Thursday, May 31, 2012


My gosh, but it's nice when someone takes your side.  Every one of you are just so nice and so open!
Part of my dilemma is my own fault for raving on about how wonderful you all are!  I talk about your cooking, your decorating, your wonderful families, how much you all clever and funny you all never occurred to me that blogging would ever cause a problem...

Whatever the case..I waffle back and forth on how I feel.  Today, why...yes.  I will not post any photo's  of the food they cook at our family parties, or the adorable homes they have, etc. etc. but then the following day I get my back up and decide to post any darned thing I want...when I want.
I do understand them not wanting their photo's posted.  Some that have been posted on facebook of me by family are nothing short of terrible, but that's how I see them.  They don't.  ...but...if I didn't check on facebook I would not see all the photo's and know very little of what is going on.  Which might not be a bad thing.  It's just that I am so nosy where my kids are concerned.
So..I will just be very careful and continue using code names (when I remember to do so!)  I usually do.
My big yellow frog makes such a great book prop when I read at the table. 

Here's the thing.  My kids worry.  I don't think they are absolutely sure I know the right thing to do..Not sure when I lost my ability to make wise decisions..but somewhere along the way it happened.  Their view of me changed.  When did they stop thinking I could fix everything and that I was wonderful??? 

In my chippy little wheelbarrow where my Fairy Garden lies, I found a stone that shows the name.

The arbor and miniture climbing fig arrived.  No tiny curled up kitty for the flower pot yet. 
The Fairies aren't afraid of this little kitty because it belongs to them you see. 

 So..tomorrow the climbing fig vine gets planted beside the tiny arbor.  A bit of baby tears needs to be added in front of the stone sign.  Something to soften the edge.  Don't you think?
The little garden was a hit with my family.  It's a work in progress..every day snipping dead blooms off it...straightening this here, tucking that there... :)

 I get frowned at when I take photo's even of food.  And...I've even been strongly confronted about you can see...I'm risking my life here.  Ah well...

banana bread...LOVE it!  It was wonderful baby girl. 

I...believe that is chocolate bread pudding there beside the pancakes. Amazing stuff chocolate bread pudding!  Have you tried it?
Just to show what a wonderful brunch my daughter and daughter in law can throw! 
(if I get in trouble...*shrug* I get in trouble)   Cheryl....shhhhhhhh  :):)
hashbrowns (of course!)
It was all so wonderful..
NOT too's a post.  Right? 
(yes, yes, I 'm a little nervous...just a little!  Darn!  After all I AM THE MOTHER HERE!!) grrrrrr

I am off to bed.  I wish I could share more..but it's all my own fault and I've no one but myself to blame.   I should have kept blogging to myself.  HOW I wish I were a more private type person.
I never have been and doubt I am going to change now

What great comments you left me on my last post.  See the courage you've given me??
But...I'm keeping to the rules.  So far...
Luv'n hugs,
Mona is a couple of reasons people don't want their pictures posted.

Me with a cheek full of sugar cookie trying to smile and swallow at the same time.  They took me off guard.  Darn near choked!  See the cookie crumbs on my mouth?  :)  Piggy piggy!   What if someone else had posted this picture on facebook with my face all stuffed with cookies.  Soooo...I get it!  I do!

Here is another  example.  To use this photo..and it was cute of my husband, sister in law and daughter kidding around while we said our goodby's..but I cut her out so I could use the picture because of how she feels.    I have others but no good ones. Now...see that spot on my sweet man's  shirt???  :) I am beginning to understand daughter!  :)  A little. see, pictures are not all of it.  It's just blogging in general that she disapproves of. :(


I had a wonderful time seeing my baby brother and sister.  We had not been together for years so Sunday was a fantastic day for me.
I had other photo's but my children do not approve of my I can no long post anything about them.
I am not sure they really even understand blogging, or have ever done it...but no matter.  It isn't worth the fight.  This is a very public caution is the word.

~just a reminder that you can click on any of my photo's and make them larger...~
This is a photo of  (left to and my baby brother and sister taken on Sunday when they were leaving. 
  I carried them both on my hip once.  My brother traveled three thousand miles to see his family again and my sis..just a couple hours away..but it was the first time we had been together in many years.  I have another brother in Texas and would have loved it if he could have  been with us. 
So, tell me, am I the only one whose family does not want anything posted about them?
Am I now the child and my children trying to take on the role of parenting me??
Perhaps I should be grateful that they care enough to do so. 
To my blogger friends...YOU are the greatest!  Without your approval and kind words I wouldn't even try to do this.  To me, blogging is such a wonderful way to express yourself, talk about what bugs you or what gives you joy.  It's a very blue day for me....

