Monday, September 29, 2014


I had my key so I just let myself in...a rest is always nice...but it's nice to be back.
When one starts Autumn decorating as 
late as I did this just may as well
jump right on into Halloween...right?  Don't you agree?

My Autumn mantel is done.  I'm not going to change it one more time.  If it looks like I stood back and threw things at it and left them pretty much where they would almost be right!

Would you believe there are no pumpkins in town?  My friend found just two at Lowe's and PH found three at our Stater Bros. market nearby.  California drought?  So..I used old faux ones I had.

The pumpkin and black kitty cat are a couple of my favorite Halloween decorations.  They were made by an artist found on ebay.  I bought them a couple of years ago..

These shelf sitter kitties are also favorites.  They also smell like cinnimon.
The pumpkin tea set was a gift from my daughter Mary.

The tiny hutch is done.  The tea set will get polished...maybe!  I like my silver polished..but I know some don't.  So..I will find time to do that.

 These little stuffed Witches boots came from an artist in England.  another of my favorites.  They have tiny wooden buttons and real sweet.  The scarecrow tassel was another hand made favorite from an artist blogger I met.

 The white doily will be changed to black lace as soon as I find them!  Grrrrr

This Halloween chalkboard was another ebay find by a wonderful artist!  The back is black and covered with tiny stars.  :)  She even included a box of chalk!  Enlarge for detail.

 Just thinking as I posted this photo.  So many of my decorations are artist made or treasures given to me by my children.  The little squirrel was also from Mary.  He came with something else that has long been separated from him.. Same with the tiny pumpkin tea pot.  The little girl in the photo with her little dog "Nertsie"   Taken in Portland Oregon a million years ago.

I am sorry it has taken me so long to get a post done.  I've just been..a bit tired.  The heat I'm sure and life, as you all know, can happen suddenly.
To all of you who inquired about my absence...THANK YOU!
Blogging has always been a joy to me...and it's because of all of you out there.
I am just slowing down.

Much love,

Friday, September 12, 2014


An old photo of Dan and I
 Old and fuzzy as it is and not at all flattering, I love it.   I remember  it was a moment of such laughter, that whatever struck us funny got us to the point that we couldn't look at one another  without howling with laughter all over again.
I hope when Dan and I are long gone from this world, when our family and friends remember us..they remember us like this.  

So much is going on right now that I won't be blogging for a few more days.  I have tried to visit a bit..but right now it is easier to do a few visits and try to  stay caught up a little bit, with what is happening with everyone the best I can.
Right now it's difficult.  
You won't miss a lot with me being gone, but I will miss a great deal not keeping up with what's going on with all of you.
See you soon...don't wait up.  I have my own key and will let myself in..
~big hugs,~

Monday, September 8, 2014


Antic's?  :) There are none...I wrote that and then couldn't think of a single thing.
Ate a bagel.
Went into SHOCK at more rainfall today
Read some of my new book..
Sat in the lawn swing.
Drank some coffee
Wished I hadn't
...then dozed off anyway.
Watched the rain fall..

It thundered down on our metal patio roof.....poured off the back...can you see that precious rain there in the corner?

It poured off the front..

It poured off the garage..

Mele went out and lay in it...under the umbrella...she obviously loved the cool dampness..
(bricks and rock hold the umbrella down.  Not so pretty but it works.

...and PH read on!

I should have taken pictures of the thermometer.  It dropped ten degrees right in front of our eyes yesterday..
Today...five degrees.

OH GOOD GRIEF!  I see the sun peeking through.

Then I thought...I HOPE this rain reached our farmers in the Central Valley where it is so desperately needed!  


Friday, September 5, 2014


Another day in "Blog Tech" school...and what fun it is.  But here's the soon as my teacher goes off to do this or that and is know, fixing dinner...all the everyday things we do...I feel like someone threw me into a pool and I don't know how to swim!
I thrash around!

She is so kind..always telling me "Now NO pressure!  Remember, when you are ready!"  
So tonight..I thought I would dig out my notes..(YES, I kept notes!)  and fiddled around with color etc.  I've done that before...and there were some things I was familiar with, of course...but doing headers and such is no easy matter.  
Maybe when you get used to it all the time...of course it gets easier.
 Would you believe we started these lesson on August 25???
No, neither would I!!

Because I have not been taking pictures..or..well doing much of anything lately...I am just posting a picture of my youngest daughter and my two wonderful grandchilden..  Dawn, my baby girl and youngest of the seven,
Sweet Wrenna and my River.  
I'm missing them and I wish they lived closer.  

That's it!  Long day and it's time for sleep.
I didn't watch the news maybe that will help.  


Thursday, September 4, 2014

~MAKING CHANGES TO BLOG..(a learning process)~

You see, for years now I have been paying very nice bloggers who have acquired talent for making blog headers..adding backgrounds..and just all sorts of wonderful things.
It's gotten to the point that I really want to grow up and learn to do things for myself.
Not that I will ever have the patience to learn all there is to know..or even want to..but at least I will have more freedom about changing things.
I have been fortunate enough to become acquainted with a dear lady who has most generously in offering  to help me..and has done this free of charge. 
Believe me, her patience is amazing.
We are not always online at the same time..and we both have our duties around our homes.
She has worked out a way of communicating with me..and
Lord help me..
I have had to learn to read directions!!  It's always what I do when I can't figure it out any other way..
But..fear of losing my blog..kept me a prisoner.

You see, that is part of the reason that after blogging for some 6 or 7, cannot be!!
Yes..I'm least that long...I still cannot do this for myself.

Wish me luck on my journey with a woman who uses "tough love" to move me along!
I will leave it up to her to comment with her name...IF she wishes.
I will sing her praises to the soon as I ask permission!
LOL  Can you guess why I say that? :)
Yes, yes, I know it's not perfect yet...but we are working on it.
But I am so VERY pleased and grateful!



...I think about getting started on a bit of decorating..but I say..."tomorrow..tomorrow I will get out there and dig around in the shed and find those boxes..
So..I go out to the shed..

...slide the door open, peek inside and shut the door again.  
Too hot today!
Too tired!
Maybe tomorrow...maybe..

At this rate.. well...
You see..
To get to those boxes...I have to go through..HALLOWEEN,  then THANKSGIVING,,and then CHRISTMAS.. not to mention SPRINGTIME and then EASTER,  ST. PATRICK'S,  and SUMMERTIME'S  JULY 4th...and finally...finally...way, way in the back is  FALL!

I need some sort of organization here...those big plastic cartons stuffed full. sweet neighbor across the street came for her morning coffee and chit chat..and said..looking me square in the eye,  "WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU??  ARE YOU ALRIGHT?
I just sat down in my chair and sipped on my coffee and said....
"Why do you ask?"  and braced myself for what was to come!
  It came! the morning before the heat hits us...
back to the shed I go!  
I have to get serious here!

*Goodbye Joan Rivers!  You made me laugh!  Back when who had the whitest clothes out there on the clotheslines...what floor wax was the best.  When there was little else for us but being a housewife OR a secretary.   I was starting high school when you were finishing... what a time it all was.  You were brave, so brave when you stepped out there and made your mark.
Rest in Peace!