Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It's been four years now, four long hot summers...NO...let me take that back and say it's been the entire four years I 've lived here.  It doesn't matter the time of year.  cold, rain..name it!  I have been on one long and miserable battle with ANTS!  
I find them crawling in inch wide swaths across the driveway, garage floor  (right up the tires to....who knows where as we do not eat in the car) ...they are in our bathroom, all over the kitchen counters, in the cupboards crawling on my dishes (now that REALLY makes me furious!) and just a few days ago, on my stove and in my pretty red Kitchen Aid coffee maker.    My bathroom, PH's bathroom (did he get angry or upset AT ALL??  Oh, heavens no! 
Enough was enough.  The last straw was the coffee maker!  I love my morning coffee and I DO NOT want ants in it!!  So...I made my last plea.   I said:
"Sweetheart, ( I said softly) ...we have spent hundreds of dollars over the past four years on Pest killers.  I have risked my life, NO, honestly, I have risked my life spraying those little monsters, and I simply cannot take it any more.  They crawl over poo poo ( ok, so maybe I didn't say poo poo because I was very frusterated after all) and I went on to say, ...and they eat dead things and now they are crawling all over our entire home.  It's simply NOT healthy...(and at this point he looked a bit pale.  I mean this is the man who rides his bike 13 miles a day and likes being healthy!)  ...and, I said, it makes me sick to my stomach..so PLEASE, PLEASE call in the professionals.  I am pleading here."
Have I ever menioned that my husband is very, very stubborn?  Well, I am mentioning it now!
I smiled and then (as per my blogname) I WHISPERED SWEETLY, "I simply cannot take this anymore."   I think tears were dripping into the dishpan.    Please remember, I have "suggested" getting help many times!  Have I mentioned that my sweet husband is very frugal???  I kissed him gently on the cheek and went back to washing the dishes. 

Yep, that very day he called in the big guns and on this Monday they came out!  Nothing has made me this happy since I found out there really WAS a Santa Claus.  :):)
The man said it would take at least three days to see real results.  From paths going up our walls over our fences, in the dogs dish (forgot to throw that one in!) it is down to just two nasty little critters this morning and that was out by the street. 
They will be coming every two months..and if there is a problem in between all we do is call and they will come right out.
Thank you to my sweet and patient husband.  Can't they be just so neat sometimes?   I guess it just has to be their idea.  *smirk*
My love to all of you,

p.s. I couldn't take the name of the truck...but...I am not affiliated with any Pest Control company at all.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Yes, I can bake and this pies proves it..but..I seldom do it anymore. 

Within the past couple of weeks, there has been another step added to the dance.
I'm not exactly running out of breath..but it's rather taken my breath away..just a bit.

Before I go on, I recently realized something.  My computer ..or rather my provider of the internet, was down, and I got so much done that it actually, truely,  amazed me.
I thought that by just posting less, visiting less, that I would get more done..in the back of my mind I knew the computer was there. 
It wasn't just the computer I was addicted to, it was all of you out there.  Women I could share with, who seemed to appreciate what I loved doing the most. 
Exchanging ideas
Sharing your everyday lives with us...to a certain extent.
...actually a wonderful world that I am sure all of you have discovered to some degree.

I didn't want to do anything else...and in the process of being stuck to my chair a lot..things were taking a back seat but I didn't realize it.  What I did do, was things I could take photo's of and share.
Not scrubbing the toilets, etc. (NO cleaning lady once a week in this household, though heaven knows I'm beginning to wish for it.) 

My new....Kindle Fire

On my desk, out on the patio, in bed, cuddled up on the living room couch, on the front porch..and yes, you could take it to the restroom with you, if were of a mind to do that..
I would tell you I wouldn't do that..but it's just not true!  I would.  I did! :(

Newspapers, movies, books, magazines....
etc. etc. etc.
I cannot even begin to imagine what PH and my late spouses would think of how quickly technology is speeding along. 
And now?  I am already thinking of an Ipad.  Yeah...now how's that for learning a lesson?  Not...too good, I know.  I have been watching movies, as in the above photo, Wuthering Heights and more ...in every spare moment.
Downton Abby, Mad men...you know? 

In short, I've been unfaithful to you.  LOL 
Whee!  I feel SO much better.
I guess I needed ...well...a little confession is good for the soul they say. 
THEY are right!

Love and hugs,
Mona   :)

Friday, August 17, 2012


I am beginning the Fall season..coming soon..with a pretty arrangement for my front door by Kristin's Creations. It matches our new house trim and you KNOW how that is!

I know, I know...it's a bit early but I agree with Joyce @ October Farm, the dearest of bloggers and bestest of chef's.   Fall is here and then it's gone..and it is my favorite time of year.  So I started by adding a bit of color to the front screen door. 

This set of plates I found at an Estate Sale last Friday.  The pretty butter yellow is perfect for my Fall fireplace..yep.  :)  T'is that!
Not a single flea bite..perfection. Bordallo is such a lovely line.

Oh, it will change...it always does, but it's a beginning. 

...and also at the same sale..this big pretty flower pot.  Doesn't everyone need a big blue and white flower pot?  Indeed they do!

...so home it came.

These little concrete bunnies...ohhh so sweet.  Got a weakness for cottage bunnies!  They were tossed in for free... (it pays to be charming..  :)

And lastly (by now I was hungry for breakfast out!)  this very heavy garden stone. 
here is the surprise.  When we got home and unloaded the trunk of the car..we piled everything gently on the top of the washer to be washed before bringing it into the house etc.  The garage door closed...and in the darkened garage I was started to see the butterfly glowing a beautiful translucent pale green...   For two dollars (and I thought that rather steep but wanted it) I think I got a wonderful deal! 
Right now is graces my front porch where is glows softly at the edge of the ferns.  Soooo pretty..

