Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Do you ever have trouble deciding what style you like? What colors are really your favorites?
I am so torn between my love for deep red and golds and my love for shades of pink and white and delicate greens. It's terrible to be torn like this.
Another example...
I am a liberal/ conservative /traditionalist (and don't tell me there is no such thing because I are one!) that believes in everything because I don't want to miss anything and I want to be prepared in any event. I want to believe just in case it's true..and I still believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny. Who knows...they could be real. Prove to me they aren't. And you know full well there are witches.
I love living in my fairy tale world...but then...

I don't believe in firearms but I don't want to be caught without mine. (I live in California you know) :)
I believe in growing old gracefully but I HATE my gray hair. I loved school but went crazy sitting for an hour in a classroom and NEVER had the answers when the teacher called on me because I was constantly day dreaming. Now I'm smarter and have the answers and it doesn't matter.
I love going to church but dread sitting still for an entire hour and 15 minutes!
You know, it's getting late and I get kind of nuts when I get tired so I better just finish this up and go to bed. :)
I became really ill last night and I felt icky all day today. I will be back to normal tomorrow I hope.
But..can you see the inconsistancies here?

So..anyway..Saturday was garage sale day..and we had fun.

The First Methodist Church had their rummage sale and I got all of these childrens books for
25 cents each. I was delighted. All in perfect like new condition.

This is a darling little red bag I found for $5.00 with the May Co. tag of $60.00 still on it. I didn't really NEED it but it was, after all, red!

This little straw bag is well made but not a Brighton as the young man told it. I knew it but he sold it for $10.00. I have already given it away.

Well.. my Sweetie got the find of the day. A beautiful edger..for $60.00. He is so proud! He has been looking for things to edge for the past two days now. He makes me a little nervous though when he starts looking around INSIDE the house. When a guy has a new edger he wants to edge EVERYTHING! :) Bless his heart!

So that was garage sale day.

So...do you still love me now that you know I am a gun totin' liberal who can't make up my mind, and would probably stay home from church except I want to get into heaven and if I get there I do NOT want God mad at me!
Ok..I'm done. I need to get some sleep...or I won't have a friend left in this world!
Love and hugs!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I want to thank Susan @ BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH for hosting this fun event and making our Mondays so special.

This is my attempt to save a sturdy lawn swing that I just love because it is so comfortable and large. It used to have a canopy over the top and once years ago it was really rather pretty. Everything rotted and just fell apart. I didn't know that the awning on top was rotted until I began to take it apart to move it into storage. It simple fell apart in the movers hands..and it stay on there in shreds, in storage for over a year. It stayed in pieces beside the house and then one day we finally put it together...and it was UGLY!

And..it sat like that for..months...until..I read a wonderful blog..about spray paint.
Laura @ WHITE SPRAY PAINT inspired me paint this ugly old swing! So..I laid out my plastic sheeting and started painting...and painting ..and painting..

About halfway through the painting I began to think it might look cute again..and I was encouraged.

The seat..well..you see the pictures...a mess..but the cotton batting was really good..so I saved it. The rest I finally cut off and threw it in the trash.

This is an old mirror I found on ebay..for too much money..but the old faded roses and crackle finish were wonderful..and now it graces the patio.

I took an old but very nice bedsheet and threaded onto the front of the canopy because in the afternoon the sun hits and if one is resting on the swing you can untie that ribbon and it falls softly around you, puddles on the floor and shields you from the sun..and is so cozy! And the breeze can still touch you.

And it sat like that for awhile...until I finally took a Shabby Chic twin quilt (I have two alike) and folded up the bottom and stitched it..and the top and stitched it..forming an envelope type case and slipped it over the old cushion.

It worked like a charm. Then I took my grandmother's old crocheted tablecloth that was not completed and used it as a trim. I laid it on the canvas seat, draping it over the back and off the front. Then I laid the covered back and seat (it's one piece ..on top of it. Great!

I took lace curtains and they fit perfectly without any cutting. All I had to do was run some stitching along the hem to form a pocket so both ends would have that little ruffle.
I love it.

And that's about it. All done with old stuff except the spray paint. I also want to mention that the lovely quilt and matching pillow on my lawn swing were acquired from Tammy @
FOR A STITCH IN THYME...are they not just beautiful? Perfect for my swing!

I had fun...for little money and I love my swing again. I did clip the thread and stitch the hole in the bottom picture..lol I get in a rush sometimes! (all the time.)
So..there you have it..my Met Monday! Yippee! I did it!

