Sunday, June 30, 2013


Some of the 14 grands...
All the guys are married and the girls are still single... interesting! :)
I understand that I need to inform those that visit me that they can follow me on Bloglovin' and that by tomorrow our usual "reader" will be gone.  I never used it..but I went ahead and made the choice.
I have not a clue ...right!  Clueless here.  I don't know what to expect.
It sort of feels like when the math teacher would go up to the board and start quickly hacking away with her chalk, writing calculations on the blackboard...and I sat lost.  NO idea what she was talking about or how to do the problem. 
Sometimes, it's a relief when I just hit the OFF button on the computer at night.  Whatever the case, I hope I made the right choice...
Yeah...I know, Di, the computer isn't going to blow up...but it still stresses me out. 
SO folks..I am on Bloglovin'....

Saturday, June 29, 2013


There is HOT news today.  I'm's just miserable here..and getting worse every day.
Southern California has been hit BIG time with Summer.
We always know it's coming but it never fails to shock us.
This thermometer is in shade and it is in full shade all day. 
So far they haven't announced an end in sight. 
The only thing that helps is that we don't have the humidity!  I am grateful that there is such a thing as air conditioning.  Even as I watered this morning, it was miserable. 

 I put everything in shade that I could.  My little Fairy Gardens are wonderful as all I had to do is roll them onto the patio..or under a tree..  Everything made it but everything was soaked in water. 
Our little Roman turns one today (Sunday, which is in just about 18 minutes.  Big party so I will try and remember to take some pictures to bore you with. 
Here he is on Christmas Day at 6 months.  He began walking on Mother's Day at our house.
Love this tiny boy!
Love to all,

Friday, June 28, 2013


I have no news.  I wish I did other than it's hotter than _____!
Things are heating up out here in Southern California.  105 today.  I stayed inside much of the day..but this morning I got out and watered..clipped a bit and just enjoyed the cool damp grass under my feet.
I'm sorry...but...
I don't have any recipe's for you.... :(  It's true.  I really don't.   Sad, isn't it?

...or any instructions about gardening,  I garden with NO plan in mind at all.  As a matter of fact..I am a terrible planner.  You can tell that by the fact that I had seven children...practically in a row.
So...NEVER listen to me.
You'll only get in trouble...
I can sew..but I cannot tell you how.  NO seamstress here..that's for sure.  I did, however, make two ball gowns for the Marine Corp Ball once..but that was a long, long time ago.  One for my best friend and one for me.  (I will NEVER, EVER do that again!  I didn't recover for a week and can't even remember much about the Ball!  I think I slept through it.)

I can quilt and crochet...(more or less)  but would never even think of trying to tell you how.

I can paint, but I promise you it's very mediocre at best..and it's just flowers.
I can play the piano..but certainly nothing I would want to share or you would ever want to hear.
Trust me on this! :)
So..I should just stop right here while I'm ahead. 
I AM ahead....aren't I?
Lotsa love,

Thursday, June 27, 2013


My precious Sandy and the love of her life, Jeff.  They were married for 37 years. 
Some of you know that I lost my precious daughter, Sandy, not long ago.  It's another chapter to "Going Home" really.
I have a new great granddaughter that was born just a few weeks after my Sandy's death.
It would have been Sandy's fourth grandchild..and she was anticipating the birth so much..  
I have not seen baby Ruby, but I want to go so bad.
The idea of going back to my daughter's home is so hurtful.  I will go.  I know I will, and I feel so bad that I am dreading it.  Sandy won't be at the airport to meet me as she always was.  She was always such a joy to be with, so many hugs...and she was always so proud of her children, grandchildren and her childhood sweetheart, Jeff.  She was busy fixing up her dream home and loved showing us new things she had done and sharing her plans..
Even though I have known Jeff, since his teen years and his skateboard days when he was one of the neighbohood children that lived just around the corner from us, still I dread it.  I want to see him and I know he needs us to stay close to him, and we need him..  I am trying to get past my own pain.   I have already been through it once, getting off the plane and my daughter not being there and the realization that she never would again..and it hurt so badly.
When Jeff took us to the airport to return to California, he gave me a hug, looked down at me and said "you won't come back"
"I WILL, I WILL!" I said.  " won't.  I know you won't!"   It was something I hadn't really thought about yet, but I could tell immediatly that he had.   "Jeff, you are my family, honey..and my grandchildren are here and my little great grandchildren.  Of COURSE I will come back!" I said.    But somehow, I think he knew it would end up being very difficult for me.  For all of us.  Of course it would be...and he already knew.  After we parted and my daughter and I boarded the plane, I couldn't stop crying.  My poor dear son in law.  He was in such pain and trying to hide it. 
I think of what he is going through now, what he will continue to go through for some time to come...and it hurts me.  I KNOW how he feels.  I 've been there.  The world keeps on turning and YOUR world has stopped!  His childhood sweetheart is gone..she lives in his memory..and he spends a lot of time looking at her pictures on the computer and trying to hang on to her. He is trying to keep her with him.  Sandy was a shutterbug and took thousands of pictures.   When Sandy's father, Patrick died, I did the same thing.   I tried to hang onto him.  I would get in the closet and wrap myself in his clothes..and cry.  I bought things for him.  A desk, a paper shredder, all the things he had wanted.  For nearly four years I lived like that. 
I NEED to go my daughters home.  She would want me to.   
My love to you,
I'm sorry this is not an uplifting post.   My family and I are going through a process... I don't usually talk about this..but it's what is on my mind.  What I live with every day.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Have you ever tried to go "home again"..back to something you remembered as being a wonderful place.  Perhaps a childhood home, a city that delighted you or even a Honeymoon place that you remember as being so gorgeous and romantic? 

