Friday, January 31, 2014

~DID I HIT OR MISS ON THESE FINDS?~ another day...not sure if we will go out and look around.
Before I go on..I want to thank all of you who left the sweetest commentS on my post concerning my friend Nedra.  
I called her today and told her.  We had a great time remembering.  I'm trying to talk her into moving back to California..she and Mick have people here.  Their home is up for we shall see.  How I would love that!!  
So....on to my "hit or miss" post...

This red wooden picture sweet.  50 cents.

NOW..this really made me smile.
On a blanket with a bunch of junk half covered and dusty, was this was this sweet covered serving dish.
This is on the bottom of it.  It was 25 cents!!  
Yep..a quarter!
It is going to look so sweet on the table at Easter.  

This pretty mirror I found at the same Estate Sale as the other things..I should have dusted it before I took the pictures of it.  :(  It's extremely heavy)

 The frame seems to be of some sort of copper material.  The back is entirely hard covered.  No paper.
I was $30 at the sale..I came back on Sunday and bought it for $15.  Where will I hang it?  Who knows.  It's been sitting where you see it for the past week.  I have to do some..rearranging. 
The glass is perfect, it just needs cleaning.
So...what do you think?  A hit or a miss??
A round 50's style Christmas tablecloth.
Flawless.  The table clothes were expensive but half price when I bought them.
This one was $5 and the one below was $10.
A pretty white LARGE round Batten burg tablecloth.

I may take this cloth and have it done at a Laundry.  These are not easy to iron.  It's a really nice holiday tablecloth.  It may go to a daughter as they do more entertaining than I do...maybe..
Do you have a closet where you hang your table clothes?  I have discovered that it's a great way to store them. Hanging them in garment bags is nice.  The crocheted ones go in a long drawer, as do the doilies.
I have a large dresser for those.  

Everything is now washed, pressed and almost all put away.  That little embroidered cloth I said had stains?
The one I was worried about.  Every single stain came out.  
I filled the washer, spray the spots and carefully rubbed in the cleaner..working it into the fiber gently..then..and this always scares me...I quickly tipped the bleach bottle up on the spots..and threw them immediately into the washer and started it.  It works every time.  I know it will make some of you does me too..but it works.  So far..I've lost nothing..or ruined nothing.  Amazing!

It turned out just gorgeous.  NO loss of color at all.
I've probably just been lucky.  A professional I'm sure would have a heart attack!  
Sending love...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


....which is just fine with me.  You just never know what is going to turn up..sometimes almost nothing..then the next time..the FIND of the year!

Our first garage sale stop I found this basket with liner in brand new condition!  
I put my large fruit bowl in so you can see how large it is.
Plus a large quilted heart ..I'll show you that tomorrow.

This big nice heavy basket was sitting in the kitchen at the Estate Sale and it was full of kitchen utensils.  So...I just emptied it and bought it for three dollars.  Totally worth it~ 

This pretty berry colored afghan was 50 cents at a garage sale we stopped at.

If you look carefully you can see that the edges are scalloped.
I bought another one for my neighbor who loves lavendar for just 25 cents.  No fringe..but so lovely..the softest lavendar picture.  I forgot to take one.  

Here are two of the four doilies I bought at the Estate Sale.

I have put two of them in my hutch..

Yeah...I like it ...I do!  Oops..I forgot to move the little felt bag for granddaughter.  

 SO much work goes into these.  I know, I used to make them.

Ecru is not a favorite color of mine for doilies, but it was so pretty and round and....and all of it came to just $8.00.  Of course it was the following day Sunday) and everything was half price.  :)  
Daughter Maryalice, who was with us, called later and wanted me to go back and check on a green leather chair...LIGHT GREEN!  Yikes, but she loved it.  It would have been just $50.00 and I have to say it was sort of pretty.  However it had sold just an hour before I arrived...but I did get deals on all of the doilies.  I was so pleased! 

This pretty linen and crochet dresser scarf for a quarter at a garage sale.  I later found some tiny, tiny holes in on end.   Do I care..HEAVENS no!  It's on my ironing board ready to be pressed...and put with the rest of the crocheted things.  :)  Lots of pretty crocheted things...yes..that's security.  (ok..just kidding!)  But it is a nice feeling to go pick out fresh linens etc. when you are decorating..IF you are into that sort of thing of course.  

