Wednesday, April 24, 2013


  Warm, balmy breeze, not a cloud in the sky..or so I remember.  Whatever the case, it felt good to get outside.  A PERFECT day for sailing..from one garage sale to Estate Sale thrown in.
We didn't find much at the garage sales..but as always, it was a treasure hunt.  It's amazing how just the littlest treasure can cheer one up...especially when it's under a dollar! Or most cases.
Ah Saturday is another day....
Here are my don't get wasn't much...but it's the hunt that really is fun.
A pair of SINGER new!  $1.00  They are wonderful!
I had never seen Singer scissors like these before. 
  Cast iron skillet  $4.00  Beautifully cured.  I gave all of mine to my daughter in law..HUGE mistake.
HUGE~!  lol  I needed something to make my pineapple upsidedown cake in...should have saved one. 
 Alfred Meikin  7" creamer.  (daughter Maryalice couldn't talk me out of it, and believe me she tried!)
 Not a chip, not a flea bite.  Perfection!
My milkglass story~
At an Estate Sale I found this nice sized candy dish/compote without a price on it.  So I took it to the dealer who owns the business and whom I am familiar with and asked her "how much?" She took it from me..looked it over and said, "well, it's a Fenton it's expensive...." and I said "no, it's Westmoreland Milkglass, the tag is still inside.."  so she opened it and took out the well worn two inch folded card and opened it and read a bit..put it back in the dish and said "well, it's a REPRODUCTION so you can have it for...three dollars."  I smiled and said, "thank you." and walked away.  It is a tri footed dish with the raised WG, one letter on top of the other clearly embossed on one leg.  GOOD heavens!  Of course it is a "reproduction!"  It's supposed to be!  (said the Milkglass snob!)  *smile*
I win!
  Worth $48 on ebay..not sure otherwise.  I only found one.  Mostly just the lids or the bowl were available.  Only one intact.  Can you imagine not knowing Westmoreland from Fenton? :)
This pretty old lamp for $2.00 at a garage sale.  The roses are raised.  I love it.  I found the shade at Vintage Bliss.  The same little thrift shop I took Marydon and Tanza to when they visited.
Price of the shade was $10.  $12 for a pretty lamp is not bad.  There are tiny pearl like beads on the lampshade fringe.  Not sure the shade will stay on that lamp..but for now...what the heck!

 A cat. Price..I think$8.00 at an Estate Sale.  There was something about her sweet face and big eyes that caught my attention.  She is sitting on my piano.  She may be goofy looking but I love her.
Maybe it's the roses?
Crock..50 cents. 

 Little milk glass basket..hob nail bottom...$1.00
I also bought a few books.  I seldom come home after a Saturday adventure without at least one book.
One of them I had read through by Sunday night.
I'll show you which one tomorrow.
Tomorrow is Thursday.  Wasn't it JUST Thursday??



  1. Mona, what a treasure trove. You certainly can hunt out a good buy.
    Love the jug....

  2. I am always in awe of how you manage to acquire new treasures and always find the perfect place to re home each addition, without creating a cluttered or overdone result. Everything harmonises so well, adding to the charm of your absolutely delightful, cottagey home. These escapades are clearly therapeutic for you, Mona and I am so pleased to see you are keeping up with your visits to the garage and estate sales.
    Much love,
    Desiree xxx

  3. great finds mona! i haven't been thrifting in forever!!! i love the wesson oil crock!

  4. Oh you made some wonderful purchases! I love that lampshade:) I always buy a book also! LOVE books! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. When you know, you know . . . fun treasures Mona!
    I liked the crock too . . .

  6. Yah, it was just Thursday and is Thursday again. he,he Oh my dear, you certainly lucked out. Will Howard be adding a new room for all the treasures you bring home. I wish we had sales like this to go to - that's one of the things I miss about having lived in the city. I love all your treasures, especially the cat. Those eyes do draw you in. On top of your piano did you say - silly question - do you play the piano. I do not know how many people I have asked that question to when I saw a piano in their house, but they did not play - it was just for looks??? Tell me you play.