P.S.   And I don't do facebook except to answer if spoken to..and would you believe I got into trouble there also.  Yep.  I managed to do that.  I answered what I thought was a private  email and it went to facebook and was public!  NO more even answering comments on facebook.  Nothing! Zip!  I left once. Time to leave again.  I don't know how that whole system works so best to distance myself from it.  *sigh*

Monday, May 28, 2012


Lamplight has always played a big part in my life.  It was something that I grew up with, something my mother loved.  Even during the daytime..she would have lamps turned on.  I grew up and did the same thing.  Tiny lamps in every corner. 

My nest.  Lamplight time is a wonderful time after a long day.  This is where I spend a lot of time.  It's just off the kitchen..and I can turn and nearly touch the oven..  Above me is a skylight, just a small one but enough to give me natural light when I need it. 

Patient Husband, or PH as he is sometimes..loves his own little corner to play Suduko in.
As you can see, there is another lamp unlit as it is just dusk outside. 

This lamp pretty much stays on all the time except when we go to bed.  Still the room has a tiny nightlight..

Not dark outside yet..but I love the lamplight here in the evenings when we sit out on the lawn swing.
so cozy. 
This room is very difficult to take photo's in.  High EMF's I think. :)  Every lamp I own nearly, was bought at garage sales.  This one was $3.00 and I love it. 
This is our guest room.  It has four lamps in it.  One one each side of the bed..and one on the desk and dresser.  (AND again I forgot to remove some glass things I sat on my cedar chest to put away later!!  Yep!  Just call me prepared!!)
This little lamp with the pink lady and embroidered shade is from a fellow blogger. 
I just wanted to add that the curtains were brought from Ireland by my son and daughter in law.  They know I love roses.
I confess that when guests come..the dolls go!  So do some of the photo's.  In other words, I declutter a bit.  Ok, ok, a lot!! :)

I love delicate hankies or table top doilies over lamps to defuse the light..
The photo is of my husbands first wife.  She lived in this home for over 50 years.  That's a very long time and her imprint is still here.  Mine would be too.  The photo is her senior picture.

Her life lamp faded and went out in this room.  Do I believe she is still here.  I honestly do not know.
I've wondered.  I admit I've wondered.

I am joining one of my very favorite Hostess'  for
Thanks, Marty!


Sunday, May 27, 2012


Have a safe Memorial Day weekend..
See you soon.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


When life's nice to have things to do that you love.
Like homemaking. 
The old wooden half barrel is one of my favorite things on the back patio..
I think a water feature in a back yard is wonderful ..and it does not need to be expensive.
The old barrel was $30 at a liner needed. 
The water makes it swell and does not leak.
The pump used to be a bright red and has weathered nicely..
In ten years the pump has never been replaced..and was even in storage for a year.

A little shelf was built and bolted the the back half of the barrel and the water pump was bolted to that. It has never run dry. 
I water the plants on the patio often by just dipping my watering can into it..easy when I don't feel like dragging a hose.
The little garage sale Holland shoes are finally planted.  It's not easy to see the itty white flowers that are beginning to bloom..but they are there.  AND they match the patio table...lotsa green, lotsa green!
I know. 
The little wheel barrow is still my forcus..because things have been ordered and are beginning to arrive.
The tiny pathway leading to the front door of the Fairy house..passes a little bench...

A little Fairy now sits there..

Another has found a place to catch a few rays of morning sun.. I placed the rock there hoping she would find it...and she did!

This one has found the bench at the back of the house...
A pretty little twig arbor will soon be here...with a miniture fig vine to grow over it.
( now..don't over do!  You always over do everything!)  After that..just the curled up kitty in the flower pot...and that's IT! 

Members of my family that  I have not seen in years will be here Sunday..
Now I am doubly pleased that I painted our old patio set and had the cushions recovered. 
I love the apple green with the brick red cushions. 
We are really enjoying being out on the patio.  

Having something in your life that you dearly love to do, are passionate about..
I think that is so important to your mental well being and basic feeling of peace and happiness.
So...whatever it is..enjoy..and have a safe weekend.

Thanks to our Hostess.  I'm joining My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.
Please come join the party!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


:) By the time they arrived..I had decided  perhaps
 I'd been a bit rash in ordering these..

I thought they were so cute.

I'm so short...needed a little height... so I thought..

