Friday, February 25, 2011


Before we talk about relationships and how interesting they are, I thought I would share these little boots with you. they are not all that little, size 8 to be exact, but think how many flowers can be planted in them this Spring!  Good idea, not original but HEY!  Still a good idea.  I wonder how they do that.  A few rocks, some gravel, perhaps some of that foam...oh wait, Tootsie would know.  That woman is brilliant with it comes to this stuff...
So..what do you think.  Just $1.00 at a garage sale a few weeks ago.  I forgot to show them to you.  I think it was the only thing I bought that day if I remember right. 
Cute?  I sat them on the front porch next to the fountain.  I hope you like them.
Rose covered ones would have been nice..but these are RED and fit right in.

They make me smile every time I step out onto the front porch.  :) this..  :):)

My children are watching my diet...can you imagine being made to eat this gorgeous salad.  I am NOT a salad lover (chocolate bread pudding is more but I ate every single drop of this..and not a whimper out of me!  Thanks kids!  (Courtesy of Jammin' Bread Bakery, bless their hearts!)  My eldest son and his wife own I lucky or not..  :)

Would you just look at how earnestly eldest Granddaughter is listening to her Grandma out here in California.
LOVE that Skype thingy!  Will Kristy hate this picture I took of her?  ..oh probably.  But she'll get over it.
She takes life in stride...and I love that about her!  Imagine.  She is the oldest of the 14 Grands. 
Hugs to you Kristy!  Grandma loves you and misses you.

I wanted to chat about how amazing relationships are...and I had one certain one in mind.  Later.

Hugs and love,

Sheesh...I get sidetracked SO easily! :)

Monday, February 21, 2011


Not this Saturday, but last Saturday we had a great time hitting the garage sales and finding little treasures.  Nothing to shout about, but just lots of little goodies and lots of fun.  Exactly what it's all about!

Actually this is backwards.  The decorated copy paper, pretty flower decorated pens, glue stick, childs scissors, were all found at the last garage sale of the day.  Everything is brand new.  The pens all wrote perfectly.  I gave the little scissors, paper to my little five year old neighbor girl. 
She loved them.
Kleenex, pencil and pens were found in another sale in a little zippered pouch which I didn't show. 
The paper was 25 cents each and she threw in the little scissors and glue stick.  The pens were 50 cents each.
Zippered canvas bag was 25 cents with all the goodies in it.  I spent a dollar.

Avon products.  The perfume is, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and cost $5.00.  It smells wonderful.
The eye cream in the gray container was 50 cents and so was the Rejuvinator. 

I bought these Avon Talc's at a different garage sale for 50 cents each!  I have daughters.  :)
All brand new with little plastic circles in tact on every one of them!  I checked! :)

I bought two of these at a quarter each!

Each one was filled with these beautiful little eggs.  A nice bowl filler at Easter, don't you think?

Two sets of these adorable lace kitty kat curtains.  A quarter each.  Never opened!  Price on the back said $13.99!  I am putting one in the garage.'s my *sigh* laundry room also.  For 25 cents I couldn't go wrong.

And this also for just a quarter....
....and inside was stuffed with gift bags, boxes and tissure paper..LOTS of it.
I love this stuff and use it for packing or storing delicate things as well.

This book on English Literature for just 50 cents! 

Two hand knit scarves for just 25 cents each..long and soft.  I couldn't pass them up and I have neither of these colors.  All brand new.  She had about a dozen for sale and I chose these.

This brand new denim shirt!  Yippee!  I was in Denim heaven and it cost $1.00!!

..and last but certainly not least was this wonderful Washington Navel Orange tree complete with pot and loaded with orange blossoms for just $15.00!  The pot alone was worth much more than the cost of the tree.  I think actually, twice the price of the tree at Lowes.

And that was our day.  I would say not bad at all.  I usually come home with at least some silver plate but not this time.
Still and all it was a profitable day.
Hugs  and love to all...

