


You attempt a lame post!!

Well, it's the middle of the night, no, actually it's very early morning.  Nearly 4 am and I've been up and about since 10:30 last night.  I should NEVER  go to bed a 8 in the evening.
 I get very sleepy but if I give in and go to bed, I'm up by midnight and think I should start my day!
I thought only babies did such things!!

See, another reason to lay awake worrying...

Do you ever lay awake and cringe at some of the decisions you've made in life?  I mentally shake my head and try to think of something else.  Doesn't work.  I go back to things that you would think I would have forgotten since I can't remember what I had for breakfast, OR that I am stewing prunes on the stove!
Wednesday, I totally destroyed my beautiful red $300+ Le Cruiset dutch oven, which was a Christmas gift from one of my daughters a couple of years ago,  and tried for three days to fix it.  It went into the trash.  NO enamel on the bottom when I finally got some of the burn out~!   Could have burned the house down! :(
Scares me when I forget things...
But...I can remember 73 years ago seeing a man hanging from a telephone pole when I was about four or five years old.  He was just sort of flopped over the wires and I saw him as we drove by.
I screamed and told my parents..but they just said "he is probably working on the pole" and my little mind said "with his arms flopping down??"  I knew better..
Just like I knew there was a man in my my closet!
Listen to your children when they tell you something!  Check it out!  Don't always think it's their "wild imagination!"
Okay?  :)

These are the little curtains that I bought from a little shop on Etsy called "The Girly Cottage."   I hope I have that name right.  These are the ones that are going in my newly wallpapered bathroom. 
  She went out in snow to ship them to me!!  Yes!  She did that!!
AND JUST WAIT 'til you see the lampshade I bought from her!  :)

LOOK!  Daffodils!!  :)  Aren't they a bit early???

"Granny" is my favorite Downton Abby character night is family night and  Joyce's  October Farm  meatballs are on the menu!

P.S.  AND it's raining out!  OH JOY!!