Friday, December 31, 2010




Lots of love and many, many hugs!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Since it has been raining non stop, I thought I would go outdoors this way...and join
A Southern Daydreamer
..because you see, I have great expectations...yes indeed I do!

As you can see, no snow.  None!

No...not Christmas...WINTER!  :) Poor wet snowman...he has great expectation's too!

Tiny teacup fills up..outdoors...great expectations...of course..

Poor little used to being wet.  He lives under the fountain...

The Pansies love it...I can almost see them grow..and the ferns...well..

...the ferns...shout for joy!!   GREAT expectations!  Just like me!

...and so do I...shout for joy that is!  Curl up in front of the coffee and my movie "Great Expectations"...  :)
What a wonderful rainy day it is! 

Dear will never come again.  I will enjoy your last days...

Hugs and love,


Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I know dolls aren't for everyone...but I do have a be honest, I never outgrew them.

...and actually, I never want to.  This is a lovely Christening gown that I found for one of the dolls..and I wanted to share it with those of you ..who..might be interested.

The reason is because I thought the work that went into this gown was so nice and..ok..
I was short of things to post about..
Actually that's not true either.  This was just..easy!  There!  That's the truth!

Being one that adores roses...and being that softly pastel ones are my favorites,  this lovely gown caught my eye.
Sooo cute!  Sooo sweet.  (at least to me)

Better than this would be a live baby, or..say, a tiny kitten, or a fluffy puppy dog.  *sigh* 
Can you imagine a little pink dog collar with these roses on it?  And a tiny silver bell. 

...not to mention these tiny beaded shoes to go with it?  Anyway..
That's it.
Don't make me feel bad because there is still this tiny girl inside.  I think she lives in all of us women. 
Hide her though we might, she is there. 
She IS there!

Many hugs to you.  :)

P.S.  I know this because I am very wise!!  LOL

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Sweet daughter, Mary, delivered Christmas cookies to me.  Most of them were gifts for friends..but some were for us..and with them came the smell of cinnimon and spices.
 Beautiful big gingerbread men on that silver platter on the dining room table..but it's enough to make the house smell wonderful. 
When they first arrived...within the hour I had eaten two of them with my coffee.  And they are at least six inches tall.  *sigh*
Christmas is all over, but the smells of Christmas linger and I love it.  Only three of these left..and I admit to looking longingly at them every time I pass by.  The aroma of cinnimon lingers...

If I look a bit frazzled in the above photo, I was!  Hot coffee and Memosa's were ready and waiting when we arrived at daughter Mary's home (on the left) and food preparations were underway.  Later we were off to dinner at Erin's home..What a day!

My wonderful son in law pitched in to help..fried bacon, sliced ham...all sorts of things, bless his heart.
My daughter is lucky to have him..we all are!
We had brunch at Mary's and dinner at Erin's.  I could have rolled home WITHOUT the car!

Our little punkin, Emily, was just not up to par for Christmas.  She had a cold and a bit of a cough...and was probably a bit exhuasted by all the celebrating by the time she got to Auntie Mary's home....still she managed to wish everyone she met a "Merry Christmas" in that baby voice of hers.  When she said "Merry Christmas, Grandma Mona..." well...I wanted to grab her and squeeze her...but...I just gave her a tiny love hug.  Another *sigh*
~Son, Grandson and Greatgrandson~
And then there was little Kyle with his comic smile and delightful ways.  He spent most of his time searching for petals on roses to save in a plastic baggy.  When told he could take the entire flower he said "I don't want the flower to die."  and...I sighed again! 
Be still my heart.
I am so blessed. 

Lots of family, just the two little ones..and I didn't get a family photo...not this year.  Perhaps next year.
I hope and pray for that! 
And on to New Years!

Love and hugs to you.  

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


In this case it's Poinsettia's!
I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.  It's been a most wonderful month for us.
A few things could be better, but in life..that is always the case. 

