Sunday, May 31, 2015


The biscuit keeper in my header is one I found on Etsy.
I looked at it for about two months before decided to buy it.
Inside is a satin padding made for the bottom in blue by the seller.  Separately there is another divided satin pad that can hold earrings, or rings.
I finally gave in and  bought it.
There is information on the bottom but I didn't think it necessary to print all that.

This is made in Prussia.  Inside the seller gave me a piece of paper with all sorts of information on it.
Never going to sell  :)    One of my daughters might like to know about it one day though.

This is an old sugar bowl.  The woman that sells these flower arrangements does an exquisite job.
I must have looked at hundreds and hundreds of arrangements from all over the web and her's were the very best.  I kept coming back..and her prices though not low..were very respectable.
(to me respectable is VERY inexpensive!)  :)

This one is a spooner and I DO love spooners.  The floral arrangement is removable just in case I wanted to use it as a spooner..but I have enough of those.
The lillies engraved on this little piece are actually raised and the centers of the flowers indented.
Just beautiful.
Everything you see is second hand.

You see, here's the thing.  I once read "Some people have children and other people have things."
I had children.
They needed things..and fortunately or unfortunately my children were...very visible.  In the middle of things at school..involved...and NO I did NOT encourage it.  It was just who the little sweethearts were.
So..clothes were important to them..and so on.  Not exactly sure how we did it, looking back, but you do what you have to do for your babes.
By age 15, all of mine were working at the mall.  The boys at wood shops around town or mowing lawns etc.
They started painting numbers on curbs at 10 and running errands for neighbors to the store at about seven.  No one thought of danger back then.  Thankfully.
A different world or I thought it was.

This was of their own accord.  I remember how proud they were.
Looking back now...I don't know I feel about it.

Interestingly, mine didn't ask for anything.  It was none of  "I've GOT TO HAVE ..." etc.
It was "It's okay, Mom, I don't need it!!" and so by hook or by crook..they were going to have it.
I was not a "joiner" in high school.  Never.  They were different. what I'm trying to say is's my turn?   A lot of what I buy goes out the door..but it's fun giving my girls things.
The floral arrangements???  Nope.  NOT going out the door!  Sometimes I've said.."can I keep it a week at least?"


Saturday, May 30, 2015


Well, here it is..all done.   Nothing to scream about..I know..but it's comfy..

White flannel sheets and a down comforter.  
The boxes hold my scarves and small accessories that I don't use often.
The tray is hand painted by Bea.  A wonderful ebay artist that I have known for years.
Our home is full of her hand painted things..along with my own.
I like her's better! :)

 See those pictures on the wall...nothing unusual...but there is a recent story about them.
I've mulled over whether I should share or not..and so far the answer has been "probably not!" :)
Really an odd story.  

See my new silk Laura Ashley chalk pink lampshades?  Yeah!  I'm happy with them.  

Mirrored closet doors...I don't like them.  I would rather have louvered folding doors so you can see everything in your closet at once.  But..they are nice.  Not complaining.

I love the way the paper makes everything ...prettier. 
But, that's just me.  I know, I'm on a major paper kick..and one day (if I live long enough) and want it down, I will kick myself?  NOT!   I do not think I will ever tire of it and besides..paper hangers also take it all down.  Yep...they sure do!  ( in a slight, very slight panic, I asked!)  :)

The other end of the room.  I love the way the paper makes everything look better.  The furniture is by Bob Timberlake.  I loved it because it reminded me of a mountain cabin.  Some drawers are lined with cedar..for sweaters. 

So...tell me you like it...I mean even if you don't.  Please say you do.
I'm SO insecure!1

Thursday, May 28, 2015


  Sometime I read my comments and just cry.  How did I ever get SO lucky as to meet all of you.
Really.  You are just so sweet and kind to me.  I sometimes just shake my head in wonder.
I picked these Waverly place mats up at an Estate sale a few weeks ago.  We stopped in on the "half price day" as I wouldn't have been  able to negotiate the crowd with my knee and hip problem which is a thing of the past.  At least so far.  Nearly three months of pain..and it's now a thing of the past...for now.

 The place mats had the perfect apple green trim colors that went perfectly with the patio set.
The umbrella used to have a brown wood pole.  I painted it with the apple green to go with the pretty apple green umbrella cover.  
I get such a kick out of finding things that look like they belong.  Especially when it costs next to nothing.

YORK wallpaper by Waverly.    Or is it the other way around.  Source is American Blinds.

 This is the wall paper that is going up in the kitchen.  It arrived about a week ago...however...
I was one roll short on the paper for the accent wall in the living room..
This will go on the wall behind the couch.  They only sent me one roll so I had to order another.
I mean..why would I order just one roll???  but they insisted I did..  At this point I sort of trust them more than myself...but still...  ???
So..I'm waiting for my extra rolls.  My paper hanger is busy with another job that will be finished on the first of will work out perfectly.  :)

My kitchen is now  "kitchen aid red."  I cannot wait to see how the new paper looks.  
The living room wall is right around the corner from the kitchen.    I know, I's going to be GORGEOUS!   (almost)

 I know.  It's much for some of you..but I'm loving the coziness of my paper.