~smiles and love~

P.S. I am learning to check for TINY things before I start taking pictures..because they really show up!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Well...we have already pretty much agreed that blogging can be addicting! But being addicted to something doesn't necessarily need to be a bad thing. It can be inspiring, and I find something to inspire me, lift my spirits and and get my day off to an exciting start.
Sometimes the answers to a situation in life can drop into my lap through blogging. It happens a lot. I never fail to be amazed how fond you can become of people you have never met and never will meet.

It's all wonderful but honestly, I turn to blogging for inspiration...for example to paint my lawn swing...and not get rid of it because it is old and the top has rotted through and the seat is ruined and also split. But I will tell you about that later.
Right now...those darned CLOCHES' are still on my mind. Such cute versatile little items to use to decorate...and so easy to just change! I love it and I'm on the prowl for a few. so...below is one I added. INSPIRED? You bet!

Allidink at A Little Shabby Always Chic inspired me to find a little cupcake stand as I just fell in love with hers. And..besides I wanted a few cloches...and a cupcake cloche was a great start. So..I was a copy cat and took a lesson from my young friend. Smart girl, that Allison!

I got lucky and found this one on ebay for 6.00 and won it! Allison's is much like it, maybe exactly but in blue. That girl has an eye for cute things...let me tell you! AND she gave lessons on how to make those little faux cupcakes...not too shabby...heh heh..and certainly chic!!

This I found on ebay..and I love this lady's way of putting together things of Fantasy...see the little grasshopper looking into the looking glass window at the wing repair going on? And the lovely butterfly? Well, I live in this world of fantasy...so..it appealed to me...
I don't remember the artist...at first I thought it was Rebecca but I am just not sure. I don't think so but I will check and get back to you. Hmmm...am I..buying too much when I can't even remember where I got something? I ...wonder... :)

Garage sale goodies tomorrow...or..maybe my lawn swing.

There are other things I want to talk about...it's my blog and although I love sharing things I get for my home...and seeing yours...actually it isn't entirely what I had in mind when I started my blog. Yes...I wanted to do some of that...of course. I love my home...but mostly I wanted to write.
Haven't you heard that people always tell more to strangers than they do people they know? It's true. Sort of the "beauty parlor thing"..

What has happened is that...my blogging took a turn. How does that saying go? Anything you say, can, and will, be used against you? I ...think about that. A lot. So...after a couple of things happening during this past 6 months...I only write about "things"...not life.
As I said..I like that but...I LOVE to write...and I might get back to doing a wee bit more...if I can work up the nerve. It's not possible for me to not care what people think. That just does not work for me. I care. A lot.
I would try to write like no one's reading....but..is that possible? You cannot please all of the people all of the time..I know. What do you think?
Good grief...I need to lighten up...I am headed to bed shortly and unless I stop with the heavy stuff..I won't sleep. Again... :)

Smiles and love...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


When I heard that Gloria at HAPPY TO BE was having a giveaway...I rushed over to see what the goodies were...because you see...I KNEW it was going to be something GOOD and was it ever! A beautiful soup tureen..WITH the ladle. I QUICKLY tossed my hat into the ring..AND I WON! It's something I have wanted for so long!!

This note was in the box...and suddenly I was overwhelmed at how fond we get of our fellow bloggers!
Gloria has always been there with a word of comfort. In my early days of blogging a time came when I almost gave it up..but she was there with words of encouragment and I weathered the storm and have hung in there. Things happen like that...and Gloria was there for me!
She has been such a warm, wonderful and kind friend! Thank you, Gloria...for everything. I LOVE my tureen!

And there it was..in all it's glory...MY soup tureen! WITH ladle! :)

Not only that...she included some rose covered goodies for my desk!! They look beautiful!

And look at those beautiful folders in the file holders next to my desk! JUST perfect! :)

See how cute my new shopping list looks on my frig? (I am always saying I am going to take every single thing off..except my shopping list...and (sigh) I never do! I rearrange them. :)

Then...this dear woman wrote and asked IF I would be interested in some of that beautiful reindeer moss? Was she KIDDING! I even had to utter gall to ask for a BIG BAG of it!! I cannot wait to play with it. I am busy collecting a few cloches...I have two..but I have made no effort do do much with them..but...the next cloche party...I'm putting on my party duds!!! Yep...I'll be there with bells on!

Everything was so beautiful, Gloria! Those precious little extra's were so thoughtful! I appreciate that so much! And those adorable adorned pens! So cute!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wanna see a messy office? LOL.. no? Ok..well then..that's it! My new rosy office goodies have inspired me to get it in shape!! :)

I have two days of new things..not to mention my garage sales...and I am wondering if I need to worry...about you know....shhhhhh...you know...dare I say shopaholic?