I always wanted to go home again, where I was raised as a child.  Finally when all the children were grown and gone, we went.  No real plan to go there exactly but while we were in Oregon, I suddenly saw a familiar sign and yelled "turn here, turn here!"  We did and I found my way back home after nearly 50 years. 
I was too late.

When we turned down my street where I learned to ride a trike AND a bike and drove down the street where all the wonderful things had happened to me as a child...the birthday parties..Halloweens with all the other neighborhood kids..sliding down the hill on our sleds in Winter, making snow angels...playing hide and seek until dark when we would hear the Mom's begin to call us in.  This was where my baby brother took his first steps and where we grieved when he died at two years old... and where I sat on the front porch and read "Alice and Jerry" book from school, and learned to print my name...all of it...
We arrived in front of my home...and
That's right.  The little house with the cellar door and with the lilac's growing over the front porch, the huge fur tree in our front yard. The white picket fence..the apple tree's, all the berry vines, all of it
was gone.
It had burned to the ground just two weeks before I arrived.  People who now lived in the neighborhood came out and spoke to me.  No one that had lived there when I was a child..was there now.
The Maple tree's that lined our street were still there and had grown huge.  The street, looked smaller..all the homes were so small and the hill was hardly a hill at all.
I walked to the ruins of our home and picked up a piece of wood with the color of paint faintly showing.  Bits and pieces I carefully chose and they are wrapped carefully in tissue now and packed away.  I run across them every now and then as they are in with my photo's. 
As I stood in front of the vacant lot..I watched men busily sawing with power saws on the old Fir tree that had once stood so tall in our front yard and was so magnificent when covered with snow.  The very one that made me plant those Redwood tree's in my front yard.  Other workmen were farther back on the lot clearing the charred ruins of my childhood home.
Someone once told me "you can never go back" and they were right.  It's never the same.  If you do I hope it turns out happier than my experience.  Oh, you can go..but it won't be the same. 

I love tiny houses...I live in a Fairy Tale world and it's because of that little home that was once in Oregon.  When I think back as I do way too often now, I understand a lot about myself and why I love certain things.  Including my love for blue and white china.  A tiny set of Blue Willow china sits in my cabinet in living room.
When I get the feeling that I want to go back to some place in my past, I stop and remember those ashes.  That blank sad lot with the tree's being cut down, no Boysenberries  or Raspberries..or nut trees..nothing.
I'll just keep trying to live in the HERE and NOW!  It's funny though.  My mind still wants to wander more and more into the past.  Sometimes it keeps me up at night remembering...always remembering..
Be kind to old folks who want to reminisce.  Please be patient with them because one day you may be doing the same thing...just like I did this evening.
Lovin' hugs,
*Did you notice that some little Fairy is going to come home and find her house is gone, replaced by a little log cabin and that everything looks different...even in a wheelbarrow garden.  :)  Time does that.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