About the bedroom.  I have not posted pictures of it yet as I was waiting for my Laura Ashley Chalk pink lamp shades to arrive,  which they have..and so tomorrow I will snap a couple of pictures of the finished  room.  No..still no new bedspread.   Not a sophisticated room ..but it's me.!!!
  Did ...I ...say..."me"...   but of course I meant "us"   You DO believe me, don't you?

*Nothing like wall paper and chocolate to take your mind off the world's problems, at least until you watch the news again!  


With me it's never just another day.  It never will be again.  I take nothing for granted.
I have learned we are frail.
We can be here today..and not here tomorrow..gone.

So I went in the back yard and planted ferns in my little Fairy Garden.  And I planted more flowers..
More Irish grass to plant but it's busy growing over by the fountain.  It's my fault.  I waited to long to plant it.  (that bridge looks awful..I have to do something with it!

It was neat to go look at my little garden this morning and see that shamrocks had grown up around the fountain..delicate, perfect little shamrocks.  To me everything has meaning....
Please enlarge.  I want you to see how absolutely gorgeous they are!    You're gonna love them.  :)

In the morning our little table and chairs were a faded red..not so pretty anymore.  In less than an hour they were a pretty butter yellow.. Notice how I "stage" my photo's?  :)  ..and of course there's Mele'  keeping an eye on me.  

Then I redid my old bird cage.  Added a nest etc..and, well, I like it better.
.....and I wondered about the world out there..the wars, the killing and the sadness and heartbreak going on with the horrible floods.  
Yes, why.  Why are places washing away while here food is being sacrificed due to lack of water in California.  And those poor people losing their homes...and lives.  I wish I could understand but I can't.  It wasn't so long ago that Texas was in a drought too.

Big lovely roses.  AMERICA roses are one of my favorites. I always wanted climbing roses and here I am in my later years..I have the freedom of time and climbing roses.  I wish I could still my mind and forget what is going on around us out there...I can't.  
I know the things I cannot change but it doesn't seem to help at times.

I do find joy in little things.  I really do.  I realize it does no good to despair about the way things are..
I can't change them.  
As they say, you can only change you, not the world.   Really?
I called to Mele.  She looks up but she knows I just wanted to call her name.  She comforts me.  I took her to the Vet today..she is having a heart problem.
She is now on two heart medications.  She is more than just a little dog to me.  She has been with me  through two deaths of my family...I've soaked her with I call her..and she looks at me curiously.
I don't make her get up, I go to her.

I sat on my new patio furniture and watched the birds..Mele' came closer to be near me...we were quiet.
It was a beautiful day today.  Not hot and not cold...just perfect.  
I wondered why the whole world can't be like this...peaceful, quiet.  Sadness is a part of life.  Things happen..but I can't

For Mother's Day my daughter, and son in law made me this beautiful birdhouse.  I love it.
No one has one like it. :)  They bought the perch and side lock at the Long Beach (I think) Auction.
There is a little side door that opens so it can be cleaned out.  I'm so pleased.

You know...I wish I could do more than I do.
It's a helpless feeling.

Notice Mele' is on her way over to see what I'm doing.  She follows me from place to place..and I follow her.

Is this what old people do?   Just fiddle around in the back yard or in the house?
I guess so....
Read any good books lately?  :)
I have.  I just finished "THE WARMTH OF OTHER SUNS"  ...

Monday, May 25, 2015


Memorial Day was quiet.  I worked played in the garden, clipping and planting pretty deep purple petunia's, swept the patio and watered the plants..or rather gave them a touch of water to keep them alive.  For now.
Eldest son's family came over and it was a lovely Sunday afternoon.  
 Son and daughter in law a kick back day off from the bakery..but still brought tons of food.
Pulled pork 
Huge homemade hamburger buns  (to die for!)
Delicious slaw and and big tossed salad.

I made a chocolate cake with chopped nuts on top.
Vanilla ice cream
....and lots of down time to just chat and enjoy the perfect weather.

 Both granddaughter and her Grandma  had birthdays.  Our little one will be seven and her Grandma was just 58.  My son will be SIXTY in August!!
 They played a game of hide and seek with tennis balls.
Shouts of "WARM!"  "HOT"  and " COLD!!!"  kept things exciting.
(at least for Emily! :)

I had to laugh.  I would just point the camera at her and she would pose. 
This was her kitty cat pose..  We had so much fun with her.
Listening to my little great granddaughter speak in Chinese and then switch to Spanish and then English..was  amazing.  She told me all about school and her best friend Mandarin.
I'm still working on English. :)

Things have changed, haven't they?  She is just turning seven ..and I understand that they are teaching babies to read.  Really???  

Yes, it was Memorial Day today.  The flag flew out front....and I remembered the horror stories that my husband told me just a little of,    Korea and three tours in Vietnam.  
I remembered the young men he spoke of..and the nightmares he had for the rest of his life.
But he came home.  Some of his buddies did not.
And now here we are again...
Will it never stop?