My love to all of you,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

~DAWN, baby of the family~

Dawn, my spiritual one..
My lucky number seven!

Dawn flirts with the world...she has since birth..

Dawn, my beautful hippy "lady" and free spirit.

Dawn and her daughter and my granddaughter, Wrenna.  Both adventurous, both lovely.

Here is to the waning days of summer..

Many hugs and lots of love,


Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I remember my mother telling me that one summer when they were visiting relatives in Kansas..they wrapped the children in wet sheets to keep them cool. 
In Jacksonville Florida my children sprawled on sheets on our living room hardwood floors one summer so they could sleep.
Have you ever seen seven little kids standing in front of a huge fan in Sears.  One with the streamers flowing from it...silent...just standing in the cool air not talking.  Just in bliss??  I have.  My own. 
Yep..our window air conditioner broke down and we drove to Sears for a new one...it was  miserable.
The year was summer of 1972, our last year of being a Marine Corp family.  Miserably hot and muggy.  Tons of bugs..BIG ones! 
Our internet service has been down since Saturday..it just came on this afternoon. 
AT&T  said it was out all over the country?  Really?? 
No summer vacation this year.  We stayed home..enjoyed the cool house, feetsies in the soft carpet and cool floors...drank ice tea, indulged in popcicles and pretzels and cleaned, read books and relaxed.  (for the most part)
Boring?..not a bit of it! 
Saturday outings, long chats with the kids, visits from neighbors..it's been nice...indeed it has.
Oh....and kept the plants alive.  :) 

I found these little moss covered one inch clay pots on ebay.  The tiny liners under each of them are so cute.
I could use them on the front porch of the doll house ...but I think a second Fairy Garden is coming soon.  Still...they really might look cute in the wheelbarrow garden...
If I sound ...a little confused, it's because I sorta am. 
The thing about getting..."older" is that it's your time of life to indulge in your favorite pastime.

I found this little quilted teapot tassel with beading in my favorite shop...I ALWAYS find something wonderful when I visit Lucy's shop Vintage Flair.  A second hand shop..or thrift shop...I call it the Beauty shop! :)

I also found this little velvet bird.  Sweet! 


A fresh Ivy in an old clay pot
Take away the book ends..
Add crocheted doily to cloche, a crystal pitcher and some faux silks
....an new/old crochet runner ...all starched and ironed.  EVERYTHING from garage sales!..ok..so not the ivy, but the pot it is in.
I like it...


Any questions?  Anyone?  Anyone???  :)

Lov'n hugs,

Friday, August 3, 2012


Our Saturdays are usually (if it isn't horribly hot) our day to treasure hunt.  This Saturday was party time at our home for Ireland's (my sweet Granddaughter) twenty second birthday..so Friday found us going to an  estate sale on a lovely street, just a few doors down from my son's home.

This is something I normally do not like to do as I dislike the "crush" of people.  I have gotten past the creepy feeling that I first experienced.  I hope when I die, that someone takes the things I love and treasure and cares about them.  Of course I know that won't always be true, but with so many children and Grands...I doubt there will be much left. 

So...here is what I found in a very, very short time..
 This is two pieces...and perfectly adorable.  On the back is says "Old Abbey"
Then "Limoges/France"  At the Estate sale I paid $8.00 for it.  NOT a single flea bite!

I love these AND they still have the corks in them after all these years!
NIPPON is on the bottom of them.  Sooo sweet.  Price?  I am not really sure but I think they were $4 or  $5 for the pair.  Somehow I lost my reciept.  :(  Most I remember though but for some reason these I do not..

A complete set of hand embroidered very large dish towels..the kind I love..$6.00.  Little fat puppies on each of them..with the day of the week.  The size?  36 X 36!  Yippee!!
I have just washed and treated these linens, so they have not been starched and pressed..
(I should have waited...I know..  :)
The hand work on the little roses is exquisite and I know took SO much time.
The size of this lovely linen cloth is 55 X 55.  Wonderful to layer onto a crocheted tablecloth.

I am not familiar with the stitch used on the roses and buds..but the thread looks wrapped.
Lovely!   I just finished pressing this cloth and it is gorgeous.
I paid $3.50 for it.   I would DO it again! :)
I will take good care of it!

Two nice sized cotton dishtowels.  Wonderful to line baskets for bread.  Starched and pressed they are wonderful.

This little yellow and white crocheted pot holder..all alone and crumpled at the bottom of the heaped up bed.  It now graces my kitchen..:)
We had fun.  Howard didn't find a thing he wanted.  He always looks for books..and guy stuff.
Nothing turned up.
The things I passed up...I could shoot myself for.  For example..a weather vane...wonderful but at $25 I thought it too..much..BIG mistake not taking it, and also a complete set of lovely old silverware for $50.  I went back later in the day..and of course they were both gone..however..I did find
I found this little concrete (heavy)chipped nosed baby bunny in the yard and Karen (the Estate sale lady) threw him in for free!  :)  I think he is sweet as heck!
I am so far behind in  posting..and the time is flying by..If I have not visited in awhile, believe me there are good reasons, but  things are beginning to calm at this time...
I am reading two books right now.  The biography of Vivian Leigh and Georgiana..another biography. 
I am very choosey about biographers..."just the facts ma'm.  JUST the facts!"  :)
Love and hugs,