Oh, and dear eldest son came for a visit and saw all the silver plate I had.  Talked me out of it by dangling a hundred dollar bill in front of my nose!  Said he needed it for the bakery/restaurant "Jammin' Bread"  as they were running out on Friday nights..(they use only silver plate for dinner.)  I didn't want to take the money..but he
I will just go buy more from garage sales with the money and take it to them.  After all, I AM his Mom!
Thing is...I bought all he bought for just $3.00!   LOL   
Still...(OH, I AM BAD!)  One should NOT profit from ones own 55 year old son..should one?  (I threw in the age so you wouldn't feel quite so sorry for him.) :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Well, first it was UGGS.  First the slippers..and then I tried the shoes.  Both were fine..but..I wanted something I could wear that made me feel barefoot and Tennis shoes were also great but not ....just... IT!
I kept looking.  Then I found theses. 
Pardon my pajama' was a pajama's day when I took this picture.  :)

Yes, yes, I know.  Old women don't wear toe rings...but like some dogs that don't know they are not human, this old lady does not seem to know she is old. 
I let the hair go gray..but those toe rings were bought when  two dear friends and I went shopping...that was 14 years ago now, and they have been there ever since.  People seldom see them unless I am wearing certain sandals..but..
is not what I want to write about.
It's comfort!  Yes.  Comfort is what I wanted to write about.  I seem to be all about comfort these days.  I will always be a blue jean Grandma...and that is a comfort thing.  No, I don't wear the stretch sided jeans.  Just plain old Lee's jeans is what I wear.  Straight legged.  I love them.  No skin tight stuff for me.  NO
Tshirts that hug my poor old bod either.  NOTHING to hinder me...nothing.  Got it?  Good! 
Loose shirts, usually worn over the T's...some with soft crochet insets and some with a bit of lace around the bottom but all with nice detail. Denim is long as it's soft (fabric softner) and fits well.

Sooooo...that's it.   T shirts are fine, as I said, as long as they don't hug me..and are soft, fit well and not sloppy looking.
Nice dress slacks...good for dressy occassions.
But on an every day basis...give me soft cute shoes, soft sweaters and blue jeans and I'm set. 
The moccasins above are my latest purchase and I love them.  The soles are rubber with grips to keep me from slipping.  Right from the box it was like barefootin' it! 

That's all I got folks!  :)
Love'n hugs!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

~MELE AND ME...and "VERMIN"...~

"Come on, Mom!  Wanna play?''

"S'my Vermin, but you can play with a minute..."

  "Go ahead, Mom, you can have it!"

I was Kiddin'!  No ya can't!!  S'mine!!!

Yippee!  Blogger is working again!  I paid and I'm back in the yes, you do have to pay I guess.
Ah well...needless to say..I paniced when I couldn't load my photo's...
NOT that they are that's scarey when you can't!  It really is!!


This is the second day that I cannot download any photo's.  The window appears but it is blank and when it has shown that I can post a photo, it won't complete the download and a message appears and says I have to send them money.  That I have run out of space for photo's. 

So....clicked on the link they provided in the download window and filled out the form and sent them $5.00 for the year.  I came back but they still gave me the message so I gave up and decided to check that evening.
Still no luck.  Same message.

Two days have passed and now only the blank window appears...and never changes.  Once it appears that I could download a photo, but then the message asking for payment appeared again.  ???

Is anyone else being asked to pay? 
I really never download tons of photo' perhaps someone else out there has paid...
I really don't think I should pay twice...???
The message is as follows:
"Whoops!  You're out of space!  You are useing 100% of your GB quota for photo's.  Purchase more storage. (this shows as a link)
Photo's are stored in your Picasa Web Albums account and are included in your 1GB free quota for photos.  Additona storage you purchase is shared between Gmail, Picasa Web Albums, and Google Docs, and is in addition to your free quota.  Learn more.  (this shows as a link also.) the words "Purchase more storage" is highlighted as a link.  So is "Learn more" showing as a link.
I followed the link and paid them for more storage even though I don't really understand at all what they are talking about.  I do not have Gmail, and am not really sure about Picasa Web Albums, or Google Docs.  None of that means anything to me.
So...any ideas?  Please?

