Saturday, January 31, 2009


We are so lucky to have SWEET COTTAGE DREAMS as one of the bloggers in our midst.
Have you SEEN the beautiful "give away" she is having?? I dropped by and was amazed at the pretties she is offering. If you haven't stop in. Just adorable items. I have no clue how to fix this so you can just click on her name..but..I am hoping she is in my list of the blogs I follow. So..with that being said..Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 30, 2009


Ok...I like this. This little rooster oil painting was in a white frame. It was alright..but decided on black. I have decided since the grout in the entire brick wall of the fireplace is black and the hearth is black slate and our entertainment center is black..well..actually I guess they call it chocolate..that I needed to put a few black things at this end of the room to sort of tie it together. My new drapery rods are black also. NOW FOR THAT BLASTED CARPET! Not at all sure how soon that will happen..but..I have to be patient. NOT one of my qualities. :( to the weekend. Monday then? (Now Mona..that WAS a brave statement! Monday? lol)


A very elderly lady passed away and left this to me. Her father made it..and I have had it for about 12 years now. It is hand made and the back and seat are made by fitting little pieces of wood together. The sides are made of just one solid piece forming a kitty. I keep storing it away..bringing it out and finally decided rather then hiding it, I would just paint it. Ok, ok, I already have a lot of red..but I thought red would make it stand out. I usually try not to paint old things..but..I just jumped in and did it. It's not for sale and never will be so I made it work with my things. LOVE toys. Gee, I wonder why!? :) Anyway..that was my project for the day. Added Beckys little pillows. LOVE it!


G'morning! Listen..I am should I say this. I can't really ..I am not a person that is comfortable with "competing." I so love getting on here, reading the wonderful things people write, looking at the lovely homes, and being wowed by the gorgeous photography but even though I would love to have a fantastic camera, I am not good at all that sort of thing. That is why I love to visit other blogs so much. I won't be doing giveaways, competing for that I think about it I might just jump into that pillow thingy that "Sweet Cottage Dreams" is having but I would probably be more comfortable just buying her adorable things.
Also...If I say something on here that you take issue with, please, please do not get all upset with me..snub me in some way or holler at me in CAPS..and like that?
Ok? One lady whose blog I read this morning is really someplace there is another one upset..and see what can happen? So..please..I already feel vulnerable having chosen to hang my heart out please just be kind if you don't like something I say. I love you.. :) Well..not really..but I sure am liking a lot of you a whole lot!! :) nufathistuff! I am off to watch THE VIEW..OH NO..I missed almost all of it! Dang!!!
P.S. No, no! No one is mad at least not yet. Just being careful here. :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ok...this is NOT a post. isn't. This is just a little thingy to show the sweet little pillows I received from Sweet Cottage Dreams. Yes, indeedy! My picture leaves MUCH to be desired..and I didn't do them justice..but I am in a all fired hurry to get them on here. Do you see those teensy itty bitty hearts on them? Well, guess not.. (darn rotten camera!) They are beautifully made, choice and quality of fabric is great short ..I love them. I said..this is NOT a post! Good lord..I feel like Richard Nixon with his "I am NOT a crook!" :)


I just got back from making a few quick visits. The last one was to "Between Naps On The Porch" and have decided I live in a closet! :) However..I also learned from bj that I'm not alone in this "lost in blogland" feeling. Oops..the View is on..gotta run!


Do you like my music? What do you mean you can't hear it? Just listen a's one of my favorite you hear it now? Again...clueless!
Oh well.... :)
(Well, just look at what time I wrote this stuff ....zzzzzzzzzzz s'no darn wonder! zzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am NOT addicted to blogging. I just haven't had time to vacuum. I burned the garlic toast to a crisp tonight while I was trying to finish a comment. This morning I had to check to see what was new on some of my favorite blogs..and to work on getting some odd symbols erased from the top of my blog screen and you could hardly read some of the stuff because the color was so light. And..that is how it has been going. Oh...and I had to post a picture..(not a very good one at all) but it was a picture I had to take so I would have SOMETHING to post. You know, blogging is a full time job! Seems the more I look the more I see. Beautiful photos, witty stories, thought provoking questions to ponder and think about. Things I haven't thought about in YEARS! Not to mention all the beautiful homes and road trips along roads I would never otherwise get to travel. Another thing..I SEE things differently. I don't just see a flower, I SEE a flower! Anyway..hard to explain. I didn't make the bed yesterday. Didn't get dressed until 1:00pm today. Same yesterday. But..I am not addicted to blogging.
However..I guess I should sort of watch it. Right? :)
The picture is of three of my daughters. Mary is on the left, Dawn, the baby next and Erin Kathleen is on the right. One is missing. Sandy. I miss her. She is my oldest daughter and the only girl not in the picture.


