Sunday, May 30, 2010


For all those men that served when called and were sent into harms way...and didn't come home to us...I send my heart felt thanks, gratitude and love.

To my sweet neice's husband who never came home to see his new born will always be missed.

I am grateful to God that the rest of the men in my life who served, came home to us.
Some did not come home whole and healthy as they left..but they did come home.

I hate war and pray every day that one day we will not have to sacrifice our loved ones and that we will find other ways of settling our differences on this little planet we all call home.


Thursday, May 27, 2010


Join Tootsie at TOOTSIE TIME and Fertilizer Friday.. Tootsie has redone her front yard and it is adorable. You must go see.

I have meant to do this for a long time. What I originally wanted was those flower baskets that attach to the railing...but my flowers grow so tall the would probably overpower them.. I opted for these from Lowe's. They were nearly out of them and I don't have the patience to these were my choices.
I bought two for the back patio also..

...I think the little curly Q's on the fence would hinder the other kind anyway.. :)
As you see, it doesn't look so good. I cut all the flowers back because they were getting leggy and beginning to fade...but...

/ you see those tiny sprigs already beginning to come back...soon they will be tall and lovely again! (I hope!)

...and this is my HEART of Ivy that my dear daughter gave me from her yard. You could see the wire when I got it...and now just look at it... it needed a bit of a haircut to show it's HEART shape...and of course now you can see the little bunny there nestling in the leaves...don'cha love it? I do!

Love and hugs and thanks to TOOTSIE at Fertilizer Friday's Flaunt Your Flowers!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This morning at 7:45, Sweet Husband headed off to the hospital to see about his sore knee. He kissed me goodby (I was in bed) said he would let the dog in and left.

Since it was nearly 8 o'clock I got up and began my day by opening the front door to let in fresh air and check the front fountain for water.

Yesterday I double locked the front security door when we left to go shopping and left the front door open so Mele could look outside whilest we were gone. :)

I always leave the bottom button unlocked so I won't get locked out..and when I returned, I forgot to UNLOCK it!! You see, you can turn the knob from the INSIDE even though the door is locked...however...when you go out..and the door closes....IF you do not turn that little center thingy on the knob...YOU ARE LOCKED OUT!

See that little center thingy there? Uh huh...

And yes, you guessed it!

I went out to water one of my new hanging plants, IN MY NIGHTGOWN, the door clicked behind me.... and I got locked out!

The poor thing was drooping and all else left my feeble mind except getting that plant watered! Southern California is not great for hanging plants. They dry out FAST! But these were so pretty...

I sat on my front porch looking at my plants for FOUR hours. Our gate to the back yard is kept padlocked. Our back patio door has double..... no TRIPLE locks on it!

The door to the garage has another iron security door on it, double locked and there are another two locks on the wooden inside garage door!!

Of course I didn't have my cell phone with me, and I can't remember ANYONE'S phone number so there is no use going to a neighbor. So...I sat..and I sat...felt like crying. Tried to think of some way, ANY way to get into that house.

We have a box on the porch post with a code to open the garage door..but...I had forgotten the code as I have never had to use it in the two years I have lived in this home. I tried every combination of numbers I thought might be success.

So...I sat...right there in that there chair! I finally turned the other one around and put my poor feeties up! It helped..some...

I met lots of birds who came to drink at our fountain, a Humming bird who checked out my glasses at VERY close range, lots of ants, spiders to watch. The mailman came and there I sat, in my nitie! I explained...and no my nitie was not was flannel! Ok? Besides I have nothing to show off at this age. Believe me!!

I read all the mail after meeting the mailman. I neatly folded all the ad's and there were a lot of them. I picked every dead blossom off of every single plant on the entire porch!

Elaine and Jim from across the street introduced themselves to me offered me their bathroom, some coffee, sympathy and finally their company. :) I had never met them before. What NICE folks! :) They asked if I wanted to come to their house and watch television..I declined.

An "older" gray haired woman on her porch for FOUR hours in her night clothes, uncombed hair and sobbing wildly (I'm kidding on that last one) had to be a sight!

In total I met Elaine, Jim, John, Mike, a couple of stray dogs, the mailman, some ladies taking their walks and carrying big sticks (who smiled rather curiously at me but kept walking...faster!

