Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The rest of the pictures we took on my camera during our visit..
I could NOT have been in better, sweeter, kinder company then that of these two wonderful blogger friends.
(How I LOVE my home state, California!)
This photo is of one of the orange trees in the shopping area of the Mission Inn in Riverside.  This is just a few miles from my home and was my favorite stomping ground to shop for goodies.  Now I tend to hit the garage sales..or tag sales, as they call them on the East coast.  The prices are ..a wee bit better..
 Marydon was pointing up to a sign that announced that this particular Cupcake shop was the winner of the Cupcake Wars TV show..and there was a big banner announcing it.  She was pointing to it.
 Ohhh...I hate to stand next to skinny mini's ...Ah hates it ah do!! 
GOOD grief but I'm short!  Look how pretty and tall AND slender they are.  (NOT to mention the fact that they are blonds!!!  :)  *sigh*
 See, I told you they made me smile..
 These two are SO DARNED CUTE!
Y'all come back..ya hear??!!  :)
Marydon..thank you again for the lovely dishtowels!  I love them!


  1. Awwww....so glad they brought out your pretty smile. Wish I could have been there...you and I would have been matching bookends, so you look wonderful to ME.

  2. Lovely to see your smile again Mona. I'm hoping to see some of those scrummy cupcakes soon too, you know?

  3. enjoy your posts it is very interesting to read thank you I really liked your article

  4. Look at you ladies, beautiful and sweet friends of mine:) I hope to visit one day for some HUGS! Have a blessed day sweet Mona!

  5. What fun. Marydon looks as cheeky as cheeky.

  6. That's what friends are for . . . smiles and fun and visits and a bit of shopping too . . .

  7. Aren't Blogger Meet-Ups the BEST! I am heading to Cali in a few weeks to stay with my dear friend Kathysue at Good Life of Design. Two other ladies who I met on the internet (we are all in a Facebook Group) are also coming and I am so excited. I am an East Coast gal but I gotta say I love your State too. :) Have a great day!

  8. Mona - you are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please do not say that about yourself. We are all different and all beautiful to God - he made us and he doesn't make junk!

    Now it was great to see you all together - I only know you and Marydon - and it was so nice to SEE all of you.

    And you know what I look a lot like YOU!


  9. Oh Mona, I love to see you smile again. I know your heart is broken, but you are such a precious person. So glad the girls gave you such a wonderful visit. Hugs, Marty

  10. Hi my Mona girl !!
    This made me smile and laugh all over again !! you do know we forgot in the midst of our shopping to go back and get cupcakes !! hahaha .... BUT, the rice pudding made up for it BIG time !!
    Such a day of warmth, fun, shopping, and giggles !!! We will get together again real soon !! I promise !! thank-you for sharing and warming my heart .. love you dear friend xo ~TeA~ xo

    PS. you are BEAUTIFUL !! Love YOUR blonde hair, and your BEAUTIFUL hair clips you wear !! psst. I won't tell anyone how much you spend (splurge) on those !! We know your secrets now !! Beautiful, WONDERFUL ... YOU !!

    ~ more hugs~

  11. Awwww, sweet Mona! You are a precious friend ... gorgeous as Audrey Hepburn, inside & out. We had a marvelous time with you, loved all the fabulous places yo took us. And, yes, we sure did forget those yummy cupcakes.

    What fabulous moments & memories you made for me, & Tanza. Your family & friends were delightful to meet. We just didn't have enough time ... but will again.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gracious hospitality & heart warming friendship.
    TTFN ~
    Hugs of love,

  12. Hi Mona! Oh, I'm sure y'all had a wonderful time! You all look beautiful! I'm sure they left you with a smile on your most beautiful face.
    I also want to thank you for popping in to Cindy's blog and for leaving such a sweet comment about my home tour. You always make me smile.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Friends will be a big help get thru your down time. Looks like fun.

  14. Friends will be a big help get thru your down time. Looks like fun.


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