Not in my lifetime...but I pray it will end in my great granddaughter's time.  


p.s. I just came back and removed names.  I'm thinking..I should be more careful!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Here she is.  All the way from Georgia...

 She is Kristy, my Sandy's daughter.  We lost her mom and my eldest daughter two years ago in February and it seems like yesterday.

 She brought me love, smiles and tears..
We talked about things that were funny and we talked about her mother and we cried.
She is the eldest of my 14 grandchildren and the mother of my first grandson, Jaden and later a little granddaughter, Katie.
We were in hallway in our pajama's  when she was trying to show me how to take a "selfie"..didn't work of course. :)
I hated to see her go back to Georgia. 
I could not have a sweeter or more loving or more understanding granddaughter..

 I have six granddaughters and all are as loving as Kristy.
Am I lucky...or what.?
She was going to help me with the Fairy Garden but we got distracted.

You can see her comment under "Two Kiddo's"on my last post.
She is 3000 miles away from me..but right in my heart.


Sunday, May 17, 2015


My "lots of plans" are getting a very slow start.  Each day passes and some things get done..but SO slowly.  I'm still limping around...drives me nuts!
Very inexpensive rental.  Just a visit now and then is all I want.

It's that time of year, (time for Fairy Gardens) so today when I looked at my pretty Irish grass that I had bought several weeks ago for my little wheelbarrow Fairy Garden, and saw that it was dying, I knew I had to get started.
I hear tiny tappings on my windows so I know it's time.

I took the little Fairy House I found on ebay and headed for the back yard.  Since it has a lovely fireplace, it will be cozy right through Fall and Winter. WILL!!

Bad start since I could not, for the life of me, find my favorite little red handled trowel that fits my hand perfectly.

I found how I wanted the house to sit, (I had already cleaned the garden a few days ago.  
Then I chose the grass that hadn't died and pulling up a garden chair..I got started.
Yep..I got started!  I really did.  It was a great feeling!

I popped in some pretty flowers here and there..

Here I'm peeking through the ivy covered arbor at the house.  The tiny door you see opens and closes. *smile* 

Now to get this all more some tiny ferns and get them potted. ....
Decisions, decisions!
" kitty, kitty.."

More tiny flowers are needed..lots to do's a start.
I need tall plants for behind the little house..some English ivy to grow over the top and mingle with the other ivy I've been waiting to grow...and grow...and grow, and boy did it ever grow!

I found one of my tiny succulent's and potted it..on the front porch.  

It will change ..lots more to do..but it's a good start...  it will change...
( an aerial view!)

...and change..and I will never be completely satisfied.
I noticed that there is already one tiny Fairy sitting on a little bench.  A bench?!
I don't use things I don't think a Fairy would use. So would a Fairy have a tiny orange cat as a pet?
Or sit on a bench?
I haven't put my pretty FAIRY GARDEN sign out yet..or finished the planting around the little bridge where little ferns will be growing around the water.
The little bird bath needs water too, of course.
I have a tiny bike but...not would bother to ride a bike since they do a fantastic job of flying.  How do I know all this??  
Because they told me SO, silly!!  :)

Love and hugs,

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I've been MIA, I know, but things happen.  It's hard to feel like doing much right now.  My LEFT knee gave out on me...and being out lounging on the patio has made me want to do a bit of clipping..
Yes, yes, I went to the doctor..but it took me over a month to get in...and THEN HE WASN'T THERE.  Sometimes I can't stand at all and other times...I think I getting better!

Tessa can tell you my tale of woe!  I've bored her to death and sobbed on her shoulder.
However she has reason to understand..
I do so hate having an OWIE!!

I bought two new dark wicker lounge chairs with matching ottomans.  They will all be put together and functional by this afternoon.  They match the Dragonfruit umbrella's.  

Why am I posting this?  Well..because it has taken me ages to get those stones in and the grass to cover the mud!  It's beginning to look so nice..and it's right under the arbor...

 ...which is slowly being covered by a climbing rose called AMERICA~!

 For climbing roses...these seem to large to me.  I have now planted four of them...and as I told someone..if I have to take my bathes in a sink...I am NOT letting my roses die!  We will eat on paper plates and use disposable clothing and an outhouse.  :)  :)  Okay, I won't go that far..but  I'm going down with my roses.    

See those faded plastic chairs?  They are going out under the tree's!  I hope our new chairs are comfy!

This past weekend..I found six brand new place mats by WAVERLY for just a dollar each at an Estate sale.  Never been used!  I took this picture before I got them.. I am anxious to get everything together.  The family will all be here for Mother's Day.   The trim and colors in the mats match my green patio  table and umbrella perfectly!   

What else did I find?  An adorable Kentucky Derby hat and a gorgeous large silver serving spoon.
:)  yeah!  I did! :)

We waited until late to go so I wouldn't have to limp through a crowd...and..I was full of pain pills.

Bedroom is all done..and I am limping around trying to get it all back together.  

If no one visits me,I will understand.   BAD blogger just has to take a break now and then. I notice I'm slowing down more and more.  So...time for a housekeeper?  Believe me would be nice.