The phone rang many times, a few times it was Sweet Husband (getting more worried with each call) and finally, FINALLY, Sweet Husband pulled into the driveway. It was NEARLY NOON!
I introduced him to our neighbors from across the street whom he had never met. Of course we all had a gab fest...until I couldn"t take it anymore and headed for the bathroom! Everyone laughed and my world was back on track! What a morning!! :)

Four hours on the front porch. You should try it some time... :) Be sure and wear clothing though...

Love and hugs,


p.s. Did I mention that I picked every single dead blossom off every single plant out there..on the porch?

Monday, May 24, 2010


My newly found friend and I stopped in to see my son whom she had not seen since he was very small. Dan was overjoyed to see her and we stayed and visited with him. During our visit I got interested in watching my son tell his story to us..and began snapping photo's.
Please understand, we are Irish, and love telling stories and all seven of my children are as animated as Danny. He got really into his story...

...and then realized I was snapping shots of him...not the yard!

Ok...I take a bit of the blame for his "dramatic" nature..but NOT all.
I was 9 months pregnant with Danny when his Dad, a Marine, went his father didn't see him until he was walking. No phone calls, only letters back in those days. However the San Diego Tribune was kind enough to take our picture and send it to the ship his father was on. His Dad didn't even make it to his overseas destination when Danny arrived. I came home to three other children, all under Kindergarten age. :) Busy mom.

Danny is the one who lost his kidneys and his sister gave him one of hers. He was on dialysis for years and was going downhill when his sister was finished with all her tests and ok'd for the surgery.
So you can see...every expression on this man's face is dear to me. I could watch him talk forever...and I hope I do. I pray I do!
Danny makes me laugh...he always has...
Anyway...this is my precious "Dan".

Love and hugs,

Friday, May 21, 2010


This morning, like every morning, I woke to the usual early morning sounds of sweet husband going out for the morning paper...and I dozed off. I started back awake when the garage door slammed. I decided to get up and go see his smiling face and have some coffee...and yes, investigate. BAD move!
NO smiling face this morning...

As I entered the kitchen I saw a pile of papers on the kitchen floor in front of the refrigerator...

And more crumpled papers on the island...and a grim face which I didn't photograph because my sweetie was NOT in the mood to be photographed!! (my camera is always handy lately...) :)

See? Not a pretty sight early in the morning is it?? Not when one expects a welcoming smile and a hot cup of coffee...

He was NOT smiling and he was smoothing away like crazy and explained to me that the sprinklers had wet his morning paper through and

...he had taken it to the he had once seen me do with another piece of paper that had gotten wet...and he threw the entire paper into the dryer. I guess he had forgotten that the paper I had dried had been small and I had IRONED it dry

Yep...this newpaper had seen a better morning... all hard, crisp and rather crunchy. NOT easy to read...

So I gathered it all up..assured him I could fix it (I admit to feeling like Super Woman that had come to save the

Remember that beautiful steam iron I bought awhile back...(only just a tad worried about my adorable ironing board cover that a lady made for me..) Ah well...sweet husband was more important right now...poor baby!!

See that steam? LOVE that iron!!

And in no time flat....not perfect..but certainly readable....and I just...

... love that smiling face! ok, ok..this was taken tonight when he was tired....he had quite a day...mowed the lawn...edged...weeded... would have had to be here... :)

*I was singing .."Oh Happy Day" all day long!*

Love and hugs..


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Jeanne and I. May 18, 2010.

I thought I was going to Maryland for a week. When the time came to go, I didn't feel well so I decided to stay home. My husband's daughter was graduating from an advanced nursing course and I decided it might be better for him to go alone and visit with his family. I didn't really feel I belonged in such an occassion though I was cordially invited.

Then just before he was to leave something happened.

I don't go on FACEBOOK, but when I get messages about comments or photo's from my family, I take a look. This day I did that. Son, Danny, caught my interest and I decided to take a peek.

My son Danny and my friend Jeanne.

A little ad said if you are looking for someone..type their name here ...etc, etc.
Many years ago when Pat and I were young and Pat was in the Marine Corp, we met another young couple.
Both men were Drill Instructors on the field at MCRD, San Diego. We became fast friends and were together any time the men were stationed with each other over the years. Jeanne became one of my dearest friends and we were together almost constantly for years.
Then once again our friend and her husband and children were transferred, this time across the United States. Years passed.