This is my front porch..and I couldn't resist taking photo's of the raindrops on those deep red beautiful blooms.  Like Druid diamonds...with a promise of things to come, somehow lost by the Christmas Fairies.
I like to think they were dropped there just for you and I to find.

God bless all of you and thank you for everything you have given me...but most of all for your friendship and love.
I'll see you after Christmas.  In the meantime...stay safe.


Monday, December 20, 2010


Brave and foolish, perhaps, but ever so admired Sweet Husband!  Never to ask for help..always wanting to do his own work and care for his own home.....

The rains came down...a bit.. lightly.."wasn't it the sprinklers?"  No, I said, it was raining..nothing to worry about..just a light misting.  We went out to breakfast..and we actually had to turn on the windshield wipers.
It misted.  I joked.
Yes, I joked..and as usual had Sweetie looking at me ..strangely.  "It's just an Oregon Mist!" I said, looking wise.  "What's an Oregon mist?" he questioned.  I giggled and said "It missed Oregon and hit California!" 
OH..HAR, HAR, HAR!  I laughed and laughed and he just looked at me blankly!
Ah much for that!

I thought I would play a little "Up On The Housetop" for you.  I'm known for my great piano playing. :) see that full trash barrel?  We just kept emptying it and in about ten or fifteen minutes..less I would fill up.  It had begun seeping under the door sill and we just had new carpet installed this summer as you may remember!!
Yep..the gutters were full of leaves...(I mean it seldom rains in Southern California!) and we didn't think to clean them

"hmmmmm.."  he mummered...and my heart began to pound and I began to protest..."umm...I don't really think...."

I was ignored...and after checking things out....

 "Gonna clean out the gutters while there's a lull! he says...and off he went to get the ladder! 
He is 77 years OLD and doesn't need to be climbing up on a soaking wet roof!  But.....
(I admit to clinging to his pant legs...screaming NO NO NO!!)
but he shook me off and no time there he was!  Up on the housetop...CLICK, CLICK, CLICK!!!
No...that's NOT his shoes you hear..

"Can I help??"  I shout..." it covered!"  he calls down..
I watch as he digs all sort of junk out of the gutter.  Then he drags the power hose around! 
I ask the Lord what on earth he is doing!!  (I don't think HE heard me either!!!)

"ummm...???" I start to protest again... 


(did I tell you my baby can do anything??  :)

Love and hugs!

p.s. did I mention he is 77? :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It was May 1952 when I met Pat.  I had been walking across the campus headed for the school bus when I saw him.  He was sitting on the edge of low wall holding his books and chatting with a couple of cheerleaders.
I stopped.  I felt something like an electric shock go through me.  I remember I just stopped and stared.  I had never seen a more beautiful boy in my life...and to this day I still  have not.  His hair, his build, the way he carried himself, everything.  I finally continued on to the bus, not looking at them as I passed.  When I finally boarded my bus, I was able to get a dear friend of mine to introduce us because as it turned out they were good friends and buddies. 
My friend whistled and "beautiful boy" walked confidently toward the bus..and the closer he got...the weaker I became.  This is true.  I would never, ever lie to you. 

We were introduced  (I think) and I found out that he had joined the Marine Corp and as soon as he graduated he would be leaving for boot camp.  MCRD San Diego.  He introduced himself to me but..all I can remember is feeling my face going red.  My girlfriends chattered and laughed and I sat and listened and was totally tongue tied.  He promised to write to me as the bus pulled away...I do remember that.
Then he was gone. 

The following week I was sitting on the campus quad eating lunch with my girlfriend, when my friend, Sonny, walked up with Pat and motioned me over to them.  I got up and walked over, feeling my face once again beginning to glow red.  (WHAT on earth was the matter with me!) Sonny said Pat wanted to talk to me.
Pat walked me a way from the others...and asked me if I would go out with him on graduation night. 
He gave me a dazzling smile and said he would call me and I walked back to my friends.  When I turned around...he was gone.

