Sunday, May 31, 2009


It's 2am and my feet are cold, my juice is gone and the aspirin has had it's effect and I need to get some sleep! Why on earth I do this I do not know. Age? I won't even go there! Ok..I'll go there! They say you do this as you get older....but "they" say a lot of things! I'll just convince myself that I have so much energy and vitality that I can't turn off my mind at night. HA!

Anyway, while tooling around blogland I came across a cute little blog and discovered it is a FIRST YEAR anniversary...AND a giveaway! The prize was such a thoughtful and sweet cottage collection of goodies that I thought I would give it a bit of a showcase. I mean 3 entry's can't hurt! Right? And..besides..I have already won by making another cute and interesting discovery in this wonderful blog! love cottage must visit Cynthia at Cynthia's Cottage Design and enter the giveaway and congratulate Cynthia on a full year of blogging!

Would you just look at the neat cottage goodies? Good luck to all who have chosen to enter.

Here's to a delightful Sunday and a wonderful week ahead!

Friday, May 29, 2009


A whole year old today! Congratulations Beverly, on the success of Pink Saturday!
Please do visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound and see all the pink goodies posted for your pleasure.

My pink offering this Saturday is this little lamp I bought for my desk from the same lovely lady that I bought my li'l fan from. I have many of her things...this is just another. See the tiny bud on the arm? Makes me smile...

I never tire of roses...or any flower for that matter, but roses..NEVER!

I don't know if you can tell, but the lamp is very pale pink and white.. and more buds.

The little slots at the top of the shade are so cute plus they let a soft light though and have a nice effect...

Just one side lit is nice for a soft evening light..or both sides on and it is good enough to read or do computer work by. I love it and I hope you do too!

Happy Saturday everyone!


Yes, I know this is JUST a fan...but you see, my little office has NO windows. It does have a nice skylight way up high..and so I have lots of light. However, it gets very hot due to the fact that my office is just off the kitchen and the oven and stove are two steps away. GREAT for cooking and blogging ~grin~ but hotter than blazes at times. So..I wanted a little fan on my desk. I wanted (naturally) a cute one. So this is what I finally bought.
The person I bought this from is Relic-and-roses. She is a seller on ebay and during the summer she sometimes offers these. I feel lucky to have gotten one from her finally!

As you can plainly see, it matches everything else on my desk. Yes, I DO love roses and my ebay friend does the loveliest roses so when she FINALLY painted this sweet little fan, I grabbed it.
Well, not exactly! I BID on it and won! "Grabbed!" sounds greedy and I would never do that! (You believe me...right?)

I am giving you different views of it. Not sure why. Perhaps because I just like taking pictures of it? Good grief! I wonder if I am ok?! Probably not. Oh well...

Uh huh...uh huh...

And the sweet little stand. My desk is HUGE so I always have plenty of room. Almost. I love containers..and anything with sweet roses on it.

Office, bedroom, bathroom and living room..lovely roses..of deep rose pinks and all my deep rose reds goes right along with it. I have NO style that I like I MUST have cozy! But I cannot do without my roosters and I combine them..and it works for me. And this is some of my roses...on my sweet li'l fan.

Have another wonderful, delightful and most of all, peace filled day!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


And then he made CRABGRASS!

I love my potting bench...and I am working on getting it together. I had some old windows that were given to me a long time ago when I decided to learn to paint roses.
The roses didn't turn out all that great, but it was my first attempt and I hung them out on my patio anyway. I keep saying I am going to repaint them..but I never do. One day I might.

My daughter gave me an old tin GARDEN sign and I hung it on the bottom of the window. I love it. I was concerned that you would not be able to see the pickets forming the back of the bench but you can. This old time wash pan I am adding to the top of the potting bench for soaking the plants or for potting to keep the soil from getting all over the place. I had it on top of the refrigerator..but it is going outside tomorrow. We bought it in an antique store when we made a trip across country, but I don't recall which state. It reminds me of nice times. I have a collection of the red and white enamel ware.

I have had this little pump for a long, long time. I think it is the closest thing I will ever have to a water fall in my back yard. There is a little shelf made of boards that we bolted onto the edge of the tub. The little pump cost $9.99 at harware store in Bakersfield. The tubing runs up through the slats that hold the pump. What is so nice is that the water does not splash out and the tub does not have to be filled all that often. I like that! I actually think Howard is beginning to get used to my many projects..and might even like the results.

Our flowers are beginning to take off. Can you see them out in the yard? Finally!