What is it about the love of decorating! Not every friend I have does this..actually I am the only one. My daughter Mary does it. She usually shops at my house. I hope she does again one day. I think..decorating for every occasion, every holiday, every season is a way of fulfilling something inside. I know it is a comfort to me in some way. I think it is like a person who paints, or writes a novel, or composes music. I think it is the same type of thing. I am considering myself..on the same par as a novelist, a composer.. (now to get published!) ROFL here!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 in totally~

About the pot of...pods. husband feels so great when he gathers them and brings them to me. He is really working on getting used to my constant fixing and made a huge deal of the pods..and told him I would fill a did. What am I going to do now that it is full? Well, I'm not really sure. You have to admit the greenery DOES help. Hey, I am doing my best with those dang pods! Some are like fourteen inches long and rattle when you shake them. Anyway...clueless on that one.
Another thing, when it comes to posting more than one picture at a time. I tried it and it didn't work. It looks easy..but for some reason the picture didn't appear. Then I tried to take a little chipmonk or something..a squirrel (?)from bj's blog..(she said it was and it vanished. Poof! I was startled and disgusted and gave up. Later that day I went on to do something totally different and there it a folder. Right where it was supposed to go. I followed Di's instructions and it worked. I had just expected it to appear on my blog..guess it doesn't happen that way. Again, clueless.
I spent..hours trying to get some different colors on my blog. At least you can read it now. Clueless.
But..clueless or not...I am having a party. Naturally I kind of hang my head when I see how many visitors other blogs have..but...I wouldn't be able to handle any more anyway. :) Besides..I couldn't have better examples of how it's done than by the blogs of the wonderful women who visit me! I really love this "blogging" thingy. It's creative..and you get to talk and give your opinion. Really neat.


Well...she is! After Christmas I thought the whole GREENERY thing had to be over.
WRONG! So...I hit the back yard and brought it all back..and I love it. Dena SO smart!


Yeah...I can deal with that.."greenery" what a concept! ~smile~


Pods in a Smith Hawkins pot (it had been waiting to be filled) with a bit of greenery suggested by Dena of Swaddle Cottage. What a difference!


This is some sort of pod that my husband picks up when he is out jogging. He has started bringing them home. I have been collecting them..and putting them in a pot.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


This picture was taken by somebody..I don't remember who as it was back in 1951. I think I was 14, perhaps 15 years old. It surfaced recently on and was sent to me. The blond girl in the picture was my best friend. I still have not found her but would love to know if she is still alive. Was I ever really that young, not to mention that thin? Where have the years gone? Where did they all go?
Not sure why I am even posting it...maybe I'm tired? Yeah..that's it..


I found this on "cassiemae1" on ebay. Actually, I found several adorable items through her. Her prim hearts are done so beautifully. The tatting and the big red button on this one stole my heart. Such detail..and her Prim bunnies knock me out! I grabbed some of them also..
(all that darned greenery is to hide the fact that the clock had to be shimmed with a bit of cardboard. I mean..what do you expect from trying to sit things on an old corral post?! :)

Friday, January 23, 2009


I couldn't resist these little SEE'S candy boxes and the red foiled wrapped hearts!


A sweet blogger friend brought up this subject and it has been on my mind all day long. I think perhaps everyone is different when it comes to this subject. My husband and I discussed this and he says he would never be able to forgive..this or ..that. I have lived through the "this or that" and you would be amazed what you can forgive.
Some think there are degree's of forgiving ..others think either you do or you don't.
I honestly don't think there is one answer. It depends on the person and the situation. Forgetting is the hard part.
IF we don't forgive do we beat ourselves up over it? No. At least I don't. There are a couple of times in my life I guess I forgave but did not let the person back into my life. Was I sorry? No. My dearest girlfriend since childhood, I forgave her but I never forgot. Unfortunately it has only been these last years of our lives that I have finally stopped making comments..digs? Never again. I wish I could take some of it back..and now she is the one that I asked to forgive me. Thank God she loves me and totally understood. So..there are lots of situations. Have I been cheated on? Yes. Have I been lied to? Yes. Has a best friend betrayed me? Yes.
Life beats the hell out of us sometimes.