If this is getting too long...please don't let me keep you...these are just my memories because today is...
a difficult day for me.

You see...
We did go out.  We went to a movie.  First kisses are not always perfect but  this one was, after which he just looked at me and said "will you marry me?" and I said "yes!"  I don't remember the rest of the evening really.  I only remember him walking me to the door...
and then he was gone.

Pat entered Boot Camp at MCRD in San Diego, CA. and went on to more training and then he got his orders for Korea.  He was 18 years old. 
It was December 15, 1952 and I decided I would ditch school to be with him for a drive into the mountains.
When no one was looking I dodged out of the library and ran down the hill and up the embankment to where Pat was waiting in the car and off we went.  We drove through the valley, past my home and up into the mountains South of San Diego.  It began to snow.
We stopped at the lodge and went in for a cup of coffee and decided we should be getting home.
As we drove out of the village and began our drive down the mountains...we came to a meadow that was surrounded with pine trees, everything white with snow...Pat coasted to a stop, turned off the motor and we sat in silence watching the snow fall.  For those few precious moments there was no one else in the world.  No fear, no war, just we two and our feelings.  He gave me my present.  The locket you see above.
We drove home and he walked me to the door, kissed me and held me close and whispered I love you and
then he was gone.

43 years later on December 15, 1997 he was gone from me forever...
Today is the anniversary of his death...and I miss him still.  I always will.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


In spite of this awful cold, I stood up like a good little soldier and marched off to the Mall this morning..and shopped. 
I didn't have much shopping to do..but the little Great Grands needed to be shopped for...and it was good to see people being polite to one another.  I even saw someone allow another person to take a parking spot...which made me smile as I drove away.  :)

A few snow men I have collected over the years on my sofa table.   Unfortunately the tiny ones are hidden behind the berries...ah well...You've seen snowmen before anyway..right?  Right!

This is before the final touches but you see them a bit better...I mean if you are interested (yawn...)

See that bit of greenery on the stool?  Well, I was going to hang it over the doorway ..but 12 days later and it's still sitting there...soon...yep..soon I will finish up.  Yeeeep...

I LOVE little wagons.  NO idea why, I just do...and there is more around somewhere.....hmmmm..maybe I hung them on the tree...I can't remember..

Darned place looks like a toy store, but the babes will love it.  Can you see the  little teddy bear angel (handmade) on top of the tree.  Sophisticated...that's what I like.  :)
  I bought it many years ago.  A woman in Palm Springs made it...and last year she didn't get her place on top of the tree...but this year...what the heck!!!  (the bear, NOT the woman!)

Ok...this post is quite long enough and it's been a long day and I am off to bed. 
Yesterdays post..or rather last nights...your comments were so kind. 

Hugs..lots of them..

Would you mind...if I just wrote a short story tomorrow?  I promise it won't be too long...

Saturday, December 11, 2010


This is a great time of year to have one.  But actually, fireplaces are not the only thing on my mind tonight.
Have you ever called someone by a name not their own...and then realized it and cringed?  I did that in an email and it is the worst feeling.  OR run into someone you know and love on the street and addressed them by a different name?
I did that and it is bothering me so much.  Especially because this person is so special to me.  I cannot tell you.  HOW could I have done such a thing??
So..that is what is on my mind tonight. 

This is the room we live in and I love it.  Especially in the evening when it's chilly out and we have a fire going. 

I went to Christmas tree lots and gathered pine boughs, brought them home and cut off the ends, stuck them in a bucket.  Coffee table centerpiece.

I've had this clock for many, many years.  Inside is handpainted as is the face, and has information, numbers and say's Bristol Connecticut, New England in beautiful script.  It's an 8 day clock.

 The Santa's are handmade by different artists.
I am looking forward to a wonderful Sunday...for everyone.
Mona Betty

(It's only what I deserve!)