And the rose called "America" is nearly half way to the top of the arbor  and growing fast.  This time it will be in full view when we sit on our patio.  The one out front was a  traffic stopper.  I must get out and get it trimmed.
I often wonder how I ever found the time to work full time and clean, cook, wash, iron and care for eight people besides myself.  Every one is gone now. 
Even in the face of the changes in my life, huge ones, I still am busy, only this time I am doing things that no one is requiring me to do.  Those days are long gone.  I can do absolutely nothing if I so desire.
It's funny how you think the time will never come when it will all be over, and the years stretch endlessly out in front of you.  You think "one day the children will be all grown, we will be retired and then we can do all sorts of wonderful things.
We can travel, perhaps even visit Ireland, buy that motorhome and see the country.  (That was one dream we realized.) We won't have to set the alarm clock, pack lunches, comb hair and tie in ribbons, go school shopping etc. etc. 
We can just do anything we want.
The problem?  I LOVED what I was doing.  Every single moment of it!
I heard older folks say how quickly the time goes and to enjoy every moment, and I did.  My mother used to tell me, "when they are little they step on your toes and when they are grown they step on your heart!"  I would laugh and say "Oh Mom!  You always say that!" 
...but what she said was true.  They did, but not in ways you would think.
Some have moved away, some are just so busy working and speeding through life just as we once did, that I seldom see them.'s the way it's supposed to be.  They are living their lives.  And isn't that what I raised them to do? 
I wanted them to be independent, make their own decisions, choose spouses they loved and could depend on, be free spirits..and they didn't disappoint!
Even my losses are part of the plan and I am learning to accept that fact as difficult as it may be. 
In life like a tree, you either bend with the wind or you break.
If I haven't told you, my blogging friends, how much you have helped me to bend and not break, I am telling you now.  I am such a lucky, lucky woman. 
All is well.
Oh..and the other thing?  I would tell you how I feel about that but I might get FIRED!  I write and erase and write and erase and write and erase.  I think I'll go to bed.  :)

Friday, June 21, 2013


No..I didn't get a garden planted..but I did feed those fruit tree's like crazy, so I'm not totally worthless! :)
A couple of mornings ago..I went out to water and discovered PLUMS on my little tree.
Beautiful..beautiful plums!
Aren't they beautiful and nearly ready to pick and eat..except on closer inspection I saw clear evidence the birds were beating us to them.  It's ok.  One of these days there will be enough for the birds and for us..  The tree is still small..
and there are peaches.. :)  It will be awhile before these are ready..even for the birdies!
To those of you who have big deal, but to us..well..we were jumping for joy. 
Yes, yes, was ME who was jumping for joy.  Big Daddy doesn't care one whit!  :)
Saturday...garage sale day!  I am showing this little table to you so you can see what you can find at garage sales.  Everything on this little table, including the table itself, is from garage sales.  The little table was $3.00 for starters.  The frame with my grandmother Vanderpool's picture in it, the little creamers, the lovely old books the lace table topper and the floral arrangements...all garage sales.
The lamp was made by Penny @ The Comforts Of Home.  She is a wonderful artist. 
 Another task completed.  I got my summer flowers to bring on the MIRACLE GROW!
Nooooo...not getting paid to praise it.  I am just smitten is all!!

Just wait until you see this little area on the front lawn in a couple of weeks!   The little stumpy sticks you see are perennials that are on their way back.  The slugs will chow down on the Marigolds...just wait and see.  :(  Ah well..

 So..tell me, have you ever just wanted to jump in and be controversial and say something about something in the news that just has you burning mad?  Never, you say?  Ok..I'll not say a word..but OH, how I wish I could!   

Thursday, June 20, 2013


The song "Evergreen" pretty much says it all for me.  Haven't you had that one love in your life that there are simply no words to describe what it was, or IS like and  you KNOW you will never have it again?  I used to think, "if I ever lose this I will never find it again."  
Love again..yes, of course.  We have a great capacity for loving.  Every person we love is in a different way.  Of course.  But that love "seldom seen by two" is what I had.  I was fortunate.  I was also fortunate to find love again..not the same..of course. 
One cannot compare.  I don't.  But when June comes and he is not here..I have moments of wanting to not be here.  To be with him.  This will never go away.  Ever.
I am addicted to Miracle Grow.  I add a tad to my watering can nearly every time I water..and the results are amazing!  AMAZING, I tell you!
There is a little log cabin in there..and some stepping stones..etc. etc..and I need to get out my little clippers and clear the pathway... :) 
No need to worry about these new little plants.  They have taken off and seem to be shouting for joy!
I set a little log cabin bird house in there..until I can find the little Fairy home I want or...OR..make one myself.  The little Fairies in th meantime will just have to live in a birdhouse and I say I don't want to hear one single word from them about it being "for the birds!"  
I added a pretty fern to the family room and got so tickled because the lighting was just perfect!
Doesn't take much to make me smile, does it? 
There is something about a fern that makes a home seem...good.  Right.
I am so grateful for the love I have in my life.  Please do not think I am not.  But June is difficult for me. It just is.  My comfort is that my daughter and her daddy are together and the clock is ticking.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Sometimes posting comes hard to me and I get a sense of relief when I  just turn the computer off.  Other times it's such a joy.  June is always a difficult month, IF I let it be. 

