Saturday, February 28, 2015


I never gave them a second thought.  No, not in all these years.  I've hung wreaths on doors, inside and out..but lately they really interest me.

I do other things too..for example..I am finally getting around to reading "Of Human Bondage" and am about half way through.  It's an old classic, I know, but it's those that I now have time for.
Example, "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" and I loved every page and will read it again.  Fiction?  Yes, but it's the kind of fiction I love.  Stories that have some truth..serious truth thrown in.
 I just stepped out into the back yard and was delighted to think the flowers think it's Spring.
:) So do the birds.   You can just see the buds coming out on the plum tree.  :)

 Can you see the work that I have ahead of me? 
Oh wait...I bet Mateo will plant those flats for me. :)
At least I know he won't ask me for my "first born" to do it!  LOL

.....and finally the doorway into to our kitchen.
Of course my 6'3" grandson's are going to frown..and so are my girls and they'll say "Mom, don't you think it's a bit MUCH!"  (I won't answer.)
 Well, I like it. 
See?  I'm already getting defensive! :)
I mean, MY head isn't even close to that valance.
No..and PH only has to duck a wee bit.

You know...I think that little gold ribbon above the mirror should be lower.  

 The front door.  HOW I would like a new one with lots of light coming through...
Maybe I could wallpaper those squares?  LOL  I need to also repair hole I put in the wall.

Oops, forgot a heart on the doorknob.  This happens on every holiday.  I always find little things sitting and hanging when everything is ALREADY put away!! So I stuff it in a drawer and then forget where it is.  At Christmas I will run into that little heart.  I think I will paint it pink!

I'm rambling.. *sigh*

Well, arm got in the picture..
(that hole is bugging me now!!


I don't know how many of you know Balisha at Simply Balisha. The name used to be "Never Enough Time."   We are losing her and God is going to gain an Angel.  I want to write about her but I just cannot.  If any of you know her, you know what I mean.  There was so just so very much to this wonderful lady.  That's all I wanted to say.
I loved her.


Thursday, February 26, 2015


Panic set in when my blog address failed to work.  It's been a week since my last post and when I tried to get on my blog it DIDN'T name was up for grabs!!  Strange.  But..after fiddling around's back., far.

What's new?  Well, I was going deaf and now I can hear!  I am wearing hearing aids now, in BOTH ears!
I realized when I plugged my left hear..I could not hear the birds, could not hear the fountains water running, and my hearing just kept getting worse over the past two years.  In a group of people..words were garbled.
I struggled to hear people on the phone with my best ear.  
I am all better!  The birdies never sounded so sweet this morning and when I sat down to play my piano this morning, I burst into tears..of pure joy at the sound.  
The ability to do things I've always done..
To run
To ride my bike
To hike on mountain trails..
Go on long walks
Slowly, going unnoticed, they are all slipping from me.
My hands..and arms..there are spots on my skin that used to be so smooth.
My slender ankles..gone.
My dark hair, white as snow....'s going to be fine..because
I can STILL dress a baby doll. :)

This poor little girl looked like this when she arrived from a seller on ebay..
I thought she was a beautiful doll.  At one time, she was pretty expensive.
A Lee Middleton, Riva Schick creation.
"Princess Diamond"..without her clothes and tierra...

 ...and in nothing flat..she looked like this...
Click on the picture to see how really pretty she is..

Tiny white patent shoes with hearts..
My little great granddaughters are going to LOVE her!
I used to collect baby clothes that were doll size 0 to 3 months,  at a second hand shop just for babies.

Lots I can't do anymore, but I can still dress baby dolls! LOL

I know, I know..not much of a post, but at least I'M STILL HERE!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I would have never believed it would take so long to empty a bathroom.
Click on the pictures to enlarge and PLEASE oh please tell me it's pretty!
(unless, of course you hate it..then know...don't say anything. )
The photo's are taken with only the bathroom light the paper looks's white.
Soft white.
It had just plain pink walls before.  We still have the 1950's louvered windows.. 
At first PH wanted to change all of the windows....but I loved the 1950's look...

Finally, all back together again.
 I have new curtains but they've only just arrived..

It's still a 1950's bathroom..and I love it.
It hurt to put nails in that lovely satiny textured wallpaper...I only put them in the center of the roses.
All of the cabinets are white and the floor is  white porcelain tiles.  The other side of the bathroom is all dressing table.  More lace there...Tons of storage in this tiny powder room.    