Hmmmm...I think I need a pedicure...
I usually get one the first of every summer...JUST one.  One pedicure a year.
High maintenance  here! :)

Grandma shoes?  I think not.  There's plenty of time left for practical shoes and thick stockings...
I hope! :)
When Patient Husband saw these babies...he said.."Well, they can sure see you coming!" 
Oh..these shoes aren't the worst of it.  More?  Worse?  You betcha!! :)

But then there are these.  *sigh*
Nope, don't get my hair done either.  I divide it down the back..pull part of it to one side..and whack!!
Then I do the same to the other side... same with the bangs..  Whack, whack ..all done!
Wad it up on the back of my head...and I'm good to go!
Oh, I probably could use a good trim..but no one can tell anyway.  My hair is curly and I finally figured out no one but me pay... you KNOW how much they charge nowadays??  Not..that..there's...ANYTHING wrong with that! 

I make myself feel better by using pretty hand crafted of a kind.  Some are made from vintage the one with the green stones and the one above.  The ones made from vintage pins are my favorites.
So there you have jeans, cute shoes and pretty barretts..
All done.

Interesting stuff, huh?

Luv'n hugs,

Monday, May 21, 2012


...NOT a marshmellow world...that we live in. 
Yes, it is!
At least it is in my Fairy Garden...
Today the little stepping stones arrived..and construction of the pathway for my Fairies to walk began..

The little stone are flat and smooth.  Each one different.  Of course I will change them a few times before I'm happy with the way they know how that is.  Tell me you do.  Ok?
I fuss.
Like the old lady I am! :)

Of course we need a watering can...and this one was perfection!  Really pours water in spite of it's tiny size.  So sweet!

The little pathway leads around the yard to the side of the Fairy little wheelbarrow!  I am delighted with the quality of these tiny tools.  I don't advertise on my blog usually, but if you would like to know where I found these things..I will be glad to email you.

In summer..tiny pots will rest in this tiny wheelbarrow..and moss and Fairy flowers.
In the Fall...apples and pumpkins, I imagine...
What do you imagine?  :) she is me..taking a break.. :)  She was a gift from my daughter many, many years ago.  She and I spoke about a bit of Fairy paint to brighten her up...she said she was busy and sent me on my way... 
(Cheeky little thing!!)

My other little inhabitants have not yet arrived...and as with any dwelling..they must be approved before moving in!  Can you just imagine telling a Fairy that she does not qualify?? 
No...neither can I!

Love always,
Mona :)

This is not exactly "tabletop"..but I hope "wheelbarrow top" will suffice..
My thanks to Marty @ A Stroll Thu Life for always being such a nice Hostess!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


 :) little Fairy Garden is just about finished.
The greenery is in for the most part..but now that I have gotten this far, I think this is always going to be.... 
Would you just LOOK at my cute gloves???  :( 
...a work in progress.  I tried to keep things neat and can see by the ring of dirt where the little wheelbarrow was. 
These were the plants I chose.  Not really being the kind of person to sit down and study books on the subject...I probably made some errors..I just bought the smallest things I could find.  Of course I was in a HUGE rush as PH was standing by with my "gift hat" in his hand and my handbag over his shoulder as I picked among the plants.. (bless his heart!)  Is he GOOD or what??!!  :)
I chose Cherry blossom ..(the pink plant)otherwise known as Calibrachoa hybrid,  Calibrachoa Deep Yellow, Crystal Clear Alyssum and Easter Basket Alyssum, and Calibrachoa Double Lemon.  There is also a moss and another plant that I lost the tags on..somehow!  PAR!!  :)

The door clears the stone  perfectly.  Next the small stones will form the path. 

I used Baby Tears as a base.  I poked it in every corner.  I am waiting for the little stones that make the path..and thanks to Joyce@ October Farm.   She sent me a link to a place where I can get a paint to do the windows of the little Fairy cottage so they will glow at night!  Yes!  And..perhaps a touch to the stones that lead to the little front door. 
Can you see the tiny froggy pond there in the grass.  Perhaps I will cut it in deeper.
I already had the little clay pots.  I left one half turned over..(a little kitty will be sleeping in it as soon as he arrives! :)   

This is the back side of the little house.. I fixed the sod here with a better piece....:)  I was getting tired and my back was killing me from leaning over...

I really need to move the little pond.....somewhere... hmmm..

  This wheelbarrow is HEAVY! :)

I finished another project..(for the most part.)  The tiny benches, the little fairies.. the kitty..but that's it.   The fairies  will be placed completely through out...not all clumped near the front of the house.
 So...there you have it.
Now if I can just keep it alive.  That will be the REAL accomplishment. 

Mine is not so great when I look at some with little houses all done by if you've done that...shhhhhhh.. I don' wanna know.  Ok??  :):)

Luv'n hugs,
Say...wouldn't a water feature ...Never mind..