One day a letter arrived from my friend, Jeanne, that Bob, my husbands dear friend and buddy was dead under sad circumstances. Military life is hard...and can be complicated, especially back then. We are talking 50's and 60's.
Jeanne, of course had to leave the base.
We kept in contact for awhile and letters. She was no longer at that address. Time passed and I lost her.

When men in the service went away back then...other then letters there was NO communication. If a man or woman was not good at letter writing...found it hard to was tough. Life is not normal in the service. But that's another subject...too deep and complex for me to even want to go into at this age. That was then. Things have changed. Military life is so different as to not be recognizable to us old timers.
What happened and why didn't we keep in contact? Life happened! Who knows. Complications, moves, so many things... 2010, some 35 years later, I put my dear friends name into that little box. Pages of names came up...pages. I had tried once before to find her, by paying a company but no results. I thought she was dead. I was afraid she was dead.....and then...her beautiful face appeared in front of me. I SCREAMED! I burst into tears and tried to hug the computer...I touched her precious face..

Both our men were now dead, our children grown, we were grandmothers and had been for years much had much!! And there she was in front of me! It said.."send this person a message..." I cannot tell you what I wrote...I don't remember..but...

And then the waiting began. My daughter in Georgia said, "Mom, sometimes people don't go on FACEBOOK a lot so be patient. I tried...
I looked down through her friends and found a name that was her daughters name but with a different last name. I decided to try and see if perhaps if not my friends daughter, at least I could get some information. IT WAS HER DAUGHTER!!! A quick reply came "OMG! Mona is that really you???!! I will call Mom right away..I can't believe it's you!" Soon Jeanne and I were in contact..then on the phone..hours on the phone, tears...plans..and she came this past Friday.
She didn't even know Pat had died...she didn't know about many things..there was so much to say, to catch up on..I just kept touching her face..and crying..

She is this moment sleeping peacefully in my guest room!! Yes! After 35 years maybe more...she is here with me!
I met her at the car when she drove in :) ...she was only four hours away! I was not a great fan of FACEBOOK but let me tell you, they brought a miracle into my life.

So...that is where I have been this past week or more.. with my friend. My dear and precious friend!
She leaves for home today...but I'll never lose her again!

Have a wonderful day and we'll talk again soon...
Love and hugs,

Monday, May 10, 2010


You see...I didn't forget my camera. I was on the ball and stuck it in my purse.
Right after I arrived at daughter #3's home..she asked if I had brought my camera..

Of course I brought my camera..and I took it out and held it up and to prove it worked..I began snapping pictures. I started with the flowers..then the food...lovely!

First picture was of a couple of little vases of flowers and cards for ME! :)

More photo's of food.. (it's my main interest about 6pm. Salad as you can plainly see..but I don't know how to spell the name of the white stuff...jicima?? Something like that...soooo good! Daughter #2 made it.

Now I am beginning to recognize ...MY dishes..yes...dishes I had loaned my daughter from...what..Easter? Two Christmas's ago...No..two Easters ago? Whatever...

Another wonderful daughter #2. I must tell you, it's wonderful having daughters!

Spanish rice to go with our tortilla's, beans and meat...

I took pictures of the men cooking outside, of all the preparations and all of those pictures are stuck on my new phone also!

This is second oldest daughter EKM. The hippy in the background with the grunge look is oldest son, Patrick.
I may not know how to transfer the photo's but my camera phone has the cutest sound. Just like an old time Brownie box camera? Do you remember? Of course you don't. If you remembered, I would know your age! :) Darn it! And those were really great pictures too!

No one was all that happy with me...(of course I'm kidding) but I took all my flowers...the tons of pink ruffled cupcakes, brownies, huge sugar cookies made like tea pots with "Mom" written on them...and the flan!! Yes...a tray of Flan!

Photo's of the men cooking because they did all the meat, etc. and they are ON MY PHONE!@!*&%#

Mother's Day ended with my son Danny singing "Summer Wind" to me! I cried. Danny sings beautifully...everyone was talking and was quiet...everyone was listening to my son.

What lucky am I? Very!!

Love and hugs!

p.s. I just realized I erased half my post...where I told of my camera dying..and using my new phone. Anyway..that's what happened. :) Thus missing pictures. As far as the dialog...who cares. I just prattled on anyway. Bottom line, camera died and I don't know how to get the pictures off my new phone. End of story!! :) If I repeated anything...disregard it. I'm old!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


My precious babies!
Sandra, 3rd, Patrick, 1st, Michael, 2nd, (me) Erin, 5th, Daniel, 4th, Maryalice, 6th and baby Dawn, 7th.