All done..


Monday, February 16, 2015

~MY LADIES MAID AND BUTLER...I had to sack them!~

Just kidding.  They still work for me!  LOL  ohhhh...funny!

Ahhh yes,  Downton Abby..
We watched Downton Abby last night with some of the family. We had a good time.  I ended up wondering about the slight change in Lady Mary and Granny.  One is getting sharp tongued again to the point that even her Lady's Maid, Anna, is looking disgusted... and the other is getting..softer,  Granny's quips are not quite so barbed.  She did make me laugh with her butler and housekeeper problems.
Really?  The NEW housekeeper spoke to her about a private problem with the butler in front of guests??  I THINK NOT!!  Why...I would never allow that in my home.  The very idea!
Yep..she is getting softer!
Left me a bit confused..  Oh's just a TV series.  Right?

This morning I took this picsture of PH gathering pine cones. He goes out every morning like clockwork, and gathers the pine cones and we discuss each of them.  LOL  Yep...we are busy, busy people!
 He's kinda cute for an older guy isn't he? :)

Those pine cones  are hard as rocks.  Wouldn't you think there would be a market for these beauties in craft stores?  Our little home is running over with them.  Maybe I should bag them and try to sell them to Michael's.  :)  They sell those bags of tiny ones..
 I just cannot seem to throw them away, but we are going to have to seriously consider throwing them in the trash.  Did I say seriously?
We should name our little home "Pine Cone Cottage" but  I can't I suppose.  We don't really have a "cottage"  It's just a little house that wants to be a cottage.  Then again, maybe it's me that's a wannabe cottage owner.

Pine cones are EVERYWHERE!
Tomorrow some are going to find their way into the trash.
I mean it this time!

******************* the time some of you may read this. ..the paper hanger should have arrived and the bathroom should be on it's way to being cute!   Now I think both baths should get a dose of paper.  Maybe I can bargain with him.  You suppose?
I am SO insecure.  What if when it's all done it looks awful! Things like that have happened to me before!  Sort of like getting your hair cut into a bob like Lady Mary's.  Only you turn out looking like a "bald monkey?"   LOL  Sorry, but I laughed at that one.
I'll worry about it tomorrow...(if it worked for Scarlett, it can work for me!)

It's not my fault I didn't have anything of interest to blog about.  It's my brain's fault!
Does that fly with you?  Naaaah, me either.

Tried to watch the news tonight and had to leave.  Terrible.  So much hate out there.  I've wondered if they ever heard the wise old adage of "You live by the sword, you die by the sword!!"


Our front yard is beginning to think it MUST be Spring.

I know all the snow they are receiving  in the East is really getting bad..but it's comforting to me.  I love visiting and looking at it.  In my memory I remember the silence.  Just so quiet.  Noise is absorbed in the snow and becomes's just wonderful.
But then all noise is always soft to me lately.  My hearing aids will be here next week!
Here's wishing you a lovely Tuesday!


Saturday, February 14, 2015


Now I know this is not a BIG deal..and I know some want to not read about decor etc..and that's fine.
When you've waited years and years to do this sort of thing, to me, it IS a big deal.

Not whining..well, perhaps just a bit..but for so many years, school clothes, keeping food on the table etc. came first, and things like wallpaper and decor was just not in the cards.  Basic's..that's what we kept up with.  How I LONGED to do things like this, and now I can.

:)  Oh wow!  Just had a flash of remembering scrambling to keep the electric, and gas on.
Or to pay the phone bill..  Laying awake nights, unable to sleep, trying to figure out what could wait and what could not..and  (embarrasses me to say this ) but figuring out if the check would get to the bank before I did.    Anyway, you get the idea.
Oh lordy, am I trying to excuse myself?  Of course!!
I don't need to do that, do I!  :)'s my wallpaper.  Just had the hall wallpaper done a couple of months ago and now I'm going to do my little bathroom.  
This is delicate wallpaper and I don't think it will cause a problem with the other paper.  Besides, the paper's are not right next to one another and who would give a darn anyway.
NO ONE!  :)
Monday at 8:00 is when the paper hanger is coming.  NO..not the sweet man who stepped into a five gallon can of paste and tipped in over onto my newish carpet.  (I hate even remembering it!)
He retired and fled, I mean moved to Palm Springs.