Naw....not me! I'm fine! You're fine! We're all fine. Right? right? :)

~smiles and love~

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


My computer is fine but our server has a problem..so I am on line only a short time and then...poof...kicked to the proverbial curb! So..I will have to catch up as I can..I am falling behind on my visits...I HATE that! I do!! I hate missing anything...always have! :)

This is the beautiful mosiac flower pot that Penny from
THE COMFORTS OF HOME/LAVENDAR HILL STUDIO made for me. I am so happy with it. It is a match for my beautiful house number..and has helped make my front porch a joy!

I just love it! And...it is huge. I put a large fern in it for now but that will change shortly. I need to buy the plants but I was in such a rush to get it posted that I couldn't wait.

Another view of my ~smile~ beautiful mosiac flower pot!

I took this so you can see our lovely house number again..and how it goes so perfectly with my gorgeous flower pot!

I am ONE HAPPY CAMPER! (I mean blogger!)
Thanks you so much Penny! I so appreciate your talent and the care you took in making this for me!

Love and hugs,

Saturday, June 20, 2009


P.S. I have added a couple of things...a signature to the painting and an ironstone pitcher I forgot to post...

That is the title of the painting on my tray.
This is a hand painted tray and is signed by the artist on the back. The woman who sold it said the artist is her friend and that everytime she has a "show" she buys something..and she has to cut back on some of her collection..
I said, "GREAT idea! and smiled! $10.00. I grinned all the way to the car...but first..

When I posted last night I forgot to take a photo of the back so you can see the artists signature..so..I just added it. Probably not a big deal..but I mean the artist should get recognition even if it is just on my blog! :)

I bought the easel it was displayed on for another $2.00. I LOVE that easel! VERY heavy iron. I thought the finish on it was gorgeous!

I didn't exactly steal these two plate. But...I love red transferware. A lot! So...they followed me home also. I kept saying "I DON'T NEED YOU!" But nope, they wouldn't listen. One was 8.00 and the other was 5.00. They started off much higher..so..you know...

Enlarge this and you can see to the left of the screen a darling little white glass frame. FREE! You can see the two DVD's I found for $1.00. A little blue tin of writing paper. Brand new.. and FREE! Many just wanted to get rid of the stuff and not have to put it all away. Both the frame, the writing paper came from the same garage sale as the cookbooks. I also bought a novel in perfect condition "The Vinyard" for $1.00!

This was a nice little cookbook put out by a church. Family recipes...I said...what the heck for 1.00 it came home with me.

A little book on how to give tea parties...Uh huh...I do THAT a lot..but...I do have daughters that do that..so...home it came to continue the journey to a daughter or granddaughter!
$1.00. It ties shut with little ribbons...how cute is that?! ALL of the cookbooks were like BRAND NEW. That is what I look for! Gently used if old is fine.

The woman who owned the cookbooks said this one was her favorites and that she had a duplicate that was why she was selling this one.... San Francisco has some wonderful restaurants...so for $1.00 I took that chance...

This recipe box was nice a large and in perfect condition. Mine is so chock full of recipes that I cannot get the lid closed and this was only .25 cents...so in the car it went. I have Granddaughters just starting out. They are going to love their Grandma!

Listen...you CANNOT go wrong on a Chocolate Cookbook...I don't bake all that much, but I love to read them. :) Do you believe me?
Hmmmm.. a Costco Cookbook? Love their food...so...what the heck! .50 cents!! WELL spent I say!!

Sweetie loved the fact that he bought all of these CD's for a total of $20. He loves music and CD's are what he looks for. Some were just .50 cents. He always checks to see if the CD is in the case and that it is the correct one.
He sometimes buys them even if they aren't the kind of music he likes...I asked him why? He said he likes to give all music a chance. Whatta guy!

Well, that's it. My Saturday finds. Well worth getting up early I would say. Followed by our pancake breakfast of course!
Have a wonderful Fathers Day, everyone!

Love and smiles,

P.S. I am adding this post script because this morning when we were getting ready church, sweet husband went to the car and discovered in the back seat, wrapped in a towel, this beautiful ironstone (?) pitcher I bought Saturday for 2.00 and forgot to bring into the house.

Below you can see the bottom of the pitcher and a couple of hairline cracks that don't go all the way through...so they didn't bother me at all. This has SO many uses!! Plus, I think it's just a beautiful pitcher!! It's by Homer Laughlin...and I think that's good. Right?? It is close to 9 1/2" tall. A nice size. Very heavy.

