Saturday, July 28, 2012


Today was Roman Daniel's very first visit to Great Grandma's house..
and actually it all went very well...
I am SO in love with this tiny boy!!  I cannot get enough of holding and cuddling him..and I always have to pass him to  (usually his AUNT MARY!!  grrrrrr..)

So all was well for a bit..she was talking..gently josseling him a bit.

He was very tolerant, his usual easy going self..then suddenly...

...things were not quite so rosy!

Did I say he has the cutest cry??  He does!  He does!  He is just the perfect little boy!
PERFECT, I tell you! :)  He was one month old yesterday.

Just one month old...and for me it was love at first sight!!  I thought there was nothing more wonderful than being a Grandmother...WRONG...being a GREAT is fantastic!

Love and hugs,

Friday, July 20, 2012


I inherited this couch when I married Patient Husband.  It's a VERY GOOD couch.  I mean, well made and a ...rather...nice bland color of taupe (I think.)  PH is very into keeping something until it turns to sawdust.  Frugal is the word...and that's a good thing..because, after raising seven children..I just sort of feel it's my time know..indulge. 
Not a lot.  Just a bit! :)

Ok..I HATE that couch.  The color?  Well, that, but it's just that it was not my when I moved in four years + ago..I moved it from the front room to the family room..and drowned it in pillows. 
 I kind of like it.  :)

I mean, it IS the family room after all. 
(THANK God this isn't "Rate My Space!  I would probably be kicked to the curb...but since it isn't...I really sort of like the look.  (and I did fix the little squares so they are straight across the back...)
I insist that Fall get here.  101 yesterday!
Mona :)

Tha..tha...tha's all folks!

I cannot seem to link up with Nicole's little Friday Meme...but she is on my sidebar under my followers.  Sweet little things to look go see.  :)  It's just gotten started. 
(I'll figure this out...I hope!) 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

~OH....nothing really...

In May 2009, we planted these little Coastal Redwoods...
 See them over on the other side of the yard? (Gosh, our house used to look so...blank!)

They are getting so big.. and the grass is getting browner and browner... :(  Shoot!!

And look!  Remember those tiny little roses I planted last year?  My daughter gave me this arbor and we attached it to the fence near them..just as they had reached a height that really needed something to climb on..and off they went!!  Soon I will be able to get them completely over the top.
The name of this climbing rose is "AMERICA" and I love it.  I bought it from Heirloom Roses on line.  I am going to try and not hide the lovely top on this arbor..but not sure how I can do that.
Awwww....this just arrived a few days ago..
I know this type of birdhouse has a name..but darned if I can remember what it is.  It's for a certain type of bird.  Do you know?
Sooo tiny...and soooo cute!

Ok...that's it!  No more for this little garden!  I mean it this time!!! 
(I need to cut it down a bit...perhaps an inch.  Of course it could be on a hill...which it is..:)  Let me add, since this was mentioned to me...I just wheel this little garden under the patio and it is safe and sound from the terrible heat we had.  NO trouble at all.  :)

Off to bed after a bit of visiting...only got to 90 today...and actually got cool outside tonight. 
God loves us!  LOL


p.s. Two more American rose bushes arrived yesterday... :):)  YES!! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

~HOT, HOT, HOT...~

That's what I get for being so all fired puffed up because it wasn't as hot here as on the East Coast...
....and climbing!! 
This was in the shade...yes indeed!  ARRGGGGGGG! And this was NOT even the hottest part of the day!

Sooooo...this on the potting bench...

..and this on the little table by the lawn swing...
but I felt like I was in an oven with the fan here I am at the computer in 75 degrees and...

..for some silly reason in the cool of the morning, we stopped by Home Depot for Ant spray and I bought this...
Why???  It's too blamed hot to plant anything.  It would just burn up...??
Scatter brained...yep.  DO NOT ask what I was thinking....I wasn't!!

And so Southern California summer has begun!!!  The sun is busy burning things to a crisp.  Damage has begun and the chance of wildfires is very high.  Not a cloud.. :(    Some call this "earthquake weather"...I've always wondered why that is..??

I wish you love.. and air conditioning!