Sunday, February 28, 2010


Today would have been Patrick's 76th birthday. I met him in high school. He was 17 and I was just fifteen. He should have lived. He should not have smoked but he thought he was invincible, I think. I wish he had been. No one is.
He has missed so much. We had such plans.

I like to think he would be happy about the way I am leading my life and his children are all leading theirs. I think he knows I'm doing fine. We are all well..and miss him. He was my Irishman.

We always celebrate our Irish backgrounds..and this year is no exception. A big party is planned.. I'll take pictures..
He would have liked that I think...


Saturday, February 27, 2010


Please don't pay any attention to the dates on the pictures. I don't know how to change it. THESE PICTURES WERE TAKEN YESTERDAY! GRRRR...
Thought it was fixed but it's back again. :)
I have had this hutch for 38 years now. I just brought it in out of the garage when I was moving back into the house after the redo. Nearly gave it to Goodwill..and then decided to restain it and...I still love my hutch!
The pillow on the chair was made by Becky at Sweet Dreams Cottage. It is one of my favorite pillows.
This little hutch helped me raise my children. There was always a "ribbon drawer" there on the right..and each day they picked out their hair ribbons themselves.. Well, most of the time.
We had son in law, Brock paint both sides of the front door..white. I love it like this. The front door knocker looks VERY different! It was fun seeing the change paint and elbow grease made!
These bunches of wood roses have not a single thing to do with the home redo. A purchase from Gardner's Cottage here in Riverside, always makes me feel good.
See Sweet husband over there reading quietly. Shhhhh...I think he thinks I am a bit nuts with all this fixing and fluffing. He is NOT used to it and is doing very nicely...(so far!) :) Like I said..he smiles a lot!
View into the family room and below is the view into the living room.

Some of my blue and white china. This sweet little hutch was here when I arrived. It belonged to my husband and his late wife, Vaudeen. I put blue in it because it was one of her favorite colors.
Office and guest room are all that is left.

You have all been so sweet about your comments. Thank you so much!! I appreciate it.
Hugs and love,

Thursday, February 25, 2010


The first picture is the before. I am the worst possible photographer...which I can somewhat explain. Actually, I can't. It's just one of those things. At least you can see the old carpet. The walls were already painted the day before.

I must tell you that there are markings on the wall reflected from the mirror. Each time a I take a picture...I get orbs or wall markings. I've been told it is from the flash and the mirrors in the room. The one seems to be able to explain other than dust on the lens. Enlarge. If it is dust it flies..FAST.

This house has several pocket doors and bi fold doors which I love. At first I couldn't get used to the one on the bathroom I used..but now I love it. So cute and unusual.

Enlarge both of these photo's and look at the markings on the mirrors.
We painted the living room door white on both sides. One side of the front door was a sort of orange paint..burnt orange..and the inside was a dark wood. I removed the door knocker and removed years of tarnish and it turned out a lovely brass finish.

Notice the markings on the mirrors and one is reflected on the wall. Enlarge the photo's and compare the two. Do you have any idea what it is? Or those round white things that I sometimes catch in mid flight? These markings are sometimes on the walls...reflections? Bugs me at times. I think it's just interesting reflections.

I love the change. It's cozy...old fashioned but I love the look of lace and the color of the paint. Haystack by Laura Ashley. The coffee table is going to be painted white. What do you think. I love Shabby chic..but..I love the bright colors too. Thanks for your sweet comments. I am very, very insecure with decorating. Not everyone like as much "stuff" as I do!
Long, long day today. But fun.
Hugs and love,
Mona :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

~ PHOTO'S OF HOME FINALLY... and back of silverware~

I was finally able to get a clear picture of the back of the silverware. I used the serving spoon and worked with my camera. I am finding my camera's flaws are not it's flaw's but my own. I need to learn to read directions.
Please enlarge the picture...

Please remember, this is not a big fancy home, nothing elaborate, but it is comfortable and cozy. We love it! Lots left to do, but it is small things such as sinks which are not in good shape at all.
My husband lived here since he was 25. He is now 76 years old! That's a long time
and this was quite a change for him. My style is VERY different than what he was used to.

The color green I used is called Trade Winds by Earth Elements. Velspar's signature colors. Sweet husband LOVED this color! :)

All the trim in the house, including the cabinets and doors and front door is Moonlit Snow. Very clean looking. I did fool around with the idea of doing the ceiling a different color and the trim..but...I didn't want to push the envelope!

The carpet is Grand Teton Green Clover. I thought it went nicely with everything. I favor anything that looks like soft moss. And it is SOFT! :)

My little bathroom..

We painted the my bathroom Primrose by Laura Ashley's collection.

I really, really wanted a pink bathroom. It is right off the green bedroom and the colors go so nicely together. I hope you like it as much as I do.
Not a fancy bathroom but it's cozy.

Love and hugs...

Monday, February 22, 2010


Last Saturday we nearly decided to not go to the garage sales, but then went anyway.
Sometimes, I don't get out of the car but that seldom happens...unless it is clear there is nothing. This one looked we walked up.
On a table near the end of the driveway was a box full of tarnished flatware that caught my eye...this sort of thing always does, but usually I pass it by.