Bye bye...and hugs!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


This little pillow reacquainted me with a lovely person I met on ebay some years ago..and then lost last year.

My hobby is homemaking and I love it. Would it make sense then that I love to clean?
I am a "closet" cleaner I guess. I remember I used to deny my love for cleaning. Back in the fifties..everyone wanted to get out of the home and go to work. Not me. I really enjoyed being a homemaker.
I loved to wash and iron..hang beautiful white clothes on the line...(we used to do that you know) and there was such a joy and satisfaction in seeing it all finished and beautiful. I haven't changed. Of course there were bad times when I HAD to work..but being home was what I loved.

Decorating is one of the most rewarding things I do. I love buying things for my home...always have.
Then I discovered ebay and all sorts of things, usually Shabby Chic things..quilts, pillows, dishtowels became available to me. Things that were different. Things handmade and some old and beautiful things and some just second hand. Mostly though I found I was interested in handpainted items, exceptional sewing and crafts.
Things I no longer do and things that someone does much better than myself.

Rebecca of A GATHERING OF THOUGHTS is someone I met on ebay years ago. I loved her work and had lost her for awhile. Then one day I found her in our community of bloggers and was overjoyed.

I have a hand painted lamp by her, pillows and as many things as I could get. Her tiny Christmas tree, cross-stitched onto a beautiful little pillow is my favorite I think.

I fell in love with this lovely little pillow and it is going in our guest room. My favorite room in the house.

Since I found her again..I have been catching up..and added a few of her lovely pillows to my collection. I am also thinking of Christmas! I have daughters and granddaughters that would love one of Rebecca's creations! IF I CAN PART WITH THEM!

Look how beautifully her pillows come packaged. And always with a little gift to make you feel special..

Thank you, Rebecca. Everything is just beautiful. I appreciate your hard work! Your beautiful creations are treasured items in my home.

Love and smiles,

P.S. I just learned yesterday that I am the proud winner of Gloria's giveaway at HAPPY TO BE. Can you hear my feeties doing the HAPPY DANCE??! Move over Snoopy!! Thank you, Gloria!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yep! That's me!
Take me to garage sales.. thrift stores or..even to Costco for groceries..where I can taste all sorts of samples...I'm fine.

As I have said...SATURDAY is such a fun day for us. Early morning and my Star Bucks mug filled with hot coffee...and off we go. We usually head for neighborhoods nearby where we love to look at the homes as well as seeing what neat things we can find.

Our first stop and I found these. All three for $3.00! I have seen them in stores and I loved them but not the price. They probably can be seen at one of the discount stores...but here they were for just the right price!
Now I am off to Michaels for some pretty candles...
Can you see the tiny bee's and butterflies" on them? CUTE!

As you may already know...I have a tiny year old granddaughter, Emily, that has already shown a big interest in books...so I was on the lookout for new or nearly new books...and again..I found them!! 25 cents each! We are building her a little library. Never too early to start.

A..red mug?

Yes! I also came across this lovely RED mug! Exactly the color of my Kitchen Aid Coffee maker! Yep..exactly!! 10 cents!!

Yes, yes, I did the "happy dance" and got looked at strangely!! Who cares! I carry it around with me now...LOVE THAT MUG!! Just feels right...you know? :)

It says "WAECHTERSBACH GERMANY" on the bottom.. which meant nothing to me...it's just a beautiful deep red color...

Years ago...I bought a slow cooker.
I learned that there is a difference between a slow cooker...and a crock pot! Yep. I used mine...and wore it out finally and have been looking for another ever since..but they don't make them like that any more.

On Saturday...there it was! This time with a glass lid..which means I can put it on the stove with the lid on. My old one had a plastic lid. I was overjoyed. Got it for $1.00. Looks like NEW inside and out! Cord even lookd new and not a scratch inside! (WORKS like a charm! )

Another HAPPY DANCE? You bet!!! (The sweet woman told me she had gotten a crock pot and didn't use the slow cooker and had only used it once or twice! OK! Did I tell her..Naw...why confuse her!

Sometimes, on the way home... folks are repacking, closing up...and you pull to the curb...thinking all the good stuff will be gone..but what the heck..and there it is. Your find of the day! This was only $2.00 and I love it. It is going in my Shabby Chic living room...PERFECT just under the old floor lamp! See?


We braked for one last garage sale sign..and my sweetie was suddenly in his GLORY!
LOOK..what he found! He was in 7th heaven! (why..I have no idea! ..oh well....)

~Love and smiles~