I don't have tons of roosters..but when I see a handsome fellow..well..this one came home with me. It is an oil on canvas and is signed. It was $19 but I loved it. The red magazine rack was $31, so I went home broke. (but very happy!) The frame is good wood and I am painting it black. Hope it works.


Yesterday was errand day, and of course that means having to stop at Goodwill and the little antique shops across the street. Nothing at all at the first shop I found this! It was the PERFECT magazine I grabbed it. It is HEAVY and sturdy and good sized. (not to mention the color. I lugged it back to the car and then I hit the next one.... ( it cost more than I wanted to pay..but I knew I would regret it if I walked away!)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


If you click on the picture you will make it larger..maybe TOO but I am learning. Should I have put some sort of trim on these? just seemed the red was enough..soft though it may be. Sigh..I kind of tend to overdo! I really love certain shades of These have been hard to photograph. My new camera did a bit better...but..I lost the ..never mind! What else is new. The heart in the window is very thick and firmly stuffed. A little pocket on the front holds an old 1910 post card and next to it is a bunch of Sweet Annie. It was so beautifully made that I went back and bought two more. :) All three are very different. I am waiting for the other two to arrive.


I guess my hutch is the first to feel the change of season..or holidays. Actually, my hutch is still waiting to be refinished...but in the meantime I am getting into Valentines.
I had to laugh to day when one of our sweet bloggers said she was getting "bloggers butt!" I am a new blogger..and..I have noticed I have a head start on bloggers butt!
I have blamed it on everything else..might as well blame it on blogging now.
Even some of the negitive comments about our new President cannot dampen my joy!
The more I hear...the more pleased I am. Just call me "Smiley" cuz it suits me right now.
I went Goodwilling today..and hit the second hand shops...AND my camera is back so..tomorrow I am going to try and do a tiny bit of "show and tell." Nity nite!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MY AWARD! And listen to this...

Ok..what is really important that I want to say is this. Dena of Swaddle Cottage not only thought of me as one of the ones to pass this on to..but...when I wrote and asked her if I could take it home to my blog and asked her how to do that..she took the time out of her day to write me a FULL page of instructions. Everything I needed to know. This was just one more thing, and they happen often, to let me know how great this community of women is. It never ceases to amaze me, the things I read and the people I meet. This is honestly the first award I have gotten. Ever. Now I can die and say I have had an award. Now I know how the Dad on "A Christmas Story" felt when he got his major award. ~smile~


I wish Patrick had lived to see this day. Crying tears of joy was never more true for me. Pat fought in Korea and in Vietnam he lived through the siege of Khe Sanh and came home to us. When President Obama mentioned Khe Sanh I felt Pat knew and thanked him, and for me it was the "Thank you" we had waited for all these years. Perhaps now I can let the bitter feelings about those years go.
I really feel that Pat knows...


What a GREAT day!

Monday, January 19, 2009

FRIENDLY VILLAGE..and the economy..

Today my daughter called to tell me to come and get some things she is getting rid of. One of the things is a set of 12 Friendly Village dishes. I was delighted..but..sad. The economy is forcing a lot of young families to downsize and worse.
Watching her begin to take her dream house apart is ....killing me. I know how she must be feeling. She says it is alright, that she is fine now. That she has accepted it. So much time and effort went into making it gorgeous. I will take what I can, but it hurts, and hope one day she will come and get it back. She says "No..I will get new when we get back on our feet again" It's funny, because no one I know is getting a bit of help with their businesses or saving their homes. I am certain I heard that there was some sort of thing taking place to help people keep from going under. What is going on? It's the young who have children in college, hard working young men and women. I'm sad and distressed watching it go on. I have such hope for the future. I was beginning to think I would never feel such hope for us again.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


This past summer we went to Maine. My husband has a home there and his family is there.
It was a great visit. My brand new sister in law took this picture of a giant blueberry store while I was inside drooling over the goodies. They sold blueberrys and everything made out of blueberries.
I tried to ship some to California but...they wanted $100 passed.
It was taken with my new camera and the battery died on her. End of pictures..
Today I began the task of getting it working again. Geez! NOT easy.