I was watching a program on TV called "Sell This Home" and a couple came in to look at the home that folks had up for sale.  The woman looked at the agent and said in a scathing tone, "It looks like DOILY CENTRAL  in here.  :)  Not everyone likes them.  That's just so sad ...but tastes in decor are very different.
Does this indicate OLD?  Heaven's, I hope not!

 Pretty glass heart with red ribbon to hang it with.  I think it was a quarter at another garage sale we stopped at.  Cute, isn't it?  

More tomorrow.  Really?  Yes... :) really!!  I told you we did good! Not much, just a few more things I think.
Stay warm, stay home and stay safe.  You are loved.



This is Nedra and I taken about six years ago.  Yes, I know..I was still dying my hair!

We met in high school in our Home Ec. class.  We double dated.  We graduated high school together got married within six months of one another and had our babies and raised them together. Our husbands graduated together in the same class also and  became best friends.  Being in the Marine Corp gave us a slightly different life style but we managed to never be apart for long and there was always the phone, and letters.  We never lost one another.  At one time we both ended up in the San Francisco area.  Her husband, Mick, was in the Merchant Marines at the time.
She lived on one side of the San Francisco Bay bridge and I lived in the heart of the city.  We didn't have a quarter, either of us, to get across the bridge.
Honest!  We still laugh about that.  Actually, it wasn't very funny at the time.
When we were in our very early 20's and had our first two little boy, (she was slightly ahead of me but not by far) we were home all day long, no car, no money but we had our telephones.  I remember how we would just call and talk and lay the phones down, do our house work and now and then pick up the phone and say something.  We were not alone..someone was there... someone to talk to, compare notes with.  We were both seventeen when we married.  Our birthdays are one month apart.  
Anyway...that's my Ned.  Always there.  What would I ever do without her.
Please, God, never let me find out!
I just want to say one more thing..Nedra and Mick drove from Arkansas to Georgia when my Sandy passed away last February.  They were with me through it all.  I needed them and they were there.
Back when Pat died  in 1997,  Mick did the service, Nedra spoke about Pat, the brother she never had..then they had to leave and I went into full panic mode after not hearing from them for awhile.  They had bought a new motor home and were traveling.  They were as heart broken as I was...I know...but it was frightening.. and for a time it was the three of us.  A terrible and strange time.  How could it be??  I needed them and they were there.

In time I remarried another wonderful man.  I thought I would never, ever remarry, but I did.
Again, cancer took my loved one.
When Frank, my second husband passed away, Nedra took a plane and came out immediately and stayed with me for a month.  I needed her and she was there.  
It's called friendship.  
Two of my favorite people on earth.  
God blessed me.

If I could wish something for all of you out would be to have friends like that in your life.


Garage sales?  Saturday?  You BET!
 A stack of crocheted potholders were found at an Estate Sale.  I paid $8 for an entire bag of crocheted items..the beige one you see below was one of the doilies that was included.

 A heavy nice coffee scoop that is now hanging on the wall near my coffee maker in the kitchen.
Notice the sweet little heart shaped hanger that PH bolted to the wall with a screw that does NOT ever show!  LOVE that  man!
The words on it say "INSTANT HUMAN JUST ADD...COFFEE

This was bought at a garage sale for 50 cents.  It's a nice linen table topper.  It's in perfect condition exept for a coffee stain that I hope will come out.  Wish me luck! 
Nedra took me to my first Goodwill.  I wouldn't look at a thing.  :)  I mean everything was SECOND HAND!
Heavens..this is getting long..and I am falling asleep at my computer and PH is already in bed an hour tomorrow I will show you the rest of the Estate and garage sale items I found Saturday.  It was a GOOD day.  This is just the beginning.

Friday, January 24, 2014


I'm sorry, I get carried away so I shortened it.  A LOT!  
I actually took a photography class in high school, I did!  I learned how to develop film.  I just can't take pictures.  I cut the tops off focus is terrible..but you can see the time on my..oops.. stopped clock!
We all have things in our homes that are special to us.  At least most of us do. :)  My mantel is an old corral post found on the ranch of my late husband's cousin.  It has been cut at both Frank and then lots and lots of sanding and a couple of coats of walnut stain..then buffed..sanded stained and buffed again.  
I love it.  Problem?  It isn't exactly flat and I have to be really careful of how I sit things on it.  The wall is solid used brick, not half bricks, and the bolts are very long and far into the brick and the wood.  It stays on the wall....but my things fall off, or they used to.  I use earthquake holding stuff now. Smart, huh? :)
I love decorating it.  
...and here is where I get serious!  Kinda.