  7. Mona, you always find the greatest treasures. I was swooning through the screen when I saw the pitcher and lamp. They are "great" finds. fondly ~lynne~

  8. How totally fun, you found some great treasures, love the story of the milkglass. Hugs, Marty

  9. We have one cast iron skillet... a small one that we use for frying our breakfast eggs in. It makes so much better eggs than a new skillet. We do need a large one though and you are right. They are pricey! I'm glad you sailed right into one. :)

  10. Awww, Sweetpea,

    It does my heart good to see you out enjoying your Saturday Sailing.

    love and,


  11. Mona, looks like you had a great day shopping...I can see why Maryalice tried talking you out of that beautiful Meakin pitcher!
    My mother used to make pineapple upside down cake in her cast iron, to share your recipe?
    Have a great week...

  12. You found some great treasures on your hunt. I have the same scissors and have used them for many years. I paid about $15 and that was 20 years ago. I prefer them over my expensive Gingher because of the soft ergonomic handles.
    Gotta have a least one cast iron skillet. The only thing I use them for is baking corn bread. It makes for the best crispy crust when piping hot with a TB, of butter is melted while the pan preheats. I also use it for pineapple upside down cake every couple of years and can't imagine it being baked in anything else.
    I collect cranberry transferware and that was a great deal for the lovely pitcher. Hard to find them in perfect condition.
    Love it that you challenged the seller about the milkglass. She must have been shaken up by your facts because she basically gave it away.
    The lamp is very much like one I inherited from my grandmother and the gives it an elegant touch.
    Everything you found was wonderful and was when you consider you also got a full day of entertainment the price was right. I wish we had good sales up here. Usually just baby stuff and junk. I miss living in upstate NY where you could actually find real antiques. My favorite were the Barn Sales which usually had a bit of everything and priced to sell.
    Thanks for sharing your fun & your treasures.

  13. Well, today is Thursday so that makes it Friday tomorrow and the end of my work week! I'm always impressed by what you snag at these sales but I truly need nothing, but I'm always tempted to go and just look around. It's that time of year around here too and tons of sales were listed in the paper..maybe I'll just have to sneak a peak and go!

  14. What great finds. I love that you never know what you'll come home with! The cat sure is beautiful! I bet there will be a lot of sales coming up this weekend! Have fun!

  15. Hello my dear Mona,

    Loved seeing what you ended up with treasure hunting this week-end ... how fun, and you got some really cool pieces. You are right,it's the HUNT that we love !! Wish I could of been right there with sweet you !! Love the Vintage Flair store .. Flair, NOT Bliss right .. The Bliss I believe is the one that closed .. You know, the one you have those beautiful pictures in your bedroom .. NOPE, haven't forgotten about those ... wink ....

    Everyone needs an iron skillet, what a price you got that for !! AWESOME !! You did good sweet girl !!

    Hope this is finding you feeling a bit better. Think of you often sweetie .. stay good and keep your heart happy ... love when you share ..

    Hugs to you sweet friend

  16. You found lots of neat loot at the sales! I am especially fond of the milk glass!

    Thanks for sharing!


  17. What wonderful treasures you found! It's always such fun, isn't it? Especially when the Price is So Right! :)

  18. Great "sailing" finds! The milk glass with the little painted flowers is so pretty and so is the red and white pitcher. You even found great practical items. Those scissors look like good ones and the well seasoned cast iron skillet, both for such great prices. It was definitely your day to be "sailing".

  19. Great "sailing" finds! The milk glass with the little painted flowers is so pretty and so is the red and white pitcher. You even found great practical items. Those scissors look like good ones and the well seasoned cast iron skillet, both for such great prices. It was definitely your day to be "sailing".

  20. Great "sailing" finds! The milk glass with the little painted flowers is so pretty and so is the red and white pitcher. You even found great practical items. Those scissors look like good ones and the well seasoned cast iron skillet, both for such great prices. It was definitely your day to be "sailing".

  21. I would have gotten that seasoned pan - lol. And I didn't know milk glass had color in it -very pretty. sandie


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