Monday, April 29, 2013


This past Saturday was the BIG garage sale event of the year.  Every year a Real Estate Co. invites an entire neightborhood  (specifically one known as the Wood Streets here in our city) to join in.  It is free, and the company furnishes lovely "garage sales" signs for the event.  They place them on our main street, known as Magnolia Ave. which becomes Main as it reaches downtown.
 At the end of the day they retrieve them.  The homeowner or renters have to do nothing but put their things out to sell and take them in at the end of the day.  NO sign hassel which is one of the big tasks connected to having a garage sale.
So, of course, bright and early Saturday morning found us out and about...having the time of our lives.
All one had to do is park on a block..and walk the street and it was pure UTOPIA!  Yes indeed!
The first sale I bought ...
..the perfect pinky ring!  Exactly what I have been looking for...IN STORES!
It fit!
Sterling silver with rubies.  925 is clearly imprinted on the inside.  Synthetic or not, I have no idea..but they are beautiful.  They don't shine in the photo but they really are shiny.
$3.00  A REAL good deal!
Two little bracelets.  One of pearl type beads.  Attached was a heavy metal heart with a lobster clasp attached.
The other is made of wooden beads and silver beads.  
25 cents each.  Great deal!
Sweet patio table ..and my umbrella from another garage sale last year...fits perfectly
She wanted $15 but took $10!  A deal?  YOU bet.  the legs even still have the plugs in them.
After a good bath and a rub down of WD-40 and it was lovely.  The chairs are used everywhere's ok if they don't match...isn't it?  I stuck the froggy there along with some green matching know for the fashion wise.  heh heh!
I am a sucker for a pretty storage box.  This one is heavy duty and will work perfectly under my desk for this and that.  16x11x7  Price $1.00   I am going to use it to store my packing tape, boxes of cards, boxes of checks,  and other odds and ends I like at my finger tips but don't like to look at piled on my desk.  A good buy!
See? This kind of stuff. :)  Journals I don't use..yet...My Weight Watchers book. etc. etc.
At the same garage sale, she was selling flags.  LOTS of them.  Price was 22.99.  These cost a bit in stores and can get up there in price so for $5 I picked out one I really liked. 
The berries match the house trim.  So...anyway...*silly grin*  on to the next one. 
A frame, velvet backing and very heavy..25 cents.
The pumpkin...$7 but a high end piece.  And..I really wanted it.  It is medium sized  with a opening in the back and of course a removable lid.  It's really nice...and the woman said "but you can't use it until Halloween?!"  I just looked at her and she grinned and said "oh..well...I guess maybe you can!"
Getting pretty tired by now and wanting things I don't need, have no room for, etc. etc.
Then at the same place I bought the pumpkin, I discovered these...and PH and I just stood and stared...
a whole kitchen worth of sliding shelves!!  Rather pricy at the store..and here they were..
PH got three of them installed yesterday and I am so happy..
NO more bending, emptying shelves to see what I have..and it's wonderful.
Yeah, I know, nothing unusual but for me it was like finding a bit of gold.
The cabinets were just so deep to be convenient.
Price for all  7?  $45.00  Since we know the price in the stores...we were happy campers and these looked like they were never used. 
Ahhh...garage sales, a shoppers paradise!
Big hugs,
I know I am late, but I am joining my Marty for @ A Stroll Thru Life


  1. heaven indeed! great finds! since i am trying to come off being a horder...i am not shopping these days. bummer!

  2. You have the best luck at garage sales but I have to say...this must have been a ball for your whole neighborhood. We have a "lake" garage sale every June and all you have to do is tie a balloon to your mailbox if you are in it. Fun!

    I love the jewelry, the ring is gorgeous, my mother's birthstone! The patio table was a steal! And yes, mix up those chairs! It's cute and colorful. And the pull out shelves, I so need those. I need a flashlight to get at some of my stuff! lol!

    So glad you had a great weekend. It's starting to be the right weather here for garage sales, too! :)


  3. Oh my word, rubies and shelves. You did find some fantastic treasures. I love the table too. Well, actually, I love it all. Great shopping. Hugs, Marty

  4. Aww.. why are thinks so cheap at garage sales in your town. We pay heaps more here. Love the shelves... I need some so I can see what is in the back of the cuboard.

  5. Wow! Wish that had been going on when we 3 gals were together. What a blast we'd have had. You got some real snappy bargains there, my friend. Love the shelving ... what a good buy.

    I got a crochet set for the
    kid-ling's for $5 the other day ...

    Was great talking with you.
    TTFN ~

  6. You always find the best things, Mona...great buy on the sliding shelves!
    Have a great week...

  7. I think you find the best sales ever - I find nothing like that down here! Love that table and so many things. sandie

  8. Treasure brings pleasure!!!!

    I enjoyed everything you purchased. I can not believe you find these bargains.

    Totally talented is what you are.

  9. I think you had a BINGO kind of day . . . great finds!

  10. You really hit the jackpot on this sale and what a wonderful idea. I would love to do this. WE are having a spring sale at out local arena in May or June. Haven't heard the date yet, but I always go and peek around. I love your ring and bracelets. The pumpkin I adore and little froggie looks great on your new to you table. You really lucked out on this one.

  11. Dont know if that email went thru. Harold said he'll be back in 2 weeks & will continue to help you, so hang in there.
    Love you ~
    TTFN ~

  12. I am so glad you linked up, you found some fabulous treasures. Hugs, Marty

  13. Events like the one in this post are great fun, but like Joyce at October Farm, I all am also not buying anything, unless it's something to send out and not keep in our home.

  14. Thanks so much for your gracious comments about my little greenery pots I have been making. They are a lot of fun.

    I havn't been back to any of the reunions since the 5th. I lost touch with everybody and just didn't feel like going back. It's hard when everyone moves so far away.

    Hugs, Marty

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  16. G'morn sweetie ~

    Have a beautiful week ... I'm digging in the dirt this week.

    TTFN ~
    Hugs & love,

  17. What glorious finds!!! I love garage sales...and charity shops, too. One can find so many treasures there.

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