Friday, December 10, 2010


So on to the kitchen...yes  indeedy!  Since you spend so much time in the kitchen, it really is an important place to have a bit of the Christmas cheer, don't you think?  I do!

Doesn't EVERYONE have a Santa coffee pot?  I love this one and cannot even remember where or when it came into my possession... but there it is.

Ah yes...and the kitchen sink of course...
Oops!  That little pitcher was not supposed to be in there.  I was watering the Poinsettia's. 

I sort of like to get the broad view of things now and then instead of constant close-ups of things.  You get a better feel for the home you are visiting.  It's nice to see up close...but...still...
You think I need to hang more dishtowels? :) 

And this is my beloved island.  The kitchen is really a pretty good size, but I must have my island.  I hate that running back and forth..and in old homes they didn't have them. day I would like to find an old rustic one.  I am always on the look out.
The entire island holds baking things such as large bowls and other baking things. 
Oh..and it holds a VERY large Tupperware container of flour.  I believe it holds ten pounds. 
Probably the only Tupperware I have left..except for those LARGE mixing bowls. 

And THIS sweet bloggy friends, is my GINGERBREAD TREE!!
Ta Dah!!

I realize my Christmas decor is a bit overwhelming to some, but remember I have been saving my Christmas things forever and they have memories that I love and make me feel at home.  My Christmas things date back to 1955 and I treasure them.  Some I made because we were so broke and my children love those the most. 
By the way...that red toaster?  I don't trust it one bit.  Sometimes my toast ends up clear up on the bar or over in the sink and even on the floor.  I am not at all certain WHY it started misbehaving..but I try to have patience as it is getting old like me...and my age is showing too.  We sort of understand one another..but..I admit I get a wee impatient when the toast lands on the floor for pity sakes!!

My love to all of you...and I hope those of you that are having trouble sort of getting into the spirit..well..I hope it helps a bit.  Many hugs..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This is where I spend at least an hour or two a day.  When I am tired of working, or need a feeling of calm or an escape into another world...this is where I come.  A very favorite spot in my home.  A touch of Christmas makes it even more special..

Sometimes when I'm playing I find Sweet Husband sitting in the little rocker behind me when I hear him joining me by singing one of his favorite Christmas carols.  I play badly but he doesn't seem to mind, bless his heart!   Sometimes we go through the book....that's what I call Christmas SPIRIT!
This little owl also listens patiently.  I mean..where else could I put a "Christmas Owl..?"  Do you ever wander around with something you love in your hand...looking...looking...looking for a place, just the right place to put this case, him?  Lets just say he "landed there!" :)

A touch of Christmas here and there... 

And ice ice skates...always has to be a pair of skates..

These were bought last year and sat on the piano.  Hand painted roses with fur tops and sparkling sweet and a favorite of mine.

Roses are a winter plant and bloom beautifully here in Southern California through December and then must be pruned back...but I have roses all year you can see...

The yellow Poinsettia was one of the twenty five fresh ones I bought on my Black Friday early morning trip to Lowes...and Home Depot..beautiful!

I never did paint that coffee table white!  I am still waffling..a Libra you know.. :)

The blue chair that belongs to the late mistress of this home.  Notice I added a touch of blue in the lamp shade...made by Cuttest Cottage Lamps.  (I had to use the flash so this didn't turn out too well)

A Cup Of Christmas of my favorite Christmas stories..  I met my second husband at Christmas and read him this book on his first visit to my home.  I wonder what he thought... :)  It must have been good, because I met him the first of December and we were married that very New Years Eve.   Christmas does that to folks.. I was 65 and he was 70.  I had him for just a little over 6 years. 

Never too old for toys... Last year I gave my little table to Great granddaughter, Emily..but another one is one the way.  Thank you, Bea!  I can't wait for it to be finished. 
Every girl needs a doll...and...that is my living room. 

She has a Christmas dress....somewhere.  :)

So this is Christmas....

Love and hugs to you..