 The picture doesn't show it but the texture of this paper is just beautiful..and the little feathery leaves in the background are like raised satin.  It's just lovely.  The walls are pink now..and I do like them..but it needs something.   I found some lace curtains on etsy SO inexpensive that I could not believe it!
They just arrived and they are so delicate too.  "Girly girl" or's my little powder room off the bedroom.  Gonna be sweet, sweet, sweet.
Should I wallpaper the ceiling too?
Almost makes your teeth ache, doesn't it?  :)
 I painted the little shelf and coat hanger in the hall a pale butter yellow yesterday and hung it this morning.

Am I going overboard with wallpaper.  ..yeah..probably!  

Someone asked to see a picture of the little doll I bought, after I dressed her in different clothing.
She fits right in with the rest of the toys now.  

I don't really remember if I have shown you this nice little sewing box that I found on ..I think ebay a few weeks ago.  I needed one to carry to my chair when I'm sewing..and the one I have is BIG and heavy.  This one I thought was I snagged it.  The description  said the lid was cross stitch, but it looks and feels like needlepoint to me.  Doesn't look like it's ever been used.  The inside is pristine.

A deal?  I think so.
That's it...I'm outta here.  I've even bored myself.  Going to bed. 

Sunday and

Silly to get so caught up in a TV Drama. series..but..I know I'm not the only one.
I ordered Lumpia, a dish I was introduced to by the college students at their tag sale and benefit.
They even deliver right to the door.  I ordered two different kinds, beef and pork and the shrimp.   Also got the  sweet chili sauce and sweet vinegar sauce.  Both were delicious and since I couldn't make up my mind, I bought both.
We are going to treat ourselves..and daughter in law is bringing home made ice cream.
We're making a night of it!

So, who's going to join us?  :)


Friday, February 13, 2015


I hope your day is filled with love and sweetness!

I remember Valentine's Day when I was in school, forever ago.  It's changed a lot since then.  I guess it's good changes for youngsters though.
Long ago, we used to send Valentines to those in our classroom that we really liked a lot.  
Today, you must give every single child in the classroom a Valentine.  
At least this way the most unpopular child recieves as many Valentine's as everyone else and no one feels left out.
At first when I heard about it, I thought how terrible for a child to be forced to give a Valentine to someone they didn't like at all, and there is always the boy or girl that teases you or makes your life a misery, and who wants to be forced to give them a Valentine.  Right?
...but when I thought about it, I'm sure it was wise.  It's just changed and everything is constantly changing..
Even Valentine's Day.

You should have seen our busy dining room table the night before Valentine's Day..
I bought a LOT of boxes of Valentines... but looking I sometimes long to do it all again.
To have those days back.
To see the happy little faces when they got their brand new boxes of Valentines and rushed to find a place at the table and begin the laborious  job of putting the names of their special friends on them.  I encouraged them to give one to everyone..but I didn't force them.  
I tried to give reasons why they should, and as I remember, they did, even if they did make a face.
I heard a few grumbles..but not many and the excitement of the the process and the fun of the party at school always seemed to put them in a generous mood.  

There was always a lot to do. Little felt hearts to be cut out and attached to ribbons for their hair, something pretty to wear, usually red with an added red bow......just so much.  I remember one year I even cut out tiny red hearts of felt and attached them to my youngest's little white mary jane shoes.  She was a hit! 
I wonder if she remembers.  
I do and I would do it all again..I would have all seven of them.

As for me...
I am blessed to have a Sweetheart of a husband who never forgets.  Empty Valentine boxes line the breakfast bar, so far there are six.
Both have experienced great loss, and both found love once again.
Makes me smile!
I'm grateful
But is it all just about the card and box of chocolates?
YES!  Of course it is!!  
I'm kidding! 

Love.  What a nice thought to dwell on.


Thursday, February 12, 2015


I'm going to tell  something about myself.  Something I wish I could get over.  It's something that I have passed down to my children and they have probably passed it on to their own children.
I 'm afraid of the dark!  
Seriously afraid.
My home is never, ever dark.  There are always flashlights nearby just in case.
My children's homes are never dark.
Nor their children's.
Now...I know this is a BAD thing...but ..they were never told my story!
Not until they were grown adults.