"The Lost Sparrow's of Roodepoort" by Fevered Dreams Productions. It is a documentary about an orphanage and hospice for AIDS afflicted children in Roodeport, South Africa.
In the photo is my new husband, Howard, on the left and in the middle, me, and on the right is my grandson, Brock. He is the oldest son of my daughter Mary.
He is attending college and will be doing documentory's as his life's profession. This one took him to Africa. The young man who's dream it was to do this film died of leukemia before it was completed. His name was David Ponce and he was only 19 years old. It was David's dream to "give a voice" to the children. From all I have read, he was a young man with a beautiful spirit. My grandson, Brock, finished the film alone. They were best friends. When the film previewed his parents spoke. I will never forget the sad but uplifting experience of seeing such bravery shine through their heartbreak. It's an amazing story. Brock will go on alone persuing stories like this as a career. He graduates from college this June.
I am proud to be his grandma.


Please help me out with something. It's my daughters. Why does it bother them if I dye my hair? Please tell me why they should care. I am growing it out..I hate it..but I am doing it because they kept saying things about it. I just cannot, for the life of me see why it should matter to them. They actually want me to look old.
My second from the youngest said "I want my daughter to know how to accept aging and how to go gracefully into old age." Ok. does that mean? I don't dress young. Yes I live in jeans but..sorry...that cannot change. Someone just tell me what the big deal is about what color my hair is. I never said one thing when they started dying theirs. The one I just mentioned says she has stopped.
Anyway..who gives a rats backside. :) Just wondering, that's all.
I'm short, fat and old AND gray. I hope they are happy! lol They really are precious. You should know them.


I bought this on ebay. I thought the lady that painted it did a great job. I really do like it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, my red and white COUNTY FAIR drapes went up yesterday..and I tried to take a picture but it is way too dark. I really do like won't be long before those valances come down, the wooden rods go up and those horrid verticals come down. ONE STEP AT A TIME. Actually..he was pretty good about it. It did tie that long, long room together..but..I still have to get the painting know what I mean. E A S Y does it. I just don't want him to get rattled by the changes again.
Anyway... Granddaughter and little grandson are much better. Truthfully, not that I liked them being sick, but I laughed and laughed when I read that. I wrote back laughing and she said "I thought you would get a kick out of it, Grandma. I had to laugh myself when I read it back." Think we have a wierd sense of humor? lol sorry I am still laughing! So...just another day in the life of the clan! We are Irish you know. Big time! :) What a beautiful day outside..already nearing 80 degrees.
Putting in a bit of winter rye in the back today.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Well...I wrote to my oldest Granddaughter. She has two children six and eight years old. She and her little family live in Georgia. I just said to write and tell me how the kids were and asked her to write and tell me about her day and this is what she wrote me back.
Her email was my first of the day..while I was drinking my coffee.

My Dearest Grandma,

I am writing to let you know that I have made it an amazing 8 years and 7 days before having to tend to a child and his vomit. He vomits anything that I feed him or give him to drink. I am officially a mother. My poor baby has...the FLU! (or some other fun loving virus) He has puked ritz crackers (chunky), saltines, (very chunky), ginger ale, and a grape popsicle (deep purple). Along with Motrin for his fever and...ANTI-NAUSEA medication. Which was RED. As I was running him to the down stairs bathroom and he was puking as we ran I was gagging and trying not to let loose myself. I don't puke! Not that I can't. I just don't. I hate it! So, after bravely rubbing his back, applying a cool cloth to his neck and repeating over and over that it will be okay. I asked him to remain in the bathroom while I fetch him some clean clothes and then clean the living room carpet. Katie, mind you, has decided to join the party in the bathroom and has remarked with a huge smile, "GROSS!" So, I run upstairs grab pj's and get him changed in a gingerly fashion, whilst trying not to touch the regurgitated goodness. I then grab the carpet cleaner and a rag and go to do as I dread to do and clean the carpet. Hoping it isn't too pungent. To my surprise it was not pungent in the least! Because as my daughter put it only as she could, "Jake(the dog) ate Jaden's puke mom!! It was so cool and gross!!!!! It was right here (pointing) and here (more pointing) Ewwww huh?" (Turns her attention back to the television as the fun is over) SO, I had to feel the carpet for the WET spots so I would know where to apply the cleaner. (gagging all the way). My helpful dog, not so helpful after all!! I then got my child all snuggled up in the chair with a pan in his lap and then called my dear husband at work and proclaimed, "I think you were meant to be the stay at home parent, not me! I don't do puke!" Oh, to add to this most joyous occasion, I have a headache and diarrhea. So I have been running up the stairs to go in case he needs to use the downstairs bathroom and hoping he doesn't while I am gone because I don't want him to be alone. Or with Katie urging on with her "Gross" comments. That just doesn't help anything. Really. What if she starts too! I don't thnk I can do two. Wait, of course I can, I am Wonder Woman (waned....costume to prove said title. Diarrhea logo must be included.)

