Thursday, April 23, 2015


Not just any squirrel.  This one was special.
The picture above is the son of our hero taken in our Canary Pine tree out front.

Here is the little guy who is eating us out of house and home.  His father used to visit us and eventually he brought his wife.  Then two babies appeared with them.  
Then one morning I found his father dead under the ferns in the flower bed out front by the street.
We don't know what happened.
Now his son entertains us.  I haven't seen  his mother since the father died.  I saw the two little ones alone only once shorty after the father died.  The mother was a timid little thing and the father lead her everywhere.   One morning when we were having coffee on the back patio, we saw the dad and mother crossing on the telephone wires that run high above our back fence...the mother suddenly came to a halt.  She just began bobbling and froze.  For at least half an hour he coaxed her.  She had to jump from the higher wire down to the lower wire, then proceed on to the tree and jump onto it and they were home.
She just could not seem to move.  He came back, jumped back up onto her wire and tried to show her her how to jump down.  Nothing.  She would NOT budge.  He chattered...there was nose to nose communication..but nope...she would not move a muscle.  Back and forth he went and finally after at least ten or more trips back and forth...he was able to get her to move a bit..and then follow him to where she was supposed to jump to the lower wire and then on to the tree in the far corner of our yard.  Finally she edged to the jumping off place and once more seemed to freeze.
She hesitated...we held our breath and after three or four tries of him jumping back and forth.....she suddenly did it!!  She JUMPED, bobbled and then followed him to the tree.  It was all we could do not to jump up and cheer them!!!  
We miss our squirrel couple...and we hope she made it alright without him.
I know how she must have felt.  I know what it is to feel lost without one's mate.

We are watching her baby boy grow and hoping no harm came to their daughter.
His son has a lot to live up to!

 Many years ago I saw these little bunnies in the Spiegel Catalog and thought they were precious.
I couldn't afford them and then a couple of weeks ago..they popped up on ebay and I bought them.
Too late for this Easter..but..maybe next year.

I bought this large plate at an Estate Sale last week and I love it.
This cup shelf is over my couch in the living room.

I also found a sweet little delicate creamer and sugar.
Not a good picture of them.  I love the pale can see right through the glass.
I sometimes wonder how things like this survive so many years.  

Good care and gentle handling.  Like our little squirrel friend was with his delicate and gentle little mate.

Things are good here.  It's cooler and if I don't watch the news, I'm fine.
Much love,

Monday, April 20, 2015


Please look at these images on my mirror.  I've shown these photo's before...but I keep hoping that if I show them from time to time..SOMEONE out there will be able to give an explanation..or know someone who can... OR even have had a similar situation. 

You can see where the marks appear to begin and end...and the pictures were taken within minutes of each other.  Most of the strange happenings are in our bedroom.  

I took this picture...then in a minute or so took the one below.

I took a picture from one side of the bed then walked to the other side and got this one!
I looks like a smiling face to me.  
My late husband was an amature cartoonist..and the image resembles a cartoon character he called "Clyde"...
He used to do this cartoon on the children's lunch sacks  many years ago when they were in school.
The cartoon itself was a little guy on a skateboard...and he always has some philosophical saying in one of those cartoon balloons over his head.  The cartoon was all in bright colors filled in with colored pencils and the Clyde was usually on a skateboard.  
This image looks strained or like it was difficult to make or even like a child made it.  All the images do!  Sometimes "orbs" are on the mirror when this happens.  The mirror is on the bed so that it cannot be possible for another mirror to reflect  the image ..etc. etc.  This has been a suggestion once.  Bull!  Even I can see this is not a reflection.  I rejected that suggestion..but..I need to keep an open mind here.

Any idea's out there.   You can see the fan blades reflected from the ceiling over head.

The reason I am posting these is because this mirror spent time under the bed in the guest room after this happened.  It's back out on the hallway wall.  I leave it alone..the less attention, the better things are.  I was NOT girlfriend was standing beside me when I snapped the pictures.
The same evening..the bolt of electricity from the top of the mirror to the bottom made us both jump back.  I've relayed this before.  

Another disturbance happened again last week.  Most of our problems seem to be in my bathroom and our bedroom.  
Anyone out there with idea's?  Please?  