See? There they are...
Please remember...I started with nothing...dead flower beds AT ALL. We are fighting crab grass...when we planted the grass...up came the crab but at least is not just dirt like it was.
To get rid of the crabgrass I might have to pull it out...blade by blade. I have done it at another home..and I can do it again! BLADE BY BLADE! :)

How nice it would be to just dig it all out and start over...but it just isn't practical right now with the heat on its way. Perhaps next year...but with our water situation in California...I would rather do the best we can with what we have...and wait.

What a beautiful day it was and I am grateful. In church Sunday we were told that we were not to complain about one single thing for 21 days...and if we did we had to start all over. Oops! The CRABGRASS did me in! Just one more reason to ...get rid of the stuff! ~Smiles~

And love,

Friday, May 22, 2009


Wherever you go and whatever you do...

Some of us will gather..some will take flowers to graves on Monday...and we will honor our fallen hero's. It will be a difficult day for many.

This weekend some of us will celebrate graduations...and that is what my family will be doing. A grandson has just graduated from college and we will all gather on Sunday to congratulate him.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend!

Love to all,

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Thank you to Susan at BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH for hosting this fun event!

Thursday is the day I get to show off everything I DON'T have! ~smile~
Sometimes one has to improvise..especially when she only tablscapes a few times a year. Mainly on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The rest of the time..we set the table with a silverware holder and a stack of china OR paperplates, albeit pretty ones. You know the kind. You can find them in your local party paper products store. And of course there is Hallmark...OUCH! Still if it is a special time and you can't be bothered with dishes, it is a quick and often pretty way to do things. Also they have disposable ones that look exactly like glass..until you pick it up. We used those at a recent wedding shower and they were beautiful.

I have to say one thing I really am NOT fond of is plastic ware. Nope..cannot stand it as even the stronger ones can break..but we have used it! When there is a very large crowd...we use it..and are grateful to have it!

I went shopping those thrift shops. Nothing! Not a thing. So..I brought in my favorite little guys to help me out.

Then I brought in their little Toad this as the little door opens and closes ever so sweetly! Added sweet tiny flowers from the flowerbeds..
You can see Jeremy Fisher there in the corner..on his lily pad. (He takes it with him almost everywhere. I made him leave it OFF the bed though!)

I found the little scalloped glass sauce dishes at a garage sale last week. Four of them of 50 cents! Whatadeal! On the bottom of them it say "arcoroc" and France. No clue what they are but I'm sure nothing expensive. I really like them though.
Look closely at my is chipped! We don't seem to know how it happened. I cannot even find the chip to fix now the search is on for a replacement!

The red transferware is J.& G. Meakin in England. The name of the set is Romantic England. There is a symbol and KENT print on the bottoms. Each scene is different.
(Sweet daughter Mary is pushing for these! The bartering goes on each time she comes over.) Ho hum...what else is new!
This is a set of 15 place settings. I found it on ebay and bought it, shipping and all for $215.00! Worth every cent! (The creamer was in tact when it arrived!)

I have not a clue what the pattern of the silverware is other than 1847 Rogers Bros. I have a very large set of it and for some reason I left the salad forks in the chest which is shoved in the back of the closet...and I didn't bring them out. Most of the silver has already gone to daughters...after all..I would never need it again as I usually go to their homes now! Sigh....

The white dinner plates are Hedge Rose by Wedgewood.

The little silver napkin rings are new for me. Each one is a tiny teapot. I just won them on ebay and all are different! So cute! Because of this cute bloggy event, I have renewed interest in tablescape items. It's fun to always be on the lookout!

Now..THAT was fun! Only one thing...I forgot my glasses...yes! NO water for us!! LOL

So...I quickly added them...but better late...etc. etc.

~Smiles and hugs~

~I DID IT ONCE AGAIN..I'm late....~

You are supposed to ...first be on time...and secondly post your pictures and then go back and link up...I didn't. This is the second time I did that. I get all hung up and nervous about signing up...anyway...

I bought these pictures about five years ago..and I still love them. There was a little shop in downtown Riverside called "Bliss" and I loved that shop. It is now gone.. "Paul De Longpre" is written down on the corner..

A closer look at one of them...they seem to go with any place I live. I have had them in a hall..over the couch...they always look wonderful.

Have a wonderful is hot and lovely here in Riverside, California.

Nothin' shakin'.. smile


Sunday, May 17, 2009


An odd sort of evening...I want to change my post...get on to something else..Then...the earthquake hit!
I was sitting at my piano playing taking a little break from the computer when suddenly Mele began to bark frantically..I kept playing and then it hit! It was a 4.7
I yelled for Howard and dashed into the family room..Mele right behind me. The fact that I could run through a room is always a good sign. I have been thrown from one side of the room to the other in some quakes. Yes, I have gotten in doorways...not this time. I ran!
Earthquakes unnerve me. Completely. I was born here and gone through many worse than this trembler...but for some reason they really do shatter my nerves. I simply CANNOT be blase' about them!