Some of you might remember me being talked out of my silverware, King Richard to be exact, by eldest daughter in Georgia.
I had only used it once..but..anyway..I let it go.

I picked up a piece and turned it over...was a bit startled..thought I had read wrong but asked the man how much he wanted for the set. It looked to be only a set of six but it was lovely. "Prelude" was the pattern and delicate to a fault.

He said $15.00. I countered with "will you possibly take $10.00?" He thought for a second and agreed. I asked my husband if he had a ten and he handed it to me. I only had some change in quarters etc.

I handed the man the money and headed for the car. We got in and drove off and only then I had the nerve to look again. It read on the back INTERNATIONAL and then...
STERLING! Yes! Yes! You talk about your happy DANCE!! I am no expert so had to look it up to see what it was when I got home.
I looked it up...and...

The price for a set WITHOUT the adorable butter knives and the soup spoons OR the serving spoons was $3899.00 but with the soup spoons it is $4199.00! Just one place setting is approx. $374.95. I have no idea what it is with the little butter knives.
Also has four large serving spoons. Beautiful round soup spoons are also with the set. It is a set of 8, NOT six.
There were also additional Pieces in the box that were Silver plate!
I love the pattern!
I'm still not sure it's real! It says Sterling. The pattern is exactly like the photo. I tried to get a picture of the ingraving on the back but it blurred. I am going to try another camera tomorrow.
I wish I had a better camera! NO! I will not sell my silver for a camera. :)

Am I going to be punished for not going back and telling the man it was REAL! NOT PLATE! I don't think I could even find the place..but still...I am feeling just a bit guilty. Don't make it worse on me..ok?
It really is beautiful! The year it was made was in 1939.
Look it up and see what you think.
NEVER have I ever gotten anything like this at a garage sale. Lots of silver plate, but not sterling!

I am as excited about this as Dawn was about her post cards in the attic.
If you are knowledgable about Silverware..please let me know. Thanks!!
Hugs and love,

Garden Of Daisies is right! I have no idea why the "shop keepers" or early birds as they are called, didn't beat me to it. This morning we were out earlier than usual. We usually go later at about 9. This time we were out by 7am. NO idea why someone hadn't scooped it up. Never thought of that!! Wow! Just accidental that I found it! :) Thank you for the lovely comments on this post!

Friday, February 19, 2010


My advice is to not try and do it all at once! I mean, don't put in new floors, paint every room and then have new carpet laid all at one time. It will KILL you!
Please believe me. At least don't do it and live there! I'm still not myself nor is it all back together...however...I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Sweet Howard is in the garage trying to find his work bench, however he did smile this morning because he was able to get the car into the gargage. It's been a month since that has happened.
I just had a call from daughter Mary, and she was a bit shaken. There was a trembler centered not far from us, and two tiny after shocks. Even a tiny one can make us pause and cock our heads listening for that tell tale roar that comes at us like a freight train. Since Haiti..we pay attention.

Pine tree. Well, yes. We have ONE! But it is a doozy! My husband planted it nearly fifty years ago, shortly after he and his family moved into this home. It is now very large!

You really should enlarge this one!

It is a Canary Island pine tree and the cones you see on the porch are the small ones. I have filled every empty container, every basket, every box I can find...and now since our rain and then warm sun..yesterday we got 9 at one time.

When he used to pick them up and bring them in..I would sigh and smile and admire and now my smile is getting weaker and weaker as he trudges up to the house and says, "where do you want me to put THESE!" I just say.."Oh, anywere you can find..and so now the porch is piling up. You see, my idea was to give them in baskets, at shined up and with a bow, to my children. Well, I 've done that. Now what. Some of these are nearly ten inches long..and longer. Lovely, what?

Oh...and more tremblers today...makes one nervous! Yep...

Hugs and love,

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I think some of you who read my blog know this unusual home once belonged to the author, Emilie Barnes. It's lovely having our gatherings here...and a tea is so fitting..

My daughter Mary, me and granddaughter, Rachel.

Mary's signature cupcakes.
As for me, I had tea and scones with raspberry jam and clotted cream! :)

...and the most devine sugar cookies. Mary's own recipe!

Looking out the little dutch doors to the yard.

Mary putting the finishing touches on the table before the girls in the family arrive! Rush, rush!!

Emily's first Tea at Aunt Mary's house, busy using her "lady" manners!

Don't worry, Mary has had lots of practice pouring "shhhhhh..."

"Excuse me. Did I say you could take more pictures of me?"

~A little family photo to remember this day. Grandma, Mommy, Auntie Natalia and Emily!

More sweet things to look at. Valentines EVERYWHERE! Yes indeed!


It was such a beautiful day and I was sitting right next to the door. I kept gazing out...then ate another cookie...and gazed a bit more.

Table set for tea..and family fun.

Formal dining behind where we were sitting.

Granddaughter Ireland was in New York at college and missed the daughter Mary had her picture on the table and we pulled her up on the computer and everyone talked to her in her dorm room. I cried.

~ And a good time was had by all...especially Emily!

~And when I got home from the Tea...this is what I found on my chair in front of my computer... I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. We did!