One dear blogger friend made the statement that people come to read blogs not to hear the sad and depressing, but to enjoy reading uplifting things, look at pretty yards and joyous faces.  I guess that's true.  I guess I do the same.
Son in law's father, son in law Brock and sweet PH himself on Father's Day!
They really enjoy themselves!  Getting together with family is just the greatest thing.
Is this happy enough for you??  :):)
Isn't it just a wonderful thing to watch things grow.  Turn around and they're tiny, turn around and they're tall...
Just like our babies...
Taking the time to plant a tree and watch it grow is so great.  This is a California Coastal Redwood and it's amazing how fast they grow and in the places they will grow.  These are the only ones I've ever seen in our city and they should be everywhere.  They grow fast actually and are just beautiful..

I guess you should make sure you have lots of room for them... :)   We have planted 12 tree's.  I just noticed today that our little tree is loaded with plums...and they are nearly ripe..

 See that little corner flower bed over there?  I've spent the past two days planting it..I'll snap a couple of pictures of it tomorrow.  What a difference!  Small yards can be fun...but a BIG yard..well, that would be glorious!! 

You know what the best part is?  WE HIRED A GARDENER!!!  YES, we DID?   See the grass growing over there under they Cyprus tree's...well, it's gone now..I spent all morning digging that stuff out..but our new gardner starts this week.  I can't stop smiling...and PH is faint with joy!   Well..maybe not, but I am!!
Now to get the yard all ship shape so I won't be embarrassed when he gets here on Thursday!

Sorry, I just made myself laugh!
Love to all out there!

SO...have I inspired you to hire a gardener??  :)

I am joining my friend Marty @ A STROLL THRU LIFE for her inspirational blog party.
Come be inspired!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

~I WISH..~

I wish the world was the way I thought it was when I was six.
I wish our country was as united as I thought it was and as patriotic as I thought we were..
I wish everyone was always as kind and loving as they are when they blog to those they have never met in person..
I wish we could always keep that child like wonder and not have to grow up and go through such sad times...and heartbreak.

I wish everyone had a big old froggie by their front door to greet guests that could arrive unannounced and be welcome!
"If you don't believe in magic...there will never be any in your life!"
I am sure a very famous person wrote that and truer words were never spoken.
Remember, as my friend Balisha @ Never Enough Time wrote today... always say "I love you" to your loved ones when you say goodby. 
I love you...

Sunday, June 9, 2013


A birthday celebration for a good friend, good Mexican food and a BIG Margarita  leads to smiles.  :)

Big ones.  A nice evening with family and a rousing chorus of HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our friend!

PLEEESE!  You really don't think I drank that HUGE Margarita do you?  :)


I don't often visit the craft store, Michael's, because when I do I get into serious trouble.  However, now and then I join a friend and each time I come out with things I PROBABLY could have lived without.  Such as.....

This adorable little chair (I have a weakness for little chairs!) caught my eye and I had a COUPON! 
So sweet! Well, what was I supposed to do?  Leave it there for some person to come along and take home that wouldn't appreciate it's beautiful little seat?