I hope this finds you diarrhea and puke free!

Love always,

p.s. My dog is waiting patiently by my son's side in case there is any more tasty treats.


This was taken just before Dawn and Mango got into the car for their journey back to
Santa Cruz. Mango was a little girl and was the sweetest of little dogs. This picture is one that Dawn requested be sent to her and I will send it framed. I will keep one. Our whole family is so sorry for Dawn. Dawn is the baby of our family and we are all grieving with her. We have already talked of getting her another little is way too soon. Maybe when this hurt has softened we can get her one. But not now.
The winds are back.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I just read a blog..(and I should be taking my bath) that asked if anyone was as addicted to blogging as she was. I can I be addicted when I just started this in early December. Right? Wrong! And by the way...I am not exactly setting the "blogging" world on fire. The more I read..the more insecure I get.
I don't have any new pictures to post today...and that's another thing. I took some pictures of my little bathroom..the stuff on the counter that a friend had painted for me, and after I took them..I was about to post them and the background I could see my toilet seat was up. So...goes to show you..I am just out of my element on here. I think I am just too "hung up" about stuff. am fumbling around. And by the way..those of you who have come by...have been so darned kind! My daughter's going to take her some time. For the first time she is alone. Totally alone. I know exactly how she feels. I went through it. Anyway...I just wanted to add that "Relics and Roses" is my friends name on ebay. Just in case anyone is interested in beautiful roses. She is a wonderful person.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This morning when I began to go through my little hearts and Valentines to see what I wanted to use this year..I put some little red rose in front of my new little heart plate...and thought of my daughter. This little heart can be mended or replaced. I thought of her having to wake up every morning and finding, once again, that her beloved little Mango is not there. I learned from my own grief that just letting someone KNOW you are there for matter what their loss, is the ONE most important thing you can do. She knows I am here for her..but I just tell her that I love her..and we talk about what she wants to talk about. I give her no advice. I just love her and let her know how much.
ON a brighter note...another fun day to decorate for is upon us..and again...another reason to celebrate LOVE.

Monday, January 12, 2009


SMART MOUTH BROAD, you still rock! I loved being shown the other side of the coin. I needed that.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


It's one of those days. It started out beautifully. I made some emails and then decided to catch a little nap before we had to leave. I had just drifted off when my husband whispered in my ear.."you better have a phone call and I think it's important!" I leaped up and hurried to the kitchen phone. My youngest daughter, Dawn, the one who had just visited..who came to the door in a rain storm on Christmas Eve. I remember telling you that she was alone when I wrote about it. She had come home for Christmas, but, she was not alone. Dawn was never alone because "Mango" her little dog was always with her. Through the trials of her divorce, losing her father..having to send her children to their Daddy and being alone...through all her trials when I wished I could be near her just to hug her...Mango was beside her.
She even took her to work with her every day. No one but someone who has loved a dog SO much, can understand. They are part of you, they are a family member.

Dawn was on the phone and she was crying hysterically. Mango had a cough on Christmas day and she had taken her to the vet when she got home. They told her it was her heart and gave medication she was to pick up this morning. She let Mango out to go potty as usual, and heard her yelping as in great fear or pain. When she rushed out, there was a coyote running away but Mango was right there and Dawn scooped her up and rushed with her into the cabin. She appeared fine except very frightened and Dawn attempted to calm her..and said her little heart was just racing.
Dawn continued to talk calmly to her and pet her. Suddenly she could feel her just relax all over..then she realized Mango had stopped breathing. She said she began to scream..tried to give Mango mouth to mouth, tried to push on her tiny chest..and realized there was NO response..and ran outside screaming and screaming for help. Dawn lives in a cabin up in the mountains of Santa Cruz, Californa. There are other cabins, but not close..but someone heard her..but she continued to scream for help. Others came running..
Mango..our precious little Mango was gone. My daughter is devastated. Heartbroken.
We all are. I have lived through loss, and I hurt for my daughter. I just want to hold her and comfort her. But there is nothing anyone can do and I know this.