On Saturday I did go to the Riverside Home Show...took three pictures and the camera said it was full. I just stood there put my camera away..and that was that. Oh...well..yes, I did look inside as it has a SanDisk...but I had left it home and the camera was full. Oh well.

I think I will give up on trying to do a post tonight...a cup of hot herbal tea and I am off to bed. To sleep...I am not sure. No loss of electricity..the news was still giving reports when we shut it off. No immediate damage was reported but there will be lots more in the morning. I will get a report in the morning. I hope no one was hurt.

It amazes me how animals sense them..hear something...actually...Mele knows lots more than I do. You wouldn't believe it if I shared it. ~smile~

Love and hugs~

Friday, May 15, 2009

~WHY, WHY, WHY....~

I will make this short. I am tired and saddened by the "Farrah Fawcett" story that I just finished watching on television. Two of my precious husband's have died of cancer..Patrick passed quickly, within ten days of finding out he was ill. Cancer of the lungs.

Cancer killed Frank within three months of finding out he was ill. Cancer of the liver. I don't want to go into what we went through. Farrah said it all and the questions she left us with...I would like answered.

I lost both my Mother and my Father of cancer. My Father's cancer was slow and miserable as was my Mother's.

With Patrick..I was sure he would get up and leave the emergency room..he didn't.
With Frank..the same..both big strong wonderful men. Both way too young to die.
Pat was only 63 and our retirement life was just ahead of us. March 3, 1999 was the day we dreamed of starting our wonderful time of travel...

It never happened.

The same with Frank...I had a new life...for such a short time..and Cancer took him.

You see, I didn't want to watch the Farrah's Story..I felt I had been through enough and could not bear to see it happen once again..up close. I made myself do it because I felt I owed it to both of my husbands. I decided not to turn my face away and feel sorry for myself. She was trying to give us something..
I'm glad I did. Maybe...just maybe ...some of the questions she asked will be answered because they are my questions too.

Love to all..

Thursday, May 14, 2009


It all started when I discovered Penny at Lavender Hill Studio. I found her by following threads to her blog, The Comforts Of Home and there I discovered her great talent as a Mosiac artist.

I inquired about a teapot lamp first..but it had been made for a customer. So..I began to watch and long for a piece of Penny's art. Since I had never owned a piece of Mosiac art I really had NO idea the work that went into it...and began to read more and more about it. And I watched.

Then one day..she showed a Mosiac House Plaque and I KNEW that would be my first piece of Penny's art. She agreed to make it for me... we settled on the colors I wanted and then I waited. And in what seemed like no time..and at the same time an was finished and IT ARRIVED TODAY!

When I opened the box..the beautiful smell of Lavender came me and there was a little gift in the box all wrapped in Lavender tissue and tied with ribbon that was beautifully printed with Lavender Hill on it and a charming little business card was attached~

I opened the little package and inside was a wonderful bar of Lavender soap that smelled like heaven!

I unfolded the piece of paper and there was a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Penny!

And then I lifted out my house plaque and opened it. It was PERFECT! Just beautiful!

Please notice that sweet little butterfly in the corner...I was just delighted! I hadn't expected that! Just an example of Penny's attention to detail.
I knew it would be beautiful because she had posted a photo of it when she told me it was finished was even prettier than I imagined..and here it was, ready to be hung.

Within the hour it was hung and here it is all mounted on the wall as you enter our porch. I LOVE IT! It added the sweetest touch!

All I need now is my miniture lemon tree in a pot..and my porch will be ...oops..I almost said complete...and with me and my home..nothing is ever really complete. It is always a work in progress!

Smiles and love~

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well...between tweeting and blogging I have simply gone down the tubes. That's right! I..did not get out of my pajama's until about 2pm. It's disgusting.
I have to put clean jammers on every single night...and that's fine..but I mean if I took them off and put them away and didn't play around the house in the wash, sweep, vacuum, change the bird cages..feed the dog..etc. etc. I could wear them a couple of nights.

Anyway...I am just disgusted with me..and at the same time dare anyone to give me trouble. For years and years I had to get up, put on make up, fix my hair, dress, make coffee..go to WORK! For years I cleaned house in the wee hours of the morning..washed clothes for seven children and a husband and cooked enormous meals for 9 people. Still...where is my self respect? :) It's still here..just shifted around a bit. Still, you know..I need to start getting dressed in the mornings.