I am NOT saying I think this is my late husband blah, blah,blah.  I am only saying the image is familiar.  Very.  But it could be anything.   Son in law suggested reflections...another friend said that it was the glue on the back of the mirror???  The mirror is a solid varnished original board on the back.  Never been removed as far as I can tell.
Other mirrors in the house have been troublesome.  Our bedroom dresser mirror spend a couple of weeks sitting behind the dresser.  It got THAT bad.
My poor little dog suffers when this starts up again as it did recently.  Comes and goes.

MY WALLPAPER CAME TODAY.  I am not elated..but I do like it.
(I think!)


p.s. perhaps I think..that if I change the room enough it will go away.  I've already painted it.
Nope.  Still happening.  Small nights are on all over this house at night.  
Call me a coward...tell me I have a wild's okay.  :)  I've been told that already but Mele and PH both know I don't.  

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Actually, it doesn't bother us a bit.  If you were a very tall person and LIVED here....but you're not! worries.
I'm on a lace kick and it's all your fault out there for telling me to decorate my home the way I like!
You've spoiled me.  No!  Really, you have!   I'm really into lace lately!
I LOVE the stuff!

PH and I are both short..I'm a bit over 5' I think, PH is about 5'8".   He doesn't have to duck..but he was his usual self..smiled and said "It's pretty!"  
Bless his heart.  
How long will it last. Who knows.  

Right now, I love it!  
I mean you frame windows..why not doors.  Only two are alike.  
This is looking down the hallway from our bedroom into my office.
Valances on the left frame the bi fold door leading into the living room.

These valances are framing the doorway from the family room into my office.  You can see into our bedroom way down at the end.
Looks low..but it's perfect for us.
My kids...well...that's another story.  I admit they are looking at me strangely when they visit. :)

 This is the opening into the little hallway off the main one,leading to the bathroom.
As you can see, I have it all laced up! 
Not ALL doorways...but some.
See into the master bedroom there?  I've ordered the paper.

Yeah.  I know.  But it works sweetly with the bathroom wallpaper.
I'll wait until it arrives...then decide.   I've already booked my paper hanger..
Oh please, please don't say it's too busy.  I'm already sweating it out here!
I didn't want the same color background as the hall paper.   The very pale pink is going to make the bedroom furniture look wonderful.  It is! It is! (It better!!!)
....and I mean the leaves pick up the green in the hallway..the background on this paper is a pale, pale pink.  
Will it drive me crazy?

Kinda sissie paper?  I know.  Choosing paper is NOT easy.  I wanted something soft for the bedroom.  It's on it's way..and heaven only knows I've changed my mind so much my head hurts when I think about it.

Oh...and there was something I wanted to talk to you all about before I forget.  Been thinking a lot about it lately.
I'll be brief.    (heh heh)
I would love to see more pictures of all of you.  Camera shy or a recent photo of yourselves now and then.  It's such a nice feeling to KNOW who I'm talking to, writing to, worrying about, and getting to know.  I have a lovely one of Lynne and her husband "Irish Garden House"...and bj and her handsome sweetheart...but so many are faceless.  Tessa!  You wonderful lady!  I love seeing you!
More pictures please??  OF you!
I think many of us would like to see one another now and then.  We WON'T think you vain, not at all. that the right word?
Anyway...just wanted you to know what I've been thinking when I blog.
Love..lots of it!

Monday, April 6, 2015


What a nice Easter we had.
Spent it at the beach with the family...many were not there..and we missed them.
Well, one daughter just flew in from spending a week in Georgia with my daughter Sandy's family.
She is suffering the loss of her sister terribly.
It's been two years already...and this year
 Sandy's birthday fell on Easter Sunday, and made for a melancholy day for all of us.  
We all held hands and remembered her, told her we were thinking of her and wished her with us.
We did what we thought she would like us to do.  Be happy and remember her with love.
We had a nice peaceful, quiet day together.  
There is nothing like listening to the waves, children laughing, an occasional dog barking in the distance and seagulls calling to one another, the ocean breeze and being with loved ones to make a nice day.

I remembered to take the camera and when we remembered, we snapped a few pictures.

.   Two of my granddaughters, Ireland and Wrenna and my little great granddaughter, Emily.
I wanted to hold my granddaughters and never let them go.
When it was time for them to leave, I finally let go and cried.  Wrenna is leaving for Alaska.  She and Justin have jobs waiting for them there.  They will be traveling the Alcan Highway. They are an adventuresome pair.