What IS it that makes me crazy every holiday, that I think I have to decorate..and always think I have way more than I need..and then I go on a mad hunt for cute things.  I just have so much fun decorating things up..(fluffying the pillows!) and yes I get teased about my decorating from my family!  
I have to tell you this story about my sweet daughter Sandy who passed away from Cancer this past February 22.
She came to visit me one day and we were chatting away..and suddenly she threw up her hands in exasperation and said " Mom!  It's so HARD to talk to you when you have so many CENTERPIECES everywhere!"  
Centerpieces?  Me?  Where??
Another comment I get is that my home looks like a "store" and it DOES NOT!  Maybe a Goodwill store..but that's it!  

Michael's kraft that the name (?), well, they DO get the cutest things sometimes.  It's the little things, isn't it? :)  That little wooden teddy bear that you see down in the right hand corner..has a little painted heart on him, and he was made for me by my dearest friend for the past 60 years.  We went to high school together, double dated together.  Her husband was my husband's best friends and  they graduated together too. We all had such wonderful times together.  Ten children between us, at first..then it later became 12! 
Once during a very difficult time for them, they came to live with us..with their five children (before we each had another baby)...and our 6!  Yep!  We did that.  We made the garage into a bedroom for the six boys.  There were three sets of bunk beds.  The floor was covered by big braided rugs.  Very cozy.  
The girls we put in one bedroom.  One was a baby (mine) still in a crib.  It worked.  Nedra and I did not have one problem with who did what!  We both cleaned, and we both cooked on alternate nights.  She kept me company or I kept her company..just chatting away.  I don't think we knew that what we were doing was impossible for most folks.  We had a wonderful time and we all have great memories of those days.  Finally they moved to a home next door to us that became vacant.  That lasted just a short time as we were all either at their house or at our house so they all moved back in!!!  LOL  It was a waste of money!  Their home was a rental and we owned ours.  And was too much trouble to keep running back and forth.  (I wonder now what the neighbors thought!)
What a great time of life it was!!  One of my favorite memories!!  When we tell that story to people...we get comments like, " I could NEVER do that!"  We know.  It was uncommon and it was just until they got on their feet.  We missed them when they finally moved into their own home for good.  If you think it was only for a very short time.  It wasn't.  Eight months the first time and I think just three or four when they moved back in.
Nedra is my earth angel.  Nedra was the sister Pat never had and Mick, her husband is like my brother.  Our lives changed so much after Pat passed away.  We all lost a best friend.
 My very favorite angels here were a gift!  A dear lady I knew long ago passed away and one day her son came to my door and gave them to me.  He said his mother would have wanted me to have them.  I was so surprised and pleased and very humbled.  One has a broken wing..which reminds me not to fly too high!
That's my grandmother you see in the background.  Her name was Lilly! 
Are you still with me?  :)
Big hugs and love,
P.S. Don't tell me you read ALL of the above!  I don't believe it!!  You wouldn't believe how much I just erased!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Of course you do.
Have you ever seen one?
I'm teasing..but on a serious note...I DO believe in angels..
One doesn't have to give a reason...and not even a season..
but..I do love having them around.  I have some I will try and show you tomorrow.  I could not get them to download.
Some years ago we lived in Santa Maria California and they had a little 5 & 10 store.  I loved it.  It had these big squares made of old wood with things piled  in for sale...especially at Easter, Christmas, Valentines Day etc.
One day I was in browsing  around and an entire bin was filled with these little angels.  I put them out every year..this year I stuck them in my spooners with the silverware.  
I say why not.. :)

Not so sure she is comfy sitting in with the forks without a stitch on..but..she looks cute there.