Monday, February 14, 2011


My TABLETOP treats! 

But....of course he did! Thank you, Love!! 

I'm going to have to start backing out of rooms if this keeps up!  I should probably already be doing that! :)

My dear daughter Maryalice brought these beautiful ROSE cupcakes to us tonight.  Thank you, Sweetie!
Where in the world did she learn to do this?  Have you ever had your children do something and you think.."I never knew they could do that!!"   Yeah..well that happens to me a lot! :)

The outpouring of love today was overwhelming.
Not just from my family, but from all of you that blog along with me.
Thank you for your dear comment, letters and love.

Hope your day was as wonderful as mine was!

I'm going to join Marty at Table Top Tuesday.....

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I plan to celebrate this entire month of February.  I am going to leave my hearts out and show my love to my family and friends.  I sometimes forget that time is racing by and that every day is an opportunity to say "I love you" to those that make my life worth living. 
The little heart pillows in the basket speak of love and were made by Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams. :)

Another love in my constant companion, Mele. ( Mele Kalikimaka)
To all my blogging friends....
I wish you love and a wonderful day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I seldom try this..but got all enthused looking at some of the tablescapes...and besides, I was late getting my Valentines Day things out...(lost 'em!) and just found them today..
This gave me a reason to go ahead and put a bit of Valentines out...
I used these handmade hearts that I bought from an artist on ebay last year.  Each stuffed heart is dipped in cinnimon and has a different sentiment on it.  They make the room smell wonderful.  I piled them into my ruby red Moser fruit bowl..for my centerpiece. (Along with a vintage Valentine.)

 I used two double glass candle sticks and two single ones...
My tablecloth is white crochet over heavy linen. 

I used all of my vintage Valentines for added interest...all of my hearts are handmade made by a couple of different artists.  They are Prim's.

These are the red Neiman Marcus ROOSTER transferware that I used.

The chargers are cut glass and I love them!  They go with everything.  The little candy cones I had from last year and just stuffed some of my collection of little angels into them instead of chocolates that I would use for guests.  GOTTA show you these angels!

Some years ago I lived in Santa Maria, California and one day I went into one of the few old time 5 and 10's that were left.  In a large bin for 25 cents the had these little angels and they were all different.  The bin was full and I thought they were so cute I picked up three of them.  When I got home and took a good look at them I rushed back the following day and bought more.  I have 6 and I love them!
Each one had rosy cheeks..both front and back! :)  I've had these about 20 years now.

My silver is PRELUDE by International Silver.  Most who read my blog KNOW how I got this gorgeous set.  Yep.  Complete set of 8, in a chest with all the extra's, tiny butter knives, 4 large serving spoons...everything.  For $10.00!!!
I'm still not over it!!  I could never have afforded this...never!
It was the garage sale of my life!  He asked $15 and took $10! 
That will never happen again...
I have a modest collection of Victorian Valentines and I love to unpack them every year.  I usually try to add to them..but not this year.  Too busy!
I used red lace doilies under the tea cups...and dropped a stuffed heart into the cup for fun.  Then I sprinked little hearts over EVERYTHING!  The napkin rings are silver plate teapots and there are two napkins in each ring. 
I took this in the late afternoon.  I decorated the chandelier with heart garland and hung beaded hearts with tiny rosebud on each light.  Not a great photo...but you can sort of get the idea.
And that's it!  I made it! 

I am joining Susan at BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH.  Come and join us and see pretty Valentine tablescapes... 
I hope you had fun.  I had fun doing it!

Hugs'n love..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Most of you agreed that this little white (previously black and very badly chipped) mailbox, should be red..and so it is~!  What do you think?

The real test was Howard..but there was a hitch here.
~Quick little story~
I painted it yesterday afternoon..and just as I began to spray evening breeze came..I wasn't too worried as it wasn't too strong..and I was nearly only took a minute or so..then I did a second coat about 45 minutes later, and went inside. 
The breezes kick up..and when I came out the plastic had blown over the mail box..messing up my wet paint.  Being of a patient nature...(since living with patient husband!) ..I called him and asked him to help me carry little red mailbox on the plastic sheeting, into the garage out of the evening breeze for repairs...which was done. 