It was the little birdie on the chairs back.  It's that little birdie's fault!  Isn't it cute??  Do you have a Michael's near you?  If you do, you know what  I mean!  Should I put a plant on the seat..leave this little concrete bunny or tuck him under the chair OR both?!
Luv'n & hugs!
I think both!
But of course I drank it!  Every tiny last drop!   PH was SHOCKED!  SHOCKED I tell you! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Indeed I am!!    
On Saturday morning, as usual, we were up bright and early and off on our usual treasure hunting adventure.
The first three sales, PH only slowed the car.  I gave my usual signal to keep going.
Piles of old baby clothes on a blanket placed on dead grass in the front NOT something I will even pull to the curb for.
Yes, it happens!  A lot!
Then, another sign and we turn, and I give the  "stop" signal.  (Actually, I slam my foot to the floor and scream STOP!)  and before the car is completely stopped..I am out the door. 
Oh, forget my age!  This is garage sale day!!  :)
After looking around a few minutes, I spotted this little Beatrix Potter clock laying on a blanket.
I am a huge fan of Beatrix Potter things.  I don't go nuts with collecting or anything like that, but I wasn't about to pass this up!
Do you see the word "Wedgewood?"  :) 
I bought the clock, the little plate AND a stand, all for $1.50.  She wanted $2 but accepted my offer.
She threw in the stand at the last minute.  We were both delighted. 
The clock was SO new that the invisible plastic film cover was still on the face of the clock. 
PH went to Walmart and bought a new battery and it runs perfectly.  The protective plastic cover on the battery was still in place and had never been snapped off. 
The plate also is in brand new condition.  They were not even laying together..
The next garage sale I found this pretty fruit bowl with a chip on the side.  25 Cents. Very old.  I didn't mind the chip or the crazing on it.  It's gorgeous! 
Another garage sale turned up the ruffled glass dish and this BIG silver plated tray!  Glass dish 50 cents and the tray was $2.00.  She wouldn't bargain, darn it, but it was worth it even in it's blackened condition.  It cleaned up beautifully.   Perfect for all of my deviled eggs at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I can see it now with pretty white or red paper doilies on it..all my deviled eggs with a bouquet of parsley in the middle.  Ahhhh...FALL is coming..and I find it hard to wait sometimes.
The last garage sale was fantastic..but the lovely antique furniture she had for sale..I had NO room for.  I do regret passing up that old wood ironing board..but..where to put it?  No matter, I have regrets!
There was a box of some of the prettiest clothing.  However..I would need to be a LOT thinner than I am..but..I did buy this pretty corduroy shirt with velvet backed collar and....some velvet detailing on the back placket for Fall.  It was a PETITE!   I will wear it as a light jacket over a T shirt.  This picture was taken in our garage.  It's hanging on my laundry rack..
LOVE it!
Also bought a pretty gray T shirt
a pair of pretty pajama's, light soft flannel with faded roses on them.  Perfect for lounging around in the evening.
I made a new friend!
All for ....drum roll please...$1.50
At the last garage sale I found this nice size glass pumpkin, 25 cents, (like I need another one!) a Tupperware coffee container (or whatever) in my favorite dark red color, 25 cents ..and a pretty Autumn hanging tin basket with cut through design.  50 cents!  It will look pretty this Fall hanging on my front porch with some Fall leaves in it.  What do you think?  Good idea?
I came home singing.
PH found some headphones..a like new Coleman flashlight (well, actually, I found it and fell in love with it.  He said we didn't need it and I said we did. I won.  It was red, after all.  :)  New batteries and it's a charmer.  THAT flashlight was 50 cents and so were the ear buds.  When it begins to get late and HOT things get much less expensive.  I think he has already forgotten the flashlight wasn't his idea.  We will keep it in the car..ho hum. 
I bargain, PH does not!  He is just the sweetest thing! :)
Have a wonderful Wednesday...
P.S.  Do I talk too much?  LOL  Shhhh..don't answer that!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Well, bless my heart, it's DONE!
I really did want to get this completed a couple of months ago, but I just didn't have that feeling of wanting to create.
A trip to Michael's found me all sorts of little things on sale for 40% 0ff, including this little round "handled tray" in one of my favorite shades of green..for my patio table.  (Again you can see how carefully I stage my photo's!  Not!)
Second little Fairy Garden is well under way!  Just needs a few more cutsie little things...
A wee little cottage with shutters that open and close.  A local artist painted this tiny abode.  Remind me to show you the precious paintings of Holly Hocks and little critters around the cottage.  Not certain this little cottage will it is a work of art and I would hate to have it damaged...
The stepping stones for the path were found at a garage sale on Saturday...for 25cents. 
It will look prettier as the plants mature...
I think..I need an arbor?  Perhaps some moss?   There is time...this is just the beginning.  These little gardens are constantly changing.
I just want to mention that I don't go crazy finding miniature plants.  I just keep them trimmed. 
From this... this...
 To this!
It only took about 15 to 20 minutes to do the entire little garden once I had my plants.
NOW for the fun part...chosing the tiny flower pots...perhaps a wishing well..who knows.
If you haven't tried one of really should.  Then entire bottom of this wheelbarrow is drilled full of holes...for good drainage.  I had the little house on hand. 
What is so nice is that you can just wheel this Fairy Garden to where ever you want it to be. 
Works for me! :)
So...what do you think?  I hope you like it.  The wheelbarrow was $5.00 at a garage sale.  PH fix the flat tire...and it sat for a couple of years.  Yes, I procrastinate sometimes! :)
The soil was even on sale for 4.99 a bag.  I bought two.  The little plants cost the most, but I was frugal and chose ones with a lot of coverage.   I love the unstructured  look of my little gardens.
Luv'n hugs.