Sometimes if have to go out into the garage at night, I fight the urge to look under the car.  For one thing, it's not so easy to get back up, once I'm down and besides, it's a matter of pride not give in and look.  I admit that I usually give in and look.  I simply have to.

My sweet husband now goes out if we need something..and I love him for it.
When I do brave going to the second refrigerator to get some bottles of vitamin water..or clothes out of the dryer I prop the door open so it cannot close behind me.  It just depends on how I am feeling at the time...whether I even go out there at all.  When I do go, I do alright until I get to the door into the kitchen..then SUDDENLY it hits me!!  
My back is now to the garage and all the night terrors I experienced as a child, suddenly wash over me and panic sets in!  Pure stark fear!
I reach for the door handle and I can feel the hair raise on the back of my neck and I zoom in the door,close it and LOCK it as fast as I can.  It's a terrible feeling.
I simply cannot control the fear that sweeps me.  I'm a little better now, but not much.  I must tell you that I slept with my head covered up throughout my life.  I finally stopped when I got married and felt safe with my husband right beside me.  
But it's always there.
The fear.  

I know full well what happened to make me so bad, or at least worse than I normally was.
It seems there have been incidents concerning the dark all my life.

When I was about six or seven years old, we lived in Portland Oregon.
My bedroom was quite a distance from my parents.  Theirs was in the front part of the house, and mine was next to theirs, but to get to mine from theirs, they had to go through the living room, through the BIG country kitchen, sort of around the stove and gas heater to the side of the kitchen  and that's where my room was.

One night when I was about to go to sleep, or had just awakened, I heard something.  Beside my little bed there was a double apple box.  On top of the box was my favorite little set of Blue Willow china dishes.  I had begun to sleep with my head covered up and I don't even remember when or why such fear began.
I could hear something and as I strained my ears trying to figure out what it was, the dishes on my little box night stand jiggled.  I carefully peeked out and saw someone standing beside my bed and I froze!  Again, dishes moved and something touched my bed.  I peeked again and the bottom part of what appeared to be a man, moved away..I listened.  I didn't hear a thing.  I waited..nothing.
I wanted my Mommy.  I was too terrified to move and suddenly I threw back my covers, sat straight up in bed and screamed!  I could hear my father's feet hit the floor and heard him and my mother running.   When they ran into my room and turned on the light, I just kept saying "there was a man in my room, there was a man in my room" over and over and over.
They calmed me..and finally took me with them into their room and I slept between them for the rest of the night.

I shadowed my mother the following day.  I  remember that.  I didn't let her out of my sight. This was during World War II  and my father worked nights at the Ship Yards.  
It was a night or two later...and I had gone to bed.  My parents convinced me I was dreaming, or tried to.  I knew I was not dreaming but I was not the sort of child that argued with my elders.
I obeyed and went to bed..and lay quietly refusing to go to sleep.  I waited.  I listened.  And I listened..  
The moon was shining through my pink ruffled bedroom curtains...and then I heard it, and as I looked I saw the door knob of my bedroom door slowly turn and my door open.  
There he was..for just a few seconds and then he quickly walked silently through my room and into my little closet.  It didn't have a door and the opening was very small.  Not the size of a usual door.
Our home was very old and inside the closet on both sides were shelves where my toys were kept.
As soon as he disappeared into the closet I sat bolt upright and screamed!!
I tired and and again, NOTHING and then it came.  One LONG horrible scream and I could hear my mother's feet hit the floor and I could hear her running through the living room and kitchen into my bedroom!  She reached up and pulled the chain that turned on my light and I screamed "There's a man in my closet!!   There's a man in my closet!!"   
Then my mother did something that horrified me.  
She put her finger to her lips in a "shhhhhhhh" sign, nodded her head while saying "Honey, you were just dreaming" all the while shaking her head, yes.  Then she got up, pushed me back onto my bed  and walked to my bedroom door saying she would leave the kitchen light on.  Then I saw her  RUN like I had never seen her run before.  She litterally flew on her bare feet back into her room, grabbed the shotgun and just as I heard her running back, the man bolted out of my closet, out of my room, through the kitchen and out the door, then through the back enclosed porch and out the back door!  My mother was screaming "Stop!!!  Stop or I'll shoot!" 
My mother was a crack shot and had been raised with rifles all her life.
Then I could hear her slam and lock our back door and then she ran into my room and picked me up.
She called grandpa first who lived just a short distance from us, and then called the police.
I don't remember much of what happened after that.  
I do remember my granddaddy sitting at night on our porch, which was shrouded in Lilac's, with a rifle across his lap.  
I remember that.  
We slept very uneasily for a long time.  There had been other reports of prowlings in our neighborhood.  
I've never been the same since.  I never will be.  