A sweet blogger commented on my last post and said something I have heard many times before. She had read my profile and asked "HOW did you do it?" of raising the seven children. All I can say is that I had them one at a time..and being a mother was my priority in life. The first two were 13 months apart..I waited a year and the second were 14 months apart and so on. I suppose I could say they were I have heard it explained..but when you take all precautions and still get was meant to be. At least that is how I think. It is something in life I would do all over again.

I want to say this. I LOVED having babies. They were all breast fed to at least four months. I gave their little systems a good start..

I loved the smell of my babies and never tired of the smell of Johnson's baby powder and lotion. "Johnson's Baby Cream" was the only "makeup" I a lipstick. Living in Southern (dry) California it kept my skin so nice. I nearly bathed in it.
It came in a little glass jar with a pink lid. Now it comes in tube...and I don't feel the same way about it. I have it...but Vasiline does as good. I miss my old fashioned baby cream. Actually it was the only medicine in the house for skinned knee's.

When child fell down and skinned a was "Mommie, get the baby cream, get the baby cream!" and after a painful rinse and dry the baby cream was layered gently on the poor knee or? As I said...I miss it! Thank heavens I had it until my babes were grown past the skinned knee stage.

I remember I could sooth my babies from another room. They heard my voice and calmed. Even when tiny...

I picked them up when they began to cry. They couldn't talk, you see. That was their way of telling me they hurt, were lonely, uncomfortable, hungry, wet, or just wanted me close. I picked mine up! I don't believe you can spoil a child unless you allow them control as they get older before they are ready to control their lives. Lack of guidance to me is "spoiling" them.

Enough. Everyone has their way of doing things...I listened to my heart with mine. Not what others told me. Dr. Spock was a great guide for many things..but otherwise..I raised mine by heart.

Love and hugs to all of you..

Thursday, May 6, 2010


But of course! I asked Mele and she said.."of course!" So we grabbed the camera.. and Mele and I are joining Shelia at NOTE SONGS for her Bathroom Diva party!

Have you ever tried to hold a camera and hold a reluctant dog (she changed her mind when I put her on that high counter....)

I honestly can't say as I blame her..especially since the her Mom was laughing...and saying "Mel, this will ONLY take a second.."
Then I broke my promise and took several more...
I don't think Mele thought it much fun...I'm not sure who felt sillier ...her..

...or me!

A picture of me in my bathroom...but of course! Doesn't everyone do this?
(You would be SURPRISED!) :) Go see! lol

Love and hugs,

Monday, May 3, 2010


My water feature on my back patio. If I lay in the swing on a warm afternoon and try to do a bit of reading...I last all of three minutes and then I am fast asleep....

I know I should throw away my old wicker chair...but I can't. I just put plants on it...and it stays.
Maybe someone will do that for me someday when I can't do what I used to do. I hope... :) Ok..maybe not pile plants on know what I mean. Give me a chance to be useful in some way at least....

The little bird house was bought at least twenty years ago in a precious little coastal village called Cambria, California. Sharon Lovejoy Writes From Sunflower House and Little Green Island and was the owner of a little herb shop called Heart's Ease. Sharon is an amazing woman. She also owns a little cottage on an island off the coast of Maine. Sharon is a lecturer, illustor and author and much more.
Some things happen that make you realize how very small this planet is that we all live on...and it makes my heart sing! And this is the best part....SHE is now a follower of my very humble blog. Makes me pause in wonder....

Sunset in my back yard...evening on the patio. Life is so precious...

Saturdays garage sale was pretty bleak and yet...

Just a dollar bought this neat sign. If you look close you can even see one of the covered bridges of Madison County. :)

..such a neat bit of interest in the back yard. I just got it so I'll try for better flowers soon..

I love the front of it. Interesting...sort of like a bed?

I sprayed it with a bit of protectant and I am hoping I don't come out one morning and find saw dust on my lawn. :) It has lived all these many years without it...shoulda asked someone first? Ah well...
(Maryalice, thank you sweetheart, for this wonderful gift. It will always be yours. )
Have a perfectly wonderful week!!
Love and hugs to all of you!