Friday, October 23, 2015


....Because PH hates projects!  
That's okay.  He's sweet about it.  

Thank heavens for sweet loyal blogger friends that are kind enough to come visit even when I haven't been around.  I don't deserve it...but thank you so much!

What happened to my left knee is that I pushed a heavy rolled up hose under the hedge in the back yard with the inside of my left foot and felt a snap in my knee.  Nothing more..but the following day I woke up and tried to stand on my feet..and I knew I was in trouble.
It started last late March and I've been working on trying to find relief ever since.  Shots in the knee cap and now a double dose of pills.   Which seem to be working.  At least I am walking again.

My son and my neighbor from across the street and of course PH, got the beam up for me.  If I could get rid of the cottage cheese ceiling, I would, and will..but right now, my projects are about to drive PH out of his mind.  So..later.. :)

Everyone chipped in...yep..everyone except Mele' and I!
I now have a beam across my family room separating the dining from the fireplace area.  
Next is the wallpaper, which has arrived.
However..I had injured my knee by the time the paper arrived so I was totally out of commission was my wallpaper hanger, Ray.  He had climbed a new ladder trying it out and it collapsed on him, breaking three of his toes on his left foot.  So... :)  It all worked out.  I mean I am NOT happy about his being injured, but I'm pleased that I didn't interfere with his work schedule.

There is a LOT to move in this room and even though Ray moves the furniture..I need to move everything breakable, take down drapes and blinds and pictures..etc.  So..We should be ready soon.
I was hoping before Thanksgiving.  Hoping..yep..

Next comes the wallpaper and who knows what else.  And I know I also need to rethink those lamps!  It looks junky right now..but it won't.
I need to get rid of the one by the wall.  A friend wants it anyway.

As you can see, this room gets lots and lots of light, so I think the plaid wallpaper will be fine.
(I hope!)
I just realized recently that ..once that wallpaper is up..I won't like those chairs..which were never my favorites.  The light makes them look fuchsia.  They aren''s the light and my camera seems to do that all on it's own??  I wonder why that is??.  New furniture is NOT in the cards right now.  Beside, that would give my sweet PH a heart attack.  Not because of the price but because of the upheavel.  He hates that! :)

Look..aren't these cute.  My granddaughter in law bought them for me for my birthday!  Little nut or candy dishes for the season!   SO cute!

The living room is pretty clear..not much going on there..just a witch and a crow...
The flower arrangement on this little side table has black roses in it..but.. of course I cut them off so you can't see them!
The beautiful pale yellow afghan on the back of the chair.  An ebay find for ten dollars...Lovely!
.....and a few velvet pumpkins..I bought these the same day I bought the front door wreath.

 The family room always has my little scarecrow couple every year.  An artist on ebay made them.  I had to bid on them and got lucky..For some reason they had not been discovered..   Hand made items like this are treasures.  The flower arrangement on the floor belongs on the dining room table.  It's now outside on the patio table!    Another case of perfect staging!!! :(

 Full view of the coffee table in the living room.  Purple spiders and a skull added the coffee table centerpiece..and that's fine.  Purple roses at a bit of Halloween too.  Oh..and a fat rat helps too!

That's all I have...

Thank you so much for coming to visit..  I appreciated it so much.  
I  am going to try and get back to fairly regular blogging...I've missed it.  

I have letters to write too.  

Love and hugs..

Thursday, October 22, 2015


I used my mantel for my banner.  
This years decorationing for Fall has been a wee bit of a struggle but at least I finally got something done!
My new wreath is a wicked bit of decor, isn't it? 
I finally got it all up and it's almost time to take it all down!  
S' least I got it up.
I want to whine about how hard it was to get any of my Halloween UP..but I won't.
*sigh* I'll just  *sigh* suffer in silence...  (which of course you KNOW is a bunch of baloney!)
I hobbled around a bit but with help from PH, it's done.

I found my wreath in the neatest little shop..and ended up buying more than intended.  I bought the wreath AND the little door hanger.

Anything to do with Witches makes me grin!

This little door hanger has SO much detail..had to have it...I mean it was just a "little" thing and
PH gave me some birthday money!
I have to tell you this...the neatest thing happened.  One of my granddaughters asked if one
day she might inherit my Halloween collection..made me feel so good!  I said "Of course!" and she will.  

I want to say haunted houses are so much fun..but..not so sure any more.  
The list of things that happen in our sweet little home growing and growing.
Funny how you can get used to things screams in the night, and melting jewelry and just little stuff like that.  :)
Don't be too sure I'm joking.... :)

Not sure what I was going to do with that little glass pumpkin down there under the table....will I never learn to "stage" before I begin snapping away with my camera?
No..probably not...

LOOK! LOOK!  No, no it wasn't me that hung the Halloween garland made of burlap and detailed with this and was ... Patient Husband!  Of course!
I think hobbling around from piece of furniture to piece of furniture and otherwise using a cane..I really think he felt sorry for me.  
No need.  I felt sorry enough for myself!!

A visit to the Orthopedic PA, a few little white pills and I'm darn near as good as new.
I said  "darn near!"
My sister blogger friend, Tessa of  HERE THERE BE MUSING and I are in the same "knee injury" boat!  Does misery love company?
LOL ... but of course! :)

Big hugs and love,

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


First, I want to say that it has been so sad hearing on the news of the floods.  What a terrible thing to happen..and the lost ship.  

A bit of rain in California but not enough to do a lot of good.  Still, it was wonderful to hear it on the roof and to fall asleep with it pattering away!
I must count my blessings.  
Tomorrow I will begin my 80th year on this earth.  In other words, I will have completed my 79th year of life and will begin living my 80th.  So it is my 79th birthday.  I never thought of it that way before and when I did, it set me back on my heels a bit! :)
I've had misfortune, had my heart broken by loss, but I've really been fortunate too.   I have had love.
Lots of it.
Loved by three wonderful husbands, by seven sweet children and fourteen grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.
I told you about my new great grandson, Ethan Daniel, born in August,  but  I don't think I told you about the wonderful phone call I received a few days ago.  Granddaughter Rachel is expecting and 
great grandchild #9 is on the way.  We will know next month if it will be a baby girl or boy.  March is the expected time he or she will arrive.  
This is an exciting time. 
That will make 23 grandchildren altogether.  
Makes me smile. 
The thing is, they are all GOOD and kind people.  

I have two wonderful brothers and a sister.  All younger.  My brother and his wife arrived from New Hampshire!  We had a wonderful visit and hard to see them leave.
We both know the time of traveling long distances is coming to an end.
We promised to see one another again soon.
We always do that....

  Wish me luck, I'm rounding corner this year.. :)  I'll be sure and let you know what it feels like.
yep.  I will.

Big hugs and love,

p.s.  I was not going to mention this birthday.  I wanted to just let it go by but then I thought.."wait!
There might not be another?  I should make the most of this one.   I should be glad of it, thankful."...then I laughed at myself, and decided to have all of you celebrate with me. Okay?