They all have tiny pink hinney's...and each angel is just a bit different.  I only bought five or six of them, I think, at 99cents each.  I wish I had bought more.  I've really enjoyed decorating with them.  I use them for Christmas too..not this year though...I mean..did I?  I forget. 
Blogger troubles tonight.  I'm having trouble downloading pictures..and I am not even using AOL.
Besides, two pictures are enough.
Especially when they are SO racy!  :)
Luv'n hugs,


It was WAR!
I happens now and then.  It was love at first sight.  Understand that I have my share of teapots.  My daughter has given me some beautiful ones..and I love them.
I used to have a few of Mary Engelbreit things..but I don't collect them.

 Then it happened.
I was visiting a blog "My Romantic Home" and Penny had this dream of a teapot just sitting right there on her table.  A gift from her daughter some years ago, she told us.  ( I tried to add Penny's link but it wouldn't work..)
I read, I commented but I was back with the teapot.  I visited it a couple of days in a row..and then..
I went on a hunt.  It took awhile but I found one..and I bid and I won..and yes, I used a little trickery.
No matter I was IN LOVE!  They say all is fair in love and war.  Right?  Right?
And..yes I know it's a CHRISTMAS item..but I am keeping it out to look at.  It will not get packed away.
Comfort and Joy is good all year long..Yes?
I'm a little insecure here because of my underhanded bidding practices..  LOL
Can you tell?
The teacups and saucers? far I've only found two of them.  but I'm not giving up!
Scarce as hens teeth, those teacups!
Not a big deal but I really haven't much to post about..and it shows. 
I laced some red polka dot ribbon through one of my favorite bowls...

...filled it with fruit..sort of Valentiney, don't you think?
Maybe I should add some hearts?  Sparkly ones along with apples instead of oranges..
Just thinking out loud.  :)  Yes!  Wait, I've got it!  I'll add the polky ribbon to the little tray underneath too! 
I think I'm on a roll here!  (at least for me.. :)

WOULD you just look at the heat we are having.  It's been in the 80's all week!

Yep..this was in the paper a couple of days ago!  I figure what the I've been praying for rain..not so you would notice but I want to do my share!  I mean..we are in serious trouble out here!  
NO WINTER!  Can you believe that???

Love to you.. :)

Thursday, January 16, 2014


...first the heart part!
Slowly..a few a day..the hearts and flowers are coming out.  By the time I get them all out, I'll have to put them all away.  LOL  That's okay.  I don't mind.  I'm retired!

Probably all of us have a piece of furniture we love.  My little hutch is mine.
I've posted it several times in different dress..and now it's time for hearts.  What's nice is that I can still use my reds.
My Brambly Hedge luncheon set is back in place along with
my daughter, Dawn's, Beatrix Potter books.
The luncheon set was from my daughter.
Little by little things are back to normal but with a touch of heart.
  (my patio is still a mess and I really have been working on it.)

I decided to keep my candy boxes from PH given to me each Valentine's Day.
I think they rather dress things up a bit.  I used every one of them.  
Sentimental me...

Coffee table..well now that's another matter.  I wish I knew why I struggle with making the coffee table pretty but I do.
I just clunked a couple of pretty faux African Violet's in an old creamer with a little spiked heart from Michael's.  So far..that's about as far as I've gotten.

This little put together tea set is from gathered parts.  They don't match but I don't mind.
I love to see it polished and gleaming as it was meant to be.
My daughter puts hers out all tarnished and I cringe.  :)
One day when she was visiting..and we returned from a morning of garage sales..I showed her how very simple it was to keep them beautiful and I've converted her!

Not sure which, but one of the flower bouquets has to go.  :)   I'm still stumbling around trying to figure out what to put where..and I complicated it more by going to Michael's this evening and getting into more trouble.

I hate to admit after living here all my life..but earthquakes make me very nervous.
Between earthquakes..and wildfires..things are really popping here in So. Cal.  For the a few days now..maybe a week, I've been feeling a slight trembling of the house.  I almost mentioned it to PH and then thought better of it.
Laying in bed night before last, I had just put my book down and turned out the light.  The bed began to tremble.  PH was laying sound asleep.  Then a slight jolt.  Enough to startle me and make me wide awake!
Then last night we had just gone to bed and the trembling began. again...then shake and a jolt.  Glass in the house tinkled..nothing crashed.  The house also cracked somewhere over our heads..then quiet.  We waited.  All was quiet..we sat looking at one another.
This morning we found out it was a 4.4 centered in Fontana.  A small part of Riverside County is about 15 or so miles from us.  Too close.
Both quakes were reported on the news this evening and were in the morning paper.
You would think that when you found out you were living right on a would move, for pete's sake.
The winds have been bad and now there are fires.  One is the worst in more than 20 years.  It's so dry and there is NO rain in sight.