Monday, February 9, 2015


Well, I finally got off my lazy behind and did a few things!  I started with lamp shades I'm sick of...
Laced them up a bit..
AWFUL!  Why, oh why did I think I needed flowers on that shade.  Just the touch of lace would have been enough.   Just pretend they aren't there, because they are not.  I just now got up and went and RIPPED them off!  Just the lace at the top..and it's enough of a change to make me happy.  I cut all those dinky little tassels off...  :)  and now it looks perfect!   It's the little things..the little touches that make a home one's own.
I overdo things...I know..but
I mean, what do you expect of someone who has seven children in a row...  :)
The whole dresser top is going to get a "redo"...soon. (possibly..)

Added a different kind of lace to the bedside lamp.  All is crocheted.  That's me at age five, I think, and my baby brother, Georgie, who passed away at age 2.  It hurts to this very day.
My poor, poor mother and father.  He choked on a peanut.  I've written about it here a long time ago.

Yes, our bedroom is old fashioned...but OLD folks live in it!  :) It's a comfortable room...AND my wall paper arrived for the bathrooms and two wall in this room.  I'm taking the hallway paper right on into the bedroom.  
When I opened the bathroom wallpaper.. I could have cried with relief.  IT IS BEAUTIFUL!  The photo's of it did NOT do it justice...and the texture..just wonderful.  I'm so happy!
Can't wait for it to be done so I can show it to you.  I will remember to take before pictures this time!

Lets see what else..  
No one has EVER accused me of being smart..
...I bought a new doll, and I haven't a clue why.  Ever since the children were little, I have used toys that they no longer played with, to decorate with.  A little doll cradle on the fireplace..a baby doll in it..I mean why not.  
I love buying old things and fixing them up.  It's inexpensive and I know a lot of you do the same thing.  
And yes, the doll is a used one I found on ebay.  I'm going to change her clothes and dress her in baby girl clothes tomorrow.  She just came a few minutes before I took the picture.  I love that little face!

The news of the snow in Maine has us a little worried.  We have lots of people in Maine and the rest of New England.  
Be safe all of you who are inundated with snow!!  


I have some visiting to do.  DO NOT give up on me.  I'm on my way!!  :)

Saturday, February 7, 2015


This changing my header thing is SO much fun!  Every time I do it I think of my friend.
It occurred to me the other day, that these days will one day pass away.  Already so many of the wonderful people I've met have stopped blogging and gone to another outlet.
Face book
....and there are probably others out there that I don't even know about.  Each time I get a notice from Face book, of course I go look..and each time this happens I realize more and more where my blogger friends have disappeared to.
No problem, I can still chat with them. :)  As long as they are happy...:) it's a good thing.

When I start putting things out for Valentine's Day or whatever, I keep changing things on a daily basis.  I tweak here and I tweak there..

I fiddle with this, and turn that.... THANK you, Becky, for my little pillows!  You are so talented.
Each year when they come out, I think about you..and what we share.  And Balisha...We have all lost a precious child. 
You can see my Sandy in the photo below...just shortly before I lost her!  Two of  her sisters are on either side of her.  They went to spend time with her.   It will be two years this month.  She visits me often, I feel it.   
I even scream in total disbelief when I am helps ...for the moment.
Time heals they say.
I suppose.

No.these things didn't stay here.  The little dish got filled with red candy hearts..and the little heart box  got moved to the breakfast bar with the rest of the Valentine boxes....

Every single thing you see in this photo came from garage sales..  I left everything as it was and just added the hearts.  See the sparkly hearts I added to my flower arrangement?  The lamp, NO, that came from Penny @ The Pleasures of Home.   The old lamp and high chair came from garage sales..and the dolly of course came from my friend.  The pretty book that didn't quite make it into the picture...garage sale.  Even the cloth on the table..yep..same place.