Some time back I joined and have had requests for a picture of "then" to go with my "now" picture. So..finally I came up with one.
Well, this is a picture that I dug up of me in 1952. I was just beginning my Sophamore year in high school. Good heavens! I was just a baby! Since I just posted it on Classmates (I hope they're happy!) I thought I would share it with you.
I was camera shy so pictures of me back then are scarce. They are there but I have always hated to have my picture taken. Now..I hate it but don't give a darn. I am getting a "tude" as they say.
That's fine. Now that I have a "tude", if I could just figure out what a "Wii" is I would be up to speed. (Not really!)

Love and hugs and smiles...

Monday, May 11, 2009


I had a MARVELOUS day!
Have I ever mentioned that my family is a wee...high strung? Irish you know!
I probably should have written something about Mother's Day on Monday..but I really didn't have all that many pictures to I had, as usual simply forgotten about picture taking.
I had a really nice day..starting with breakfast with my Granddaughter. And it went beautifully from there. You see all the daughters are in Florida on vacation together. The sons and grandchildren are we all got together..

This is just a shot of three of my 18 Grandchildren. Eian, Ireland and Joey on the far right. Me in the middle. The sun was blinding as you can see. We had a cookout by the pool and the menu was extensive as my wonderful daughter in law and son did the cooking..and they own Jammin'Bread Bakery and restaurant.

Me in all my wrinkled I said...I was short on pictures. you do see the look on numbathreeson's handsome face...right?? see, he bought me a card. One of those that you can record your message and then the recipient plays it back. There is a tiny didn't work. We pushed and pulled tabs and pushed some more..nothing. Numbathreeson was getting more and more impatient and..yes..disappointed as he had spent lots of time composing just the right sentiment..for me..his beloved Mother! Everyone was talking at once..
Dan was beginning to use language that should not be used in front of children..oh..I forgot I guess they are all adults now.
Anyway..the card became more battered...and ragged as everyone attempted to help..
FINALLY...without Dan recorded..and here is what he played back for me.
Sorry..but I'm truthful on this blog. "She just doesn't know how hard I worked on this. I just wanted to do this one (explitive) thing right!!" see..he was NOT a happy camper. Now me...I treasure this is Dan in all his Duffy glory! I love that young man. Oh..I forgot again! Dan is 48 but he will ALWAYS be my baby boy!

You really MUST enlarge this photo of these HUGE delicious cupcakes! We had these and tall glasses of ice tea and everything was back to normal! I had a most Happy Mother's Day this year. One I will remember but I missed my daughters!


P.S. Dan looks EXACTLY like his Dad in that picture! Yep! EXACTLY!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I finally did it. I bought some wicker for our front porch..and..I also bought some extra large chair pads to make them ultra comfortable. Guess where T and I will be on a summers evening..sipping ice tea?

(In front of the TV watching the evening news and then straight to the computers or to read...curled up in air conditioning ...all cool.) betcha!

Do you see that large blank wall area on the left of the chair? Well, my new house number is going to go there. Penny at Lavendar Hill Studio is making one for me and I can't wait!! It's going to look beautiful!

This is a plain little track home..but it has been well cared for and when I am through it will be the sweetest little cottage I can possibly make it.

I have lots of flowers, roses and vines planted..and when the two redwoods get bigger in a couple of years..

It is going to be something to slow a bit for when they drive down the street. Can you see those little scrawny trees way over there..lean in and look real hard! That's ok, I can hardly see them either!

I planted Potato Vines, two of them, and three rose bushes. I thought the Potato Vines were white..turns out they are yellow. I was SO pleased when I saw their blooms!

I love, love, love ferns!

I decided to hang
one of those cute wicker baskets onto the mail box. I also painted a clothes pin white to today..out comes the white spray paint!

I love bunnies and this one is over two feet high I think. A gift from my daughter. The flowers are hiding him...I must get out and clip them out of his poor little eyes.

It is cozy..and comfortable..and isn't that what it is all about?

Have a beautiful, anything but blue, Monday! Except if it is blue and white china...or something like that...and if that is your "Blue Monday" I will be over to visit you! Love that blue and white!!
Love and smiles~

P.S. I just wanted to add this. Have you ever decided you wanted to get a new post out and the hour is late because you have been visiting..and looking..and composing, and suddenly it is some hidious hour? I did this last night. I have had this post on hold for days and wanted to just get it out there...however...then I began to notice all sorts of errors. spite of the hour, I started correcting them. Then I added a couple more pictures. TOO much so I deleted them. NOT enough so I added..and finally said a bad word. Wrote my closure and turned this confounded machine off and stomped off to bed! However, last night I REFUSED to get out of bed and take one last look. SOME postscript! At least I am not deleting the whole like I used to do...constantly!