Saturday, December 27, 2008


"I can't come this year, Mom. I just can't afford it, but maybe next year!" My heart sank. She is my youngest, my baby girl. And then, Christmas Eve...suddenly..without warning she is there. In a rainstorm, traveled seven hours alone..she came home. And with her a piece of my heart could rest and enjoy the season. She was home! Thank you, God!

Friday, December 26, 2008


But to me it's so delightful! My sister in law, who lives in Portland Maine, sent this photo of their back deck to me. I know it's hard living in it..but it is just so beautiful. Thank you, Jane. :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008


I am in a rush...last minute cooking..I need to leave in 15 minutes.. and the sweet potaotes are still in the oven. I used to think going to my daughters home one day would be SUCH a joy..and it is..but..hauling food is a bit of a pain..especially when it is hot. The last time I did it..I spilled hot candied juice from the sweet potatoes all over the garage..down the drive-way and into the front floor board.
It was quite a job to clean time..easy does it! :) But, it will all be over for another year tomorrow..and I WILL curl up on this little couch and do nothing. Absolutely nothing...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Next year there will be white roses growing over our porch. Well, ok, maybe not next year..but they will certainly be on their way. We planted two lovely redwoods in the front yard and they are growing fast. We have a huge pine tree in front that gives huge pine cones. Some are over 8 inches in length and gorgeous. I have been filling baskets made of wood from Maine with them. Lovely.


All of the greenry is from our yard. You know, doing this gives you a different view of your home. This was a desperate measure for an entry piece and I really ended up loving it. (Oh, for a bit of REAL snow...)


The poor thing...looks like heck..but hey, we will limp along with it until after Christmas...and the day after Christmas...down it comes. It's my fault. It's my first Christmas here in my new home and I got in a rush. It was such a pretty little tree too. I will get a "silk" one next year. I like to call it "silk" because's better than "fake." What can I say? Remember, I said maybe.


A little cottage can be made anywhere you live. I believe this. I have only lived here since June, but I am determined it will be an adorable little cottage one day.
Work with what you have, after all, another word for cottage is "love."


This little table and chair was done by my dear friend Bea. She has an ebay site called Relic-and-Roses and it is easy to get hooked on her things if you love roses the way I do. Yes, little granddaughters play with them. The little dishes are tin and the dollies won't break.

Monday, December 22, 2008


She kept me from losing my mind when I lost my husband. I lived in a town away from my family and friends...and she kept me sane until I could get packed and go home.
We are home and safe now..and loved..and have a new life. Merry Christmas, Mele!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The old treadle machine

Under this deep red piano cloth is an old treadle in perfect condition. It was taken apart and hauled in pieces on an airplane and reassembled here in California. It is from Maine. Bucks Harbor to be exact.
After Christmas I will post it so you can enjoy it's beauty. In the meantime it holds my Fitz and Floyd pretties.
This blog is enjoyed by family members that are far away and know I have started a new life and can see that I am still decorating my life away. ~smile~

One of my favorite Christmas things.

It's a cross stitched "Merry Christmas framed." I had no where to hang it so...I just hung it on the China display cabinet. I bought ruby red glass knobs to update this space which I will post later. I like the way it looks.

Santa under glass.

Ok..I am still practicing taking photo's. Far away? Close up? This camera is an older one. One of the first, I think, that was digital.
I bought the primitive Santa on ebay. Never thought I liked primitive's but I find I really do. It's a sweet art form and I love most of them. Anyway..not sharp, but the best I can do.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My tiny hutch all ready for Christmas!

What fun to put things together. Especially when it is old stuff that you have had around for years. I made many trips to the back yard for greenry..didn't matter what tree it came was beautiful. In our front yard is a huge old pine tree that my husband planted over 40 years ago when he and his late wife bought this home.
It has now grown very tall and has HUGE pine cones. I am out every morning to check for new fallen ones. I have baskets of them everywhere. They were a delight to use around the house.

Those red shades I coveted!

I have been looking for the perfect red shades for my chandelier ever since I bought it. It took six years but I finally found them on ebay. Silk, gorgeous and at a great price.
You can see the cottage cheese ceiling that I hate, but who cares. more These are a deep rich red, the perfect color. The drapes are County Fair Crimson by Waverly and are red not pink. (NOT that there is anything wrong with PINK!!!) :)

A Bit of Primitive...yet another Santa

The full monty ~smile~

Dining room table struggle...tablescape? Huh?

Ok..I know I am behind the times..but never dawned on me to set the table unless we were getting ready to eat. However....this is fun! The rooster has his best bib and tucker on.. oops! Cut his head off. I'll try again!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My little red, red, red kitchen.

When I moved here, there was the cutest little yellow retro oven. Tiny. At first I thought "goodness, that oven is just too little for me. How will I ever get a turkey in it!" Now it doesn't matter. I love that little oven. It bakes like a champ and no modern new oven would ever be able to match it. Besides, my yellow teakettle matches and also red and yellow go beautifully together. I painted wild flowers on the island I bought at JCPenny's. Home is when you LOVE your little kitchen.

I'm trying!

Well, in the living room it looks lovely. The pictures on it are not blurry and it is not glary.
And I trudge on. ~smile~

The Piano

HUGE lesson learned!

Ok. Here is what I have a day. I AM NOT A I don't have a great camera. Also, I have learned that taking a decent photo is NOT an easy task. Getting a "dew drop" is not going to happen here. Sigh.
Also..another thing. REMOVE anything extra such as cords, an empty glass, your pill case (ugg!)
television get the point.
After visiting a few really GOOD blogs and looking at their pictures, I will NEVER know what made me think "shoot! I can do that!" Also, I am beginning to see my "decorating" through other peoples eyes. Gives you a whole new perspective! Uh huh. Sure does! So..back to the drawing board.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ok...I think I am getting the hang of this. Kinda.

I don't have the greatest of camera's so you can't really tell that the shade on the little lamp is red check Waverly fabric. I'll change this a million times before I am done. I still have not found a lot of my Christmas things which are packed..but I am trying.

My youngest daughter!

This is Mele. She is three years old now and has enough fur for three doggies.
She was a gift from my husband that passed away and his family. I received her in a shopping bag as a Christmas present and her full name is Mele Kalikimuka. I think I spelled that right, which means Merry Christmas in Hawaiian, but we call her Mele. Her fur is so long that it drags the floor when she walks and even though I have to keep her perfectly groomed, it is worth it. She really is a pretty little girl. I love much!

Getting in mood for Christmas.

I recently remarried and moved to my new home. This dining room set was the hutch and another cabinet. Very fifties..but since mine was going to be refinished..we are using this one...and ..I think I am getting hooked on it. It was in pristine condition. You have to see the little yellow oven.
The rest of my drapes are being made. We will start painting after the first of the year and new carpet will be installed by next June. I can't wait.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

First blog

I WILL learn to do this..I hope! There are some blogs I have discovered that just plain make me smile when I check in on them. It must have taken them ages to learn how to do it..or else they are just a lot quicker than I am on the uptake. :) Such sweet cottages I have found, and with colors that I use and style that I use. It is like finding a warm comfortable home away from home. I nestle down and look at the photographs and read the blogs and lose time in a wonderful relaxing way.
I have not a clue what I am doing...but was a no brainer downloading a picture of me and the family island. There has to be someplace I can enter general information. I am off to investigate. :) where is a grandchild when you need one?