Between whiteout's and earth quakes and freezes...makes one a bit on edge.  Just a bit. :)
Saturday will be another day of adventure for us...looking forward to it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I left my berries up all year and right on through to Christmas.  Red still rules.  Now I am leaving them up through Winter.  
I have this thing about little houses.  I know I am probably ready for change, but I like some things just as they are.  So...until Easter...they  will stay. 
No...the truth is, I am just plain lazy since the Christmas cleanup.

 I think when I do change things in Spring, my rooster and hen will come down off their high perch.
If I could I would get rid of that 1960's ceiling.  Awful stuff.  
Maybe some day...

These little pillows on the sofa table in our family room are from Sweet Dreams Cottage.  Becky makes the dearest things.  I always bring them out after Christmas...

I put out my wreath on the front door.  I had wanted a big heart wreath but so far I haven't been able to find the one I wanted so my old one will do...then I found the wreath I want..but it was at Penny's Vintage Home.  :)  It was right there hanging on her wall.  Now I am on the lookout for one as close to her's as I can find, but I don't think it's going to happen very soon.  
I love hearts so it's fun to get started decorating for Valentines Day.  These seasonal holidays come and go so quickly..
Does anyone else have this feeling of trying to hang onto each day?  
Not sure why I am feeling this way.  I'm sure it will pass.  It's an odd feeling and not a familiar one.
My love to you..enjoy your day,

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Time is flying for me and I want to squeeze every ounce of joy out of life that I can.  Life and love are so fragile and fleeting.
Maybe it's a bit early..but I've started digging out a few things for Valentines Day.  
 I've been lucky in finding love in this lifetime.  I want to celebrate it all I can.  Love today is different for me. 
 It's now all about kindness, taking care that someone is happy and at peace.
It's comforting and being comforted when life hurts you.  It's just so good, for the short time we have left, to not be alone.
I am grateful!
"Let Me Hold You" pretty much says it all when there are no words.
...thank you Diane, for featuring that lovely song on your blog.  
The Blue Ridge Gal does find the BEST music.  

Saturday was so beautiful, we decided to see if there were any garage sales out there...and there was.
I know Christmas is over but I couldn't resist this pretty picture of Santa.  It was large and so pretty with a really nice quality frame.  $2.00.  Next year I will be happy I have him.  (if I can find him!)
At the same garage sale I also spotted this large brass candle stick.  It took some elbow grease but it turned out so pretty.  Is brass coming back?  (I read that somewhere..) No matter I love it and I don't really care what's "in" or "out."  It's all about what appeals and adds charm to our homes.
Besides...  (forgot what I was going to say...happens a lot lately! :) 

Oh..I cost a whopping $5.00 but by then I had to go potty and didn't want to quibble.

..and last but not least..this little heavy lead crystal bunny!  LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!
Actually, he was the first thing I bought at that yard sale...
..but on the way to breakfast (and the bathroom!)..ANOTHER one...
 I found these cute little post-it's.. a quarter for all of them.
..and in another plastic baggy were all of these brand new Sharpie pens.  The kind with the broad tip..OR the narrow one for writing!  Every single one was new!  Cost?  Another quarter.  
I needed the markers so I was really pleased with my find.
And that was our Saturday morning.
Two garage sales and I was ready to go have pancakes at our favorite little place.
PH didn't find anything.  He looks for books.  
Next Saturday will be his day..that's what I told him and  I even offered him some of my pens!

He just wanted his French toast... :)
If I didn't inspire you..I hope I made you smile.  

Monday, January 13, 2014


Just one lovely photo...just one! 
They even asked me if I was happy with my new sidewalk.  Bless their hearts.  Of course I am!!  They are also doing my neighbors driveway entry the right way..and no blacktop across the street.  They cut and poured the places they had marked in orange.  I am pleased, and so are my neighbors across the street and beside me.  And yes, it's a wonderful feeling.  As far as the rest of the neighborhood goes...I have NO idea.
Isn't it just beautiful?  
Maketh me smile all over the place!!