Nuff of stuff!!
I have news..:)  Just waiting for the right time... and if you know me at all, you KNOW how prolific  my family is.. :)   Yep!!  

Where was I???  
I forget!

OH...yes..I guess the time is now.  
My EIGHTH great grandchild, a baby boy, will be born this August!  Could I be happier?
Adam and Cristina...Grandma is SO proud!  Congratulations and THANK YOU!

And so it goes.  I won't live to see him become a man..but it's just good knowing the beat goes on and at least I will get to see him.  I'm so delighted!
AND seven of my grown grandchildren are not even married yet.  
Lot's more greats to come.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I peddled as fast as I could for years and years and
now I'm coasting.  I worked so hard to get to the top of that hill.
How I hope it's nice at the bottom's been a long road and I'm hoping for a soft landing.
I left greenery and pine cones on the mantel to remind me that it's still Winter.

Golden morning light because you are up so early and see the sun come up
and before you know it..more gold as the sun sets in the West.  Wonder if that's what they mean by "The Golden Years."
I always say "Where in the world did the day go?"

No sign of Winter.  It was a good 74 degree's here today, and I think the "Pineapple Express" is going to miss us!  DARN!!

Then for no reason ...I changed my dolls clothes to something more for Winter.

A change of dolly clothes...

I get up, have my morning coffee..start a batch of wash (some days) sit out on the front porch in the morning sun (California, you know!) and contemplate the day ahead.  
It's called retirement and I'm loving it!

All dressed for colder days...  HA!!!!
 But kept me busy and it was fun!  Not that I haven't plenty to do.

 I found this beautiful outfit on ebay.  
This sweet baby doll was a gift from a dear friend that I met on ebay a few years ago.  (HI ERMA!)
We chatted  and got to know one another.  Always lots to talk about.  Both of us had experienced loss. 
One day a big heavy box arrived.  I had been very  ill and had not been home from the hospital for long when this lovely surprise was delivered to my door.  My friend and I share a love of dolls.   She has an entire "doll nursery" (how I would love to see that) and I have just a few treasured ones and this cutie has become one of my favorites.  I am not really a "doll collector" at all..I mean certainly not a serious one....but I do think they are adorable.   When little great granddaughters or the neighbors little girl comes to visit..they carefully pick them up and you can tell it's a special time for them.  They are always SO careful, and not because I tell them to be, because I don't have to.  They just are!

Isn't she cute?  I've had her for a few years now and she sits in my living room in an old wicker high chair that my great grand babies use when they come for a visit.  

Can you tell I didn't have much going on today.
I admit it's nice!

After all my years of working and raising a rather large's nice to do anything I want..or nothing at all.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Do you see my header?  I did that myself ..WITH the careful and patient instructions of a dear blogger friend.  She doesn't want to be I won't..but she was amazing.  I am dense as heck when it comes to computers.  She took hours out her day to write out instructions in great detail, and make sure I understood them..lead me bit by bit through the process and even had me set up a sample blog to test on.  She was AMAZING!
I got so fortunate to have her as a friend.

I paid out several hundred dollars over time, that I  could not afford and though I am still a serious novice at least I can do something.   She is always there to help!  She knows who she is...THANK YOU, dear friend!

 AND there is a reason I am telling you this...

See this adorable little can of log cabin syrup?  Well, I think some of you might guess who this is from..but I won't mention names...but her first name is Joyce and this woman is as generous as the day is long!
  This dear  blogger friend sent me not one, but TWO of these because I mentioned to her that I remember them as a child and wished I had one in the mail comes a box! A HEAVY box loaded with all sorts of goodies and not one but TWO of these cuties.  I cried.  Not so much because of the joy of getting little tin cans of this delicious syrup right from the source..but because she thought to do it!
BLOGGERS, at least in our circle of friends, are the kindest people I have ever met.
Call it what you will, and some are cynical about it, but in a world so full of bad things and bad people..I find blogging a REAL comfort.
I nearly gave it up..out of fear..but there are too many of you out there I have grown to care about so much. I am.
My point is that, if you are paying big bucks to have a header made for you...find a blogger that has the time and know how.  Bloggers are the kindest people and will at least take the time to steer you in the right direction.

I know...LOTS OF WORDS's who I am! :)
And yes, HUGS!

I will always send's, again, who I am!