 Ireland was down from San Francisco where she is living and working now.  So far away.  Why I thought they would never go far from home, I don't know.  Wishful thinking perhaps.  When they fly away, it's what they are supposed to do.  But it's hard.  Really hard.

I have the sweetest, kindest family!  

Here is sweet "patient husband"  otherwise known as PH  already getting red faced from the sun. He had a wonderful time..laughed a lot and thoroughly enjoyed himself.   My children adore him and he returns their love a thousand fold.  I am so grateful!
 I was in the picture but looked like I had stuck my  finger in a light socket so I cut myself out. I don't like my picture taken anyway and when I saw the picture, I knew why! :)   No need to scare anyone.
Little great granddaughter Emily.

Emily was the only one dressed for the warm day Easter turned into.  Her Mommy and Daddy,(my grandson is her daddy)  are expecting a baby brother for Emily in August.  
Easter was a good day.  I was so happy to be with my family.  Forgot to get a group photo.  People kept arriving and my mind was not on pictures.   

This is the only picture I got of some of the Easter goodies..  By this time the food was devoured.  
Fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans, Honey Baked ham.  Chocolate bread pudding , fresh rolls and a green salad, all from "Jammin' Bread" brought by daughter in law, Cheryl,  and all sorts of spreads including Honey mustard for the ham, lots cupcakes, lemon and berry pie;  Everyone brought a few dishes  and it turned out lovely.
Daughter Mary, as always makes sure there were fresh flowers, a community Easter Basket stuffed with goodies, and her tons of cupcakes and pretty table clothes and decorations.   

We made beautiful memories of Easter 2015.


Friday, April 3, 2015


I LOVE Easter.  It's just not the chocolate bunnies..although that has probably had something to do with it.  It's the feeling.  I always thought that when Easter got here..everything would be alright.

This morning while having our morning coffee, I happened to look out the window and saw this.
 I told Howard, "LOOK, I think Jesus is coming! Come on!"  I jumped up and ran outside!  Of course he had to burst my bubble by telling me that "No..that's just sky writing, Mona!"
But it was a nice way to start the day anyway, don't you think?   What a nice offering by that pilot on Good Friday.
...and besides, it could happen!
Maybe just not today.  

The day before when this box came full of all sorts of Easter goodies from Lynn, I was so excited.
We exchanged baskets and now I'm all upset because the one I sent her was not HALF as wonderful as this!   Thank you, Lynn.  Next year I'll know how to do a Easter basket exchange.! :)
There was even some OLD post cards that I practically burst into song when I saw them.

See that little Primitive bunny?  Lynn made it herself!  
Her blog is  Life on the Wienee Ranch.
I went around the rest of the day singing..."Here comes Peter cotton tail, hoppin' down the bunny trail..etc. etc."...until finally PH burst another one of my bubbles.
He had the nerve to tell me  THERE WASN'T REALLY AN EASTER BUNNY!!

There always has to be a smarty pants, doesn't there?

On April Fool's Day I tried to tell him I was pregnant...he just shook his head and walked away.
 Well, I thought it was a really good one...He wasn't fooled for a minute!
He's no fun at all!!
(of course me being 78 MIGHT have been a factor!)
Happy Easter to all. 
I hope your day is wonderful!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Never mind, I've got my reasons!
Either the world is spinning faster ..or I've slowed  WAY down!  :)

I am looking forward to Easter this year..because I will be with my children.  I'm cherishing those moments more and more.

Not much time to blog lately..but Easter Cupcakes made by daughter
Mary have always been a source of pride for me and I am
looking forward to having them again this year!

Lime cupcakes...for me the more frosting the better. 

Lemon is wonderful too...Now bring on the coffee but tea will do just fine.

It was a long day!

Tiny two year old great grandson came with his mommy, my granddaughter, for a visit this afternoon.
Busy boy, yes indeed.  Little greats are SO much fun...for ..about half an hour.
 I recall trying to wind three "wind up" Disney cars at the same time so they would all be running at at once and crash into each other... 
Toys everywhere...that's the last I remember clearly. 
I thought I was struggling until I noticed his mother!
Yep..brought back memories.  If she thinks one is a handful, try SEVEN!
And all but the youngest were 13 and 14 months apart!
Even the memory tires me out!!

Great grandmothers are just supposed to be "great" and nothing more. 
Found that out this afternoon.

I was so...rattled busy, I forgot to take pictures!! 

What's tomorrow?  Anybody know?

Hugs and love,