Friday, April 19, 2013


A couple of weeks after my daughter Sandy passed away, our family did a Celebration Of Life for her at Corona Del Mar.  It's a beautiful rather quiet beach in a cove. 
I didn't show the memorial during the late afternoon, but just before sunset we gathered in a   prayer circle and released butterflies.
Then each of us that wanted to say something, tell a little story of Sandra,  anything at all, did so.
As difficult as it was a good thing for all those of our family and extended family that could not be in Georgia for her funeral.
 Look closely at the photo's below...
The sun set and the fire that we cooked on earlier for the family and guests, gathered around a bonfire and enjoyed each others company.  I took some pictures , pretty much one after the other and when I got home and looked at them the next day...this is what I saw!  Many, many orbs, everywhere..some huge, some tiny and bright..

It was an overcast day and evening ...
...and when I first saw the photo's I thought it was the moon and knew that there was I enlarged my photos..and the area over my children was covered with these orbs.  Some large enough to be a moon and others small. A tiny light one on my daughter in law. 
One very large one is at the top right of the photo above..and when you look closely you can see more and more of them.  They are everywhere.

In this one I only see one medium sized one next to my daughter in law..or so it appears.

 In this photo there are two of my grandson's , my granddaughter and my youngest daughter, Dawn with her hand on her daughters shoulder.  If you look carefully at the sky you can many, many of them..

Here dispite the poor quality of my picture, you can see the sky and area around my children is filled with them..  None showed up in photo's take away from my family. 

You can laugh and say I am foolish but I have to wonder if our dear ones who have passed on were there with us in spirit. 
I think we know little or nothing of our souls, our spirits, our essence when we die..but  I do know that nothing dies.  It only changes form.  I think that energy we each possess has to go somewhere...
Whatever the case, for me it's a lovely thought.  Perhaps my parents, grandparents were there, perhaps their father joined us, our friends.  I believe in Angels you know. :)

Perhaps my girl was with her brothers and sisters in their group hug.  That was a wish of Sandy's...and they fulfilled it. 

Much love,

Please click on the photo's for a really good look.
 I would be interested in your feedback.
It's ok if you think I am being silly thinking such things,  and you may placate me if you wish, I truly don't mind.  The odd thing is that they were not in all of the photo's taken at the same time..just in those near my children and grands.   I will show those later...


  1. What a tender and lovely gathering it must have been at the beach together. There was one photo I could especially see "the energy/orbs." Whether it was or it wasn't or if it is or it isn't, or if they were or weren't . . . it brought you comfort, embrace and peacefulness and that is the best . . .
    Thank you for sharing the pictures with us Mona . . .

  2. Mona, I don't think your foolish for believing that family from the other side was at that memorial. You would not believe the "mysterious" happenings in our family after someone has passed...many comforting events. So keep on believing that love continues, families are forever, and someday we'll be with our loved ones again. Thanks for posting and sharing your thoughts and feelings with us!

  3. Oh what a sweet gathering to think about love for your Daughter:) I believe that those who have gone on to Heaven look down on us and help us thru hard times! I believe they were there with you all:) Hugs to you dear friend as you remember your precious Daughter and the love she left behind in her family!

  4. Hi Mona! oh, what a lovely gathering to send out the love for Sandy. I do agree that we live on and we just don't know everything while we're on this earth. Our love for each other certainly lives on. I believe in angels too and this was such a sweet time.
    Shelia ;)

  5. Carissima,capisco il tuo dolore e le tue domande!Sapere dove sono ci darebbe pace!Due settimane fà ho perso una carissima amica di 53 anni,un brutto cancro!La nostra amicizia durava da 33 anni.Io credo che loro son angeli vicino a noi,noi non livediamo ma loro ci accarezzano e vogliono che andiamo avanti con la nostra vita,loro resteranno sempre con noi!Un grande abbraccioRosetta

  6. What a wonderful thing to do!

    I would never say that You are silly and I have no idea what it is so why shouldn't You be right?


  7. very cool! i don't know if there is a photography explanation for why this happened but i prefer yours!

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  9. Perhaps they're all your tears floating away, to leave behind only the Joy of such a delightful, kind, loving person.

  10. Hi Sweetie,
    I sooo enjoyed seeing Sandys celebration, and, yes, of course her spirit was right there with you all .. you fulfilling her last wishes .. family hugs .. how wonderful .. I believe our loved ones always are with us in spirit, and try to comfort,console and push us forward .. how comforting to see these and know Sandy was right there with you all .. God is good my friend, and I pray that you continue to always feel your beautiful daughters spirit and being around you !! Just the comfort knowing she is out of pain, and suffering, and living and waiting for the rest of you to join her and the most HIGH !!
    Love you sweet girl .. ~Tanza~ xo

  11. I think that was so sweet to have a celebration of Sandy's life. A lot of good memories will live on forever. I do believe God takes cares of us and gives us hope and faith in things not seen.


  12. Tears fill my eyes as I read of your wonderful memorial for Sandi. Of course she was there with you ... as was our heavenly Father, those that have gone before us. I love the gathering that rings love & support together for you ...

    I only wish we could have been there for you, but in our distance, know we are with you every step of the way, sweetie.

    What warm loving feelings I have of being with you, your sharing Sandi's life with us. She was/is very blessed to have you as her Mother

    We'll call today sometime ... love you,
    TTFN ~

  13. I have been scrolling down and reading several of your posts. This one gave me pause - yes, I believe our loved ones are with us after their bodies pass. I can even feel their presence. I think when we get to Heaven we are going to be surprised to learn there's way more about the spirit world than we've ever dreamed!

    You received a special gift with the "orbs" on your pictures.




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