Saturday, June 25, 2016


When I first moved to this little home, I remember sitting on the front porch and thinking all the things I would love to do to make it cozier.. The wrought iron railing across the front was pretty, but it was black and didn't show up.  The screen door was black and not very inviting.  
So I painted the railing white and replaced the front screen door with a new white one and began furnishing  the porch and adding plants.  I brought my fountain with me and it tucked it into a corner..added white wicker, pretty cushions, more plants, and more and more plants.. *Please be sure to click on the photo because..I don't read directions and my pictures come out too dark to really see things.
One day I will learn... maybe! :) *

So last week I finally did it!  I completed my little dream front porch.  The end fence and gate were added exactly as I had once envisioned. 
Now Mele' can join me on the porch in the morning when I have my coffee.  She does not run away but will wander and sniff and I could not relax so this way I don't have to watch her every move.  She usually curls up at my feet..but one never knows when a kitty will wander by and I am not taking any chances.  She is delighted to be invited out each time I head for the front porch.
Neighbors gather...
venders linger
So does the mailman,
..and at 4 this morning...a neighborhood kitty had the nerve to climb over the fence and helped himself to a nice cool drink from the fountain.
How did I know this?
BIG MOUTH Mele' told me!  That's how!  :)

The water flows in the fountain all the time and during this heat the little birds gather.  There were four tiny hummingbirds  and other birds gathered on the ficus tree's and on top of the fountain trying to keep cool.   It's shady and a great place to hide from this Summer heatwave.

Happy Summer everyone..

Much love to you....