Closing the garage door, we retired into the little red trimmed house for the evening.. :)  (sorry, I'm getting carried away here!) 

(pauses for a bite of cake and sip of coffee....)  :)

...and so early this morning, which is so like him...I heard the sounds of what sounded like little red mailbox being installed back to it original place..and expected sweet husband to be all smiles when I got up..waiting for me to discover what he had done....  but nothing.    Strange thought I....
...and went to investigate.    I didn't take any photo's..because he was upset..but..the flap on the top of the mailbox was...a total mess...and the paint all mess up and ruined.  I immediately knew what had happened.
The wind had marred it up the night before and I just hadn't noticed the top of the lid as it was open.....not a problem...I would respray it...

I went in to say good morning and tell him thank you for installing it..but that the lid would have to be repainted.
The poor man looked SO woebegone!  I asked what was wrong and he said "I'm so sorry!  I messed up your mailbox while putting it back on the wall." ..and I said.. "Sweetie, YOU didn't do that to the lid.  It was done last night.  Couldn't you tell it was smeared paint?"  He said.."Are you sure?  I thought I had done it while trying to get it back in place..." 
So out he went, took it down and the part I had not noticed the night before got repainted! 
The end. :)

I LOVE happy endings..don't you?

I also wanted to tell you that Mellodee at "Mellodee's Musings" suggested I recover the seats of the wicker chairs in something with off I went for new material yesterday.  The check will be the cording...  Can you believe the "JoAnne's"  is closing here in Riverside and I got all that material for $22.00?  Yep!  That Mellodee is so smart!

Yeah...I KNOW!  Such a deal!  Six yards of the floral..and about 3 yards of the the cording!
  I was in material heaven!  Originally it was $9.99 per yard.

No..I don't sew..but sew what! :)  I can try for that price!  I mean I used .. 

Hugs and love..

Friday, February 4, 2011



Please click on photo's for close-ups. 

The front of our home before...
Well, I am finally getting a few photo's posted..but blogger put a stop to it after just posting a few of is the best I could do. 

...and after...
I painted my little garage sale shelf...and added a Geranium.

Little metal shelf's closeup!  See how proud it is?   Cost me a whole ..what..fifty cents or so.  I can't remember..but it was hardly nothing.  Do you like it?  I hope so! 

Early morning sun cast the shadow of our huge old pine tree.  Howard planted it when he was in his twenty's I think.  Remember...he has lived here since very early in his marriage.  Some 50 odd years. 

More work to be done..but as you see, it is coming right along.  The porch has to be painted.

My hanging baskets are hanging in there.  :)  They've been living in the back patio away from the construction...and are not back home...

This isn't the best of photo's..but..
Our poor lawn took a beating...both front and back...

This is the type of porch roof before...the slates were rotten and so were the big beams.  Also everything burned in the Summer..and it was too hot to sit out there..
If it was raining, which wasn't often...people had to stand in the rain waiting for us to get to the door.
When the mail came..I got soaked trying to get it from the box...

Sweet husband finally gave in and surprised me by contracting to have a new lovely cover added to our porch...I tell you...I nearly cried from joy.  I love my plants...and now they have shade. 
I didn't paint the mailbox.  Somehow it escaped.  :)  Should I ?   What do you think?  I don't want too much red.  However....  :)
Would you just LOOK at those wonderful beams??  Love 'em!

I found out that Pomegranite Red and Colonial Red are the same.  Just differnent manufacturers.

And last of all...I put up my PEACE flag.  Yes, I do have a Valentines one..but...with all that is going on in the world...I felt like flying my PEACE flag..which was a Christmas gift from my son and daughter in law.  At least for a few days...
How cute my Valentines Day flag is going to look...:) 

Love and hugs to all of you...
And...thanks for all of your encouraging words over these past weeks.  It was hard...but we made it! 
You were wonderful!!!