She is crying for her dad. She is crying for her divorce..she is crying because her kids are nearly grown and really don't need her as much any more. She is crying for..everything. So am I. She knows I understand her pain. You can't just tell someone who is the middle of loss...that it will get better. They won't believe you. I didn't. You go on...but somewhere deep will always hurt. Then one day..with out even knowing how it start to live again. You go on..because you have to.

I look down at my feet..and Mele, my little Pom is laying quietly, dozing. I picked her up..held her close and know our days together are numbered. It's called life.
My poor sweet daughter...she will miss her beloved Mango. We all will.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Ok...I just deleted two "bad day" blogs because dear people that it might make feel bad could have read it. So far I have not heard any bad comments, but..still. I should have stuck to just the "bloggers" who know the experience of blogging and sharing home and family...and I guess I am just not used to that. When you put yourself out have to be careful..especially when it comes to family.
Probably that is why I have never kept a journal.
Even in highschool I was such a self concious kid. I didn't even want to walk alone across the campus...or anywhere for that matter. Most of that feeling has gone..but not all.
Too much of "I just wanna be liked?" Yes...but even at this ripe old age I cannot help it. I am who I am.
For the three sweet gals who jumped in..and held me up..thanks. Lots of things are more important than not being allowed to decorate...or dealing with a new family...and I SHOULD know that.
Hugs to all...

Friday, January 9, 2009


This is my youngest son, Dan. He is the one that had the kidney transplant and as you can see, doing SO well. On his lap, looking..disgusted with the entire proceedings and the NEW YEARS Eve thing is "Brian." He has to be one of the sweetest, most loveable animals in the world. Gentle, smart..and has a personal habit on his walks with Dan..well..I'll tell you later. :)


This is my canary "Cheap" because he didn't cost a cent. He was a gift from my daughter four Christmas' ago. He glares at me constantly...I have asked..but he won't say why... Do you s'pose it because I painted roses on his cage..and he is NOT a she?


This is another "Primitive" I could not pass up. And..of course I love lamps. I have a weakness for tiny lights and this one also added the Valentine theme. Just so sweet. Please note the verticals in the background. The beautiful red check "County Fair" drapes are being made as we speak. Yes...I will be HAPPY to show you the after. ~smile~ I tucked this one away on top of some picnic baskets.


This is the precious old treadle sewing machine that Howard and his wife took apart and hauled clear across the country. It is one of the things he contributed to our household. It belonged to his grandmother. I will take such good care of it.
(The carpet will be a soft moss green one day..) Hardwood...not sure.


I bought this sweet little painting from a woman on ebay. I love it..but can't decide whether to frame it or not. You can see the artists name on the painting.
I had a terrible time making up my mind..but decided on this. The red cherries? Probably..but...pinecones were a close second. Might have to go back..

Friday, January 2, 2009


I didn't do the best job photographing this room but this is a sweet little corner where the canary lives in his little cage. A place to curl up with a good book or sit and chat. There are books on the market that tell of this home where the author raised her family. The grounds are amazing.


This is my favorite spot. I wonder why? ~smile! Fresh baked puddings and pies, a warm fire, family, friends and a new granddaughter. What a nice time it all was!


In the photo are my grandson's wife holding their first child, a baby girl we named Emily. With her is her sister who is visiting from Columbia. The table is huge. Very old and very heavy. This was taken Christmas day. Valentines will be in abundance soon. In the background you can see a second huge fireplace in the living room.


Oddly enough, this window looks into the dining room. The dessert buffet was just on the other side.


This lovely little cupboard was built by my son for his sister. He also built her coffee table which is amazing.


I know it is after Christmas but I had to show you this huge old fireplace. It is in the dining room just off the kitchen. Unfortunately the picture was taken with a chair and a sweater over the back of it..blocking the fire.

DUTCH charming!

My daughter bought this lovely old home. It belonged to a famous author,
Emilie Barnes. We spend our holidays here and it is just lovely. Usually there are close to fifty people at a time. Such a wonderful history this home has!